Purposeful Social Selling

Leadership Development with Becky, Amanda, and Lizzy Ep #86

Jan 5, 2022

When you decided to jump into network marketing you probably thought you had a decent grasp on what would be expected of you. You were prepared to throw a few parties, promote your products on social media, and talk with others about your offers. But what you might not have expected was to eventually be leading a team of your own.

And like most social sellers, you learned as you went. Which lead to feeling frazzled and burnt out and questioning whether you should keep going. 

Well, if this sounds like you, then you’re in good company. In today’s bonus episode Kristen is sitting down with three members of the current round of the Purpose and Profit 6 Figure Mastermind: Becky, Amanda, and Lizzy where they talk about their trials with learning how to lead and why the leadership development inside the Mastermind has been the key to their sustainable success.

Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Importance of selling the vision and systems for long term buy-in vs instant gratification
  • Why a lack of a long term mindset might be keeping you in manager mode
  • How contemplating a move from a place of maintaining to growth can feel exhausting
  • Explanation of personal money vs business money, and how not all money is equal
  • How your team benefits when you stop treating your business like a hobby

Being a leader is hard work, but when you work smarter instead of harder you not only set yourself up for success but also your entire team as well. Implementing the right systems and investing in yourself will have long-lasting effects allowing you to step out of management mode and into the role of CEO where you belong. 

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Becky encourages faith-based mama entrepreneurs to grow and find focus and encouragement.

Amanda is a Christian Wellness Coach who teaches simple habits to change your life.

Lizzy helps women share on social media and grow a home-based business the healthy way.

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Transcript for Ep #86 Leadership Development with Becky, Amanda, and Lizzy:

Kristen Boss (00:00:05):  Welcome to Purposeful Social Selling with Kristen Boss. I’m your host, Kristen Boss. I’m a mindset and business coach with more than 15 years experience in both the product and service based industries. I believe that social selling is the best business model for people wanting to make an impact while they make serious income. This is the podcast for the social seller, who is tired of feeling inauthentic in their business and desires to find a more purposeful and profitable way of growing their business. In today’s social media landscape. In this podcast, you will learn what it takes to grow a sustainable business through impactful and social marketing. It’s time to ditch the hustle and lead from the heart. Let me show you the new way.

Kristen Boss (00:00:48):  Hey bosses. Welcome to another episode of the podcast. This week. I have something fun for you. I have a few of my mastermind members here to share some of their takeaways and their breakthroughs they have had since joining the mastermind in October when we started. So we are specifically going to be talking about leadership development today because there’s a lot of talk about how leadership development is done, how to step into your leadership. And a lot of people when they are a six figure. And when they step into that place in their, or that season in their business, they end up becoming a manager more than a leader and they don’t realize they’re doing it. And so we spent three days cause the mastermind always kicks off with a live event where it starts with really intense. They get a lot of information, a lot of training, a lot of coaching on the spot.

Kristen Boss (00:01:44):  And one of the things we really cover is their own leadership. Stepping into being a CEO in their business, not just managing a business. And that really goes from everything to how they view money, how they view investment, how they manage their time, how they run their teams. And it really is a diff different way of thinking to step out of management into true leadership. So with me today, I have Becky, Amanda and Lizzie. I’m so excited for them to be here and what we’re going to do is we’re going to go around it and I’m just going to have them introduce themselves and share a little bit about where they were in their business before joining the mastermind. Why did they side to invest? Because the mastermind is a serious investment and you know, there is, you have to be aware of why you’re joining. Why is it important for me to invest at this level? So they’re going to share a little bit about their story and if you could also just share maybe how long you’ve been in this industry, kind of what led you to being in the mastermind. So we’ll start with Becky share a little bit of your story, introduce yourself to the listeners.

Becky Reece (00:02:48):  Hey, okay. Well, I’ve been in the industry for eight years. Like many people that are with my company. I started out as a product user and wanted nothing to do with the business. But I’m so glad that I stumbled upon it and that I really leaned into it because it has changed my life. I truly believe it’s the best business model out there. When I was looking at the mastermind, I had been in the academy for a few months and had Kristen’s consistency with over-delivering on what she offers and was just blown away with what she was teaching, what you were teaching and the things that I was learning and it really resonated with my leadership style, the way that I built my business up until then. And I knew that I had hit a point in my business where I was consistent.

Becky Reece (00:03:45):  I was getting the same results over and over again. And we just kept doing everything the same. And I knew that I had blind spots. I just didn’t know what they were. And I knew that I had hit this ceiling or this lid and that there was a, there was an ability to get through it, but I just needed someone outside of my, my business outside of me, outside of the network that I had to be able to say, here it is. Like, let’s, it’s glaring, let’s figure it out, and let’s push through it. And I knew that you could do it. And I, I really, really believed it when I heard you talk about that when you reach this point of a six figure earner in this business, that you have to focus more on selling the intangibles that you have become great at selling your product.

Becky Reece (00:04:37):  But as you grow in your leadership, you get to a point, you have to focus on selling the vision and selling the systems and selling just getting that buy-in for the long term, as opposed to wanting that immediate gratification. And that’s when I was like, ah, there’s one of my blind spots. And so I was committed to getting in I did my video in the throws of COVID like, I hadn’t taken a shower in a week and I just was like, I’m not going to say I have COVID because she doesn’t want me COVID style. She doesn’t want me at all.

Kristen Boss (00:05:12):  Wait. So wait, you had COVID too when you put in your interview. Oh my gosh. So did Lizzy, I think three people were like sick with COVID when they put in their video in the interview. So major props to you.

Becky Reece (00:05:24):  Yeah. Yeah, but I was like, I, I have to do this. I have to do this. She will help make my, my blind spots. And you have, so there you go.

Kristen Boss (00:05:31):  Yeah. And I do remember, I think I coached you once inside the academy before you applied for the mastermind and it was about systems and I think you were feeling like clogged up in and I’m trying to remember, did I say to you on the call, like, did I straight up say, why are you not in my mastermind? Or do you need to apply? I can’t remember if I said that to you but I think, or maybe Lizzie said it to you.

Becky Reece (00:05:54):  Yeah, no, Lizzie and I had been talking about it. We were like,  we’re doing this.

