Birthing the New Ep #159

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The hardest part of being an entrepreneur is working to stay ahead of the curve. Trusting your experience and the relationship with your audience to guide you into places that have never been explored before. This is what must happen when you’re creating something new. Something revolutionary. Something that will change the landscape of the social selling industry.

The hardest part of being an entrepreneur is working to stay ahead of the curve. Trusting your experience and the relationship with your audience to guide you into places that have never been explored before. This is what must happen when you’re creating something new. Something revolutionary. Something that will change the landscape of the social selling industry.

Kristen is announcing a brand new, never before seen Advanced Leadership Certification program for network marketers – the Social Selling Leadership School. In this episode of the podcast, you’ll get a behind the scenes look into the in’s and out’s of the birth of this project along with Kristen’s vision about doing the work necessary to close the leadership gap.

Grab a seat as we go through these highlights:

  • Why the death of the 6 figure mastermind was necessary
  • Teaching strategy vs coaching your team and which one gets true results
  • The ‘holy trinity’ of leadership skills needed to create a successful team
  • The importance of being a proactive leader instead of reactive

Kristen is here to normalize growth. Normalize putting your business first so that you achieve what you came to this industry for in the first place. Whether it’s the freedom to work when you want so you can be there for your loved ones, or the security you need in order to have a better life. You deserve to get what you came for. 

Introducing the Social Selling Leadership School: A 12 week Advanced Leadership Certification program for Network Marketers. This program was designed to give you everything you need to be a confident and transformational coach for the people you serve and help your team get massive results. This is the ONLY Coaching Certification program built specifically for the social selling market. Act now – registration ends April 30th. Click here to register.

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Transcript for Episode #159: Birthing the New

Kristen Boss (00:19):  You are listening to the Kristen Boss Podcast. I’m your host, Kristen Boss. As a bestselling author and performance coach, I’m on a mission to share about sustainable and purposeful approaches to both business and life. Each week I bring relevant topics that I believe are necessary to create a life of purpose, significance and meaning. Entrepreneurship is about so much more than growing your bottom line. It’s about who you are becoming in the process and building a life that is truly extraordinary. Entrepreneurship is really just the beginning.

Kristen Boss (00:57):  Hey, bosses. Welcome to another episode of the show. Before we get into today’s content, I have a huge, huge announcement to make. If you haven’t seen it in my emails, if you haven’t seen it on the ads or my Instagram, pretty much if you’ve been living under a rock, you might not know of the thing that I just announced. It has been the thing. I have been keeping under wraps for more than eight months. The thing that I have been really just pouring my blood, sweat, and tears in, and I’m so excited to announce that if you hadn’t heard before, I had a six and seven figure earner mastermind. And I want to give you some backstory to this so you can understand the birth of this new thing that I have announced. And it truly does feel like a birth. It feels like I went through the labor pains, the hurt, all of it, to bring this new thing, this brand new thing to the network marketing industry, which is predominantly the audience I serve.

Kristen Boss (01:50):  So if you have been following me for any length of time, you know that I had a mastermind for six and seven figure earners for a number of years. And prior to that I was working one-on-one with six and seven figure earners in private calls. And between the two of those, I’ve served a couple hundred six and seven figure earners across probably 30 to 40 different companies. So you can say, which is funny because I feel like I felt this way as a hair stylist. I’m like, there is nothing I haven’t heard. There is nothing I haven’t seen. And it is same for being a coach for six and seven figure earners. There is nothing I haven’t heard. There is nothing I haven’t seen. Nothing surprises me anymore. Truly nothing would surprise me. I have gone through shock. I have gone through awe. I have gone through joy, despair, pain, excitement, hope I’ve walked through, love loss, hardship, heartache, family changes, sickness, death.

Kristen Boss (02:47):  I’ve literally walked with so many of these leaders through I’m talking the trenches. These leaderships leaders have been through trenches. And what’s so interesting is oftentimes when they started in the mastermind, they’re very much like, okay, I’m ready for my systems and clean things up and let’s go. And we absolutely do that. We absolutely focus on that. But what happened was for so many of the leaders, they ended up coming and their work was actually healing. Healing from a lot of hurt, healing from hard things, healing from things that just knocked them down that had a far bigger impact than they realized until we got into some of the work, until we got into why do you feel uncomfortable leading team calls? Why do you feel uncomfortable leading that one person? Why do you feel like you shut down when this happens and what happens here?

