Leaving the 9-5 Ep #36

When you started your social selling business, you likely had a dream of leaving your “day job.” You probably dreamed about it so much that you ended up romanticising what your life would look like without your 9 to 5.

ou may think this dream/goal is motivating you into growing a successful network marketing business, but today’s episode will challenge you on this idea.

Building Self Trust Ep #35

As an online entrepreneur, you’re starting from the ground up to build your business. For those of you coming from other career backgrounds, it can be a challenge to realize that there’s no handbook to tell you how to operate. Not knowing whether your decisions are right or wrong can leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused, and stuck. That’s where building self trust comes in.

Bonus Episode: Just do the Thing! Ep #34

In this very special bonus episode from the Becoming Boss archives is a never-before-heard recording of the first ever Purposeful Social Selling podcast. From the guest bedroom closet. Surrounded by an old high chair, forgotten dumbbells, and facing all the fear of imperfect action.

Overcoming Objections Ep #33

No matter how amazing a business is, how solid an offer or how fantastic a team is to work with, everyone will face objections. It comes with the territory of the cautious human brain, right? There will be reservations, concerns, and the need to minimize risk. But what often happens is that instead of seeing these objections as normal, we interpret them as rejection, which triggers defensiveness and sends us into a downward spiral.