Struggling to grow your audience and turn lurkers into customers?

Boost visibility, increase engagement, generate sales, and ditch the overwhelm in just 30 days

With daily, expert-generated prompts tested and proven to work in different niches across the social selling industry

You KNOW the power of consistency on social media when it comes to nurturing your audience and attracting new leads so you can grow your business.

But every time you sit down to make a post…

  • QYour mind goes blank and you have no idea what to talk about or what to say
  • QYou overthink it and get stuck in analysis paralysis. Your post ends up in drafts with the 57 others that you keep telling yourself you will post “another day”
  • QYou procrastinate and spiral down the scroll hole (again) while you avoid doing the work

And the times when you DO hit the “share” button?

You could hear a pin drop.

You keep checking your phone, refreshing the page, craving the dopamine boost you get from “likes” rolling in…

Aaaaaaand nothing.

It’s frustrating and discouraging to put so much time into creating content that no one sees, and no one seems to be interested in.

You feel defeated and tempted to delete the post altogether.

You don’t want to give up. You are no quitter –

…But you also don’t want to keep investing precious time and energy into something that is not working.

I know the disappointment of putting effort into something and getting nothing in return.

And I want you to know:

The problem is not you, your product, or the business model.

You just need to know how to create ENGAGING content – CONSISTENTLY.

I’m Kristen Boss, a Social Selling Business Coach.

In my 10+ years of helping social sellers grow and scale purposeful, profitable, and sustainable businesses, I have nailed down EXACTLY the kind of content that attracts, engages, and turns your audience into customers.

I have seen my students go from $0 to $5,000 months JUST by learning to leverage the power of social media through content that speaks to your ideal customer’s soul.

Imagine having an industry expert (not someone who knows nothing about social selling – or worse – an AI bot) show you what to say, and where to say it

so you can effortlessly create high-quality content and stop throwing away time thinking of what to share.

What would you give to be able to…

  • NStop feeling lost and overwhelmed every time you sit down to write a post?
  • NSave hours of guesswork and mind drama deciding what to write and where to post it?
  • NAttract your ideal customers without the ick of cold messaging? (No more copied + pasted “hey girl!” DM’s)
  • NQuickly create content that doesn’t get scrolled past every time?
  • NGet people DMing you “how do I sign up?”
  • NSave tons of time daily, so you can enjoy life instead of squeezing “work” into every nook and cranny of your day?

See, the first step to succeeding on social media is to gain traction. And to gain traction, consistency is key.

You have to get out of the “brainstorming” (aka overthinking) zone and START DOING.
Are you ready?



Here is what you’ll get:

  • N A guide to the who, what, where, and how of content creation to give you a crystal clear understanding of how to market to your ideal audience – valued at $29
  • N 30 days of social content prompts that can be used on different platforms to add value, start conversations, and increase conversions – valued at $19
  • N30 calls-to-action proven to increase engagement and boost sales – valued at $10
  • N30 days of story prompts to help you connect with your audience on a personal level and build relationships – valued at $19


  • N10 hooks for a wellness niche
  • N10 hooks for a beauty product niche
  • N10 hooks for an apparel niche
  • N10 hooks for an essential oils business
  • N10 hooks for non-toxic living niche
  • N56 Freebie ideas to help you grow your email list
  • N50 product-related niche ideas to help you create a standout personal brand

Valued at: $223 USD

Your Price: $27

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