Purposeful Social Selling

Macro to Micro Ep #139

Nov 28, 2022

As an entrepreneur, you’ll go through many seasons with your business. And as you pass through these seasons, you’ll find yourself needing to make some adjustments to up-level your effectiveness. You might be thinking that we’re talking about big, life-changing adjustments. But actually – it’s those little tweaks that make a bigger impact on how you show up.

These adjustments are what Kristen calls micro habits, and in this episode, she’s going to explain how going from macro to micro can bring big results.

Here’s what she’s talking about:

  • Why it’s important to work during your personal peak performance hours
  • Definition of macro habits and how they are different from micro habits
  • The undeniable benefits of regular self-care
  • How making small adjustments with momentum can alter your course
  • Why stagnation of routine can lead to stagnation of growth

No matter how big or small your business is – you’ve got to adjust your daily habits to ensure that you continue to grow. Look at the gap between your habits as they are now and the outcome you want, and then see what adjustments you can make in order to reach those goals.

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Transcript for Episode #139 Macro to Micro:

Kristen Boss (00:05):  Welcome to Purposeful Social Selling with Kristin Boss. I’m your host Kristin Boss. I’m a mindset and business coach with more than 15 years experience in both the product and service-based industries. I believe that social selling is the best business model for people wanting to make an impact while they make serious income. This is the podcast for the social seller who is tired of feeling inauthentic in their business and desires to find a more purposeful and profitable way of growing their business. In today’s social media landscape, in this podcast, you will learn what it takes to grow a sustainable business through impactful and social marketing. It’s time to ditch the hustle and lead from the heart. Let me show you the new way.

Kristen Boss (00:48):  Hey friends. Welcome to another episode of the show. This week we’re going to be talking about habits. Why love talking about habits? Because habits are truly what can transform your life. They’ve changed my life and I want to have a conversation based on some reflection I’ve had with myself and my own journey from growing and scaling to an eight figure business. I remember the habits I worked on creating at certain milestones in my life, and I recently came to a realization that I am at a juncture in my life where I am yet again in a place where I need to elevate my habits. And what’s so interesting is I think, and I’ve heard people kind of with this myth, and I’ve talked about it, I think in a real, but not in a podcast, is I had this idea when I first set out to be an entrepreneur.

Kristen Boss (01:43):  And if you would’ve asked me what does it take to make a million dollars and build a seven figure business, I probably would’ve put a lot of value and weight on the concept of a miracle morning, like waking up by 5:00 AM and making sure I was getting in my workout and having a nutritious fueled breakfast and do meditation and write my affirmations and do all those things. And I really want to first debunk that myth. So for those of you that think I’m not a morning person, therefore I could never make a million dollars or grow a legacy business, let me just tell you, I am the first to admit I am not a morning person. I’m usually rolling out of bed at 7:00 AM and in my PJ’s slogging over to the coffee machine and getting my kids ready for school. If you were to look at high performance mornings or Miracle Mornings, you would see I do not fit that bill currently or what leading up to this current season of my life.

Kristen Boss (02:50):  And I remember thinking for a while, success would not be available to me and major impact would not be available to me if I didn’t learn to become somebody who was up at 5:00 AM Now where there are seasons where I was up earlier, yes it’s just because I personally chose to be up later and sleep in longer. It’s just where I chose to find in, okay, what are my peak performance hours and how can I work within my own peak performance hours? And so that’s what I did. And really what it takes is kind of clunky big, what I’m going to call macro habits in the beginning of things that feel hard at first. So posting consistently on social media, putting out a podcast, weekly value, weekly emails, engaging with people on social media and building those habits that at first felt very clunky and hard because I remember being somebody for a while that would post based on inspiration or post in the minute, or I was really inconsistent with social media for a long time.

Kristen Boss (03:54):  I mean, I posted here and there, but as far as adding value, I didn’t have that discipline. So I had to start with the macro habits of business, of marketing, selling, connecting with people, learning to have sales conversations, increasing my conversion rates hiring people. Those are what I’m going to call the macro habits or the macro skills. And being somebody that was disciplined to sit in my work hours have intentional business hours to where those feel very automatic to me now. But what was so interesting is I was talking with one of my coaches, and I even had this discussion with my therapist. And by the way, I’m going to be normalizing that a lot from now on. I’m just going to be like, yeah, I was talking to my therapist about this. Cause I think it’s really important to normalize self care at that level and normalize mental health even at this level in business.

Kristen Boss (04:45):  And I would say I need it now more than ever to keep me healthy, to keep me focused so that my contribution is the highest and best that it could be. So what’s interesting is what the habits that took me to my current state of business have been great, but I’m at this current season where I have a company that I run now. I have teams that I run. We have very large launches that we do, and I have thousands of students in my programs. And what has been so interesting is there has been a demand, not from scarcity or lack or thinking or any unworthiness, but I have noticed there has been a demand for me to up level my habits and to hone them even more. So actually I’m in a season where I’m going to call them micro habits, where I’m making the smallest adjustments that I think in my mind, these are tiny adjustments.

