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Kristen teaches powerful and current marketing strategies to the modern social seller who desires to leave the hustle mentality behind and work with purpose, authenticity, and service while making the income they want.


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About kristen boss

It’s just that you haven’t been taught how to do effective organic marketing that attracts people to YOU. You’ve been taught to market to the masses- and I’m going to tell you a secret- that doesn’t work! You cannot apply ancient corporate America marketing strategies to an organic, relational platform. What worked in this industry 2 years ago is no longer relevant. You can’t throw up a post everyday and hope for business to come along.

This is exactly why I created The Social Selling Academy- the lifetime premium coaching program for today’s social seller and network marketer.

After building a seven figure business online and getting trained by some of the top experts in the industry- I decided to teach today’s network marketer the exact organic marketing, sales strategies, and the MINDSET framework that is required to achieve the results you want- IN LESS TIME.

No more confusion. No more overwhelm. No more spinning your wheels wondering what your next steps are. It’s simple. And I’ll show you how inside THE SOCIAL SELLING ACADEMY.

My clients get results while feeling deeply aligned and more purposeful than ever, without burning themselves out and hustling 24/7

They don’t feel gross, spammy, or inauthentic- and they hit their highest sales and recruitment months- without spending hours chatting strangers up in the DM’s all day. Without begging people to join their organization or try their products. They wake up with people messaging THEM asking about their product and business. They constantly have a funnel filled with qualified leads. They know how to warm up a cold audience and convert them into paying, loyal, life-time customers.

Why I Created The SOcial SelLing Academy

In the social selling space, I saw that the majority of the industry was only taught to work their business ONE way.

I saw people quit, get burnt out, or leave the industry all together. I believe this is one of the most approachable business models for anyone with wifi and willpower. But I saw too many people stuck, discouraged, and defeated. I knew there was a better way.

This is why I set out to create a coaching program that would completely disrupt the “status quo” of the social selling and direct sales industry. I wanted people to see that they could experience their goals and success differently. I knew there was a better way- and I realized NO ONE was teaching it.

So I spent years creating the most approachable training for today’s social sellers. After testing the methods with my private students, hundreds of hours of research and paying for the best coaching in the marketing and selling world, The Social Selling Academy was created. In less than a year, it has exploded to one of the fastest growing programs for the modern social seller.

Here’s the truth

You don’t have to hustle 24/7

I got SO tired seeing women being told exaggerated “facts” about success that were simply untrue. 

You don’t have to hustle 24/7. You don’t have to burn the midnight oil to hit your goals. Sadly, this is the message that is preached and glorified. After building a 7 figure business WITHOUT hustle, I decided that MORE women needed permission to work with purpose, joy, and service- without buying into the “work harder and longer” methodology. When taught how to work from purpose, joy, and service- I watched my clients hit goals FASTER- and with far more joy. 

In the academy, I take your growth seriously and teach you how to have serious income and influence without buying into the “hustle harder culture.” I teach you to work hard and work with purpose- and STILL hit your goals.


The social selling academy

The lifetime premium coaching program for network marketing who desire to learn how to increase their influence and income through purposeful and organic marketing without the hustle.


Social Selling Leadership school

Learn how to create Instant Resonance™ to immediately attract perfect-fit clients and craft “whoa yes” original language around your core concept and unique methodologies, building real IP and longevity for your business.


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