Month: March 2021 Articles

Bounce Back from Burnout Ep #41

Kristen is sharing more about her experience with extreme burnout–along with the subtle burnout signs you may not notice and what you can do once you realize you’re burned out.

Selling Through Serving Ep #40

Have you had some success in your social selling business, but you’ve realized that you can’t sustain the hustle for yourself or your team? What about coming to the industry with entrepreneurial success, and you tried to do things the way your social selling company (or so-called ‘guru’s’ were teaching) and with no traction?

Hitting Big Goals With Attraction Marketing Ep #39

Get ready for some real-time inspiration! Today Kristen interviews two students in The Social Selling Academy as they share about the simple changes they made after they joined The Academy and how they quickly created BIG results in their businesses.

Ambitious Anxiety Ep #38

Many people are stuck in the hustle of growing their business and trying to reach their next goal to the point that they can’t take a break or rest without being plagued with an impulse to respond to messages, write another post, or message another person. They think that drive is what is motivating them to hit the next goal, but it’s likely high-functioning anxiety.