Kristen Boss (03:33):  And I could just say, push on and go forward. But we had to actually do healing and understand, okay, so where is this coming from? Why is this creating such a compounded problem? And so there would be healing. And then sometimes people would come and be like, let’s go. Let’s get ready to work. And then the thing that they weren’t expecting hap would happen in the mastermind. Someone might be dealing with marital things that came up or loss or sickness or family changes. We have walked through a lot. I’ve walked through a lot with my leaders who have gone through hard seasons. And some of them were like, well, I came to the mastermind for this. I had no idea I would be needing this instead in this season, because we can’t see 10 steps ahead. We don’t have a crystal ball where we can look ahead and be like, okay, what’s going to happen?

Kristen Boss (04:23):  And do I need this? But I always believe we do the right things at the right time. And sometimes we don’t know why we do the things until later and we’re like, oh, now it makes sense, me going through this thing, all that hurt, all that pain, all that loss I went through, it makes sense. It has prepared me for such a time as this. And I was, I’m going to say the same thing for my mastermind. Walking through the hard, leading these leaders through all of these different changes, when somebody from the organization walks in, goes to another company and takes a huge percentage of their downline with them, friendships that hurt, relationships that hurt. I’ve heard it all. Corporate issues, conflict between top uplines and corporate saying things and then the field getting frustrated. I’ve literally heard it all. So in my years of doing this, I was serving and I was serving such a small percentage of the industry and they were people that had very large teams, very large organizations making at least six figures because you had to make six figures to qualify for the mastermind.

Kristen Boss (05:29):  And in my teaching them, I realized how much of the stuff we were having to clean up, how many of the things we were needing to heal could have been prevented had they been given the tools so much earlier in their journey. And so many of them said that. They said, I wish I had this sooner. I wish I had these skills way earlier in my journey. And I realized that. And I had people Knee Academy saying like, Hey, sales marketing got it down and I’m making some good money, but is there a bridge to help us get to six figures? And I realized in only serving less than 1% of the industry in such a small and high investment container, like 15 to $20,000, realizing the leadership I was teaching became unattainable and accessible and I was only expanding the gap between those at the top and those who wanted to get to the top.

Kristen Boss (06:29):  So I realized as painful as it was, it was so painful. There was crying for sure, there was therapy for sure, but I knew something had to change. I knew that in order to serve the industry on a much wider, greater level, and if we really want to see more people succeed, I realize I had to make a more accessible offer for people who deeply needed the tools. And not only that, I’m like, what if we did preventative care? Because I will say a lot of times in the Mastermind, it felt like I was doing triage care. People were coming in, they were already wounded, they were already hurt, or were in a crisis. Things were such a disaster. And I feel like there were so many tools had they had them, we would’ve prevented so much heartache, burnout, marital crisis, relationship crisis, all the hard things that I don’t think all that I would say the extra painful things that I don’t think is necessary.

Kristen Boss (07:26):  Life is hard enough, but when you don’t have leadership and coaching skills as a leader, it just makes it even more painful. It makes it more hard. It makes the hard, harder, for lack of a better way of saying it. So I realize I’m like, this has to change because instead of working at this level a triage, people are coming, burned, hurt, wounded. What if I create something that’s preventative? What if I give them tools that prevents the burnout, the overwhelm, the lack of boundaries, the strain on their marriage, the strain on their family life? We helped them have more work-life balance earlier. And so it came in two parts. One was Rising Leader Summit. I’m like, okay, I’m going to teach people systems. I’m going to teach ‘EM onboarding and they’re going to learn self-care, going to learn to leverage. They’re going to teach them the foundational parts.

Kristen Boss (08:16):  And then I realized, here’s what was happening. I was giving all my six and seven figure earners the strategy. They would sit there with the system, they would implement the system, they’d get it going, but then I noticed 80% of the time what I was coaching on was helping them coach their team. They would come to me and say, okay, what do I do if someone says this? What do I do with this person that comes every week to the same call with the same frustration? I tell them the same thing every week. They say they’re going to go and do it, and then they come back and they’ve done nothing. Like, I am so annoyed. I don’t know if I should not talk to them anymore. Tell ’em to earn my time. So I truly found that 80% of my time was helping them navigate coaching conversations, helping them actually lead their team.

