Purposeful Social Selling

Warm Up Your Warm Market Ep #72

Oct 11, 2021

Have you ever had the thought that if your audience was interested, they would have made a purchase by now? Do you feel like maybe if you just had some fresh eyes on your content, if you could just get one reel to go viral.. that you’d be able to hit that next rank? 

What if I told you that it’s not your audience that’s holding you back? Kristen is back from the Purpose and Profit 6 Figure Earner Mastermind Live event weekend and motivated to explain exactly how your warm market is the key to unlocking your earning potential.

Listen is as she talks about:

  • The importance of building relational equity to grow the know/like/trust factor with current followers
  • How your mindset (yet again) influences your consistency and bottom line
  • Why your position as a micro-influencer has more leverage than larger accounts
  • How pre-screening your warm market is a form of self-sabotage
  • The realization that chasing new followers is a way to avoid feeling vulnerable

Believing that your warm market is dead is one of many stories you tell yourself that pulls you out of a purposeful mindset. Sales and marketing are about serving your audience and providing solutions to their problems. When you believe in your product and your ability to serve through selling, you stay consistent and stay out of that scarcity mindset. 

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Transcript for Episode #72: Wake Up Your Warm Market

Kristen Boss (00:00):  Welcome to Purposeful Social Selling with Kristen Boss. I’m your host, Kristen Boss. I’m a mindset and business coach with more than 15 years experience in both the product and service based industry. I believe that social selling is the best business model for people wanting to make an impact while they make serious income. This is the podcast for the social seller, who is tired of feeling inauthentic in their business and desires to find a more purposeful and profitable way of growing their business in today’s social media landscape. In this podcast, you will learn what it takes to grow a sustainable business through impactful and social marketing. It’s time to ditch the hustle and lead from the heart. Let me show you the new way.

Kristen Boss (00:48):  Hey, bosses, happy Monday and welcome back. I am so excited. I just got back from my live event in Denver that 26 others, six and seven figure earners joined for the purpose and profit mastermind. And it was an unbelievable experience. And what was so fun is it was at a five star hotel. It was at the four seasons. And what’s unique about this experience is most six and seven figure earners. When they go on trainings and retreats and conferences and leadership growth, often it is paid for by their company. So they often just pay to get there, just pay their flights there. So a lot of these women, this was their first time or one of their first times paid for their own five-star experience and experiencing it at such a high level. And I told them when they got there, I said, Hey, there’s a reason we’re doing this at the four seasons and not at a Sheraton and not at a Hilton.

Kristen Boss (01:52):  We are doing this to really challenge the way you view yourself and the way you see your ability to have success. And I told them like, enjoy the room service, go enjoy a spa day at the end of this, enjoy the pool, say yes to these things. And just notice the stories you are telling yourself around you know, spending money on room service or spending money on the spa treatment and spending money to be here. But because we had a room block, they got to enjoy these amazing $900 a room nights at just a fraction of the cost. And I was just delighted as their coach to see them just fully enjoy that experience for themselves because often, you know, almost everyone in the mastermind is a mom. And it’s very often that as moms, we are always thinking that something we do for our comfort, that someone else has to suffer or go without.

Kristen Boss (02:46):  That’s kind of how we think of our families or our children. We kind of think of everyone first in ourselves last. And we think of our children having comfort or children, having the nice things. And we kind of treat ourselves last if ever happens. And a lot of times women don’t treat themselves because they feel guilty about it. They feel guilty that, you know, by them doing something nice for themselves, they feel like they’re taking from their family. And I, I think that’s just a whole nother podcast episode that I think I just want to talk about mom guilt and how it shows up in business and how it shows up with the goals we choose for ourselves. And the stories we tell ourselves about our potential in this business, because I will tell you, we coached a lot around money at the mastermind and stories and the stories of women, feeling safe to make a lot of money and feeling safe, to have a lot of money and feeling safe to invest in their business.

Kristen Boss (03:37):  It was a really powerful and extraordinary experience. So applications for the next round of the mastermind that is going to be happening in January. So you’re going to want to be on the wait list. The application process is kind of intense because I only want the most committed people in the room to really create an elevated experience. And I am truly in awe of the caliber of women in this round of the mastermind. It just keeps getting better. And all the returning members said that too. They’re like, this feels like a completely different mastermind. It’s more elevated. It’s more intense. I told them all. I said, Hey, you paid $10,000 to be here, but we are giving you a $20,000 mastermind. And we want you to feel that you were getting every dime of your investment at this live event. And all of them will tell you that is exactly how they felt at the event.

