The Virtual Experience with Leah and Kristi Ep #91

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If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a part of the Purpose & Profit 6-Figure Mastermind, you’re in for a treat. This week Kristen welcomes Leah and Kristi, two members of the Mastermind who are here to give a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be a part of the most elite and exclusive Mastermind in network marketing.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a part of the Purpose & Profit 6-Figure Mastermind, you’re in for a treat. This week Kristen welcomes Leah and Kristi, two members of the Mastermind who are here to give a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be a part of the most elite and exclusive Mastermind in network marketing.

And it all begins on day 1. Each round, Kristen hosts the members at an intensive 2-day training session where they leave inspired and ready to implement everything they’ve learned. Those members who aren’t able to attend the event have the option of watching a live stream so they’re never left behind. Leah and Kristi are just two members who’ve attended virtually and want to share their experiences and how they felt supported and included even from miles away.

Here’s what you’ll learn today:

  • Why Mastermind coaching focuses on duplicatable systems in order to grow your team without using you as a resource
  • Money-talk: Long-term vs Short-term investment and guaranteeing a return
  • Why cultivating a celebration culture is important not only for your own mindset but also that of your team
  • Developing a self-concept that you won’t outgrow

You’ve all heard the saying ‘it’s lonely at the top’. And I’m sure you’ve heard Kristen talk about the importance of systems, mindset, and building a foundation for sustainable success inside the Mastermind. But what you might not know, is that the Mastermind is a true community of like-minded people all sharing this journey in their business together. 

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Transcript for Episode #91 The Virtual Experience with Leah and Kristi:

Kristen Boss (00:05):  Welcome to Purposeful Social Selling with Kristen Boss. I’m your host, Kristen Boss. I’m a mindset and business coach with more than 15 years experience in both the product and service based industries. I believe that social selling is the best business model for people wanting to make an impact while they make serious income. This is the podcast for the social seller, who is tired of feeling inauthentic in their business and desires to find a more purposeful and profitable way of growing their business in today’s social media landscape. In this podcast, you will learn what it takes to grow a sustainable business through impactful and social marketing. It’s time to ditch the hustle and lead from the heart. Let me show you the new way.

Kristen Boss (00:48):  Hey bosses. Welcome to another episode of the podcast. Today I have another couple of interviews for you to enjoy from a couple of our mastermind members who have been in this round of the 2021. Gosh, what year is it now? I’m like already in 2022. This is airing in 2022. So I’m like, okay, they’re in the fall 2021 mastermind group. So with me, I have Leah and Kristi and I brought them on to kind of share their unique stories and for them to share just some lessons they have learned since being in the mastermind. At this point, while we’re recording, we are just about to hit halfway through, not quite, but Kristi and Leah were both unable to attend the live event and they attended virtually. So I asked them both to come on and to share a little bit about their breakthroughs and their Ah-ha moments and what their virtual experience was like. Because I think some people might think if they can’t make the live, that the experience might not be worth it, or maybe, you know, they’re too afraid to invest like, oh no, I have to have that event.

Kristen Boss (01:55):  So we’re going to talk about that too. So what I want to do first is I want you ladies to introduce yourselves, to share a little bit about the, what brought you into social selling, how long you’ve been in social selling, and then what brought you to the mastermind? So, Leah I’ll have you start us off. Go ahead and introduce yourself to my people.

Leah (02:13):  Hello my name is Leah O’Brien and I live in Metro Detroit. I have, well, I should back up. I’m a mom to a 20 month old, I have two puppies and a husband. I don’t really put him last, but he’s very much at the top. And I have been a part of social selling now for just about four years. It’ll be four years in April. And I had never done any social selling before. So I was thrown right into the loop. I had a friend reach out and tell me all about the company and I kind of jumped right in and it snowballed, I wasn’t expecting any sort of success really. And it, I just kind of fell into a really great team and opportunity and of course, feel so blessed. But also with that comes, I don’t want to say anxiety, but I was like nervous.

Leah (03:08):  I felt like, I didn’t know how to lead a team. I had a team, I didn’t know how to lead and really did a lot of selling, selling was what was comfortable for me. So building team was something that I kind of like shoved to the side and didn’t feel that it was important until I hit a certain rank. And I was like, oh crap. You know, like this is important. I need to know what I’m doing. And I think I, well, I’ve shared with Kristen before in the group that I invested in a mastermind previously, and it was just like a broad business mastermind. I think a lot of entrepreneurs that did like health and wellness coaching, things like that. I think the experience, I’m glad that I had that experience because when I came to this and realized that this mastermind was focused on social selling, I was like, this is the right fit.

