Month: April 2023 Articles

Leading and Loving Ep #160

Being a leader isn’t always easy. You’ve got to learn how to balance the wants and needs of others with your needs. And sometimes, things happen that can cause you pain, like someone leaving your team or rumors flying behind your back. In these hard times, it can be easy to call it quits or close yourself off.

Birthing the New Ep #159

The hardest part of being an entrepreneur is working to stay ahead of the curve. Trusting your experience and the relationship with your audience to guide you into places that have never been explored before. This is what must happen when you’re creating something new. Something revolutionary. Something that will change the landscape of the social selling industry.

HIIT for Business Ep #158

Workout fads come and go – but there’s one workout that’s remained constant due to how effective it can be when done right. And it’s called High Intensity Interval Training – also known as HIIT. Basically, you cycle between intervals of intense exercise and a recovery periods. This way, you get the benefits of exercising, but it’s done in a more sustainable way.

Recruitment Block Ep #157

The number one problem facing most social sellers isn’t a lack of sales. It’s a lack of recruitment skills. Even if you have zero issues selling your product, sometimes the thing that trips you up the most is selling the business. And learning to understand why this happens is the key to fixing it so you can start building your team.

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