Kristen Boss (09:02):  And so I think by the third and fourth integration of my mastermind, I started creating content and assets to help them become coaches. I created a coaching guide. I taught them how to coach. I gave them, here’s the questions to ask. Here’s how to do this. Here’s how to know, here’s why a cookie cutter approach doesn’t work for everybody. Why you can’t do a one size fits all strategy because everyone’s capacity and capability and skill level is different to the individual. So I had to teach them how to actually assess what is a healthy goal for each individual, what to look at, how to leverage their time and group calls, how to actually run effective team calls. Because by the time people got to me, they would run team calls at some point in their business and they got so burnt out by them. They got so annoyed that they had to put on a song and dance every week and feel like they had to put on a musical to entertain their team.

Kristen Boss (09:51):  They would motivate them, they would put on a show, but then nobody would do anything. They would hype everyone up and then everyone would leave and they’d be like, oh my gosh, why am I even here? Or people would be like, Hey, I’ll just catch the replay. I’ll skip the recordings. So I’m like, okay, what is actually happening here? So I focused on, okay, here’s how we get a higher turnout rate on team calls. Here’s how you actually get people to show up to coaching calls here, how to sell coaching calls to your team. Here’s how to run a coaching call. Here’s the questions to ask. Here’s what to do. If they show up and they’ve done nothing, here’s what to do with the person that said I’m going to do the thing and they never do the thing. Here’s what to do with that one leader that keeps ghosting you.

Kristen Boss (10:29):  Here’s what to do with the person who hates you and says, you’re the worst leader ever. And they go and start their own team. Here’s how to handle that. Here’s how to handle this rogue leader who’s gone their own way, created their own team, and you know, feel their toxic. Here’s how to handle an upline who has iced you out. Literally what I was coaching so much on was relational dynamics and helping them coach their teams into action. That was 80% of the coaching. And then I realized, here’s the thing that needs to happen because the team knows what to do. You guys know this. You know what to do. Post online, talk about your business, connect with people, make offers about your business. The strategy is so simple. So why aren’t more people succeeding? Because it’s not just the strategy. We have to actually get to the beliefs that’s driving someone’s behavior and people, they don’t want to address this.

Kristen Boss (11:18):  It’s so funny. Let me give you a perfect example of this. So it was the final coaching call with one, and one of my mastermind members said, Hey, so I have this team member, they come to me and they said, just give me the strategy. She’s like, but I know after all this time, I know that what she needs is belief work. But she fights me on it every time and says like, no, no, no, no, I need strategy. And so what I told her, I said, you’re in a power play with your downline and you are experiencing a leadership tug of war right now. Right now I find that leadership and coaching is so much parenting. I’m like right now, she does not believe you. That belief work is what she needs. She really believes strategy is the work. And sometimes while it’s painful as a leader, we have to let them see for themselves that that’s not actually the case.

Kristen Boss (12:09):  So I told her, I was like, drop the rope and get out of the power place. Stop fighting for power here, and I want you to tell this leader, great. Let’s come up with your strategy. Do the strategy, create a follow-up call. If this has been the pattern on the follow-up call, she’s going to say all the things that went wrong with her strategy and she’s going to want to say it’s a strategy problem. And that now you have the space, the authority, and the credibility to offer. Might I invite you to maybe explore some beliefs here for why the strategy, why you didn’t take the action? Because the strategy’s there. So why aren’t we using the strategy? This is it guys. Your team knows what to do. Your companies, they provide the path to success. They tell you find three people and those people find three people.

Kristen Boss (12:56):  And here’s how to make a post. Here’s how to do your first post. Here’s hashtags to use. It’s all there. So why aren’t people taking action when it’s all there? And the real issue here is learning to coach people into action. And so just to give you a little backstory, when I first started as a coach, I was, I was all strategy. I was pure strategy. Someone would get on the call, I’d brainstorm, I’d craft a plan. Because honestly what my gift is is if you are familiar with the Clifton strengths finder or the Gallup Gallup strengths, where your top five strengths, mine is strategic and futuristic. So I’m an activator command, and I think there’s another one, activator command, and I can’t remember the last one. Communication, duh, that’s funny. It’s because when I’m doing what I do all the time, so knowing that about myself, I’m able to see where we want to go and create a strategy plan to go after it.

