Purposeful Social Selling

HIIT for Business Ep #158

Apr 10, 2023

Workout fads come and go – but there’s one workout that’s remained constant due to how effective it can be when done right. And it’s called High Intensity Interval Training – also known as HIIT. Basically, you cycle between intervals of intense exercise and a recovery periods. This way, you get the benefits of exercising, but it’s done in a more sustainable way.

And if you think about it, you can apply the same principles from HIIT to your business. In this episode of the podcast, Kristen talks about using HIIT in your business and how it might be the thing that gets you out of your rut without being left feeling exhausted.

Listen in to hear these key points:

  • Kristen’s personal tips to increase intensity without burnout
  • The difference between intentional intensity and hustle
  • How rest and recovery come into play to prevent exhaustion
  • The benefits of leveraging your time in order to increase profit
  • Importance of introducing healthy habits

Times of high intensity and high output in your business aren’t meant to be long-term. The best part about applying HIIT principles to your business is that you set the pace. You get to choose when to increase production and when to slow down. Just be sure to listen to your gut and not push through into burnout. 

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Transcript for Episode #158: HIIT for Business

Kristen Boss (00:19):  You are listening to the Kristen Boss Podcast. I’m your host, Kristen Boss. As a bestselling author and performance coach, I’m on a mission to share about sustainable and purposeful approaches to both business and life. Each week I bring relevant topics that I believe are necessary to create a life of purpose, significance and meaning. Entrepreneurship is about so much more than growing your bottom line. It’s about who you are becoming in the process and building a life that is truly extraordinary. Entrepreneurship is really just the beginning.

Kristen Boss  (00:57):  Hey, bosses, welcome to another episode of the podcast. So glad you’re here. Listen, I don’t know about you. I don’t know where you live, but I am so tired of the cold. I live in Colorado and I am so tired of seeing snow on the ground, and this is usually how I feel every April. And so we’re starting to get some warm weather, some sunshine, and it has me so excited for summer spring. We don’t get much of that here, so I don’t know if you wanted to know about the weather in Colorado, but that’s what’s happening. That’s where I’m at. That’s what’s going on. I want to remind you, this is your last week to get tickets for the Rising Leader Summit Live event. The tickets will not be on sale after the event. The 13th at midnight is the last chance to buy your tickets virtually.

Kristen Boss  (01:46):  And friends, I say this seriously, if you have even one business builder on your team, this is the training you need. This is the training that is closing the leadership gap for so many, and without a doubt, this is the number one reason why people cannot grow their income, because you can be a master of sales, a master of marketing, but if you don’t know how to develop and train people effectively on the backend, if you don’t know how to help people duplicate your efforts, then it’s all fruitless. You’re going to end up feeling like you’re in a hamster wheel, constantly working, but getting nowhere, and I don’t want that for you. And that’s when people want to pull their hair out because they’re tired, they’re exhausted, they’re frustrated. And you might be feeling like, if I get one more dear John letter from my downline, I’m just going to throw in the towel.

Kristen Boss  (02:30):  And you’re like, what do you mean by Dear John letter? That’s when you get that text that says, Hey, I’m just so overwhelmed with my life right now. I’m just not sure this is the season where I should be working on my business. I’ve just got too much going on. Hey, I just feel like this business is taking too much from my family. I’m so overwhelmed. I just need to take a step away. And you feel that like pit in your stomach and you have no idea how to respond. You waffle between, okay, do I say something and then have them get at me or do I not say anything? And then what if they ghost me? What if they never come back? Is this the end? And listen to me. You need to know what to do in those situations. You need to know how to get ahead of those conversations and how to lead your team.

Kristen Boss  (03:14):  So that doesn’t happen. My friends at the leadership event, even if you’re a virtual attendee, we are going all out to make an amazing experience for you. You also get one year access to the replays so that you can go back, watch the recorded material, go through the worksheets, because as you implement this in real time, some of the content’s going to make even more sense as you implement. This is stuff that used to be only available in my six and seven figure Mastermind and I’m making it available to you. And literally the virtual ticket is 1 99, 1 99 for some of the best leadership training. It’s like an online course with a live component. We’re doing giveaways. I’m also announcing something huge this Friday. I’m announcing the big thing I have been working on for the last eight months, and I’m not going to lie, it has been so hard to keep the secret.

