Month: March 2023 Articles

The Mindset of Consistency Ep #156

One of our favorite things to talk about here on the podcast is the magic of consistency. Now – we’re not talking about the overnight success type of magic. Actually, quite the opposite. Consistency is the type of magic that happens when you least expect it. And while Kristen knows the difficulty that comes with staying consistent, she’s here to tell you one more time about how beneficial it can be to your business.

Prevent Social Media Burnout Ep #155

Scrolling social media is the ultimate way to veg out and escape for a few moments. But what happens when you take something you once enjoyed during your free time and tie it to your livelihood? Preventing social media burnout is essential to growing your business. If you dread logging on to Instagram – take a listen to what Kristen is talking about in this episode.

Building a Life You Love with Graham Cochrane Ep #154

“Go early and ugly,” is just one of the many gems that Kristen’s guest, Graham Cochrane, shares in this week’s conversation. He was once a struggling artist who started a side hustle to support his dream (and family) that he grew into multiple multi-million dollar businesses: by going early and ugly.

Grace and Grit with Robin Long Ep #153

If you’ve hung around this podcast long enough, then you’ve probably heard Kristen mention (on more than one occasion) the parallels between sustainable practices in business and in health. The diet analogy is one of her favorites because of how relatable it is. But even so, it can still be hard to see that the same habits you use to improve your health are the same habits you can use to grow your business.

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