The LuLa Doc: Boss to Burnout Part one Ep #70

You’ve undoubtedly heard the shockwaves coming out of the network marketing community after the release of the documentary “LuLaRich.” If you’ve followed Kristen for any length of time, then you know she’s not one to shy away from controversy. And in this week’s episode, Kristen gets into the nitty-gritty of how when things go wrong in this business model, it’s important to see the lesson to be had instead of something you feel the need to defend.

Built to Last Ep #69

What was your goal when you first decided to jump into network marketing? Did you think you’d be making 6 figures in your first 3 months? That you’d have no problem recruiting with such massive success under your belt? Or maybe you thought that you’d win a bunch of trips or whatever prizes your company gives away for being just so amazingly awesome? While all of this may technically be possible with this business model, it’s more often the exception and not the rule.

Healing Your Money Story Ep #68

Have you ever shied away from selling a bigger price point to a customer because you didn’t think they could afford it? Or what about putting off investing in your business because you have a psychological issue with debt? Believe it or not, your thoughts on money can affect more than your business’s bottom line.

Relational Reachouts Ep #67

To DM or not to DM? That is the question. And the answer may not be what you’d expect.

In the world of social selling, we’re often so focused on the selling part that we totally forget about how to do the social aspect in a way that serves our audience. This week on the podcast, Kristen talks about the importance of reaching out and engaging with a relational mindset and how consistency once again is the driving force behind your future success as a network marketer.