Perfection Paralysis

The Kristen Boss Podcast

Have you ever found yourself trapped in the cycle of perfectionism, unable to move forward because you fear not being good enough? If so, you’re not alone. In today’s episode, Kristin explores the concept of perfection paralysis through the lens of a student’s journey from a coaching call within the Academy.

She fell into the trap of believing the story, “I don’t know what I’m doing.” Sound familiar? Listen as Kristen provides invaluable guidance on how to shift out of a perfection paralysis mindset.

Mentally Optimize Your Business

The Kristen Boss Podcast

Ever wish you could hit the ground running, effortlessly slipping into a zone of productivity and creativity? We all aspire to work faster, but the reality is it doesn’t always happen. In today’s episode, Kristen provides encouragement and invaluable insights on mentally optimizing your process, allowing us to achieve our goals more efficiently.

The Audience Gap

The Audience Gap | The Kristen Boss Podcast

If you’ve said to yourself lately, “sales feel tougher than ever,” buckle up because this episode is for you. Kristen is dishing out some hard-hitting truths in a lesson that might just change your sales game forever.

Bonus Episode: Just do the Thing! Ep #34

In this very special bonus episode from the Becoming Boss archives is a never-before-heard recording of the first ever Purposeful Social Selling podcast. From the guest bedroom closet. Surrounded by an old high chair, forgotten dumbbells, and facing all the fear of imperfect action.