Do Less & Make More with Kate Northrup Ep #152

If you’re constantly busy, then you’re obviously getting a lot done, right? Right?! Well – hate to break the bad news, but just because your calendar is full and you feel frazzled all the time doesn’t mean you’re being productive.

That Sucked. Now What? with Neeta Bhushan Ep #151

As women in business, we’ve often felt the stigma that showing emotions = weakness. With the emergence of so many powerful women in leadership roles both in corporate settings as well as entrepreneurial roles, it’s time to lay that stigma to rest.

Two Weeks Notice with Amy Porterfield Ep #150

We’ve all dreamt of a time when we get to call the shots and have the freedom that only comes with running our own successful business. But what happens when you try to turn that dream into a reality? The logistics alone can leave you frustrated before you’ve even created your first vision board. And […]

The Next Big Thing Ep #149

After hearing the pleas from social sellers around the globe about the need for quality leadership training – Kristen is finally able to spill the tea about the next big thing. And we mean big. HUGE!