Kristen Boss (13:55):  And so that is what I’m good at. So naturally, I come to the call from my strengths of let’s go because I assume that the other person is going to meet me in my strength, be able to take the strategy and just run with it. There are so many flaws without approach because I’m assuming they operate the way I do. I’m assuming they’re just like me. But you can’t assume that one of the first jobs you have to do is actually assess someone’s capacity, capability, and skill level. And I didn’t do that. People would just come to the call and I’d rattle off strategy, and I would notice I’d give them the perfect strategy strategies I used and they’d come back and they hadn’t done anything. Or they’d, all of a sudden they’d be like, well, this came in the way life came up and this went on and yada yada.

Kristen Boss (14:41):  And so I was figuring out like, okay, I know these strategies work because I’ve done it and I’m handing these strategies to others, but it’s not working for them. Why is it not working them? Oh, because they actually don’t know how to work the strategy in order to work the strategy. They actually need coaching around their beliefs, around their stories, around their habits, about their behaviors, how to handle rejection, how to handle being told no, how to feel vulner vulnerability, how to overcome fear and disappointment and obstacles. I had to actually slow down and coach those things. And I’m thinking of one in particular that I coached for a while and I remember feeling really bad. Every time a coaching call came up, I was like, my entire nervous system would be like, oh God, this is going to feel awful. And it was because I knew that she was going to come to the call and we were going to make no progress forward.

Kristen Boss (15:36):  I would give her a plan of action and then she would come back to the call the very next week and tell me how she got distracted, like knitting, working on her logo, fiddling with her web design again. And she couldn’t even post on social media. And because I was not equipped as a coach to understand human behavior, neuroscience, trauma responses, nervous system regulation, because I didn’t have those tools, what I didn’t understand was that my client was in a freeze response, a fight, flight, freeze response. She was totally frozen and shut down. And no amount of strategy would’ve gotten her to post her first post because I tried. She got immediately in her head, started shutting down. Stories came up. And because I didn’t have the tools, she was never able to have the breakthrough. That was one of my early painful lessons of coaching.

Kristen Boss (16:27):  That’s where I realized you can’t just tell people what to do. And so many of you are beating your head against the wall telling your team what to do when no one’s doing it because you don’t know how to coach. You don’t know when someone is in a fight flight or freeze state how to help them. You don’t know how to help them overcome their stories. You don’t know how to gauge their capacity and figure out, okay, what’s actually going on here? They’re saying life is busy. That’s not the answer. What’s actually going on? Because my life is busy too. I can make it happen. So after years and thousands of hours of coaching social sellers in all different levels of income and being coached by the best and being in multiple different rooms and doing, I don’t even know how many certifications at this point, I finally created this holistic framework where I’m like, this is it.

Kristen Boss (17:12):  This is what leaders need to actually get their team into consistent action. Because most people, I will tell you the questions I get asked all the time, and I even asked this in one of my communities, why do you think you aren’t able to develop leaders? And here’s, there’s two answers that I saw that stood out. The first one was, I don’t have a system. And what’s so fascinating is a system cannot save you or outperform crappy leadership, period. A SY systems and leadership and coaching. It is like a Trinitarian relationship. It is a complimentarian relationship. They have to be together, meaning you cannot have one without the others. And you know how I know this? Because I have coached people that have had the most flawless systems, but they still have a ton of people falling out of their organization because they don’t know how to coach people, how to use the system, stay in the system, navigate the system, and navigate their thoughts.

Kristen Boss (18:06):  This is why there’s so many books out there on how to make a million dollars and very few people actually make a million dollars. It’s not because they don’t know the how is out there. You can Google it, you can come up with ideas. It’s because we have a human brain that’s like, Nope, I need to stay sla, stay safe, play small, not experience rejection, not experience fear. And I don’t want that. And unless you have an expert who can recognize those patterns and help you see the forest from the trees and give you perspective, you’re lost. And by the way, I know some of you are like, oh no, some of you go to every single leadership training that your company offers. You go, you’ve done, and I know this because some of you have spent thousands of dollars on these nice team retreat retreats.