Kristen Boss (00:05:58):  We’re good. Now I think it’s interesting that you mentioned that, you know, you were at a ceiling and you were working really hard and you were consistent cause here’s the thing. I think a lot of people think, you know, they’ll stop that happens from, you know, not working or being inconsistent, but you really know you’re at a Le it’s leadership issue. It’s a ceiling issue with your buy-in and with culture and systems when you feel like you are putting in the same amount of work, but you’re not getting better results. And that really is kind of the shift that a lot of six figure earners do is I see them really busy, really, really busy putting they’re either really busy or they’re and then eventually it leads to burnout where they’re just like, I just feel like I’m working really hard and not making any progress. And so it sounds like that’s kind of what you noticed that was happening for you. You’re like I’m working really hard, but I’m not seeing the results. So you had coaching at the live event that was about your leadership and it was pretty, it was an intense like moment of coaching for sure. Share a little bit about like what that coaching did for you because it was, I think it was on day two.

Becky Reece (00:07:12):  Yeah well, I had reached, I mean, I, for several years in my business, I wasn’t trusting my leadership anymore. I really had reached a point where I was, I had lost my voice. And I was so nervous to step on toes to offend people, to direct people in a way that they felt maybe wasn’t right for them. And I had become so focused on pleasing everyone, I guess, and really not stepping on toes that I lost my voice and my confidence in the direction that I knew that I wanted to go and that I knew that I wanted my personal business to go. And so I asked for coaching and I think I I’m pretty sure I was quite teary. I often am. It’s normal.

Kristen Boss (00:08:08):  It is normal. It’s alright.

Becky Reece (00:08:11):  You’re always like, it’s normal. It’s okay. It’s okay. And you really kind of help me see like you just remind me who I am helped me realize that we had come as far as we had as a business and that I did have a part in that and that I do have a voice and I do have something to say. And I think what this mastermind in your coaching has allowed for me is to really, or organize those thoughts and, and get more clarity on that voice and to be able to speak it in a way that honors my team and respects them and provide systems for them clean into if they want, but helps them also hold themselves accountable. So it’s not a leader dragging people along, come along with me. It’s here are the tools and let’s teach you how to do it yourself.

Kristen Boss (00:09:10):  Yeah. And what has that shift felt like to you?

Becky Reece (00:09:15):  It felt so good. I mean, so like I’m an engram too. I’m a people person. I love relationships. So it’s allowed me to really focus on investing in people and helping them find their will to do the work for them to uncover their blind spots and their shortcomings and how they can and empower themselves and to give them systems to lean on as they do that. It’s been so fulfilling for me. It’s also helps me be way less stressed and find a whole lot more balance.

Kristen Boss (00:09:47):  Yeah. I love that so much. What, when you came home from the live event after that coaching, what changed?

Becky Reece (00:09:55):  Hm. I think I stopped second guessing myself. I had a very clear vision of where I wanted to go. The steps that it was going to take and the confidence in the amount of time it was going to have to take to make it happen. I didn’t feel franticness to make it all happen at once, which I think allowed me to build trust with my team too, because slowly over the past three months we’ve been kind of restructuring our restructuring our community. I’ve been showing up more consistently for them as a coach and in weekly zoom calls and we’ve built a mutual trust together. And I think it, yeah.

Kristen Boss (00:10:44):  Yeah. So now having done that, what, what are your thoughts about like, when you think about advancing your business now? Because prior to the mastermind, you’re like I’m doing the work I’m showing up, I’m consistent, but I’m also a few feeling stuck at this income level stuck at like whatever we’re producing. So what are your thoughts now about your ability to now advance your team?

Becky Reece (00:11:07):  Funny? We were just talking about this one on a call. I really feel like we have the tools and I have the vision. And I, I’m very clear on the steps that it’s going to take to create a foundation that can scale that can scale for me and my whole team that can scale for them as just starting out brand partners or at whatever level that they’re at. Yeah,

Kristen Boss (00:11:35):  That’s so good. And I love that and I think it’s really important for people to hear, especially maybe a six figure earner that’s in the same, there’s the same season that you are, where they feel like they’re at their threshold and they’re like, I’m working hard. I can’t seem to move the needle up and investing when you feel that way can feel scary. And it’s just like, because a lot of people will think, well, let me move the needle forward and then I’ll feel good investing, let me make more. And then I’ll feel good investing, but you have to it’s and it’s a very different mindset. So what thought did you need about yourself to trust yourself, to invest at this life?

Becky Reece (00:12:17):  I think I was able to look at how far I’ve come with no Kristen boss.

Kristen Boss (00:12:24):  Yep.

Becky Reece (00:12:27):  If I can have what it was that I knew you were offering and I knew you would over deliver because consistently done that. I just knew it would work out. It’s just it’s that belief before you get it, you know? Yes.

Kristen Boss (00:12:43):  So good. I love it.

Becky Reece (00:12:46):  And I knew, I would say I also knew even if it didn’t grow financially, I needed the emotional I, I needed that step to trust myself again, to believe in myself and to all that wrapped up was worth the investment in and of itself.

Kristen Boss (00:13:05):  Yeah. And you got that and now you also have a vision for, okay. Now I actually can see the path forward to advance my team, to move the needle, to create brand new leaders, and to keep, to keep this going. I love that so much. Let’s hear from, okay. So let’s hear from Amanda. Amanda, introduce yourself and share a little bit about your story, how long you’ve been in the industry and kind of what led you here.

Amanda McMaster (00:13:34):  Okay. I’m Amanda McMaster. I’ve been with my company for six and a half years. After a little bit less than well, right around four years is when I achieved the rank with a six figure income and I hit a wall immediately. It, and it was legit burnout mentally, emotionally, physically and just led to all sorts of adrenal fatigue symptoms and checking out completely. And I had this thought that really lingered for a long time, which was okay, this way of doing things might have got me here, but I can’t keep going this way. And that thought really held me back because I never got I never got like proactive with it about like, because I just got stuck of, I don’t know how else to do this.