Kristen Boss  (04:05):  I have wanted to just burst at the seams and just announce to everybody, this is what we’re doing. But here’s the hint I’m going to give you, and I’m only announcing it at the live event. If you’re on my email list, you’re eventually going to find out about it. But you want to be first to know when you are a live event attendee. And by the way, at the live event, we still have tickets available, but you want to go to Chris and boss.com/rise, check the link in the show notes. But here’s what I want to tell you about the big reveal happening on Friday. If you didn’t know last year, I decided to retire my six and seven figure mastermind. That was $20,000 for six months. It was very high end, very high level, lots of high touch from me teaching all of these strategies.

Kristen Boss  (04:47):  But then I realized that when you are keeping leadership strategies for people who are already at the top, we’re only making the gap between those at the top and those striving to rise. We’re only making the gap wider. We’re making leadership less accessible. We’re making it harder for people to rise to the top, and I want to see more people rise to the top. And I realized the only way to do that was to take leadership strategies and make it accessible for anybody who truly desired leadership. So I retired the mastermind. It was hard. It was painful. I struggled. I wrestled with the decision. People in the industry are telling me like, no, you never retire a mastermind. Why would you ever retire a high ticket offer in your business? But I knew who I wanted to serve. I knew where I wanted to go, and I was like, no, I want to serve as many people as possible.

Kristen Boss  (05:33):  So I have been quietly working away for the last eight months on this thing that I have been building. We’ve been hiring people. We have been doing so much work behind the scenes to create this labor of love. And I will tell you this, it is first to market of its kind. There is nothing like it in the social selling industry. We’ve looked, we’ve looked. We have no one that is offering this to network marketers and social sellers. And you’re going to lose your mind when you find out the value of it, what we’re giving it to you for what we’re announcing. There’s just so much. So you’re going to find out this weekend at the Rising Leader event. Don’t forget to buy it. Your ticket to go. You have one of your access to the replays link in the show notes. All right, my friends.

Kristen Boss  (06:19):  All right, let’s get into the meat and the potatoes, the stuff that you come for with the podcast. And also, I want to thank you if you have left a review and a rating lately. Thank you so much for doing that. It really does mean a lot to me. I know there are a lot of podcast shows that you could listen to, and I’m just so thankful each week that you listen to this podcast and give me your time so I don’t take that lightly. I love serving you. So thank you again for leaving your reviews. It really does matter. And I do read them. I read every single one of them. And also in my dms and Instagram, I read those too. I’m not too busy to take notice of my followers. I read your messages and I do take them to heart. So thank you so much.

Kristen Boss  (07:02):  All right, let’s get into the content. Today. I was thinking a lot about this. I was thinking about this idea of seasons of intensity in your business, and I was talking to my mastermind members and I was challenging them recently that there are times in your business when you are required to ramp up the volume, move up the speed, you have to increase the level of intensity in your business. There are times when there are seasons for this, and you have heard me talk about being anti hussle and sustainability. But I think sometimes when people hear that, they think like there’s never intensity and intensity always equals burnout. And that’s not true. And I’m going to talk to you about how to introduce intensity into your business without it coming at a risk of emotional burnout, mental burnout, and also for you to evaluate, is this a time for me in my business to ramp up in my intensity in certain activities?

Kristen Boss  (07:59):  And so I was thinking about this concept, and here’s something I recently did. Inside the Social Science Academy, there are certain things that I am ramping up strategically. And one of the things I was like, okay, how can I accelerate? My students are getting amazing results in the academy. How can I add rocket fuel on this without it being hustley and exhausting and them needing a nap? I, I always am thinking, how can I get my students to a place where they’re getting results, they’re in daily activity and no one needs to recover or take a break? So I thought, you know what? I’m just going to do this experiment. And for me, I decided, all right, I’m going to give 30 days inside my social selling academy, and I’m going to do power 30 mornings, 30, 30 minutes Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 6:30 AM inside my program.

Kristen Boss  (08:55):  I’m going to make myself available via a live zoom for students that want to get on and have facilitated workflow time doing their high, higher income producing activities. So I did this and the results have been absolutely astronomical. And I say this because I want to validate the need for picking up intensity in your business during certain times during certain seasons of your business. So this one, okay, let’s see here. I’m just going to read a couple testimonies so that you understand. And I gave them a prompt each day and I gave them frameworks each day. And the goal was 30 minutes. They were going to engage and make a post. So many people had insane results just from 30 minutes a day, five days a week, five days a week. And so this person, everyone has seen a change in me. My team has added 10 people this month.