Kristen Boss (18:50):  You rent an Airbnb, you get everybody there, you make gift bags, you have a giant charcuterie spread on the island, you go to the beach and you’re like, this is going to be the time where I’m going to develop my leaders. And you spend all this money and 60 days later, they’re falling off, they’re dropping like flies. And you’re wondering, well, what happened? It’s because that actually wasn’t the best use of your money because what you did was used an experience hoping that it would change things. But an experience without leadership and without coaching isn’t a lasting experience. It’s not transformation. And if you were at my Rising Leader Summit last week, I talked about this so much. And so it’s like, what is the answer? The answer is coaching. So what was happening was I was like, okay, I got to help people coach.

Kristen Boss (19:33):

How am I going to do this? What is the best way to do this? And I just thought, okay, and how can I serve as many people as possible to give them these skills? And so I burned down this mastermind that I loved and that brought in good revenue to my company. And I was like, we have to burn it down, realizing I know where we’re going. I know where we’re taking this, and I don’t care how slow of a build we start at, I know it’s going to be, I actually think it’s going to surpass the success and the flagship name of the social selling academy because I think this is such a huge gap, a huge gap in the industry because let me tell you, I immediately was like, okay, well, there’s got to be a certification program specifically built for network marketers.

Kristen Boss (20:17):

And I know there’s big names out there, big leadership names, leaders who have sold a lot of books, leadership who I really appreciate and have seen this person, keynote speak. I know he has programs coach pro coaching and leadership program that a lot of network marketers go to. But I’m like, but hold on, hold on. Here’s the thing. Because people were asking me, Kristen, I really think I want to coach. I want to learn how to coach. Where do I get certified? And for me, where I got certified was like $21,000. It lacked so many trauma awareness factors, no somatic practices, not taking in into account a lot of diversity, equity, and inclusion, understanding, Hey, here’s some things you need to be aware of when you coach people. Here’s some socioeconomic factors that was all lacking. So I had to hodgepodge my coaching philosophy together.

Kristen Boss (21:17):  So people would be like, should I go? I’m like, W should do. I think you should spend $21,000 to walk away with a piece of paper? No, no, don’t. Not especially when I’m like, okay, you can go and get this certification, but what you’re going to have to do is you’re going to run, have to run it through your own filter of network marketing and your network marketing business or your social selling business, and you’re going to have to interpret the code certification through the lens of network marketing. So now your brain has to work harder. Now your brain has to be like, okay, okay, that principle I learned, how would that apply with a downline? How would that apply with an upline? How would that apply with casting vision for a team of a thousand? How would that apply when someone leaves and goes to another company or whatever it is.

Kristen Boss (22:03):  So you have, your brain has to work overtime, and it’s not acknowledging the specific nuance nuances, the challenges and the advantages that are unique to the direct sales network marketing business model. So I googled one day, I was like network marketing coaching certification. I realized that it did not exist, and I messaged my team was like, how is this, how a thing, how is this actually not a thing? It was just absolutely mind boggling to me. And I immediately told my team, I’m like, buy the domain name. This is where we’re going. This is what we’re doing. This is how we’re going to help people. This is going to be the gap. And I know this because I started floating this. I s I asked my alumni people who had been working with for a while, my sixth and seven figure earners. I floated this to them.

Kristen Boss (22:50):  I said, Hey, here’s the thing, because what was happening, here’s what was happening too, because they were spending $20,000 to be in this elite mastermind with me. I’m busy coaching them, I’m giving them skills. They’ve paid for these assets. But what happened is these uplines, they don’t know how to train their downlines to duplicate coaching down. They’re like, well, okay, now I understand how to coach, but how do I coach my person to result and then coach them to coach their own team to have been a result? So I’m like, okay, so what if I create the leverage system for them where it’s the, no, you don’t have to pay $20,000. You don’t have to pay for me. I think all my certifications combined, whereas over 50,000, I’m like, okay, so that’s, that’s not approachable and that’s also not duplicatable in the industry. So how are we going to do this?