Leah (03:58):  I know it. And then yeah, I was unable to make the, the event live. Do you want me to go that far? Sorry. Yeah, yeah, you can. Yeah. Okay, yeah, so I was unsure because it is an investment and I was like, shoot, I don’t know, you know, this feels like the right time, but I don’t know if it’s the right time because I can’t this live event. So what do I do? And one thing that Kristen said right away was, you know, you get to decide what you’re going to get out of this. So if you’re going to invest and you can’t make it live, then you get to decide, is it going to be worth your money? Because you can, you know, decide that upfront. And that’s what I did. And of course, it was amazing and I couldn’t be happier that I’m a part of it. Yeah.

Kristen Boss (04:43):  What do you feel like you came to the mastermind most needing for your business? Like, what were you thinking? I really need this.

Leah (04:52):  I really need this. I think leadership because there are so many people that do so many different things and I love having, I really do love having to act and feel like I know what I’m doing and when there are so many things out there everybody’s trying that, you know, I don’t want to say the next best thing, but what works for somebody doesn’t always work for you and your personality. And I really felt like I needed direction and without having that and feeling confident in what I was doing, I felt lost and not confident. Right. Like I didn’t feel like I could be bold in my leadership unless I felt like I really knew what I was doing. Yeah.

Kristen Boss (05:26):  What do you feel like was a big aha moment for you about leadership with how it is taught in the mastermind versus how you might have heard about it or understood it for yourself elsewhere?

Leah (05:41):  I think that what you teach and we’ve talked about this before, too, like, you know, that it works and it’s proven to work that if you do the steps or you invest and sell yourself on it, it’s going to work. And I think in other situations, it’s, it’s, it’s worked for somebody else in their business and so then they teach it to everybody else and it doesn’t necessarily work in their businesses because they’re all their different. And I think that what you teach really caters to what works for every individual in their business. Yeah. And like that in itself is worth everything to me.

Kristen Boss (06:29):  Yeah. What would you say was like your big takeaway from, from the event that you were like, this is what I needed?

Leah (06:36):  Well pinpoint. I felt like I knew before the event, it was what I needed because of how you over-delivered from even the application process. So I remember I was with my parents, my mom’s like, whoa, who’s that lady. But then the live event, just, just really coaching everybody through certain situations and, and with their coaching, I feel like we, Kristi will definitely agree. We both got coaching in itself from that. Yeah, just, I don’t know. It’s like mind-blowing. I got so much out of it right away.

Kristen Boss (07:10):  Yeah. What do you feel like you have been most, like putting your focus on implementing just in the last couple months being in the mastermind?

Leah (07:19):  Definitely the onboarding, sharing the opportunity and the onboarding system. And like, we are just starting our first round of it and just pitching it or not pitching it, but talking to our team about it and their belief in this system has been transformational from the start. Like, I feel so confident. We, they feel confident. They’re like, we don’t even know how to be leaders. So by them just having that direction, they feel like they can share with their teams and just be confident about sharing the opportunity and bringing on new teammates. And I’m so excited about it’s really

Kristen Boss (07:54):  Awesome. Yeah, because a system is what is truly what allows the duplications a system is how you duplicate it yourself because you cannot be everywhere at once for an organization of, you know, hundreds, if not thousands of people at once. And if you have, you know, team members looking at you and they see you doing all the things and their mind, they’re thinking I could never do that. And so they keep looking to you to grow the business versus, and then they start thinking because I can’t be like that. I can’t be a leader and I can’t grow a bigger team and I don’t have those skills and I’m not like Leah, but when you have a system that they can trust and that they plug people into now, they’re no longer thinking I have to have all the answer is I need to be everyone, everything to everyone all the time, always available because that mindset it’s not scalable and it’s not duplicatable.

Kristen Boss (08:49):  And a lot of teams freeze because a, they don’t have a system that’s healthy enough where they feel like, or it’s clear enough or simple enough. And so they don’t use it or the team. And what’s so interesting. You guys have been learning this in the mastermind is you can’t just build it. And they will come, which is what a lot of leaders do. They just build it. And they’re like, I have my system now, why is nobody coming? Why is nobody using it? And that’s where a lot of people will get lost. But you guys, one of the concepts you learn inside the mastermind is to, you have to always be selling. Like you get in this, you get in this business and you mentioned this shift earlier, like it’s really comfortable doing personal sales. You can sell your product all day long. It’s a great product, right?