Kristen Boss (04:27):  It was amazing. We had beautiful flowers, centerpieces at all the tables. We had beautiful swag bags. I mean the snack bar inside the conference room was like the most beautiful and healthy snacks. They were like, there was this one juice that everyone was losing their mind over. It was this fresh squeezed orange and ginger juice, but the ice cubes were also like fresh orange and ginger. And it was just like, seriously, everybody was just talking about it every morning. Like, did you order the orange juice with the cubes? Have you had it? So for me, I just really loved seeing watching all their stories and watching them step into a bigger version of themselves and letting them mix and them experiencing this really luxurious experience and them feeling safe to experience it, not feeling wrong for experiencing, not feeling like, oh no, I’m now bougie and superficial.

Kristen Boss (05:27):  What will people think of me? Because I think that is the story. We sometimes tell ourselves with nice things. Like what will people think? People think it’s just gone to my head and it’s bougie and this is unnecessary and why am I doing this? And one of the members, and eventually I’m going to bring a few of them on to interview them because their stories are so powerful and the breakthroughs they had, but one was like holding bacteria saying, I didn’t realize how many stories would be uncovered with me staying at a four seasons. And just how small I had been playing. Thank you for having that. The four seasons, like I had these women saying, thank you, thank you. Thank you. And I promised them, I said, listen, every event, it’s going to be a five star event. This is what you get. This is what the mastermind is about because it’s, it’s about becoming more than the person you currently are.

Kristen Boss (06:15):  It’s about stepping into the seven figure version of yourself and the really abundant version of yourself. And so it was just an amazing experience. I loved it. They loved it when all around, we have the list, the link for the wait list in the show notes. So if you’re not on the wait list, you’re going to want to get on that. Okay. Let’s talk about the topic today. And it’s, it’s a good one. It’s a really common one. And I hear this with a lot of network marketers in all seasons of their business. And honestly, truly, if you offer any service product or anything online, this still applies to you. And it’s this concept of when we start believing that our warm market is tapped out, that the warm market, our warm market has died and that we need to go and get some fresh eyes on our, on our product, on our business.

Kristen Boss (07:08):  And we stop believing that the people who are in our current ecosystem, the people who are in our current sphere of influence, we’ve made a decision for them that they must not be interested anymore, or that the market is dead. And when we start believing that, though, that your warm market has died, this is when I see people start to obsess with growing their following as quickly as possible. And this is when I see people start to go down the rabbit hole of believing that they need to have a viral post believing that they need to, you know, make their following a lot more robust. And a lot of people have stories, particularly on Instagram. They have a lot of stories about their following and why they need a bigger following. And I see this particularly happens around the thousand followers thousand followers or less.

Kristen Boss (07:57):  And honestly, I would say up to 5,000, like a thousand to 5,000 is where people tend to have a lot of stories. Like I need more people. I need 10,000 followers. I need to have more, but there actually is something to say. And I tell people this all the time, you have something called micro influence and you’re considered a micro influencer account. And actually you have more buy-in and more engagement with your audience than someone with a much larger account. Your reach is a lot more powerful with a smaller audience. But what I see happen is when people start believing like this isn’t working, or my audience isn’t resonating with this in some way, or I’m not seeing the sales, I thought I should be seeing that’s when they kind of go down the real rabbit hole and they buy the philosophy that I need to go and do a ton of reels to grow my audience.

Kristen Boss (08:51):  And then I’m going to grow my audience, and then I’m going to grow my business. But here’s the thing. If you go viral, but you don’t know how to convert people into customers, it does not matter how many followers you have. You’re going to bring the problem with you. The problem is, is if you aren’t converting with your current audience, you’re not going to convert with a bigger audience, but that’s the story. People seem to think like I’m going to get more people and that’s going to change my results, but that’s not true. What changes your results is if nobody’s buying there’s a sales problem, there’s a mindset problem. And honestly, it’s because you’re probably not believing if you’re not believing that people want to buy from you, your existing people want to buy from you. You’re not showing up or selling with the belief of, of course you want to buy this.

Kristen Boss (09:40):  But when you’re thinking of how can I create content that grows my following. You’re not thinking of how can I create content that turns, that creates customers. I want you to really think about how often you might find yourself doing that, where you find yourself making content to attract new people, instead of writing content that serves your current people and encourages them to buy from you. Here’s the thing on social media, there are billions of users on Instagram and 75% of them have made a purchase on Instagram. At some point it is a purchasing platform. People go and they intend to buy home decor and buy painting, and get home decor ideas and buy outfits and swipe up links and makeup like this. Honestly, I shop on Instagram probably more than I shop on other links, because I like seeing people talk about products. I like seeing people showcase products and wear products.

