Month: October 2022 Articles

Ep #135 Audience Fatigue

When you’re not hitting your sales goals, you might think there’s something wrong with either your offer or your marketing. But what so many people fail to realize is that sometimes (a lot of times, actually), the problem isn’t in your messaging or even in your product. The problem is your audience.

The Easy-Hard Paradox Ep #134

Instant gratification is great and all, but what if we told you that it might be the reason you’re not reaching your goals? Choosing the easy path in business (and in your personal life) can set you up for failure. What your brain sees as the easy choice: putting off...

When it Gets Hard Ep #133

We all know that owning a business comes with growing pains. And there’s this myth that those hard patches end once you’ve gotten through the beginner phase. But that’s often not the case. Hard seasons come and go throughout your tenure as a CEO and business owner, and being unprepared for those seasons can leave you struggling to keep pushing.

Genius Within with Mike Zeller Ep #132

Today’s episode has been three years in the making. This week Kristen welcomes her personal coach, Mike Zeller, for an inside look at what thoughts and processes it takes to grow into a seven-figure business owner. And it’s not what you might expect.