Kristen Boss (09:31):  But then there’s learning to sell intangible things to your team, selling a vision, selling them on them, selling a system, selling an opportunity call. You have to like sell those things over and over again and not just assume, well, I pointed them to the system. Why are they using it? And just realizing, oh, this, this is what leadership is versus, you know, kind of being in management, right? So you have to be thinking about what actually is, is duplicatable and allows for, and, and the truth about, you know, growing in this business is you’re doing it right? If your business requires less of you, but more people, most people think it requires more of them. You were going to say something, Leah.

Leah (10:19):  I was going to say that before this, I never felt like I could say I have something that’s simple and easy for you to start building your business. I, now I can say, I have a simple system. That’s duplicatable for you to share the opportunity, bring new teammates on, launch their business. Like all of that I can say with confidence. And then they know that they can do that too. So it makes it so much easier for me to even share because I feel good about it. And I know that I have something to get them going and for them to feel supported and confident as well. So

Kristen Boss (10:53):  Yeah, it’s yeah, it changes the game and it changes actually. I think it makes you more confident recruiter and it really allows you to focus on growing, you know, a residual income business and you have to have a strong system and it really does create confidence. And I, and I say this to you guys all the time. I’m like, if you want people to confidently recruit, show them that they have things in place because the moment they think I have to have all the serves, most people shy away and they start thinking, I can’t do this. I need more research. I’m not prepared. I need to make more money. Instead of this is set up for you. That is the expert. You end up selling the system instead of selling the person. And even as a leader, you still want to do that. You just want to say, Hey, you actually don’t need me for success.

Kristen Boss (11:38):  You have everything right here. And I said this in an Instagram post yesterday, I said, you know, you need a team that is system reliant instead of upline reliant, because an upline is one person. And that one person can only be so many places at once. And that, and you guys are learning to leverage your time and work a lot smarter instead of working harder. And most people get caught up thinking they need to add more hours, add more time, and they spend their wheels and they’re working harder, but they can’t advance their teams. So you guys are actually putting the things in place to actually help your team speed up, which is now why we say slowing down to speed up. It’s a li it can feel a little tedious at first. And I’m curious if you felt that way at all, if you, if you like had to deprogram a little hustle to allow yourself the time and the space to set up a system, did you, you know, feel that way at all, Leah?

Leah (12:34):  I think like initially when you asked us where we were at, I was discouraged to say that I had to get those systems in place, right? Like you want to be moving forward until you actually are, you know, a little bit deeper into the mastermind. You really realize how important it is to have them in place and that you really, you Tru can’t move forward. You’re going to burn yourself out. So initially, yeah, I was a little bit like shoot, but it’s it’s eye opening. I didn’t know that either until I started. So

Kristen Boss (13:02):  I love that. Kristi, what about you share with my listeners a little bit about your story and how long you’ve been in social selling? What brought you to the mastermind?

Kristi (13:11):  Yes, for sure. I’m Kristi. I am from New Brunswick, Canada. I’ve been in, you know, direct sales for five years. I’m a mom of two boys. They’re four and six. Keep me very, very busy and a husband who was very supportive. So I got started after my first little guy was born. I had some struggles now out looking back, I had more struggles after my second one, but I know that I was in complete business burnout, so that didn’t help. But my first one I got started and I was just looking for something to do for myself. I was looking to, you know, create some goals and get after something outside of being a mom. And I am a former school teacher as well. So I was really just looking to do something different. I love the business that I’m in and I had no plans on building a team.

Kristi (14:04):  I absolutely did not want to do that. I remember telling my upline at the time, like, I’m just going to sell a couple things and I’m going to hang out here. And then I decided about six months into the business that that was all out the window. So the minute I decided we ended up growing very quickly. So I rank advanced every eight months for the next four years and grew extremely quick and into complete burnout on year four where I found you. And I completely just believe in manifesting your life and following your heart. And when I found you, I was just at the point where I needed something to change, or I was no longer going to continue down the path of being in this business, cause I just couldn’t keep up with what I was doing. So when you talked about with Leah, like slowing down to speed up, that was really hard for me.

Kristi (15:03):  When we first started, it was really, really difficult to realize that for the next couple of months for Kristen got us to do three essentials. When we were in the live event for our mastermind and writing down those three essentials was almost like such a weight lifted off my shoulders. I wrote them down and I just said for the next six months, this is what I’m going to focus on. And it was incredible. And I told you guys, I think on one of our meetings, the, that I could do two hours a week, two hours, twice a week. And I was just building systems like a boss and getting things done in time that I didn’t think I had prior to that. And it’s incredible what I’ve built in the first three months of this, this mastermind.

Kristen Boss (15:49):  I love that you have I love that. You’re like the time, I didn’t know I had where I’m curious, where was that time going prior to right. Where would you say that time was, where was that time going?

