Network Marketers:

Why You're Struggling on Social Media (and How to Turn It Around in 7 Days)

Learn how to turn your content into engaging conversations and get people in your inbox wanting to know more about your product

Tired of Posting to Crickets?

You see other people talking about their products and getting new customers and you can’t help but wonder, 

“Is it me? 

Am I the problem? 

Do people just not like me or can’t afford my product?”

It’s not you. 

It’s not your lack of personality. 

And it’s not because people don’t want your product or can’t afford it.

It’s because you aren’t posting content that gets people interested in what you’re selling.

After coaching 40,000 social sellers, the biggest mistake I’ve seen people make when starting out is posting with the goal of making a sale.

They spend hours editing, making it pretty and fretting over the exact wording…

And then they post and get NOTHING.

So, they assume…

“No one wants to buy.”

“I’m not cut out for this.”
“I can’t make money doing this.”

But that’s not the truth.

The truth is that a post isn’t supposed to make a sale… It’s supposed to start a conversation.

This is exactly why I created the 7 Day Content to Conversations Challenge.

I wanted to make it simple for you to learn how to create content that generates conversations.

Because if you can’t generate conversations, you’ll never generate customers.

This is the exact framework I have taught 1000s of social sellers to wake up their audience, boost visibility, and get the conversations flowing Across Various Industries" after "1000s of Social Sellers

Here is how I’ve broken down this challenge to help you get FAST RESULTS:

1. Process

First, I’ll teach you the proven 3-step process that creates a consistent flow of engagement and conversations (because if you don’t understand the steps, you’ll never follow them)

2. Formula

Next, I’m going to give you mathematical proof that if you follow the process, you will achieve your goals and maximize your results (because it’s hard to follow a process if you don’t believe it will work)

3. Framework

Then, I’m going to introduce you to the content framework that generates interest, curiosity, and desire (so you can spend less time spinning your wheels and more time starting conversations)

4. Step By Step Checklist

Finally, I’ll give you a daily plan of action so you can implement with confidence and see results

You get a 10-minute training video uploaded into your portal daily plus an email reminder with all your instructions.

You can start anytime and complete the daily task at a time that works for you – all you need is as little as 30 minutes per day!

Now, I know you’ve been told by a lot of people that if you just follow their process, you’ll see results… But those promises have fallen flat.

So I’m not asking you to believe that my process will work for you.

I’m asking you to let me prove it to you.

I want the opportunity to prove that this process doesn’t just work…but that it will work for YOU.

This is a one-time purchase of whatever dollar amount you want so you can see that it IS possible to use social media to generate conversations for your business.

And to make sure I get that opportunity, I’m going to let you pay whatever you want for this challenge.

There’s no upsells, there’s no downsells.

And I’m so confident you’ll see results from this challenge, that I’m going to GUARANTEE you will.

I will prove to you that this business model doesn’t just work, but that people WANT what you are promoting, and you don’t have to spend hours of your time writing a post only to have it disappear into the void.

My promise?

You’ll see an increase in your likes and comments, and create NEW conversations in 7 days or less… 

Or I’ll give you your money back.

No guesswork. 

Just follow my proven strategy that 1000s of social sellers are using to consistently create conversations across various industries” after “1000s of social sellers.

Health and Wellness Products

Nutritional supplements, weight loss programs, fitness products, essential oils.

Home and Lifestyle

Home and Lifestyle

Health and Wellness Programs

Online fitness coaching, meal planning, wellness workshops.

Educational Courses and Materials

Online courses, skill development workshops, certification programs, tutoring services.

Beauty and Personal Care

Skincare products, makeup, hair care, personal hygiene items.

Fashion and Accessories

Clothing, jewelry, handbags, shoes.

Business and Professional Services

Social media management, virtual assistant services, marketing consultation.


I'm Kristen Boss,

Coach, Author, And Speaker for the Network Marketing Industry.

I’m a Master Certified Life and Business Coach with over 5000 hours of experience in the coaching field. 

I have trained in over 50 different network marketing companies and spoken on dozens of stages across the industry…

And I’m here to help YOU have success with what I believe to be the most approachable and lowest risk business model available today.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am brand new to social selling. Will this help me?

This is especially helpful for someone who is just starting out! This will save you so much unnecessary struggle, frustration, or confusion.

Yes! This is great for your first online party and you can even have your “new hosts” take this 7 day to launch their party. (we recommend it for your new business partners- not people wanting discounted or free products).

Yes. This works for beauty, wellness, apparel, fitness- literally ANY product you sell in the online space.

We encourage it to be 7 consecutive days. BUT if you are off on the weekends, you can resume posting on Monday. It’s BEST if you can do it consecutively. Maximum would be a 10-day window to get results.

Instagram is a cold market platform and requires a different strategy. This is best for Facebook where you already have people who follow you and know you on some level. You can try this on Instagram, but it was NOT designed for that platform.

Don’t shame yourself! Pick up right where you left off and get to posting! Don’t “start over” keep going!


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