Meet Kristen Boss

Kristen Boss is the host of one of the world’s top marketing podcasts and she is known for her fresh approach to marketing and sales in the social selling/network marketing industry.

Why Kristen Boss?

Kristen is the host of one of the top marketing podcasts and is known for her fresh approach to marketing and sales in the social selling/network marketing industry. She believes in teaching people to work with diligence and focus – while leaving the damaging culture of “hustle” behind.

She is the founder of The Social Selling Academy – a premier live coaching program for the modern network marketer. She specifically focuses on teaching people to rewire their brain when it comes to selling, serving, and building an online presence so they can show up more powerfully in their business.

She coaches the top earners in more than 25 companies and she is considered the new thought leader for the network marketing industry.

Keynote Topics

Authenticity in a Curated World

Finding Resilience in Resistance

Changing the Culture of Social Selling

Trading Hustle for Hardwork

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See what everyone is saying about kristen boss

“Kristen’s approach is educational and encouraging. She gives SO much hope to this industry!”


“My highest sales month of my 3 years! (In a 28 day month) And I didn’t even have to “hustle” but I worked hard on the mindset taught in the academy. This WORKS!”

-Andrea C.

“Kristen’s work is an absolute MUST for anyone in social selling!”


“Kristen is the change this industry has been looking for and needing!”


“Highest sales month!! More active teammates than ever!! Clarity on who I’m serving and an influx of engagement on my socials! 

-Haley A.

“Thank you for helping me change my mindset and enjoy the journey!! I have signed 10 new business partners since January 1st (NEVER HAVE I EVER!!)”


“I hit my promotion goal I’ve been working on for MONTHS. Highest sales yet, signed 3 business partners and almost locked in our all inclusive getaway!”

Haley H.

“Second highest sales month since I started 1.5yrs ago… and new rep on the horizon. AND what may feel best is the response from my VIPs and customers on how I am serving them!”

-Marlene L.

“My heart is filled with gratitude to be in the Academy I have learned so much in such a little time already and can’t wait to continue to grow.”

-Tasha H.

“I hit a new rank! I’ve wanted for so long and enrolled 13 people! Got one of my builders to a new rank as well!”

-Amanda B. 

“Was able to surpass my sales for the month prior, brought on new team members who are EXCITED to work their businesses and hit my recruiting goal!”

-Jessica M

“I enrolled 3 and reactivated 2! I also started working with a new brand partner on my team and have just found a LOT of joy in my business again.”

-Becca B.

“I’ve also grown my Instagram following tremendously, gotten new customers and just qualified for a trip to Riviera Maya!!!”


“I hit a rank-up last night that I have been working on for over a year.
And in the past several months have worked on showing up consistently.”


“Recruited 3 new women and I had the best sales Ive had in the past year this month!!”