Kristi (15:59):  It was probably going exactly where your like most recent reel was going where it’s like the person was messaging you at 3:00 PM and then 5:00 PM and then 10:00 PM and expecting a quick answer. And you know, a quick answer is never a quick answer and then you’re into a conversation. And then an hour later you’ve been speaking to this person who could have found things through a system and did not need to speak to me in real life.

Kristen Boss (16:28):  And this is why that slowing down feels very counterintuitive because you’re used to responding in real time to people and that can feel really urgent and really important in the moment. So when you’re, you know, having to step away to create a system, it feels like it can feel extremely uncomfortable because it could feel like other things are more urgent right now. Other things are more important. And one of the things you guys learn is to move out of being in such a reactive state in your business, thinking in 30 day increments and thinking 90, 90 days at a time, six months, a year, and planning for three years at a time. Yeah. To really get you out of such hustley anxious energy, that’s, that’s constantly putting out fires. And what you were doing was you were managing and now you’re leading, which feels different, right?

Kristi (17:22):  Yeah, and unlearning so many things, right? Like just completely erasing some things that you thought was just the best thing and redoing it and just realizing how much time that you wasted before when you know, and, and I don’t believe in time wasted. I really don’t. I think it’s a lesson and I’ve learned along the way. I, I don’t think if I would’ve you know, started on this journey right away. I wouldn’t have learned as much as I have and I wouldn’t have been able to come this far. So I’m very grateful for my path. I’m very grateful for my burnout. It’s taken me this entire 12 months to, to speak that way. And my little sister, she’s going to listen to this, but she’s a leader on my team and she could tell the shift in me come October when we had our live event.

Kristi (18:11):  And she was just like, you’re back. Like it was, it was that evident to someone who knows me very well, that I was just not myself. And, and that joy was lost there for a little bit. So my team is so excited. They’re learning alongside me. My leaders are super pumps. Our newest recruits in the last couple of months are following our onboarding system and they’re doing the things and you know, we’re not asking them to do the things they’re just doing it. They’re, they’re finding success. They’re so excited. And it’s just such a different feeling.

Kristen Boss (18:46):  I love it. I want to talk about the month you had in November, it was an extraordinary month. Like share a little bit about what happened for your team and yourself in November.

Kristi (18:59):  Yeah. So it’s been, you know, December last year I explained to you, December, 2020 was the height of my Chihuahua energy. I would like to say, and we really we hit the second highest level in our company. It was great, pop the champagne. We had a great time. And then ever since that promotion, we had not been paid at that title at all in 2021. So ended up losing the title the day of the live event. So that was the first day of the live event. Lost my title. And I was like, okay, here we go. And in November of this year, so 20, 21, all of my leaders hit their rank. They all hit their title. As a team, we hit our title. We beat our record from last November, which was great. And, and we’re really just on the upswing with momentum. And I think more so it’s just that I believe in myself, I believe in my systems and that belief is just bleeding down and my leaders are so strong. They’ve been with me this whole time, even if they’re brand new, they know the history, they know the story. And and they’re starting to believe themselves and our systems as well.

Kristen Boss (20:14):  I love that. And what do you think the, like the big shift was for you in order to, for that to happen in November? I mean every single leader being paid at their title is that is amazing. That is massive.

Kristi (20:27):  Yeah, so massive. And, and to see that, like, to me, it’s, it’s more than that. It’s every person hit their goals, right. And then everyone on their team hit their goals and they just, they just went after it and they didn’t do it in a gross way. So what, you know, what had to shift there for me was really slowing down. Really taking a couple breaths and telling them guys like I’m here, but I am building so much in behind the scenes for our team on the back end. I am doing so much work for us that it’s going to be worth it and just always sharing with them what I’m doing now, you may not see me, you know, front and center for the next couple of months, but you’re going to see what I am building and you are going to absolutely love what’s what’s coming.

Kristen Boss (21:19):  I love it. And then you got some coaching after your big month. What was your coaching? Kristi share your coaching.

Kristi (21:27):  So which, which one? You need, you might need to remind me about.

Kristen Boss (21:30):  About how you handle, like when big things happen for you.

Kristi (21:33):  Oh, I don’t know how to celebrate myself.

Kristen Boss (21:35):  Yes, yeah. Let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about that. Why was that? I think that was important coaching for you. Why do you think that was?