Kristen Boss (10:36):  I follow a couple of gals that just, all they do is share their Amazon links for their outfits. And they do such a good job putting together the cutest stuff. And I love it. I’m here for it. And so they are constantly thinking, how can I serve my current audience and how can I help put products in front of them that they would enjoy purchasing? How can I help them with this? Now, if you’re thinking, wait, hold on, Kristen, I have a set number of products that I put in front of my audience. I’m not in control of what my company sells. If you are in social selling, while that might be true, everything you put in front of your audience, if you’re thinking this is going to be valuable for them, and this is going to help them, it only furthers your relational equity with them.

Kristen Boss (11:20):  It only further grows their trust with you because if you’re sharing, even if you sell, let’s say you sell makeup. But if you have like a swipe up Amazon or like to note account, and you are putting together your thoughtfully, putting together a capsule wardrobe or a something else that makes their life easier, they’re starting to associate like everything she tells me helps me in some way. I love all of her insight. I love all of her advice. They’re solely working their way to trusting you to purchase makeup from you. It’s what inevitably happens. And it typically takes 90 days for a cold follower to look through all of your content. And if you do, and I’m talking 90 days, if you’re doing an excellent job providing value and serving them, it is not 90 days of you showing up in consistently and maybe helping them here, maybe helping them there.

Kristen Boss (12:12):  Like I’m talking about 90 days of consistent high value that serves your current audience. It will convert them to a customer. And my academy members are starting to see this as well. It’s they see it reinforced over and over, oh my gosh, this 90 day thing. It’s not a joke. It is not a drill. It is real, but you have to be consistently valuable and building that trust with your audience. So I want to circle back to when you’re believing that your current audience isn’t going to buy from you or something’s wrong, and you start judging your current audience, because that’s what you’re doing. Because when you’re thinking, I need new people and I need new eyes. You’re judging the people who are currently in front of you thinking they don’t want this. They’re not interested. And oftentimes as you’re making that, you have no idea how long someone has been in your sphere of influence.

Kristen Boss (13:00):  You have no idea how long they have been watching you and absorbing your content, but you’re just judging based on the results you’re currently seeing. So that has you not becoming more valuable to them. It has you just figuring out how can I just get more eyes on my stuff? How can I get more followers? And listen, if you’re obsessed with growing your following and you don’t know how to grow your paycheck, you’re just going to be someone with a lot of followers and a very low paycheck. You have got to learn how to be valuable to every person that comes into your ecosystem. Every person that comes into your sphere of influence. So when you’re thinking, you know, I need to go and get new followers. That’s when I see people jump on the real train and Hey, listen, there’s nothing wrong with doing reels.

Kristen Boss (13:45):  I’ve been doing, you know, I think I’m day 45 into my real experiment, but I just want you to notice if you’re running to reels from a place of low belief or from a place of like, this’ll fix the problem. Instead of getting curious with yourself and asking, what am I doing in my stories and my posts that isn’t yet resonating with my audience or what if I’m doing everything right? And I’m just making a judgment call way too soon. And I’m just writing everybody off. Like they must not want it otherwise. They would’ve purchased by now, right? That’s often the story. It is. It’s this idea that if they were interested, they would have purchased by now. But some people just take a long time to make a decision and you don’t have to make that a problem. But your brain is definitely telling you it’s a problem.

Kristen Boss (14:33):  So we got to go find more people. Now, what I’m not saying is I’m not saying that you should not be prioritizing networking and audience growth. I’m not saying that I’m saying that should always be a part of your income producing activity. You always want to be meeting people, connecting with people, networking and growing your audience. But there is a difference between that and someone who is running to growing their audience from a place of desperation, because they have no belief in their current audience. There is a difference. There’s the person that’s doing the daily work of like, I’m just, I’m going to work on constantly growing my network, really serving my current audience and being more valuable to them. And then there is the person that’s chasing, being viral because they believe if I finally, if I get 30,000 followers, that’ll solve all my problems, but it’s not.