Amanda McMaster (00:14:41):  So that was two and a half years ago. And earlier this year I found the academy and joined and discovered there was a new way of doing things and loved that I was able to learn a new way for myself and also to teach my team, but also saw that the academy kind of was limited in that it couldn’t give me that leadership training and that CEO training because it’s a wider audience and, you know, it’s serving a much wider audience. So at the same time I was watching a friend from my company who was in the mastermind and had major FOMO just, and just had the thought of what is Kristen teaching her? Just what are they talking about on those zooms? You know? And just major curiosity feels like an understatement. And last summer, when you had a similar podcast to this, you had current mastermind, gals get on and share. I, I would listen on my walks and just think that’s going to be me. I’m I’m doing this. That’s going to be me. I don’t know how I gotta figure this out. Yeah. So where were you when you, like,

Kristen Boss (00:16:28):  When you decided to apply, where were you, where would you say your business was at? Like, how would you describe the state of your business when you decided

Amanda McMaster (00:16:35):  To apply? Yeah, so still at a total standstill and very much in I, I just lacked long term thinking that infinite mindset. I was very present mind, very focused on just my current problems. I wasn’t thinking ahead to like solving future problems and yeah, like I just kept hearing you talk about a CEO mindset. And I remember saying to my husband, like, I don’t know what that is. I, and be I don’t have it. And, and I’m, and I recognized that that could be one of many missing puzzle pieces in my business. Yeah.

Kristen Boss (00:17:26):  So you got some live coaching at the event and you, you got, I coached you on a couple things, but one thing.

Amanda McMaster (00:17:34):  Three times.

Kristen Boss (00:17:36):  Yeah, one of the things that particularly stands out to me, and I’m curious if it’s the one that stands out most to you was when I coached you on earning more money and making more money. Yes. Okay.

Amanda McMaster (00:17:46):  Yes. I’m like, that’s the coaching that like, when I think

Kristen Boss (00:17:49):  Of Amanda, that’s the coaching I think of for you, I’m like, okay. Yes, this is, this was like the big moment for Amanda at the live event. Well, share with the listeners a little bit about that coaching that you got.

Amanda McMaster (00:18:00):  Yeah. So one of the very first steps that Kristen had us take was to just right at the top of the piece of paper, you know, the, the workbook that we had, how much money did we want to be earning in three years? And I had no idea what to put, so I just made up a number and put it there. And then the next step was, what thoughts do you have about this number? What thoughts and feelings are coming up for you? And immediately my brain said, I don’t need that. And that’s, as far as I got, it was just looking at that number, thinking I don’t need that. And so I, I raised my hand for coaching, cause that was, you know, I wasn’t going to get much further without some coaching on that.

Kristen Boss (00:18:58):  Yeah. Do you remember the question I asked you? It was, I asked you a few questions. Well, it was one that particularly sticks to mind that I think really hit you.

Amanda McMaster (00:19:06):  Well, I don’t know if I, I know specifically what you’re thinking of. I remember the series of questions that you walked me through of just like, why not? And I do remember one of the first questions you said is you said, I just find it interesting that you would invest in this mastermind to grow your business yet your brain is telling you not to grow, you know, that it, that you don’t need to grow your business. Is that what you were thinking? Yes. Okay.

Kristen Boss (00:19:38):  Well, it was that, I remember thinking that being like, why are you here? Yeah. Like, well, don’t want more money. You don’t want to make more money and like really advance your business. Like, I mean, if you want to be here just for an emotional piece, sure. We could provide that. Right, but like why, why clean up your business and why focus on these things. But the, and I, I just remember, like you, you had a lot of stories about making more money and particularly I think it was in the, you know, up there in the multi, multi six figures. And I remember asking you, I said, I really want to know why the Amanda that’s making more money in the world is a better Amanda in the world. Like, why does the world need an Amanda who makes more money? Right. And, and I just remember it kind of, I watched your face and you were like, oh, you mean like this me making money might actually serve people better.

Kristen Boss (00:20:32):  Like why is me making money more money, a better thing, because this is interesting. This isn’t just your narrative. This is a narrative of so many women who think they aren’t allowed to have a goal of making a lot of money. And a lot of stories come up. Like I can’t do that. That’s a lot, that’s greedy. I’m taking from others. We have a lot of stories. And I shared this in my Instagram recently there was a mug I saw and it said like, nothing bad happens when women make more money. And I was like, we need this mug everywhere.

Amanda McMaster (00:21:05): Absolutely need that mug. Yeah.

Kristen Boss (00:21:07):  But I could see, like, that was what was happening in your mind. Like you were, there was a story there about like, I’m not allowed to make more money. And as long as that story was there, your growth in the mastermind was definitely going to be very limited cause it’s like, why then? Why push? Yeah.

Amanda McMaster (00:21:22):  Yeah. So that thought of like, I don’t need that. Wasn’t even true. Like the more that, like, I, I think we uncovered that in the coaching, but since the coaching I’ve, I’ve, it’s a just flat out lie. Like we do need that money. Like we have financial goals as a family that our current income isn’t allowing us to meet as quickly as we’d like, I mean, just so on a practical level, it’s a lie. Like we do need more money, but then just seeing that, that thought just permeates so much of my money spending even down to like groceries and you just, that thought of I’m fine. I don’t need it. And I think because I had taken such a long season, a hiatus from my business, I think that was a thought that my brain really used to comfort me. Kind of say, it’s okay, Amanda, that your, this isn’t growing, you don’t need that money. Anyways. It is. It

Kristen Boss (00:22:32):  Actually is a way to, to offer comfort to ourselves. It’s kinda like a so I do think the thought it’s fine is a way to kind of protect ourselves from disappointment. We talk ourselves out of wanting things because then if I tell myself I don’t want it, then I don’t feel the disappointment of not having it. And it kind of removes that emotion. And it’s a, it is a way of comforting ourselves. So, you know, you mentioned taking like a, what was it? A two year hiatus?

Amanda McMaster (00:23:03):  It was like six to nine months, but then I just eased back in rural slowly. Just

Kristen Boss (00:23:09):  Yeah. Well, and you got coaching on that too. Cause I think there was also the story of like run, getting back into my business is going to exhaust me again. Like there is, and I see that happen with people that have burnout or they’ve suffered from burnout. And when they think about waking up their business, getting back in and like in the business, cause you were in a place of maintaining, but then growing the business, most people have a lot of fear or stories around it’s going to hurt. It’s going to cost me more and I don’t want to do it. And so coaching you through that as well. Like we, we pretty much had to coach you into your entire reentry, like being okay with wanting more money. And I remember at one point saying like, we’re birthing your second. Why? Because you had hit your first.

Kristen Boss (00:23:55):  Why of becoming a, a six figure earner and this is what happens. This is why actually I believe a lot of people get stuck at the I’m going to at like the barely six figure earner or the like the around a hundred K in network marketing business. Yeah. Because most people join with like that’s their big, huge dream. Yeah. They get there. Usually they’re tired when they get there and they don’t have a vision for doubling that income. And they think doubling the income, double the work, double the stress. And when you don’t do it, the way I teach you, that is true. Like they do make it double the work double D. So you had to like a, find another reason to get back in the game. It’s like, okay, you have your first, why, but now it’s, now we have to find your second. Why give yourself per remission to desire and want and need more money without feeling guilt for it without having a shame story around it and then deciding that it can be done differently. Like those three things, your money, your time and permission a why so? And you kind of landed there, right?