Kristi (21:42):  It was, it was huge. And I think Leah and I, during that live, we came really close. Like I just we’ll touch on that for a second. Cause I rented a hotel room. I’m not sure if everybody knew that, but that, that was the level of commitment. When Kristen told us, you know, this is a mastermind, you decide what you’re going to get out of it. I was like, I’m going to Colorado in my hotel room and my family’s still home. And I got to speaking with Leah and just really bonding with her through you guys had live breaks and we would talk during them. And we realized we were both collegiate athletes and something that kind of was ingrained in sport with us for a long time was you hit a goal Yaya, and then you go after the next one. So bringing that into my business, I have been terrible at celebrating myself and in turn, you know, bleeding that down to my leaders, to my, my personal team, just really having a hard time sitting in the moment, celebrating what we did, giving myself some time to feel like the feelings.

Kristi (22:55):  I feel like I was a robot and I’m still working on it. So Kristen told me I’m going to be able to treat myself with whatever it is that makes me happy once I make goals and then plan for celebration, which is something I have never heard of before. And it is just so powerful because you know, I am not one to, to really realize how big an accomplishment of mine was. And it’s unfair to my team. If I, I don’t celebrate myself and then I don’t celebrate them.

Kristen Boss (23:34):  Yeah. Because then it, then it sends, it sends the message both to yourself like this isn’t worth celebrating and maybe the next thing will be, or it’s like, let’s just move on. And then your team is seeing like, well, maybe it’s not that big of a deal. She’s not like partying it up. But I mean, you know, or not. I’m very curious though. How did you choose to celebrate yourself?

Kristi (23:56):  It was. It is so hard still. Like, I’m going to be honest. I, you coached me through that and I’ve been coaching myself still. We’re just, we’re December what? I don’t know what we are, but it is like, I am still coaching myself on it, but I do have a spa day planned. And that is kind of what I chose this time.

Kristen Boss (24:18):  Good. Good. I am so glad. And it’s, but here’s the thing Brene brown has, this has this saying called for boat joy, and it’s oftentimes why we’re afraid to celebrate because celebrating can feel very vulnerable. Like if I allow myself to feel joy, then what happens when the other shoe drops or then I’m going to feel equal amounts of disappointment. And so we just don’t allow ourself to feel joy because then when we feel disappointment, it feels even worse. And so, you know, she calls this for boating joy. And what happens is we Rob ourselves, we Rob ourselves of like the experience. And I just, I remember I had that several times I can think of in my business where I wasn’t celebrating and I thought about it and I said, okay, what, what with the Kristen two years think about me not celebrating this goal right now.

Kristen Boss (25:09):  Right? And when I thought about that, I’m like, oh, she’d be so sad. And she’d thinks something was wrong with me. She’d be like, what is wrong with you? Why aren’t you celebrating? But this is, I believe this is just partly what’s in our culture. I just think, you know, it’s still our hustle a little bit like next thing, ex goal and hustle always robs us of celebrating the now and, and being, and having joy and allowing that. So, I’m so proud of you for doing that. And I know it was like the coaching, like I knew it was coaching you needed. It’s not very often where I’m telling someone like, you know, you need to have a spa day.

Kristi (25:44):  It was so good. It was soo good!

Kristen Boss (25:45):  And I could tell that you were like uncomfortable. I’m like, oh, you need to celebrate. And this is a big deal because it really was just that you had put in the work and, and, you know, you kind of inspired a podcast episode with the difference between scarcity and urgency. And just understanding that working from urgency was actually a healthy thing to do for your business. And the fact that your team did that, not from scarcity, not from hustle, like you hit the goal differently and that, and it feels, it just sits differently when you hit a goal from that place. Can you, if you could contrast that for the audience. Cause I think they would, I think it would really serve some one to hear like, wait, I can experience the same goal, but it feels completely differently when it’s not from hustle. Can you share a little bit about that?

Kristi (26:37):  It’s funny. You just brought up that episode. Cause I had a coaching call with one of my key leaders today. She’s like, I’m going to go back and re-listen to that episode about urgency and scare. I’m like, you know, that I think is based on me. Right? Cause I was talking about, you know, how I was confused and you could be at the top of your company, you know, making Abillion dollars. I don’t make a billion dollars, but, and still be confused of that. Right. So the feeling we had this November compared to last November, where everyone hit a rank, we hustled for that rank. Like literally it was like, hi, I’m going for a goal. Can you help me? Hi year, like just terrible. Yeah. Yeah. I just want to throw up to think about at that point now this year, when we think about how we showed up and served our audience and we just showed up authentically in our social media, you know, in our, in our personal groups, through our email list, everyone, they didn’t just hit their rank.