Kristen Boss (23:35):  And so how this all came about was I told my team and I floated this to the sixth and seven figure earners that I had been working with for so long. I said, Hey, here’s this thing I’m thinking doing. What do you think? Because I listen to the field, I’m al, I keep my ear on the ground at all times. I’m like, what is happening in the field right now at this moment? What’s frustrating? What’s working? What’s not working? What are people fed up with? What do people want? What are they long for? What are they Googling at night? By the way, you need to be doing this when you’re thinking of your niche and your business, but this is how my brain works. And I started doing a lot of market research and I took all my years of coaching and being in these calls, being in these masterminds, coaching hundreds of so hundreds and thousands of social sellers sitting on a Zoom with vice president of sales in multiple companies and them mall telling me the same thing.

Kristen Boss (24:26):  I’m like, this is it, right? And so even my leaders, they breathe dec sigh of relief. They’re like, thank God this is it because we can’t get our leaders in here, but this is the answer. And so that’s when I knew, and I, man guys, I feel like I’ve been in a cave for six months. And I will also say life has thrown so many freaking curve balls while I have built this. It’s so funny. Just a couple days before the Rising Leader Summit, I was driving with my mother-in-law and my daughter and just driving along. And all of a sudden this truck literally pulls out in front of me into traffic. And I thankfully was able to break somewhat in time where the airbags did not deploy, but it wrecked my car. Car, total car wreck. I’m safe, I’m good. I don’t have any residual pain that I know of yet because as I’m recording this, it was just yesterday.

Kristen Boss (25:18):  And adversity on so many different levels, people trying to slander character, people saying, I mean you guys, I got it from every different level, every single angle. I’ve invested more this year in building my company to serve on a large level than I could have possibly imagined. I tell people and I get it, and I was thinking, man, this is how my students feel. This is how they’re feeling. This is the fear they feel when I’m asking them to invest in themselves and their future because this is what I’m doing right now. Literally, we’re hiring people on, and when you hire people on, it’s like you’re increasing your operational expenses to run your business. And I knew where we needed to go. And I’m like, I can’t get there without having this position filled. This position filmed filled, and this position filled. The only way to do that.

Kristen Boss (26:16):  And the only way for me to do that is to say, all right, we’re going to increase our company payroll and how many people we’re paying. And it’s positioning the company for growth and spending a lot of money to position the company so that we can serve our students incredibly well. Because for me, I don’t wait until my systems break and our customer fulfillment suffers. I build something ahead of time so that our customer fulfillment never suffers. I’d rather take the in my business than my customer’s taking a hit on the delivery experience. Because here’s what happens. If you don’t have good systems guys and you’re burnt out and you’re overwhelmed and you don’t have the right things in place, you suffer mentally and your customer, their experience suffers. And when their experience suffers, it’s not an over-deliver experience and good luck with them staying with you.

Kristen Boss (27:04):  So for me, I’m like, okay, we got to do this. We got to put these things in place. And I feel like this is a really intimate behind the scenes look of running a multi seven figure company that is in a massive kind of, I always tell my people, slow down to speed up. We have done that. We have been in this slow, tedious, I’m like, all right, we have had a real nice Mercedes, a m g engine that has gotten us to this point, and now we have to stop and now we have to rebuild the Ferrari engine to get us further faster. And this engine is going to take three times as long. It’s going to cost three times the amount, but the Ferrari engine is the engine that has to get us there. And that has been my team. That has been the content I’ve been filming that has been the strategic hires I’ve been doing, this has been the consultants I’ve hired because for the first time I saw my lid coming, I’m like, I’m for the first time in my business and a long time, I’m coming to my lid of my own capacity and what I know I’m capable of on my own wisdom.

Kristen Boss (28:05):  And I saw that, and I think some of you need to hear this, so I know where I’m going. And I looked around at my team, I was like, nobody has taken a company to where we’re going. Nobody has this experience. Why? Because almost everybody in my company started with me. We have all grown together. So that’s when I realized we need somebody who has done this, who has, they are 15, 20, 30 steps ahead of us. We need somebody who has done eight figures 10 times over in their business. And for me it was like, this is because I’m not interested in guessing at this. I’m not interested in, well, let’s try things and learn as I go because that’s going to cost me more tiny, more money, more time and more emotions. I’m like, no, I’m going to pay the expert so I can shortcut my learning curve, save myself a ton of really expensive mistakes because I’ve already made really expensive mistakes.