Kristen Boss (15:25):  If you’re not good at selling, if you’re not good at marketing, it does not matter how many followers you have, what you need to get better at is being better at sales and marketing. It takes a lot of practice. And most people aren’t good at it because they have a lot of head trash. And the head trash is nobody wants to buy this. They already have a person that they buy this from. They don’t like this business model. They don’t like me. They don’t like, you know how I’m going to say this. I’m going to come off spammy. I’m going to come off weird. I’m going to come off rude. And so they have all these stories and they don’t believe that sales and marketing is a game of serving and adding value because that’s really what it is. The more valuable you become in the marketplace.

Kristen Boss (16:05):  The more people will want to buy from you. And it’s not about, and some of you make sales and marketing about like spammy Fest, but that’s not what it is selling. A marketing is about getting in front of your ideal people and presenting them with a solution to their problem that they would gladly pay for. And your job is to help them see the value in your solution. If people aren’t buying, they don’t yet see the value of what you’re offering. So your job has to be more clear, more concise, but also sell it with so much belief. You can’t sell anything. You don’t believe it. If you don’t think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, forget selling it because your audience is going to sense that you’re not really into what you’re selling. And honestly, if you’re not really into what you’re selling, I doubt you’re consistent.

Kristen Boss (16:59):  If I really want you to like evaluate the stories you’re telling yourself about your business, your product, your opportunity, your service, like even life coaches. If they’re doubting that they can provide a transformation for their client and that they could true that their services truly could provide life changing results. Their marketing is going to be pretty crappy. They’re going to be, it’s their marketing. This is going to sound very generic. And it’s going to sound very like get unstuck, reach your goals, reach your dreams, reach your highest potential. And that just sounds like fluff. No, one’s going to say yes, I will gladly fork out $5,000 for you to quote, get me unstuck. But this is the type of generic fluff marketing. I see people default to when their belief is low in what they’re offering you, your belief is high when you are being specific, you’re being passionate.

Kristen Boss (17:53):  And your message is very clear. If this is how you’re feeling, this is the solution. And this is a hundred percent why I believe this is the only solution you need. But some of you can’t say that because you don’t believe that yourself you’re sitting there being like, I don’t know, is this the best solution? I don’t know, is this business model the best? I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s worked for me. I don’t know if I could talk about this and you end up coming with like this apologetic energy to your selling and nobody buys it. So I want to again, go back to this idea of like your warm audience and the thought you have about your warm audience and the reason why you think your warm audience is dead. It is a story you’re telling yourself. And I believe it’s a story you tell yourself so that you can cop out of doing the scary thing and do the easier work of just finding new strangers where you feel less vulnerable.

Kristen Boss (18:50):  But listen, you’re always going to feel vulnerable. But when you’re thinking my warm market is dead, it’s likely because what you’ve done is you keep prescreening your audience. You’re thinking of like, well, that person went by. I know that person. I know their husband would never be down for it. They told me no a year ago. And like, so you’ve almost like you run everybody in your audience through this filter that you have put on them. You have decided there’s no way they’re not buying. And so by the time you filter everyone through, then yes, it does look like no one in your audience wants to buy, but that’s not true. It’s just a story you’re telling yourself. And so, because you believe your warm market is dead, you stop actually serving your warm market. You stop selling to your warm market. And guess what happens when you stop selling to your warm market?

Kristen Boss (19:38):  No one in your warm market purchases. So it continues to reinforce your belief. See, my warm market is dead. Got to go find new people, but really it’s just about, and also the story is if they haven’t bought now, by now, they’re never going to buy this very sneaky story of like, I’ve been talking about my product for two years to my Facebook audience. And no, one’s no one’s biting. And it’s like, you’ve almost decided if they haven’t bought now that they’re never going to buy, instead of believing that eventually everyone will buy. That’s my belief. Like I truly believe people who tend to opt in my sphere of influence. They’re they’re inevitably going to buy from me if they’re in my niche. And if they’re in my target market, if not, I believe that they’re just going to enjoy this podcast and enjoy transformation.

Kristen Boss (20:29):  I think that’s wonderful. I love offering that, but I truly believe I just want you to think. And I was, it’s funny. I was coaching another coach on this and I’m in a mastermind group and she had 15,000 people on her email list, fifth teen thousand. And she was spending an obscene money on amount of money on Facebook ads. Like we’re talking an obscene amount of money and she kept spending money because she kept thinking, I just need to get more people. I just need to get more people. And I literally was like, you’re going to shut off your ads. Absolutely. Right now you have 15,000 people who have opted in to your training about this particular topic that you solve for. And they have only been in your sphere for maybe a couple of months. You just have to learn to sell and serve to your current audience.