Kristi (27:41):  They hit it like with four or five days left of the month. And everyone was like, oh messaging me, I hit my rank and the other one’s like, I hit my rank and we have a group chat and they’re all like, we all just hit our rank. Like we just did it and we didn’t have to constantly update or worry about where we were at. Everybody just kind of did what they wanted do. And that feeling I even told my husband, cause he commented, like we are sleeping so much better this holiday season than we were last holiday season. And I’m like, you know why though? Right? Like, I was like a complete disaster and this year it’s just, we are just operating with such of different energy and moving into the holiday season. Like I’m a better mom, I’m baking cookies with my kids. I’m going outside for walks. Like I would’ve not done that last year because there was something else that needed to be done for the business. And that makes me sad and I could cry about it right now, but I’m not going to so yeah.

Kristen Boss (28:46):  But that’s but you know what I think. Look, you’re feeling your feelings. That’s so good. I’m not a robot posture of celebration. Good job.

Kristi (28:54):  I’m not a robot.

Kristen Boss (28:55):  Yeah. But you know, what’s so funny. I think that story of your team hitting it in it with a different energy and you sleeping better, which is so funny because I, we I’ve done several, several interviews at this point and I feel like 80% of the mastermind is sleeping better. All everyone’s like I’m sleeping, I’m resting, I’m sleeping. I feel so good. And I think like people need to hear the contrast of the story and the fact that you, it did feel uncomfortable slowing down that you, you, it took you being willing to retreat for a short period of time. And then you came back super aligned and you ended up reclaiming a rank, your entire team doing that because you were willing to do something that felt extremely counterintuitive, extremely counterintuitive. Because most, most of the time our brain is like, we can’t afford to slow down because if we slow down, we’re going to lose momentum.

Kristen Boss (29:47):  Then we can’t get it back. And the exact opposite happened for you, which I, I love that story so much. And I, you also got some coaching at the live event about like getting out of short term thinking and long term thinking, especially with your investment. And that was one of the huge things we coached over and over again was like money was a really big topic at the live event and I’m, and I’m so glad it was because it just shows me like, I feel like people in our industry, it, it, we have done a disservice to the industry to not give women or business owners, the education that, or the mindset that most other business owners have outside of network marketing. And so you guys had some like serious coaching about thinking, not just like a network marketer, but like a business owner. So can you share a little bit about the coaching that you got morning of day two?

Kristi (30:46):  Yeah, so, you know, we had day one and I’m in my little hotel hanging out with Leah via the inter web and we’re being all friends and then we’re talking about our investment and we’re talking about, you know, how, when you’re committing to this round, how it’s a great idea to commit for a year because now looking back, I’m like, can we commit for three years? Like, is this what we can do here? Because six months, yes, it’s great to start your transformation. And I can’t believe we’re already three months in, but I could not imagine stopping in three months from now. It just doesn’t make any sense. But at that point, I didn’t know. Right. So you guys are live and having, you know, a, an event and I posted, we have a private Facebook group and I posted a question about, you know, I don’t think I, I, I can’t move past this.

Kristi (31:35):  Like I don’t think I’m going to get what I need to get out of tomorrow until someone helps me move past this investment for the next round. So I, I I’ve never said this to you, but I don’t think if you wouldn’t have answered that, that at that moment, like she got on stage on day two and she’s like, Hey, Kristi, we’re going to talk to you first, today. And I was like, oh, you can’t see me, but we’re going to talk about your investment muscle and, and, and why you’re nervous about it. Right. And I really had to walk through the fact that I value coaching more than anyone. I don’t want to say anyone that’s terrible. Can we we’ll delete that? No, I’m just joking. I value coaching so much. When I think about, you know, my upbringing in sport and, you know, health coaching, I’ve got coaches for everything. I didn’t know you were a sleep coach, so you can add that to your resume.

Kristi (32:37):  And I just thought one day I’m like, I’ve got multiple degrees. I have a master D master’s degree in my education. I invested in myself when it comes to education and I have chosen, I left the classroom two years ago and I have chosen this as a career path because I can see the potential. I am not a stupid person. I love what I do more. So this year, and I can see the potential and I had to talk myself through that. This is an investment, like a master’s degree for network marketing. And I got home and talked to my husband and I said, you know, I had a hard time because we didn’t pay it in full the first time. And I love paying things in full. And I had a really hard time and I got coached on debt, having strategic debt and having debt, you know, for investing into your business.