Kristen Boss (29:04):  Ask me about the time I spent $70,000 on a media team, and I got the exact opposite of what they promised. So it’s like, I don’t want to make any more of those mistakes. So I recently met with consultants and for the first time I was like, my mind is blown. And not only that, I was selective with my consultants. I’m like, unless they under have an intimate knowledge of my industry, they don’t get to touch my business and not just an intimate knowledge of my industry, but they have to like it. They have to actually be believers of my industry. They have to support this. I don’t want any haters. I don’t want people being like, yeah, we’ll help you. But overall we just think your business model is not great. I’m like, no, you need to see, I wanted people that were bought into my vision for where I’m taking not just the industry but my students.

Kristen Boss (29:51):  And so for me, I’m like, I will wait until the, there’s a saying when the student is ready, the teacher appears. And that is a hundred percent what happened. I joined a mastermind in January. You’ve been hearing from some of the guests you heard from Robin and Graham, and you’re going to hear from Justin in a little bit. You’re going to hear from some of my friends. And that was just a phenomenal network for me. And sure enough, my mentor was in that room and I didn’t even know it. I did not even know it at the time. And it’s so funny. They are just so wildly talented. And I met with them two weeks ago and they kind of made an emergency consultant meeting for me because I’m like, Hey, I’ve got these big things coming up. I need your wisdom. And we did a two hour strategy call.

Kristen Boss (30:38):  And thank goodness, because my mindset was there. All of my prior experience had positioned me and ready me to be able to be a high executor as soon as the call was done. And so anyways, all that to say is I understand, I feel very intimate with how my audience feels when I am asking them to invest in their future because I am doing that too right now at such an astronomical level where I am weekly bringing it up with my therapist and that maybe that’s t m I don’t know. I’m just here to normalize growth because I think you need to hear, I think there’s a value in these behind the scenes conversations. I think there’s value in you hearing how I make decisions burning down. Just to give you context, the mastermind alone was nearly a seven figure a year business alone. And I was decided that has to go burned it down.

Kristen Boss (31:38):  Who would burn down a million dollar a year business? This girl is a boss move. It’s a bold boss move. And do you think I had a guarantee for this new thing I’ve created that it would absolutely replace that? You know what? That was not my concern. It was so funny. I was just like, that wasn’t my concern. I was just like, I don’t care. I don’t, even if it makes less, I don’t care because I know who I want to serve. I know who I want to help, and I know how I’m going to get them there. And this is the best vehicle to do that. And I’m determined more than ever. I want to see more people walking across stages. I want to see more people financially changing the trajectory of their family’s lives. I want more people to have a yes life.

Kristen Boss (32:20):  I have a yes life. My kids say, mom, let’s go to Disneyland. Yes, Hey, can we take a trip here? Yes, a yes. Life is what we dream of. And maybe a yes, life looks different to you. Maybe it’s taking your RV out, living out of the rv, nine months out of the year. Maybe it’s homeschooling. Maybe it’s bringing your husband home. Maybe your husband works a really scary job. Maybe he’s a police officer and you’re like, I am tired of the fear. I feel every time my husband leaves and I want him home. Maybe that’s, you are a nurse and you are tired of working 12 hour shifts on your feet and your back hurting and your neck hurting and being on the night shifts. And I had friends that were on the vampire schedule, I called it maybe, you know, have been in a nine to five.

Kristen Boss (33:05):  That feels like no matter how hard you work, the ceiling is always reminding you of how much you can possibly make. And I’m determined to change that for you. Maybe you are in an unsafe partnership and you really need to be financially independent to get yourself to a safe space. My gosh, I want you to know if that’s you, it’s you that I think of when I go to sleep at night. It’s you that I think of when I build my business because I, nothing scares me more than a woman who feels like she doesn’t have options and choices and that she could be okay. And I’ve said this before, and maybe it’s a rabbit trail, but for me, I’ve told my husband, there’s two skills my kids are going to learn no matter what career path they choose. They’re going to learn how to market and how to sell.

