Month: January 2021 Articles

Formulas, Scripts, and Strategies Ep #32

If you have a social selling business, you’ve likely used a script, strategy, or “secret” formula that your leader (or a marketing guru) handed to you. And I’d bet that you didn’t see much return or success when you implemented any of them.

When People Quit Your Team Ep #31

When you set out to grow your team in the social selling space you knew that sometimes your people quit. It comes with the territory. But it isn’t always easy to see it that way when it actually happens to you. And the way you show up as a leader when someone quits your team can be the difference between growth and stagnation in your business.

Loving What Is Ep #30

Have you noticed that when you want to change something about yourself, your health, or your business, that it’s usually something you hate or are frustrated about?

The Business Detox Ep #29

It’s the new year and with every new year comes the NEW YEAR ENERGY. We want to purge, start fresh, set new and amazing goals! This is going to be YOUR YEAR!
Here’s what Kristen wants to say: you need to calm down. Really.

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