Kristi (33:35):  And I got home and I said to him, you know, my goal is to pay this first round off by January 1st. And we just paid it off before January 1st. So I’m excited to know that even if I invest in my business, it is worth it. I am getting what I came from, came for. I never waste my investment. I always show up. I’m always going to work hard and that money will be invested wisely and I will pay it back. Like I’m, I’m going to make tenfold of what I invest over the next three years. So I just had to coach myself and you had to coach me through, through the fear. And,

Kristen Boss (34:17):  But your coaching was for everybody in that, that morning, I just were thinking, I know Kristi’s not the only one thinking this. I knew I landed a tough plane on day. One saying, you all need to be your year. And I was like, Hmm, I think, you know, and I knew everyone was going to sleep on it and then have new questions in the morning. And I just knew you were brave enough to say help me. I can’t get my mind around, but it’s also like network marketing. Isn’t taught to think like this and invest like this and have a career mindset and be thinking about, you know, securing your future passive income. And I was just talking with a few other girls about this, and it’s like, you have to get out of, we, you know, people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to become doctors and they’re willing to take on that debt for a long time.

Kristen Boss (35:05):  And you guys, your industry makes more than doctors, more than doctors, but doctors will sit on that debt not have a problem with it also because it’s culturally normal. It’s socially conditioned. It’s socially normalized to say, I think there’s like, there’s debt assignment. Like that’s good debt. That’s wise debt. That’s worthy debt. This is irresponsible debt. And sometimes I, I have a thought that I think it’s because we’re still not believing in the legitimacy of the business model. Because if we believed in the legitimacy of the business model, then we would invest in it as any other business model. And so it does require a completely different way of thinking. I think I even like brought up Dave Ramsey a little bit. I said, Hey, listen, this works in personal, but you cannot bring this mindset. When you’re looking to scale a business to millions and secure passive income, you have to play different.

Kristen Boss (35:57):  You have to think different. And I knew that that was, you know, your coaching was for many people in the room that day. And I think I did tell you guys, I said, listen, if you have a six month mindset, you’re going to be hustling in here. You’re going to be stressed out. You’re going to be trying to implement everything overnight, being a total stress case, you’re actually going to get the way of your results more than creating your results. And it, it, again, it feels really counterintuitive. So Leah, I’d love to hear from you. Cause I see you nodding along what, like share a little bit about kind of that, how you’ve been thinking about that as well. Just thinking about your business differently.

Leah (36:34):  Well, I think initially I was like, I’ll do the first. Same thing. I’ll do the first round.

Kristen Boss (36:39):  You all lied on your applications. Yeah. A year! Wink.

Leah (36:43):  But I’m the girl that I was like, I’ll wait for somebody else to say that thank goodness for my new friend Kristi. But same thing like,uwith sports and then fitness competitions. I never have had a hard time. I don’t want to say hiring someone, but finding someone to coach me. Uand I think the biggest takeaway is that you maybe can figure it out, like down the road. Like it could maybe take me 10, 15 years to figure out what I’ve learned in the past three months. You know what I mean? I’ve learned earlier on that,uinvesting in myself has always made me grow so much faster. I’ve been more successful and yeah, less, less hustle in a sense. I think until this point I hustled a lot more, but,uit was a lot of money. My husband is so supportive when it comes to that. And I think when, once you coached Kristi and we’ve had several conversations since then, it wasn’t just that one time you’ve brought it up,uother times, and it’s always something that you need to hear. Like you need to be, you need to revisit it and coach yourself through it because,uyeah, I mean, it’s an investment, but what has happened in the past three months for everybody in the mastermind, I think goes to show that it’s a long term, you know, it’s a long term investment and success.

Kristen Boss (38:09):  I remember once telling my coach, I’m like, why, why, why do you make me renew every six months? Can’t I just pay you for the next like three years. And, and at first it was like, I just, just can’t I just pay you for the year? But I’ve realized I’m so thankful that every six months it’s, it forces me to recommit to myself. It has me evaluate like, why is this important? Why do I want to invest this? Why is my future vision that important? Because it can get just cause now for me, I just, I don’t think twice about investing with my coach. I’ve even joked with her. I’m like, can you just have an autorenew like withdrawal from my bank account every six months. And I don’t even, I don’t have to write, do the video, but I’m like, okay, she has me do this for a reason like, oh, it’s to remember.

Kristen Boss (38:50):  And it’s also to help me see like how much change there’s been every round and what I get every round and why I trust myself and why it’s, why it’s so good for me. So I’m like, I think it was someone at the live event said, why, why can’t you just bill me all at once? I’m like, cause I really want you to feel the recommitment and the transformation that comes with recommitment at the six month mark, because it’s, it kind of forces another like self concept level up. It, it forces that. And so, and that’s partly what you guys are doing in there is you are learning to have a different self concept, the concept of being a CEO and not just, you know, manager of a team. And you know, I told you guys at the live event, I said, listen, if anything happened in network marketing, you guys can run into any corporate building and you could say, let me run your sales. I’m, I run a million dollars of sales every month.

