It’s SUMMERTIME! With all the fun you have planned for summer, the kids being home, and all the travel plans you’ve made – it’s easy to think you have to choose between growing a business or having some summer fun…

Good news: You Do NOT HAVE to choose between making money or making memories this summer.




This is why we are bringing you the Summer of Success LIVE training. This will be a value-packed two-part training specifically designed to help you kick off your summer successfully with an approachable, simple, and sustainable business plan that easily fits your lifestyle.

This intensive live training will show you exactly what it takes to build and grow a steady paycheck over the next 60 days in as little as 60 minutes a day– all while having the summer you want to have.

2 Powerful trainings

Simple Approach | Sustainable Strategy

In the training we will cover:

After the training, you will have a simple, clear plan to grow your business this summer without feeling like you have to miss out on all the fun activities. Growing a business in the summer months does NOT need to feel complicated, time-consuming, or overwhelming. When you have a simple and sustainable plan that works- you can grow your business in LESS time.

  • NHow to effectively grow your business in less than 60 minutes per day.
  • NHow to create a personal business plan that feels simple, approachable, and sustainable during the summer months
  • NThe simple, powerful, needle-moving activities that are doable with even the busiest schedule
  • NA clear and actionable daily plan to reach your business goals in the next 60 days
  • NHow to help your team have a plan of action to stay in momentum year-round
  • NHow to grow your business in less than 60 minutes a day so you have time to LIVE YOUR LIFE

You do NOT have to choose between having a summer of fun or growing your paycheck

The summer is a busy time of year- and working your online business can sometimes feel like you are competing with things like family travel, road trips, the beach, and making memories. In this training, you will learn how to have a simple business that makes you money even in your busiest life seasons.

You got in this business to be present with your family, have flexibility, and ENJOY life.

You do NOT have to choose between having a summer of fun or growing your paycheck… in this training, you will learn how to have BOTH. Without feeling stressed, flustered, or overwhelmed. Which is why you need a straightforward, simple, and clear strategy that WORKS.

In this training, we will remove all the extra “noise” and give you the clear, simple, and sustainable action steps to grow your paycheck WHILE you enjoy the pool, the barbecue, and all the fireworks this summer.

Imagine growing your paycheck in the next 60 days in less than 60 minutes a day.

Imagine having your business positioned for MASSIVE growth come Labor Day.

The Summer of Success Event is exactly what you need to ensure that you start your summer off with intention and a guaranteed plan to work and grow your income.

Have you been saying things like:

  • N“I don’t know what I should be doing.”
  • N“I don’t know where to put my time.”
  • N“I don’t know who I should be talking to.”
  • N“I don’t know what my activity should look like.”
  • N“I don’t have enough hours in my day to grow my paycheck.”
  • N“I don’t want to sacrifice my family to reach my goals.”
  • N“I don’t want to give up making memories.”
  • N“I want to enjoy my summer without stressing about my business.”

The Summer of Success event will provide you with the tools, strategies, and plan so that you can have a summer of fun WHILE ALSO growing your paycheck in a sustainable way.

I get it!

You want to go on a road trip, hit the beach, go off-grid, fish, and enjoy the summer nights!


In this training, you will learn how to set up your business for simple success and growth- all while experiencing the summer you WANT to have.

Last event, we had over 14,000 social sellers participate in the game-changing LIVE training event. This will be one of the most impactful and approachable training sessions available for you and your team.


Glad you asked. I’m not interested in wasting your time with “rah-rah” cheerleading. I want you to take massive action and see RESULTS.


“The 60 DAY Success Plan”

  • NYou will decide the exact goals and results you want to achieve over the next 60 days in your business.
  • N You will learn the “Strategic 60 Day Success Plan” to set yourself up for guaranteed results.
  • NYou will have a clear plan and outline for working your business over the next 60 days.
  • NYou will learn exactly how to overcome any obstacle to stay on track no matter what happens in the next 60 days.
  • NThe Delegation Formula: how to outsource with minimal cost and guilt- in order to maximize your bottom line and earning potential.


 “The Success in 60 Formula”

  • NHow to move the needle in your business forward in less than 60 minutes a day. Don’t have 60 minutes? I'll show you how to do it effectively in two 30-minute sessions a day.
  • NLearn the exact activities you need to be doing each day that actually grows your paycheck.
  • NLearn how to leverage your activities so that you can get more done in less time.
  • NGet the exact framework for how to grow your paycheck in less than 60 minutes a day for the next 60 days.
  • NLearn the activities that are COSTING you money and learn where to put your time instead.


You’ve ALREADY DONE. . .

  • NActivity trackers
  • NBonus incentives
  • NGiveaways
  • NIncome Producing Checklists
  • NIncentivized Bootcamps
  • N30 messages a day
  • NBegging people to host online events
  • NGoal Planning
  • NCorporate Incentivized Bonuses
  • N75 hard challenge


  • $What am I missing?
  • $Why does it seem my efforts aren’t matching my results?
  • $How can I move my business forward?
  • $Why can’t I seem to attract the right people to this business?
  • $What else do I need to be doing?
  • $How many messages do I need to send a day?
  • $What do I do if I don’t want to feel “spammy” and “gross”
  • $How do I get more followers?
  • $How can I reach my goals while also being a present parent and partner?
  • $How do I balance this with my demanding schedule or my 9-5 job?

In this training you will learn…

How to truly move your business forward over the next 60 days, in less than 60 minutes a day- and STILL HAVE THE SUMMER YOU WANT.



Summer Of Success

Price: $97 USD



COST: $97- seriously. Just skip your Starbucks order! You’ll be glad you did!

Here is what you might be wondering

“I’ve already done Income Producing Activity Trackers- how will this help?”

This is not a “checklist” of outdated methods where you blitz strangers or family friends on your social media accounts. You are not given scripts or punchlines that feel inauthentic. You will be given a framework for current and modern sales strategies that work in today’s social media landscape. The audience has changed drastically- which also means your selling and marketing needs to evolve with the changes.

“What if I am brand new to this industry? Will it be a fit for me?”

This is the best place for you to be. You will be given a solid foundation of the work and mindset you need to truly have long term success in this industry. You will have fewer things to “unlearn” and you will feel empowered (instead of overwhelmed) to take the next steps in your business.

“I’ve been in this industry for years- what can I expect to learn here?”

This is not your typical “work in the nooks and crannies” and do IPA in your “toilet time” training. This is not a yell from the stage and hype you into a frenzy with a bunch of motivational jargon and fluff. You will be given effective, straightforward, and simple strategies that WORK. This training will help equip your new team members so they can have success in the summer months. It will feel fresh and invigorating and also feel easy to implement.

“What’s your credibility with this industry?”

Kristen is the podcast host of Purposeful Social Selling. It is in the top 3 podcasts globally. She has coached thousands of network marketers in more than 30 different companies globally. She is a highly sought-after coach, keynote speaker, and consultant because of her extremely cutting-edge and sustainable approach to the industry. She is also the best-selling author of the new book “Pivot to Purpose.” She brings a combination of sales and marketing techniques that she personally learned from the biggest names in the sales world, along with her certified life coaching techniques that integrate neuroscience along with sustainable strategies. Students who use her techniques, see results in as little as 14 days. She is a master coach in sales and a certified life coach. This combination brings a fresh, compelling, and much-needed approach to the social selling industry.

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