Kristen Boss  (09:59):  We aren’t done yet. The last team member I had added was in November of 2020. You guys, it’s almost two and a half years ago. This person earned the monthly, monthly incentive. And she said, for the first time in my seven years of business, I am close to doubling it. I am just one person away from re-ranking for the first time since 2019. Don’t tell me it’s impossible to reran during a recession. I will not hear it. So take this person said, so take my money for whatever you’ve got coming next. And this is from the next one. This is from Winnie. She said, I got two new enrollments on Monday, another two enrollments today. I haven’t been on this enrollment train in many years. Thank you for showing me what’s possible. I have another one. Let’s see here. I have been a part of the power 30 and the most amazing thing happened.

Kristen Boss  (10:48):  A member who didn’t follow me on social media contacted me, asked about the business and enrolled six people within a week. Something phenomenal shifted for me while doing the challenge. I feel calmer, way less like a deer in the headlights, less procrastination, more showing up. Thank you everyone for helping. Let’s see. Here’s another one. Let’s see. This person’s talking about the increased percentage of engagements on their account, 1299%. They up from 200%. They are blowing the results out of the water. Here’s another one. This one’s huge. This one’s from Cindy. This month, my goals were set much higher onboarding customers, making offers power 30 mornings, giving tons of value. I did all this month and doubled not only my paycheck and signed up double the amount of people I have in four years and hit the first bonus tier in a company-wide incentive contest. And the month is still not over.

Kristen Boss  (11:47):  You guys, this, it doesn’t have to take a lot. When you are strategic, when you are smart about where you are putting your business activity, it makes a difference. So this was a product of me deciding how can I help my students add rocket fuel to their business? How can I eliminate confusion and how can I make it simple? And so these power thirties, guys, there’s so many testimonies I could read, but that’s not why you’re on the episode to hear endless testimonies. But I want to give you proof of, Hey, this actually works. And if you’re like, shoot, I’m, I’m not in the academy, but what if I want to join? Are you going to do it again? What we actually did was re-recorded every single session. It’s now in a special module inside the academy. It’s called a 30 Day Power 30, and we kept all the prompts in a downloadable P D F, and you can watch every single one of the power 30 s do it on your own time and watch your business grow.

Kristen Boss  (12:32):  It’s that simple. It gets to be that simple. So this was an example, me doing the power thirties, me waking up at 5:30 AM every day for a whole month, which is great because it just helped my morning routine. What happened was like that was me choosing to accelerate my intensity in one of my programs being like, what if I were to help my students in this way? So I dialed up my intensity. Now, some of you might be like, but I can’t wake up at 5:30 AM I want to argue that you can, and I would’ve said the same thing to you. But in what I did was where I increased my intensity, I also increased my recovery and my strategic so that I could increase my intensity at minimal cost to myself. So to give you an example of that, waking up at 5:30 AM Some of the things I let go of was watching TV at night.

Kristen Boss  (13:19):  I traded out TV and social media for, okay, I’m in my bed nine, I’m reading a paperback book. I’m getting rid of blue lights, and I was asleep by 10 every night. And normally that would not be me, but this is something I’ve really been working on this year is my sleep hygiene. So what I did was like, okay, how do I need to improve my evenings so that I can show up with maximum performance in the mornings so that I can help drive the results in this one area? And it’s funny, you might be like, it’s not the area of my business. I was thinking of the areas of my business, but when I’m helping their results, I am in fact helping my business. It’s no different. If you are an upline and you’re helping your team, when you’re helping your team accelerate their results, your results accelerate as well.

Kristen Boss  (14:07):  That is the synchronicity of this business model. So it’s easy to hide in your personal business, but you will continue to be the main workhorse of your business unless you teach your team to also generate results in their business. So I want to go back to this concept of, I called it HIT training and business, this high intensity interval training. And if you’ve ever done hit training or hit workouts, there’s times where you are going all out and you’re out of breath, you’re huffing, you’re puffing, you’re giving so much energy and exertion, but at the back end of that, there is a built-in recovery time so that you can actually recover into the next interval. And so this is where I think burnout is. I think burnout happens when we have intensity without intentionality, where we aren’t clear on here’s the reason I’m vamping up my intensity.

Kristen Boss  (14:57):  Here’s how long I’m going to do it, and here’s the reason why I’m doing it, and then I’m going to stop at this moment and then I’m going to build in my recovery in order to support the intensity of my activity. This is where I’m going to call it. It is strategic intensity. It is not hustling. Hustling is not planned. Hustling is emotionally driven. Hustling has all kinds of scarcity behind it. There’s no intentionality, there’s no plan. It’s just a flurry of activity like, oh my God, I hope if I just throw more at this, I’m going to increase my results instead of intentional intensity like, okay, this is what I’m doing. This is how long I’m doing it for. This is the byproduct I’m going for and this is how I’m going to care for myself during this. So that was it for me.

