Month: August 2022 Articles

Passive Vs Active Selling Ep #126

No one ever said network marketing was going to be easy. But some people in this industry think that by just setting up a website and building a funnel, they’ll have to fight off new customers with a stick. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. When you’re first starting out, your number one job is to generate revenue. You can’t sit around expecting people to show up on their own.

Reel Talk with Brock Johnson Ep #125

Does Instagram still seem like a mystery to you? With all the recent changes to the algorithm that rewards more views to video content over static images, it’s left the social selling industry in flux, not knowing what the next best move is. And that’s where our guest, Brock Johnson, comes in.

Impractically Perfect Ep #124

Some people wear their perfectionist title like a badge of honor. Spending time and energy to get all the tiny details just right. But when it comes to growing your business and, more importantly, growing your paycheck, trying to be perfect could be what’s holding you back.

Expectations vs. Reality of Growth with Beka and Laura Ep #123

Finding and implementing the next best “strategy” or “tip” isn’t the secret to growing your business. It’s never about finding out what’s working for someone else. Success is an inside job. Today’s guests on the podcast, mastermind members Beka and Laura, are sharing their personal experiences around this exact concept and how their expectations were exceeded, but in a very different way.