Month: November 2020 Articles

Suffering for Success Ep #24

If you’re talking about ‘time freedom’ and then hustling in your network marketing business, you’re out of alignment and your followers and your team can feel it. Your success can be joyful and come to you easily!

The Highest Income Producing Activity Ep #23

You may think you are moving towards your business goals because you are taking action every day. But there are two types of action: passive and income producing. Which category do your actions fall into?

The Belief Plan Ep #22

How often do you check in with your belief in your business? If you’re not working on maintaining or growing your beliefs every day–your belief in yourself, your business, your offer, your clients, everything–you are missing an invaluable piece of your success plan!

Disciplined Discomfort Ep #21

Growing a direct sales business, or any business, isn’t going to feel amazing every day. There will be hard days, uncomfortable moments, and painful lessons. But in order to show up consistently and grow, we must learn to work while we feel discomfort. As humans, our default mode is comfort. It’s our survival mechanism–our brains are simply trying to keep us safe.