Perfection Paralysis

The Kristen Boss Podcast

Have you ever found yourself trapped in the cycle of perfectionism, unable to move forward because you fear not being good enough? If so, you’re not alone. In today’s episode, Kristin explores the concept of perfection paralysis through the lens of a student’s journey from a coaching call within the Academy.

She fell into the trap of believing the story, “I don’t know what I’m doing.” Sound familiar? Listen as Kristen provides invaluable guidance on how to shift out of a perfection paralysis mindset.

The Audience Gap

The Audience Gap | The Kristen Boss Podcast

If you’ve said to yourself lately, “sales feel tougher than ever,” buckle up because this episode is for you. Kristen is dishing out some hard-hitting truths in a lesson that might just change your sales game forever.

Misunderstood Episode #51

Are you living to your fullest potential or are you shrinking yourself to fit other people’s expectations of you? Many times we live in fear of what other people–typically the people closest to us–will think of us. We fear their judgement. But really, they’re misunderstanding our actions. Kristen’s sharing why people misunderstand us and what to do about it!

Data Drama Episode #50

Numbers, metrics, data–whatever you call it, typically create some sort of drama in our lives because of what we make those numbers mean. Kristen hears it all the time: social sellers who never even look at their numbers because they cause so much anxiety, shame, fear, and doubt. But the numbers don’t create those feelings.

Time Management Episode #47

How many of you have all of the perfect to-do lists and/or pretty planners and you still get “nothing” done? If you’re constantly asking yourself “where did all of my time go?” Kristen’s breaking down why this is so common and how to combat it so that you can start to harness your time instead of letting it slip through your fingers.