Kristen Boss  (15:39):  I was like, okay, I’m going to do this. How do I do this sustainably? I’m doing it for 30 days for the month of March. This is what my mornings are going to look like. This is what my evenings are going to look like so that I’m not exhausted and burnt out at the end of this, and I’m going to build these systems in place so that I can repurpose this for later use as leverage. This is the type of intentionality and strategic thinking that you need to have in your business. So it didn’t burn me out. I actually really enjoyed it. My students loved it. I had someone who was like, can you do this forever? I was like, absolutely not, because that is not, that to me is high intensity, prolonged, and you’re we’re not built that way. Now, is there maybe a season where you as a leader might need to do that for 90 days?

Kristen Boss  (16:21):  Yeah, you might actually need to do that. I was looking at, okay, where are my students now? Where’s my business kind of evaluating what level of intensity is necessary at this point in time and how long do I need to do the intensity for? I think there’s something like, I think a lot of people have fear with a word of doing a push in their business, but there are times for a strategic push in your business, the question is, are you building a strategic recovery so that the push doesn’t kill you? Are you doing that? Do you have a plan in place for how this looks? There are times where you, right now, might be in a season where you need to dial up some of your activity. It might have been a while since you’ve done team calls or a team challenge or a team bootcamp, and maybe you have all kinds of stories of, Ugh, but what if it doesn’t work?

Kristen Boss  (17:11):  What if people don’t show up, blah, blah, blah. I’m like, you don’t think I had those stories too, being like, what if nobody wants to show up? What if all these things And it’s like, it doesn’t matter. I’m, and for me, there were two things happening. There was like, I’m going to help my students, but then also I was like, I’m going to be an example to my students of what leadership looks like. They need to see this. They need to see that I’m willing to wake up early for them for 30 days. Because for me, it just gives, it strengthens my leadership in their eyes because for me, I can now say to a student, Hey, 30 days, wake up at 5:00 AM and put 30 minutes into your business or make yourself available to your team five days a week for 30 minutes. And I could say that and have said it with authority because I did it.

Kristen Boss  (17:57):  And so sometimes as a leader, you have to go first. It’s not necessarily about the results you create, but it’s about the authority that you’re creating by following through on what you say you’re going to do. And what’s funny is what I did was I turned this around and I told every single one of my mastermind members, I said, Hey, listen, you guys, can I want you to see what I’m doing already? People have already paid me for this program. I’m not making more money by doing this power 30. I’m clearly invested in my students’ results. And so for them, I said, are you willing to do this with your team? Even if it didn’t create monetary results right away? Are you willing to put in the time? And I challenged every single one of them. This might be the time where you have to be more involved.

Kristen Boss  (18:38):  This might be the time where you have to do more team calls. This might be the time where you have more incentives, but doing it with intention, doing it strategically, where do you need to introduce more intensity into your business? There are seasons for it, and maybe you got comfortable in 2022. I’m like, what year are we in? We’re in 2023 right now. Maybe you got comfortable in 2022. Maybe you took your foot off the gas in a couple areas of your business. And here’s something that’s really revealing is I had a member of my mastermind who had this story of I don’t know how to promote this level of people in my company, in her company was called directors. She’s like, I used to be able to create directors. I’ve stopped creating directors. And now she has the story of, I don’t know how to do this anymore, but in order for her to improve her income, she has to learn too, develop and train people into the director role.

Kristen Boss  (19:33):  And so I asked her a question and I said, well, what were you doing? Let’s walk through the inventory of your business activities that led to the result of creating this many directors. And so we just combed through her business activity. Well, what she was doing then, and we realized she had stopped doing some of those activities. And I said, oh, well, why did you stop? And it was so interesting. She had this story of it’s going to burn me out. And I was like, okay, but did you have strategic rest and recovery built in those times? She’s like, no. I was like, did you have boundaries around her time? No. Did you have systems in place? No. So now she has boundaries systems. She knows how to take care of herself because this is everything she learned in the mastermind. I said, okay, now it’s time to reintroduce those activities.

