The LuLa Doc: Boss to Burnout Part Two Cost of Hustle Ep #71

This week we’re continuing the conversation revolving around the controversy of the LulaRich documentary. Kristen is focusing on the glorification of hustle culture and how we, as network marketers, play a part in either perpetuating or eliminating hustle in not only our own lives but in the entirety of the industry.

The LuLa Doc: Boss to Burnout Part one Ep #70

You’ve undoubtedly heard the shockwaves coming out of the network marketing community after the release of the documentary “LuLaRich.” If you’ve followed Kristen for any length of time, then you know she’s not one to shy away from controversy. And in this week’s episode, Kristen gets into the nitty-gritty of how when things go wrong in this business model, it’s important to see the lesson to be had instead of something you feel the need to defend.