Kristen Boss (05:44):  Do they actually matter? And I’m realizing that they are crucial to my performance as an entrepreneur. And let me give you an example of this. I used to only think about my work habits that would lead up to a seven figure business. But what’s fascinating is now having an eight figure business and running a company is I’m having to elevate and fine tune my habits at a small level that I used to deem as insignificant. Whereas now it’s no longer just about my work habits. Now I’m becoming more disciplined with my sleep hygiene, like my nighttime routine. I’m a lot more regimented about that right now. I’m getting, I’m weekly therapy. That’s also a priority. So that there’s someone I’m talking to. I’m processing what’s in my brain. I’m learning to partner with my nervous system, regulate my nervous system, be a self-aware, healthy person because I believe it’s my responsibility to myself, my family, my students to be healthy in that regard.

Kristen Boss (06:43):  Also, dialing in nutrition and making sure I’m eating nutrient dense foods, which is so fascinating for me that now I’m looking at food through the lens of performance and in the lens of like, okay, is this going to fuel me? Is this going to sustain me? Am I going to feel clean energy? Am I going to feel bloated later? How am I going to sleep? And I never used to think of food in that way. I could think about food in the sense of a fuel for a workout. I’m going to have carbs cause I know I’m about to lift heavy weights. But now even more so I’m fine tuning my new nutrition through the lens of performance and focus. This is what is required of me at this level because I was noticing that I couldn’t afford to have a two to 4:00 PM energy slump. And also I’m very regimented about taking supplements and eating organically and now getting my water in and cutting back on alcohol and all those things.

Kristen Boss (07:39):  And it’s just interesting. I’m making, I would call these micro shifts outside of my business that are actually having quite an impact on how I operate my business. And I kind of feel like in I think of a cruise ship or maybe just a speeding car where the faster the car is going, it’s micro adjustments of the wheel that moves the vehicle in the direction that you want. But when you’re, think about when you’re pulling out of a parking spot or you’re starting, you have to crank so much energy to turn the wheel. So with momentum in a company, when you’re moving quickly, when allo is required of you and you have a lot of responsibility, you learn to, and you’re going at a fast rate, you’re starting to make micro adjustments with the wheel and micro adjustments, move the car in another direction. Hey friends, interrupting this episode real quick to share with you.

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Kristen Boss (09:49):  I also want to say not making micro adjustments is detrimental to you as well. I, I can’t remember this concept of if you walk one degree off course for a certain number of miles, you’re a certain number of miles totally off the target in a very short period of time. And I really think one degree shifts, 1% shifts matter. I’m in the season of micro habits, and I was thinking about this even more so where I was telling my life coach, I was like, I feel like I’ve had collegiate habits to get here. I, I’m proud of my habits, they’re good habits. But now I remember thinking of really intense entrepreneurs that were so disciplined with water and sleep and food and movement and supplements and all these things. And I’d be like, man, that seems really extreme. I just don’t think that’s necessary. But now I see it.

Kristen Boss (10:43):  Now I’m like, okay, it’s totally necessary. So what I was thinking of was like, okay, I had these collegiate level habits. If I was a collegiate athlete or a D one athlete, it’s like, okay, here’s the habits. And I’m thinking if there’s a D one football player, he likely has great habits so that he can compete at a high level and D one athletics. But then I think of, okay, now what do the habits look like for somebody who’s in that nfl? Can you have D one habits, D one football habits in the nfl? Or do you need to up level your habits when you play for the nfl, when you’re playing the professional league, when you’re playing among the elites and the best? And that’s when I realized, holy moly, I have collegiate level habits and I’m playing an Olympic sport. I need to have Olympic level habits.

Kristen Boss (11:32):  And I was thinking about how Olympians treat their body and treat their mind and how everything matters. In fact, when I was doing hair back in the day, I had a client, because we have the Olympic Training Center here in Colorado Spring. So there’s a lot of Olympic athletes that are here. And I had a client that was sharing with me that her daughters were training to be Olympic figure skaters, Olympic figure skaters at a young age. I mean to start early. And when I heard about their habits and their daily routines, I was blown away. But it makes sense because they are going to compete at the Olympic level where everyone else has those habits. But if they just want to skate for a local team or a club, yeah, their habits don’t have to be at the Olympic level. So that’s what I was noticing for me, I was like, okay, yeah, I have to level up my habits if I want to level up my outcomes.

Kristen Boss (12:28):  And sometimes it’s a habit as like, okay, get more water in. Okay, make sure you’re moving, okay. Make sure you have monthly, weekly therapy appointments. Make sure that you are having healthy conversations around these things or make sure that you’re even more dialed into your money. And so funny, even now in my company, we’re, again, anytime you’re ready for big growth, you have to invest before the growth. You don’t get to have the growth, growth and then decide to invest. And we’re taking big strides as a company, big strides to where I’m like, all right, we’re investing at this level, we’re playing at this level, and we’re positioning the company for our next level of growth because of what we are going to be doing next year. Like, oh my gosh, you guys, the things I have for next year, I’m so excited to share about it.