Amanda McMaster (00:25:04):  Yeah. I mean, in the live coaching, I kind of was able to articulate why I wanted to continue grow my business. But I, I took that as my homework to go home with and even made just finances, one of my three essentials to focus on in these six months. And I, I just got to work very intentionally learning about money because I think a lot of it was just ignorance. And so there was this uncomfortability with money cause I just didn’t know enough. Would you call it ignorance

Kristen Boss (00:25:43):  Or would you just call it being like naive to it? Cause ignorance to me like is a little, little bit of like choosing, I don’t want to look at that or would you just say,

Amanda McMaster (00:25:50):  I just didn’t know. I just didn’t know. Totally. Yeah. I just didn’t know. And and the other one was just really changing my thoughts like that thought of, we don’t need it. I don’t want it. And you presenting that thought of like, well, if you had it, like then what would you do? And I hadn’t asked myself that I hadn’t considered, like if it was there, what would we do? And really just growing my belief in myself, but also like my husband and I to get other that if we had this money, we would be responsible. We would be good stewards. We would do good things with it. And yeah, just really spent my first month in the mastermind. I bought books. I listen to podcasts. I mean I just really intentionally wanted to wrap my mind around new money, thoughts, and now I’m convinced we all need it. I told my team the other day, I said, ladies, I’m convinced I need it. I’m convinced you need it. I’m convinced people in our audience on social media need it. And I’m just able, now it’s, it’s provided this new fun aspect to leadership and sharing the business and sharing the opportunity with people.

Kristen Boss (00:27:19):  Yeah. And you did, and you also got to work when you went back because you also were posting.

Amanda McMaster (00:27:25):  I got a tax person. I hired a CPA right away. I hired a VA. I mean I, you made boss moves. I, yeah. I spent a lot of money that first month. I went home and spent a lot of money and chose to be really good with it and really to experience it from a place of like power or just control, like I’m in, I’m not out of control, I’m in control of this. I’m making decisions with long term in mind and it felt so scary, but like so satisfying at the same time. So yeah, I went home and spent a lot of money on my business, but also on my health too. Like I handed over a lot of cash to my doctor and said, test me for all the things. Yeah. so

Kristen Boss (00:28:18):  Yeah. Yep. And, but I think that that’s so healthy because you know, at the mastermind event we talked a lot about money and money, thoughts and how you have to handle and think about money very differently. And I, and you guys were learning like there is your business money and there is your personal money. And most people treat their business money as personal money. Yes. They get their, they get their, you know, check from their company, you know, every week or once a month. And it kind of just goes straight into their personal bank account without like giving it, you know, directives to like, this is our tax strategy. This is what I’m paying for a VA. This is what I’m paying for team incentives. This is what I’m paying for my coach. This is like, they’re very much present mind. And so we spent a lot of time talking about money and strategic investment very differently.

Kristen Boss (00:29:08):  And where I was saying, you guys, this you’re not putting money on a credit card for a couch that gives you zero ROI. That is a completely different conversation than a conversation of strategic debt into your business. And we talked a lot about strategic debt and really kind of, and it was something that a lot of people had to work through in the room because there was a lot of stories about like, I have to have cash on hand to invest kind of bringing a little bit of an envelope mentality to your business. And I tell people I’m like, that works at home, give your money. You always want to give your money a job, whether it’s personal or business, but what’s happening is I see people not giving their money, a job or putting their money to work in their business. And so that’s, that was something that was a huge area of focus. And I watched you, you know, have a lot of aha moments, get home, get to work. And now I’m curious, like what does your husband thoughts now about like your, your future and your business and you being on, you know, on the path you’re on now?

Amanda McMaster (00:30:08):  Yeah. I mean, he’s always trusted me with my business and business decisions. And that continues at least that’s what he’s saying. He might be scared deep down, like what is this woman doing? But, but yeah. I mean, I talked it all out with him because he can relate with me cause we, you know, have, have shared circumstances, you know, and, and shared thoughts. And so yeah, I, he, he is like, I, you I know you’re not going to make decisions to hurt our family, you know? And so yeah. I, I think he’s, he’s on board because I sold myself first.

Kristen Boss (00:30:56):  There it is. I was waiting for you to say that I’m like it, you know, your man trusts you. Yeah.

Amanda McMaster (00:31:01):  When he sees that because I trust myself. Yes, yes. That is exactly it. I have my own back. I trusted myself with these decisions and with my financial plans. And because of that, I could go to him and say, this is what I’m doing. This is why. And I am fully convinced I need to do this. And he said, okay,

Kristen Boss (00:31:20):  I love it. So let’s talk about what re like what you are seeing, what has shifted in you since joining aside from like, you know, being comfortable and sitting differently with your money and taking different action, acting like a business owner. What else have you seen just in your short time? Cause we’re still not even, we’re still not even done with the first round.

Amanda McMaster (00:31:36):  I can’t believe we’re only two and a half months in because all that money stuff feels like six months ago when it was two months ago. So that’s crazy. But one thing I’ve really seen shift in myself is taking full, full ownership of my business. I am creating my results and I didn’t even know that I didn’t believe that until now, but I just remember at the live event when we would, when it was time for us to get to work on making plans or, you know, there was, there was time for, for us to plan out things, aspects of our business and just this internal desire to peek at your neighbor’s paper and be like, Hey, what are you doing over there?

Kristen Boss (00:32:36):  Yeah.

Amanda McMaster (00:32:37):  Yeah. What are you going to do with your team? And you just have to sit there in silence and, and take ownership and think, what am I going to do? What do I want to do? What do I believe is best? And it was initially a challenge and I’ve seen that muscle get stronger in the, the last two and a half months to where now I know exactly what I need to be doing and comparing my business with anyone. Else’s almost seems like ridiculous to me now that I would, even that I would even think to go to someone else and say, Hey, what are you doing? Because, because they’re not me, their team is not mine. Their business is not mine. And yeah, it’s comparison just seems funny almost that I would even think that my business should look like someone else’s. So just that confidence and all from just really saying, this is my business and having my back and trusting myself with that.