Kristen Boss (33:50):  Because if they know how to market and they know how to sell, they will never be hungry a day in their life. And so I, I’m like, man, if I could just equip, equip people so that their life is changed, I’m in so that relationships are saved, marriages are not hurting as much, so that teams are thriving. I’m in. I’m in for all the hurt, all the pain, the car accidents, the crazy, all the adversity that has come my way to build this thing. I am freaking in because I’m in on you. So if you’re like, what is it? I’m like, I didn’t know that it was going to be a 30 minute thing, but I feel like it’s so important. Sometimes I think the origin stories matter. We go to the movies to watch origin stories. I love the superhero origin stories, and this is the social selling leadership school and certification program, origin story.

Kristen Boss (34:40):  You heard it here. You get to know about how it was birthed, why it was birthed, why it’s important, why it matters, who it’s for. And so right now you have an opportunity to be in our first cohort. You want to check the links, the link in the show notes. And if you’re like, I work all these things, you guys, I, I’ve literally thought of everything for your success in this program. I have instructors that are not in the us. My instructors are so highly qualified and trained that are going to be facilitating your growth. So hands-on, so individualized, it is amazing how we are delivering it at this level. And I have people internationally so that if you are international, we are going to have morning calls, night calls, weekend calls, lunch calls, like there’s so many different times for you to plug in so that your work, your family, none of that is a reason for you not to get the skills and be equipped to become a coach for your team.

Kristen Boss (35:47):  This isn’t about you becoming a coach to suddenly turn your Instagram profile into I’m a network marketing coach and serving people on other teams. That is not what this is. Don’t you do that? This is to serve your team. It is to help your team reach success. And you know who this is for. This is for the person that’s like, I’m all in on this business model. I want to go all the way to the top. I want to walk across the stage. I want the car and I don’t want to just do it alone. I want my best friends to be on this trip with me. I want strangers on the internet to join me and me be a part of helping change their lives so that they can walk across the stage, they can drive the car, they can win all the bonus trips, the incentives, be able to experience paying for an RV in cash, homeschooling your kids, having whatever choices you want, if you want that, this is a thousand percent for you.

Kristen Boss (36:38):  And is it going to take an investment? Absolutely. Of course it is. Yes. But I said this in an Instagram live recently. I said, what has your lack of leadership already cost you? How many people have you lost because you didn’t know how to lead them? How many people quit before they got started because you didn’t know how to ask the right questions? How many people with so much potential, you watch them join your team, they quit and they left and went and worked on somebody else’s team and they crushed it. How? I guarantee you have had that experience where you have watched someone who was with you and then they didn’t flourish, they floundered under you, and then they went and flourished under somebody else’s leadership. What has your inability to lead effectively and coach and not know what to say and when to say it?

Kristen Boss (37:28):  How to hold people accountable, how to have the hard conversations, how to hold space, how to lead with tough love. How much has that already cost you? How much potential income has already been lost? And I guarantee it’s far more than the cost of this program. Far for far more. So friends, maybe there were multiple lessons for you in today’s episode, but I hope it taught you something. I hope you got value from me. Just sharing the cut up, raw, honest behind the scenes origin story of the newest offer, the Social Selling Leadership School, the certification program that was designed for network marketers. So if you know that’s for you, you need to join because we do like this isn’t a join whenever the cart will close by May 1st, and it’s going to stay closed until our next launch, which isn’t until I don’t have the launch date with me.

Kristen Boss (38:21):  But this isn’t a join whenever. This is the first cohort. And trust me, let me tell you, there are people that kicked themselves for not joining Social Selling Academy when it was a thousand dollars before it became 2000 people kicked themselves. They’re like, I should have been in this when you first sold it. My early adopters are like, they get all the surprises, all the best things. Being an early adopter is like, I don’t know, finding a gold mine in my community. That’s how I always want it to feel. So France, head to the link in the show notes, join us in the leadership school, join us, get certified, change your life, change your team. Let’s do this. We’ll catch you in the next episode. That’s a wrap for today’s episode. Listen, if you love what you heard here today, I would love for you to leave a real quick rating and a review. This helps the show get discovered by new people. Be sure to take a screenshot of today’s episode and shout us out on Instagram. We’ll shout you right back out. If you’d like to find additional resources or discover how to work with me, head to

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