Month: April 2021 Articles

The Key to Consistency Ep #45

Are you all over the place in your business with lots of starts and stops based on your feelings from day to day? Do you want to learn how to become more consistent?

Pluck and Purpose with Special Guest Liz Bohannon Ep #44

On the show today is author, entrepreneur, activist, and all around powerhouse Liz Forkin Bohannon. A few years after founding her company, Sseko, an ethical fashion brand which creates education and employment opportunities for East African women, she recognized that Sseko could have an equal impact on women in the US by transitioning it from a wholesale structure to a network marketing, community-driven direct sales business.

How to Have a Supportive Spouse #43

Does your partner support you and your social selling business? Today I’m sharing with you the reasons many spouses and/or partners don’t appear to be supportive of your social selling business and my best tips to getting your them on board.

Finding Success as an Enneagram 9 with Kelsey Hansen Ep #42

This week Kristen interviews long time friend, client, and self-declared Enneagram 9, Kelsey Hansen, on her success and how she did things differently to build her business. Kelsey is a six figure earner with her company and is known as the “Sourdough Mentor” on Instagram. Yes, she provides value and creates content around sourdough bread AND has a successful business that is completely unrelated to that, on the same Instagram account. And she does it without hustling.

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