Kristen Boss (13:16):  You’ll hear about it in the new year. I’m really excited to share it. But all that to say is the preparation. We are taking, the shifts we want to make. I look at where I want to be a year from now, two years, three years from now, and we’re already making moves. We’re already doing those things. And this is what I want to invite you into. I want you to think of your current level of results in your business, and then I want you to look at the habits that you have on a daily basis. Have aspirational habits. These are the habits I like to have or I should have or wish I had. Just do an honest checklist of these are the habits I currently have and this is the outcome I currently have and this is the outcomes I’m holding. If you don’t change your habits, if all of your habits stay the exact same, your outcomes will as well.

Kristen Boss (14:05):  So I want you to ask yourself, okay, what outcomes do I want to be creating? And what new habits do I need to start integrating in order to guarantee those outcomes? And I don’t want you to think, listen, hear me when I’m talking about going for Olympic level habits because my business is is now at the Olympic level. So I’m not asking you to hear what I’m saying and adapt the same things. You will know when you’re looking at your habits, you’ll know you’ll have an honest moment with yourself and you’ll say, okay, and likely it’s habits. Maybe you have been resisting and putting off being like, I don’t want to, I don’t, shouldn’t have to do I have to do that? I don’t want to. And it might be that. And so you have to ask yourself, okay, what’s the gap between the outcomes I want and the habits I do not yet have?

Kristen Boss (14:57):  And what if they are micro habits or some of them might be macro habits. It might be like, okay, we got to get serious about posting consistently again, or I need to get serious about customer follow up again. Or I need to get serious about talking about my offers on a consistent basis or a macro habit of like, I’m going to build intentional business hours that I never negotiate with and I always hold to them and I do productive business hours. So I just want you to get clear on, here are my current habits, here are the habits I know that are keeping me my next level habits that are keeping me from my next level of outcomes and results that I want. And I want you to just choose one. Don’t try and do all of it at once because ask yourself the last time you tried to create, start 15 new habits at once, how’d that work for you?

Kristen Boss (15:44):  Spoiler alert it. You gave up because it was, you’re trying to change too many things at once. I know for me, when I focus on my wellness, it was literally one thing at a time and I had to resist my all or nothing mindset because I think there was a part of me that believed the more I changed and the faster I changed, the better it was. But again, I’m always talking about the lens of sustainability and because it wasn’t sustainable, I was always quitting, giving up on myself. So start with one habit at a time and understand old habits die hard. It’s hard to form new habits because your brain doesn’t like change. Your brain’s like, whoa, whoa, whoa. Status quo. And I know for me now, I’ll give you an example right now, and oh, great, now I’m going to talk about them. People are going to know it’s something I’m working on.

Kristen Boss (16:29):  Be like, nobody asked me how it’s going. I don’t want accountability. I’m kidding. But for me, I know I was able to go all this time without really having a morning routine. But with what’s going on in my company, where we’re going, the huge projects that are in front of me, and the fact that my wellness is a priority, I’m realizing if I sleep in, then I have competing priorities of like, okay, am I going to go to the gym or am I going to work on my business? Where if I wake up early, not I don’t have competing priorities, I have time for both. I have time to prioritize my wellness and prioritize my business. And I know the way to create that spaciousness is getting waking up earlier. And so for me, instead of being cold Turkey, I’m going to wake up 5:00 AM tomorrow because I knew that would be such a shock to my body.

Kristen Boss (17:18):  I was like, okay, the first thing I’m going to work on doing is creating a nighttime healthy nighttime routine that gets me in bed early. Because I know for me, I need eight hours to feel well rested and energized. Those of you who can go on six power to ya, I don’t know how you do it, Bravo, but for me, I need eight to nine. No shame in my sleep game. So for me, I knew, okay, well first thing I need to work on is falling asleep before 11, because if I need to be up at six or up at five, I can’t go to bed at 11. I can’t go to bed at 12, I can’t fall asleep. Then 12 to seven, that’s seven hours that worked for me with that current schedule. So I’ve been working on taking my sleep schedule back and hey, with daylight savings, love that.

Kristen Boss (18:01):  That’s only doing me some favors right now. But now I’m at the point where I’m like consistently falling asleep, lights out usually by 10:00 PM Now that I have that, I’m like, okay, I actually think we’re getting ready to start waking up earlier now that I’ve trained my body to fall asleep. So again, I just want you to view this changing of your habit from a sustainable lens and not feeling like you need to change yourself overnight. Again, you are not a project to be fixed. You do not have to be perfect to hit your goals. You just need to have habits that serve you towards your goals. And maybe you’re in a place where you’re like, yep, got to do some micro habits. And maybe you’re at the place where you’re like, yeah, I have some micro habits that need to shift. And I know these one degree shifts will eventually change everything for me. So friends, check your habits because guess what? They matter and they create your outcomes. We’ll catch you in the next episode

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