Bonus: 90 Day Goal Getter Story Ep #110.5

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have undoubtedly heard Kristen talk about the Academy exclusive 90 Day Goal Getter Challenge. But for those who might be unfamiliar – the Goal Getter Challenge is a 90 Day long practice in consistency. It combines mindset work along with practical activities that together produce transformations to your outlook as well as your paycheck.

Goal Getter Stories Ep #84

For the last 90 days, members of the Social Selling Academy have been taking part in the first-ever 90 Day Goal Getter Challenge. And boy – has it been a wild ride! In today’s special BONUS episode, Kristen is sharing the stories of five Academy members who’ve taken part in the Goal Getter Challenge. Listen in as they talk about the transformations the 90 Day Challenge has created not only in their network marketing business but also in their personal lives.