Kristen Boss (00:33:46):  Hmm. So good. And I think that’s true because that’s one of the first things I was telling you guys at the live event, I’m like, you are not going to be going to everybody else to ask them what you should be doing in your business. You are not to give your power away to, in anybody else in this room. And just asking for the, how, how are you doing this? What are you doing? Because that is what happens outside of, outside of the mastermind. I said, outside of the mastermind, everybody’s going to tell you the how and what they’re doing, and you’re going to really want to adopt their strategy, but that is not the answer you have your answer. And so I was like, you’re going to be deeply uncomfortable, but you’re also going to grow so much self trust and confidence in your own leadership and your ability to direct and lead your own team. So good, Amanda, I love it. Let’s go to Lizzy, Lizzy, introduce yourself to my people. Tell them about just your social selling journey and kind of what led you to the mastermind as well.

Lizzy Palios (00:34:45):  Yeah. My name is Lizzie Palios. I have been in network marketing now for, well, I was, I joined as a happy customer, similar to Becky and I was a happy customer for about a year and a half and it a year and a half into it. I suddenly saw that people were making me in this industry and I just thought, why not me? And I jumped in, we had financial needs and I thought, let’s just do this, this, this looks really great that I could, you know, be my own boss. And you know, if I just take quitting out and I can just learn all the skills as I go, like I can do that and anyone can do it. So that was about, about five years ago. Now that I decided to jump into this and I was one of those sponges, I used to just go to any kind of training I could go to, especially from my company or maybe, maybe coaches in network marketing who have been in it for a long time.

Lizzy Palios (00:35:37):  And so there was kind of an old school thought method and thought process with it. And so I was doing a lot of those things and I did learn and grow from those. And I definitely am very thankful, but about a year ago I signed up, I saw another person on Instagram doing your sustainable success, the one from last year. And I was like $9, like done. Like I can totally do that. So I did that and I’d actually never really made a big investment in my business. I’ve obviously worked it well. And I’d gotten to my, you know, my six figure rank just this year. And I thought, well, let’s just jump in. And, and initially I wanted to learn really how to grow on Instagram and how to do all that stuff. And I thought, how can, how are people enrolling people on Instagram in a way that’s not like cold messaging like that doesn’t make me feel good.

Lizzy Palios (00:36:22):  That makes me feel gross. And I, I did that and it’s okay. And it’s okay if you’ve done that before, like this lots of grace in our journeys and in our learning, but I just didn’t like that method. I thought that must be another way. And I, when I came to your event, I was like, this is exactly what I want to, to learn about this is it. And I swallowed everything up. I joined the academy like that night. I was like done, let’s go. I just like went through all the materials instantly. And I just, I loved everything. And then I hit my, hit my big rank in my company and I loved it and then smacked straight into burnout because the last five years along the way, I was your poster child for like hustle mentality. And I just knew that I needed this new way of growing, which is family balance.

Lizzy Palios (00:37:11):  And I think this year, especially when I hit that burnout and around March, similar to Amanda, just like little adrenal stuff going on and I was exhausted. And I was like, how do I continue on like this? I can’t, I can’t do it. And so when the mastermind came around this summer, the applications I already knew I was doing it. I was like, I need to do it. You life coached me. And actually, I think maybe you said it to Becky too, but you said it to me, you were like, I just need you to hand you the application. Like, this is just for you. I basically made this with people like you and I couldn’t wait. And I was like, I need it so desperately. And I, you know, applied and just it’s been incredible. So that was, and it’s only been like two and a half months so far. And I feel like I’m learning new things all the time, but they’re like so refreshing and it’s starting to now like trickle down into my team and it’s, I’m just so excited.

Kristen Boss (00:38:06):  Yeah. So what when you were at the live event, you’ve, I’ve, I’ve coached you on a few things and what’s fun is like, I think this is your second podcast interview with me, cause the first podcast interview was you as a social selling me, student, applying the foundations there and what you saw with organic marketing and just with your personal platform. And then the mastermind is a completely different shift. Like you take all the foundations from SSA, from the academy and now it’s like, okay, now we’re getting into leadership development into sustainable leadership and sustainable rank up strategy because I can, I can tell you what to do to rank up in 30 days, but you’re going to hate your life and you might have to buy the rank or you might have to do these things and you’re going to burn your team out instead of like, how can we do this sustainably holding the rank organically without yourself out burning your team out.

Kristen Boss (00:38:56):  So you kind of came at a great time and what’s, what’s pretty funny is you guys all, you know, at the live event, I’m like, you need to be here for a year and everyone, it was so fun to watch everyone’s thoughts being like what invests in a year. And you particularly Lizzie on your application. You’re like, I don’t know about a year, but around one I’m there. Yeah. I was like, yeah, Nope. That’s a hustle mentality right there. I’m going to come here for six months, get what I need and get out. I’m like, yeah, no, this tells me why you need to stay. But there’s been a lot of shift shifts for you that I’ve seen. I’d be very curious. What, what would you say has been your biggest breakthrough in the last three months? Two and a half months?

Lizzy Palios (00:39:38):  They were kind of, I think they were kind of three, I think number one, Steph and well, the funny thing is, is that I, you know, I joined the academy cause I wanted to learn about Instagram and how to grow in that. And then I joined the mastermind, but, and I didn’t really even realize how much I really needed to do in my business to make it sustainable. Like even the question about where are you going to be in three years? I was like three years. I’ve been working in 30 day cycles, you know? So, yes. So for me, I think there’s a few things, but number one, that was just kind of funny. That was like, I, I didn’t know I needed to grow and that so much. And I was like, wow, I do. And my, the kind of systems I had in place and the things they had got me to where I was, but they weren’t going to take me and my team to the next place.

Lizzy Palios (00:40:21):  And I didn’t know what those things were. And so I’m just, I feel like I’m just learning all of that fresh and, and the things I’m starting to put into place. I’m seeing awesome fruit with already, even just in the intangible things like my team is saying and growing in confidence, all that kinda stuff. But I would say the second, so that’s kind of the first thing, just learning about systems and about, wow, these actually you do the work now and then you have, you can feel more confident bringing more people into your business, cause you’re like, here you go. Here’s everything you need to get to that first step that, and, and the milestones teaching, like this is the first step to get to, which is you usually, you know, helping people make their first a hundred dollars. So like get that done and then you help people get to that next milestone.

