The Art of Celebration Ep #28

Do you celebrate even when you miss your goal? If not, you’re missing out on an important piece of your success strategy. The art of celebration is more than simply celebrating when you achieve our big business goals. You can’t beat yourself up about missing a goal and expect to reach it the next time–no more than you can shame yourself into hitting your health and weight goals.

Self Concept Ep #27

Your self concept is probably the most important indicator of your long-term success. Self concept is how you see yourself and how you perceive how you think others see you. It informs how you think, act, and feel in the world right now.

The Truth About Value Ep #26

One of the biggest pitfalls to achieving success in the social selling/network marketing industry is that people don’t think they have unique value to share as they market their business. It’s the biggest killer to creating consistent and valuable content.

Confusion vs. Curiosity Ep #25

Your brain has a default mode that it uses to help keep you safe–none of us is immune to its sneaky strategy. The difference between success and failure is how you handle this default mode when it inevitably comes up.