Creating Team Culture and Systems for Success with Karli, Deanna, and Shaunna Episode #59

There’s a laundry list of reasons to begin your journey into social selling. For many, it’s often the promise of freedom to spend more time with your loved ones or the enticement of a better work/life balance (and let’s not forget the unlimited earning potential!!). If you’ve been in the network marketing arena for any length of time, you know that success can quickly lead to feelings of overwhelm, frustration, and panic.

Micro-Quitting Episode #58

In network marketing, you set goals all the time. Monthly goals, recruitment goals, sales goals, the list goes on. But what happens as the weeks pass by and you start struggling to meet those goals? The enthusiasm you had has disappeared and you’re left feeling mentally exhausted and needing a break. You don’t see the harm in taking a day off from social media, or renegotiating to a simpler goal.

When You Want to Quit Episode #53

If you’ve been in a social selling business for any length of time, you’ve probably felt like quitting at some point. You won’t hear any judgement from Kristen as having this thought is totally normal. She’s getting real about what it means when you or someone on your team wants to ‘take a step back’ or hit the ‘pause’ button in their business.

Money Making Emotions Episode #52

Do you work your business when you’re not feeling motivated or positive/high vibes? Or do you run/shut down the minute you feel discomfort or frustration? You can learn the skill of harnessing the power of your emotions to create more success in your business–with positive AND negative emotion.

Marketing vs. Manipulation Ep #8

Today’s episode on the difference between marketing and manipulation is probably going to rock the boat and it may trigger some of you. But let it. This is a powerful conversation about how each of us is showing up in the online space to sell our product and/or service. 

Becoming Resilient Ep #6

Last week Kristen talked about resistance and how we should expect resistance in our business. The year 2020 feels like a year of resistance. And to Kristen, resistance is when it feels like nothing is in your favor, and everything is frustrating.

Expecting Resistance Ep #5

If you are trying to build a business or even reaching for a goal, you will experience resistance.  On today’s Purposeful Social Selling episode, Kristen talks about the inevitable ways resistance is experienced.

Stop Being a Weirdo Ep #2

On this episode of Purposeful Social Selling, Kristen Boss challenges us to grow in our social selling by taking a deep look into our beliefs about selling. Are you bringing limiting mindsets into your interactions with your clients? Kristen shares how to not make it weird for both you and your client through becoming aware of our own unique purpose.