Lizzy Palios (00:41:04):  And the third one and I just, I I’ve always put people together in coaching. And so I would say for me, learning about those systems has been so good and I’m enjoying kind of getting, I had some had stress in the beginning about systems, but it’s cause I was still living in that hustle mentality that like, I need to do this now. And I remember approaching me saying why what’s the rush? And I was like, oh, and I think it was the second week of our weekly meetings and I just bawled my eyes out I was so raw the next like day and a half. And my husband was like, are you okay? I’m like, I’m actually really good. I’ve realized so many things. Well, actually, okay. So this is prob maybe this is the biggest thing for me has been learning as an engram three to feel my feelings.

Lizzy Palios (00:41:46):  Cause I don’t like to do that. I like to just, okay, I’m feeling that I’m going to go B with something. I’m going to go do some laundry. I’m going to do being productive. If this isn’t working, I’m going to go clean out a closet or reorganize this draw. Like I don’t want to sit in how I’m feeling. And I realized actually that’s not good and I remember I saw you at your your mastermind event with your coach. And I said, do you know, do women cry at the level you are at all the time? And you were like, oh yes. And you said to me, if you can learn to like, feel your feelings, you’re going to triple your income. And I was like, oh my goodness. I didn’t know that that was such a huge key. So feelings are a good thing. And then from there, I think one of the, the second or the third, I can’t remember how many I have now is, is the art of self-coaching.

Lizzy Palios (00:42:32):  It really is so key. And I had, I go through phases where I’m doing well at it. And then I get back into, I just need to do these other things first in my business. Let’s just go and send that, that gift out. Let’s just go and like get in touch with, follow up here. Let’s go do that. But it’s actually just so important to get your mindset straight first, cause otherwise if you are modeled, you’re going to show up to your team modeled and hustling and it’s just not good. So just learning how to do that, how to manage your mind. And it’s such a work in progress. Like I dunno if you’re ever fully there. No, but it’s just, but you do grow. And I think one of the things is to look back and see the ways that you have grown and be like good job.

Lizzy Palios (00:43:10):  I think also celebrating yourself is really important because I dunno if it’s thing, but we’re, we don’t really talk about things that we’ve done. Well, we’re kind of a bit, it is a British thing. Like don’t, don’t say what you’re good at. You can’t say anything like that. You have to just talk about all the things you’re bad at. Like it’s just, we’re a, we’re a funny breed of people, but just being like no good job, like you, you know, you self coached that day. You were, and, and you’ve got this through and then actually that led you to, and I think this is another key thing too. I learned is you don’t want to pump up your team full of disbelief. And like, this is awesome. And I was doing that all the time. So like on my coaching calls, I would pump myself up first and I’m like, let’s go.

Lizzy Palios (00:43:48):  But it’s like growing them in belief in the actions they’re going to take, it’s actually going to get them to the results they want to get. That’s been a key shift as well. And then I think last thing is just being, stepping into that CEO mindset. I think when I think CEO, I think man in his like fifties like this and I never really thought about female. I don’t know why. And it was just like embodying that and stepping into it. And I loved a reel. You did, which was like, that’s not my name, that one you made once. And it was just like, I’m not a mom boss.

Kristen Boss (00:44:21):  I’m an entrepreneur mom bossy boss lady.

Lizzy Palios (00:44:22):  No, I’m a CEO. Yeah.

Kristen Boss (00:44:25):  Yeah. And it’s, and honestly it’s because we, I don’t think we see enough of it. We don’t see enough examples. We are used to seeing, you know, the old white man in a suit when we think of a CEO. And so it is like, and when we have that picture in our mind, it’s so interesting. And kind of someone said this to me once is like men are taught to like embrace risk. Men are, I can’t remember the percentage, but like three times more likely to invest even without having a guarantee of return because they’re taught to embrace risk. Whereas women were taught like, don’t, you dare risk. Anything you, you need to nurture and care and support. And especially when we, at this level, when we might be the primary earners or we are the moms and you know, we’re caring for our kids and we’re thinking I can’t, I can’t do risky things.

Kristen Boss (00:45:15):  So women actually, aren’t taught to invest at high levels and, and think at this level and think three years from now and just, you know, being in a constant reactive state. And I think that’s really kind of what it boils down to is you’ve learned to move out of being and into proactive because being reactive is like, I don’t have time to sit down and coach my brain for 10 minutes. I gotta go and get things done. It’s just, it is a little bit of that hustle of like, let me just get the things done and then I’ll get to that. And so it, it, and it takes a while. It’s not, you don’t just decide to be hustle free or anti hustle. It’s like, it’s, we’re always, we’re always going to have, as long as we’re human, we’re always going to have the propensity to hustle.

Kristen Boss (00:45:57):  Always, always. And we’re just going to have to be aware of it. And the story we’re telling ourselves, that’s wanting us to, you know, run into, you know, buffering or overworking or overeating over drinking, whatever it is. That’s not having us feel our feelings and it is true. You will triple your income if you learn to feel your feelings. And it’s like only because you become extremely self-aware and when you’re able to understand what’s going on and what your driver is in your leadership, you can, you can actually take charge. You’re empowered to make changes. And that is a lot of what you guys are doing. And I was just thinking also, you know, Lizzie, one of the things I’ve, I’ve just noticed with you is just like, you have become a lot more calm. Like you are starting to just calm down and settle in.

Kristen Boss (00:46:42):  And I think that does happen when you start thinking about long term and you’re not thinking about, and I think I even said to you on that, on that week to call, I was like, yeah, you’re hustling and you’re in a rush because you’re not settled in for the long run. Like you need, you need to get on board with still being here the next round. And you’re like, oh crap. Yeah, I do and it’s come up for a few again, because we’re taught like we don’t do this. And what’s interesting is in network marketing. When you, when you start, this is one of the beauties of this business model is it’s such a, a low cost barrier entry. It costs next to nothing. So to start a business with this business model, which is why it’s so appealing, whereas you, you know, you open up a restaurant, it’s probably going to be a hundred, a hundred to 200 K at least you open up a salon, a massage place.

Kristen Boss (00:47:30):  Like people take on insane amounts of debt to start businesses where in network marketing, you know, $40 enrollment fee, a hundred dollars starter kit, it’s just so affordable. And you’re also kind of taught like you don’t, you don’t need to pay anything. You don’t need to invest in anything. Everything is free for you and you really, it can go far for free for a while. But what happens is, is we end up growing with that mindset grows with us and we tend to think, no, I don’t need anything else. I can still have it for free and you’re not taught. Whereas if you were in any other business model, you would, it would be embedded in your brain, invest in your business, invest in your, this invest big in your business. Not just like, and I think the narrative I usually see with investing in the business is like, okay, I’m going to invest in going to my retreats.