Kristen Boss (21:22):  You have no business going and getting new people. And what was interesting is because she believed like, well, they haven’t purchased by now. They they’ve got one email sequence, one training. And she thought if they would have bought, but if they were going to buy, they would’ve bought by now. And that thought cost her so much money. She was like, okay, well I gotta go find new people because these people clearly, aren’t going to buy from one instance. And that’s how some of you are treating your posts. I’m, I’m going to do these amazing posts. I’m going to do 30 days of amazing posts. And then you’re upset and shocked that nobody has purchased from you. And then you think, well, this audience sucks. I got to go find more people instead of learning, okay, how am I not selling to them? How do I need to do this better?

Kristen Boss (22:05):  And that is how I coach that coach. I said, you’re not going to spend another dime on ads until you learn to sell to your current audience. Because if you don’t learn to sell, you’re just going to keep wasting money, attracting strangers that you don’t know how to convert. It is the same way with social sellers. When you decided I’m just going to go viral, I’m going to add a ton of people on a ton of audience. But if you aren’t selling and converting your current audience, you’re going to have the same problem with a bigger audience. And you’re going to have a lot bigger stories about it. You’re gonna be like, oh my gosh, I have 30,000 followers and no, one’s no one’s buying what’s wrong. And you’re looking at the them being like, they’re the problem instead of owning your own results and saying, oh, how am I not selling them?

Kristen Boss (22:45):  Well enough, how am I not clear enough? How am I showing up as consistently as I want to be, is my belief fully on board? Do I believe in what I’m selling? So I’m going to tell you this story of this coach. So I was like, you’re absolutely not going to spend another dime on Facebook ads. This is outrageous. And I actually challenged her to not, not spend another dime for an entire year and to work on selling and nurturing that list for a full year and working on selling to them in two weeks. In two weeks, she sent a few emails and serving and working on selling to that audience. And she made over $50,000 from a shift in her thought from, from moving out of this audience sucks. I need to find more people into wait. This audience totally wants to buy from me.

Kristen Boss (23:33):  I just have to do a better job selling them. And that one shift, she made a ton of money. And this is the lesson for you. It is not about you changing it. Like it’s not about you changing the person or expecting them to come on board. It’s you have to look at yourself. You have to look at yourself as the, as the common denominator and say, how am I responsible for the results I’m creating and how many stories do I have about my current audience. That’s keeping me from showing up and serving them powerfully and probably getting sales and customers. I guarantee you are sitting on your next team builder. You’re sitting on your next huge customer enrollment. And you don’t even know it because you have a story that if they didn’t purchase, now, they’re never going to purchase, or they’re not interested.

Kristen Boss (24:18):  Or you have stories. This is why stories are so costly. This is why thoughts that you think are true. Like you really believe your warm market is dead. Trust me, people come to me and they say, no, you don’t understand Chris. And my warm market is definitely dead. My audience is definitely not interested and it’s not happening. I’m like, whoa, that is a story and a half. We’re going to stop that right now. And after some coaching, we shift them and we think, okay, how is this not of them problem. How is this a you problem? And how are you going to be okay with that coach yourself on this? This is what I teach in my academy. I’m like, okay. So what if it is your fault? How are you going to own this? And really do the inner work and say, okay, because guess what?

Kristen Boss (25:01):  If it’s my fault, if it’s my problem, it also means that the solution is in my hands. It means I am also the solution. Isn’t that amazing because when you believe it’s your audience, it’s all out of your control and you have no power over it. But when you believe it is something you control, you have all your power back when it comes to how you show up online. I believe this guys. I believe if you write down all of your stories you have about your current Instagram audience, your current Facebook group, your current, you know, your current private Facebook profile and how many friends you have. If you get your stories on paper and you stopped believing them, and you shifted your stories and you actually said, but what if I’m the problem? And how am I the solution here, you are going to see your sales change.

Kristen Boss (25:50):  You are going to, and I want to hear about it. Like if you do the work from this episode and you see a change in your sales, write us, we want to hear about it. We want to hear@supportatkristenboss.com. We want to hear about this win or share it in the podcast review. We would love your review and your rating, but I promise you this one shift, just like with that one coach made her $50,000. This one shift could make you thousands of dollars. If you just stopped believing the story and took ownership, I’m excited for you. My friends, this is when everything changes we’re in the last 90 days of the year. I want you to look at your stories and be willing to change them. You’re willing to take ownership of them and realize you can totally change your story. We’ll catch you next week.

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