Kristen Boss (39:39):  I got this and be like, fine, great. Like I’m like, you guys are secure for the rest of your life. You’re fine. Right. Kind of just embodying that mindset. So I would love to hear as we kind of wrap it up, I’d just love to hear one last parting thought from either of you. What have you loved about the community for the mastermind? Because you know, it’s, I think we’re, I think 16 different companies and from all different places and there’s no room like that. You’re, you’re used to being around other people in your company and your conventions and you’re around six figure earners. When you go to your retreats and your trips, how has this room been different for you? Leah, do you want to start?

Leah (40:20):  I’ll go really quick. I think the biggest thing that has been so comforting in the whole experience is that everybody has very similar struggles. So you can have people on all different levels of pay scale, or they’ve been in the business for two years, five years, 10 years. And they all have the same struggles. And I think for me, I was like, wow, like I never thought that anybody had the same struggles that I had. And then also just the community that we have from all the different companies, like we’re always pushing each other, picking each other up, rooting each other on. And I think that this, this can be very competitive in general, and to be in a space with not only ladies from the same, you know, company that I am, but also others. I don’t, I never once have I felt that I always feel that everyone has my back and that we’re growing together and trying to just actually like bring the into history up, you know, make it, make people feel like they are actually the CEO of their business. I never felt that. Honestly, I never took myself seriously to do 3 million in sales in a month. I was like, whoa, what’s the big deal?

Kristen Boss (41:30):  And in my mind, I’m like it’s a freaking huge deal. Do you understand, like if you were to walk into any boardroom anywhere and say I manage 3 million of sales every month, they’d be like, I’m sorry, what do you do? What do you do? Yeah. Like it’s truly impressive. And I just, that’s why I just, I love this industry so much. I’m like you, women are baller. It’s great. Kristi. What about you? What have you noticed

Kristi (41:54):  About, well, first of all, can we just give like a, a whole like clap there for 3 million a month for my phone? Like woo. Yeah. I just, I think my initial feeling after the first couple of calls, like getting in there, cause obviously we didn’t go to the live event, but I still felt like we were included. I feel, I still felt like we bonded with people. It’s weird. Right? Like your internet friends. I know we’re going to meet each other in real life. But I feel like after the first couple of calls, I, I had this weird feeling like in high school, like, oh my gosh, I’m not so weird. Like there’s people like me. Like, do you know what I mean? Like, people love to work. Like I thought that was just such a weird thing. And I almost looked at it as a negative and you know, people telling you like you shouldn’t work so much or you shouldn’t, you know, you know, have these big goals and, and, and everyone in that room is similar to me.

Kristen Boss (42:49):  Oh yeah. It’s just, hustler’s anonymous now. It’s a recovery program.

Kristi (42:55):  Can you call it like HAA? But it’s really, it’s incredible to hear like everyone who gets coached every single week, no matter what they’re asking about what they want coaching on, you can relate to it. You can take, I’m the only one from my company in the mastermind and its some something brand new for me to be able to collaborate with women at this level in business. And just to be in that room has elevated not just my business, but like my thinking and to actually realize like, like you just said, li like being a CEO of your business out of managing it and just pretending like a couple million dollars is not a big deal. It’s a big fricking deal. And then you have to realize how to feel that it’s a big deal and then celebrate. It’s a big deal. And you have people around to remind you. So I don’t know these girls but they’re always asking me how I celebrate it or how my date nights were or how this is going. And this is going because it’s not just business growth. I think the biggest thing I’ve taken out of it is just growing so many other ways that I didn’t think in my life was going to happen in this short of, of period of time.

Kristen Boss (44:14):  Mm. I love that so much. You guys, I so appreciate you guys coming on, sharing your thoughts. I’m sure like both of your stories I think will really give someone in the audience like, oh, it’s not just me, me too. I needed to hear that today. So thank you both for coming on. And I’m super excited to see what we create in the next several months in the mastermind.

Leah (44:34):  Thank you.

Kristen Boss (44:40):  That wraps up today’s episode. Hey, if you loved today’s show, I would love for you to take a minute and give a rating with a review. If you desire to elevate the social selling industry, that means we need more people listening to this message so that they can know it can be done a different way. And if you are ready to join me, it’s time for you to step into the Social Selling Academy, where I give you all the tools, training and support to help you realize your goals. In the academy, you get weekly live coaching so that you are never lost or stuck in confusion. Whether you are new in the business or have been in the industry for a while this is the premier coaching program for the modern network marketer. Go to to learn more.

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