Kristen Boss (00:48:19):  I’m going to invest in going to the conventions. I’m going to invest in like helping incentives for my team. But this, I think this concept of being an mastermind is, is new to this industry. It really is. And I told you guys this at the live event, I’m like, you are pioneers. You are doing things very differently in ways that people don’t understand yet. There is nothing like this in the industry it’s, it’s available for other people. If you were, you know, if you’re a coach or course creator or an author, like they’re all like, yep. Mastermind duh, network marketer. They’re like, wait, you’re doing what? And how much are you paying? And why are you paying? And how long are you there for? So you, you really are having to think. And I think I’ve said this to you at the live event. I said, you’re going to learn to think, not like a network marketer. And it’s going to be like UN a real unlearning for you. But if you unlearn this, you will become a stronger, better leader. That’s not boxed in with network marketing thinking only you have a broader perspective. And I’m just curious, Lizzie, like, what would you say? Like, how has unlearning the network marketing part of your brain and stepping into CEO? Like what has shifted in you with the at?

Lizzy Palios (00:49:32):  So I think that shift really started at the live event. When you said, if any of you like tomorrow went out to want to go get a corporate job, you would be running sales, depart. Like you would be like, you know, you would be the boss of like all the, because you girls have done such incredible work. You’ve learned amazing sales skills. You could run any like sales department of a large company. And that really was like, oh my goodness, we could do that. And when I kind of brought that the corporate mentality, because that’s kind of where I was headed before, like, you know, before becoming a mom. And that’s what I wanted to do when I was a teenager. That’s what I wanted to. That was my goal. When I went, I did a business degree. I, I was going to go do that. But anyway I think bringing that over and then how do people invest in that?

Lizzy Palios (00:50:18):  And I really do want to speak about the investment because that has been a huge thing for me. I have learnt that when you invest and I just, I, I think you said this at live event too, or sometime in the mastermind, but you are like, it’s that deposit, it’s that down payment of your future results. It’s like, I see now that investment and even investing for round two, like I’m buying, I’m like putting money down for my next paycheck coming in. Like, I it’s going to bring that in. And I know that at, and I think even when I started this and I was like, oh yeah, I’ll see how, you know, see how the six months goes or whatever. I’m like, no. And now I’m like, how do people not invest in themselves? And how do people not have a coach? Because you, at this level on any level, you need someone pouring into you.

Lizzy Palios (00:51:01):  Like you can’t pour from an empty cup. And so coaching and investing in yourself is everything. And now I’m seeing that, how that investment go down into my team and even just having some of my girls say, thank you for investing in that, because now that’s benefiting me. I mean, that of course made me feel these feelings, right. That I’m trying to avoid, but those are good feelings. I like those ones. And so I think just seeing that that’s a big mindset shift of like, actually, if this is in the corporate world, like network marketing is a business model, that’s a business model as well. It’s business. This is more word of mouth advertising. They don’t spend massive advertising budgets here. They, they help us. And then, you know, with our families and we do that, it’s just a different business model. And I think people worry too much about what people will think and well,

Kristen Boss (00:51:49):  And I think, and I think you’re taught like, there’s this little bit of messaging of like the nine to five is so bad and you don’t want to like, and there is a trend for a while. And I, I haven’t noticed it as much, so much, and I’m really glad, but people would like, knock, like you don’t want to come and work a job. A job is bad. And it’s like, but you’re being paid a lot of, and you do need, you actually do need to work. It like a job. I think you work at like a hobby. You make hobby decisions that eventually will limit your income a hundred percent. And so this idea of like not investing in the business is a, like, is a hobby you’re still operating as a hobby because you’re not going to, you’re not going to invest in a hobby like that.

Kristen Boss (00:52:28):  And unless you’re just like, cause with the hobby, you’re like I don’t care if I see a return, so it’s fine. But with your business, it’s like, of course I would, of course I would do this. And I think I was saying this too. And, and I’m really glad you mentioned that Lizzie, because you know it, that didn’t happen overnight. You guys had to have a lot of coaching around that and it still comes a little bit on the calls here and there of like slipping back into that short term, thinking slipping back into like, what am I seeing right now versus, and, and this is, what’s so beautiful about your business model. I, I think man, if people aren’t in network marketing, listening to this podcast episode because we have a lot, they’re going to be like, okay, I need to find this. This is an amazing Mo business model.

Kristen Boss (00:53:10):  But I was talking with a colleague, who’s a coach. And she’s like, do people understand the insanity of passive income? Like true passive income network marketing is one of the very few business models that have true passive income coaching does not, we have highly scaled income, but true passive that is network marketing. And so, but when you do not secure and stabilize and have all the foundations in place, what you are actually securing is your future passive income. And most people think it’s about like growing. I need to grow today’s paycheck, which you absolutely can’t. It’s like I need to, they, but they’re very much thinking. And I think it was in this week’s call. I said, no, no, no, no, you have to play this like a stock market. Like you don’t put it in and go to take it out immediately. You have to put it in.

Kristen Boss (00:54:00):  You play the long game and you look at your future long term long term return on investment through your secured passive income. And I think I challenged you guys on this. I said, I want you to think about what your future passive income will look like without the tools you’re learning here. What do you think the future passive income cost to you would be? And it’s like, and I’ve seen people that don’t cure it and they leave too soon or they take their, their, they think I’ve arrived, but they didn’t secure it. They don’t have the systems. They don’t bring in the legacy leaders. They didn’t learn how to scale out. And then what happens is their, their income depletes, because they didn’t understand how to secure it, which is what you guys are doing. And I say over and over, I’m like, you have to slow down to speed up and your brain’s going to have all kinds of stories about that and be like, but what’s happening in the next 30 days.

Kristen Boss (00:54:52):  It’s like, okay. Yes. But what’s also happening in three years with your passive income. And how can we secure that? So again, and also, also, I don’t, maybe I’ve said this to you guys, but the, the same colleague of mine she’s like do dear people understand the insane profit margins you have and what profit Mar what I mean by that is as network marketers, because you guys are a word of mouth business. You’re not paying hundreds of thousand do of dollars in Facebook ads to scale to millions. You aren’t having to do that. You aren’t having to run all these department like your profit margins, the standard in the service industry, outside of network marketing, we say it’s like a 50 to 70% profit margin. So about, we could be saying goodbye to 50% of our profit margins to keep the business running for all of those things.

