The Feeling of Failure Ep #74

Have you ever avoided setting a goal because you were afraid of how it might feel to fail? You’re not alone. The truth is that no one likes how it feels when they fail. You often go through life trying to avoid failure at all costs. But are you afraid of failing because of what it means, or is it because of the whirlwind of emotions failure can release?

Self Development Sabotage Ep #73

You’re likely listening to this podcast because you want to improve either yourself or your network marketing business (or both!). If you’re like most, this probably isn’t the first time you’ve ventured into the land of personal development. Maybe you’ve read a book or two or even purchased a coaching course, hoping that it’ll help you breakthrough and crush those goals you’ve had for so long.
And in the end, did you get what you needed to make those goals? Or did you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable enough to where you decided it wasn’t worth it? Just to end up trying a different book or podcast the next time you needed a little boost.

Warm Up Your Warm Market Ep #72

Have you ever had the thought that if your audience was interested, they would have made a purchase by now? Do you feel like maybe if you just had some fresh eyes on your content, if you could just get one reel to go viral.. that you’d be able to hit that next rank?

The LuLa Doc: Boss to Burnout Part Two Cost of Hustle Ep #71

This week we’re continuing the conversation revolving around the controversy of the LulaRich documentary. Kristen is focusing on the glorification of hustle culture and how we, as network marketers, play a part in either perpetuating or eliminating hustle in not only our own lives but in the entirety of the industry.