Kristen Boss (00:55:41):  Network marketers, your profit margins are like 90, 98% you add in coaching. I mean, it still is pro probably 80%. It’s it’s insanity, but we’re still taught. You’re still taught. Don’t invest because you’re not being taught to think about this very strategically as a CEO and being like, wait, hold on. What am I, what will this do to my future? My future return on investment and that passive income that no other business has. So my friend, my colleague was like, your people have the best business model in the world. I’m like, I know, I know this is why the work is so important, which by the way, you guys should know this, I message probably regularly that people very skilled people are looking at this industry more and more really skilled people. And so I think that’s, what’s exciting about, you know, the people in the mastermind is you guys are going to start attracting those people because you are operating at the same level that they are like is going to attract.

Kristen Boss (00:56:36):  Like, and they’re like this network marketer carries themselves very differently than what I’ve seen. I need to be on that team with those people doing that thing. So I love it. So last thought, and we’ll wrap it up here. What would you say to someone who is, well, we’ll just be honest, afraid of the investment. They’re like, I can’t, there’s no way I can do that because this next round’s 20 K and they’re like excuse me, new. What would you say to the person that’s telling themselves? They can’t do it. We’ll start with you, Becky. What’s your parting thought for them?

Becky Reece (00:57:13):  Well, I think I would ask them the question that you asked us, like, what income do you want to make in three years? And what is that worth? What do you want the people that you care about on your team to make? What is it that you desire for them and where you want them to grow? Cause that’s kind of where I was at, you know, like I want my people to have what I have and I feel like I can’t give it to them. So if you think about that, do you have that and are you willing to make that investment for yourself and for them?

Kristen Boss (00:57:49):  Mm, I love the thought of like, what do you want for your people? I think that’s such a, that’s a great leader. Thought I love it. Like, cause some people can’t get themselves there. Like I think Amanda, you were kind of there like, well, I’m fine, but thinking like, but if I could help other people, like if I could help other people get there, I love that thought. And, and I love that Lizzie’s team was like, thank you for doing this for us. We see it. Like, I, I also think like your teams are very lucky to have you guys as leaders. Amanda, what about you? What would you say?

Amanda McMaster (00:58:21):  You have to sell yourself on and anticipate like those intangibles that you’re going to experience in this container, in this group that I don’t know where you would get that elsewhere. The mind and just how that mindset is going to bleed into all areas of life, of being a calmer mom, being, you know more intentional spouse. And I think it’s, it’s just about the business growth. It’s it’s about your growth and what is that worth? You know, like Becky said, and I think having that infinite mindset, the long term mindset is game changer. Not thinking about the six months or 12 months or, but just thinking long term, how long do you intend to be working your business? And how would this investment completely change the trajectory that you’re on?

Kristen Boss (00:59:51):  Which is true, because as I’m watching you guys, since the live event, I, I have regular conversations with my business manager, Kristiina, and we’re like, isn’t it so fun watching them? Isn’t it just so fun to see? And, and we’re still so early, it’s still so early. Like you aren’t even, you guys aren’t even through, I mean, when this airs, when this episode airs we’ll have about two months, well, more than halfway through, but it’s still so early and you guys are seeing so much already and I, I it’s super fun to watch as your coach. Lizzie, what would you say?

Lizzy Palios (01:00:22):  I would say you want to jump into the mastermind just for the live event alone. Like, it is, I had like the best weekend, one of my favorite weekends of my life. Number one, because we learned incredible tools. I have not heard taught before. And they were like all the answers that I knew I needed, but I had no idea where I was ever going to hear them from. And so just even those tools alone. And then I’d say that, secondly, just, this is more of a personal one, but my Health’s improved because, you know, Kristen teaches us, coaches us through yes, business things, but it’s a lot of like us and our health and our relationships. And how are we feeling as moms? And as like, she, I just love the work life balance and that’s the way it should be. And so even just prioritizing sleep and I’ve been doing that and I feel so much better. And so like what prices there on health in general health, in your business health, in your body, like health in your marriage, in your parenting, in your friendships. And I just, I feel so much happier and I feel so much better. So that has been already worth it for me. And I know I’m not done yet. And so I want to keep going. And I joked with Kristen, even at the live event, I was like, I don’t know if I’ll ever not be with you. So.

Kristen Boss (01:01:34):  That’s how I feel about my coach. I’m like, you’re not going anywhere and neither am I. And so it’s, but once you understand that and you’re like, oh, I’m now understanding the trajectory. And you know, I remember my someone in my family, someone close to me saying like, okay, after two years, you, you don’t need a coach anymore. Like, your business is good. It’s growing. You don’t need a coach. And in my mind, I’m like, I will never, as long as I am working my business, I will never be without a coach. And I, I think I said this at the live event. I said, you know, when you’re done with a coach is when you’re done growing your business. That’s the only time or if the co or if it’s just not a match. But I mean, like as far as when I will never not have a coach, as long as priority as I swear I can talk as long as growth is a priority for me.

Kristen Boss (01:02:24):  And I think I said that to you guys, I’m like, if you know, if you go without a coach, that’s a maintenance decision. It’s not a growth decision. That’s like a, I’m okay to be here and stay here. But growth requires me to do really big, uncomfortable things. And I love that you guys mentioned relationships. We didn’t even talk about that in, in this podcast episode. But like marriage has come up a lot. And it was something that was like coached on at the event. We’ve even talked about sex. We’ve talked about sleep. We’ve literally talked about all of it. Because as I tell you guys all the time, how we do one thing in life is how we do everything in life. And it really does it all blends together. And so it’s about the holistic leader, all pictures of the leader. And it’s just like, yeah, if you’re crushing it in business, but your body’s falling apart and your marriage is falling apart and you’re unhappy at home.

Kristen Boss (01:03:12):  That’s not it for me as a coach. That’s not a true measure of success. It’s really not because I’m like, that’s not success to me that me, maybe you’re making money, but you’re not fulfilled. What does your life look like? And you didn’t join this business to make a lot of money and have a really miserable personal life and feel bound to your business and not have time freedom. And that really is the key is, you know, if you want to scale your income, the best way of scaling is when your business grows with less of you and you all are learning that. So super good. I’m sure the listeners just had so many takeaways from our episode. Thank you ladies so much for coming on today. I’m super excited to watch your growth over the next three months. And for our listeners, we will see you guys in the next episode.

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