Kristen Boss  (20:17):  You need to go back to doing what works. Imagine what’s happening now. Her team is churning out one new director a month now, I think maybe even she said it’s been four lately. It was an astronomical leap. And so now the story has died. She realized, oh, I actually do know how to create directors. I just had to get back to the activity that I knew created the directors, and then I had to put, so again, increasing the intensity, but also preserving the recovery in there, being like, this is how I’m going to care for myself. This is how I ensure I don’t burn out. This is how I’m going to ensure my team doesn’t burn out. Now her team is cranking. It’s so fun. A lot of my mastermind members are seeing real huge fruit of all the hard labor they put in to slow down, build the systems, work on their leadership, work on their stories, get clear on where they’re going, clean up some of their thinking, learn to actually coach their downlines instead of talk at them.

Kristen Boss  (21:11):  And so all of this change started actually creating change in their paychecks. In fact, I have one mastermind member, I think in five days. She’s about from the point she started with me and tripled her income. She’s came to me making a hundred K a year, and she’s about to close out a 300 K a year, which is so we are so beyond excited for her. But she had to do, her first eight months was so painful. We had to go through all of the stories, all of the healing, all of the hurt. We had to build systems. She was so resistant to building systems. I’m like, stop. You have to build these systems because eventually you won’t be able to. Once you bring on so many people, you will have to ensure their success. And you can’t be in 300 one-on-one calls every week. Your system is what facilitates growth.

Kristen Boss  (22:02):  My social science academy is one giant system. That’s really what it is. And so it’s so funny, I used to have the same resistance like US systems. I don’t want to have to do systems. By the way, I’m teaching this in depth at the Rising Leader Summit. If you’re like, oh, I know I really need to clean up my systems, just stop the podcast, go to the show notes and get the ticket. But systems are the key to scaling. And by scaling meaning you make more money by doing less activity. That’s what scaling is. Learning to leverage your time, meaning you’re making more by doing less. And that’s really the sweet spot in network marketing that a lot of people want to get to also with entrepreneurs. But in order to scale, you have to slow down and build the systems. That’s the hard part.

Kristen Boss  (22:45):  And I will tell you this right now. My company has been in a slowdown for probably six months, and it has been a painful slowdown. We’ve had to comb through every single system. And because the more people I add to my organization, the more layers there are between me and my customer. So I have to ensure there is a flawless system in place so that my customer gets the same experience as I was giving to people when it was just me and that person. So there’s layers of communication now between you know me and when someone joins a program. So I have to make sure all the systems are there, the culture is there, the values are there, the deliverables are there. And so, and it’s tedious, it’s hard, it’s frustrating. But when you have a well-built system, your fulfillment and how you care for your customers, how you care for your team doesn’t suffer.

Kristen Boss  (23:38):  And when that doesn’t suffer, people stay. And when people stay, people refer. People duplicate. When people know how to use your system and leverage the system, that is when you generate momentum. So I don’t know, you’re like, is this a interval training episode or a systems episode or a scaling episode? Yes. The goal is you’re going to have to put your pedal to the metal, and you might have to strategically pick up some intensity in your business and decide to pull up your big girl panties, your bossy britches and say, I’m doing this. Yes, it’s painful for a time, but I can do anything for a time. And I’m also going to make sure that I’m caring for myself in such a way during this intensity. I kind of think of it like marathon training. And so the type of prep you have to do for a 5K is very different than the type of prep and recovery you have to do.

Kristen Boss  (24:29):  When you run 20 miles, 22 miles, let’s say you’re going to go on a three mile run. Your recovery’s going to look so different than recovering from a 20 mile run and recovering from a 20 mile run. You’re like, okay, I have to make sure I get electrolytes in my body. I should do an ice bath. I need to do stretching. I need to do a massage. I need to make sure I hydrate properly. Maybe I need to do, look, what IVs does my nutrition look like? There’s so much built in because of the level of intensity. So whatever level of intensity you have on the front end, you need to have equal levels of recovery on the back end. So I will say this in my company, we have intervals in our business we’re time where things really ramp up and it feels like a sprint.

Kristen Boss  (25:09):  And then we have our recovery times, and that’s where I’m resting and I’m not creating as much. I will say right now, I have been in a four month sprint, but also I know I’m going to enter into a three month recovery. So I know that, and I’m also making sure that’s when I knew, okay, I looked at the beginning of this year and I was like, okay, I have this live event we’re doing. I have this new offer that we’re going to be putting out. I have all the content I need to develop for that. We have these new things we’re going to be putting in place. So I knew I have a ton of content generation, we have a lot of hires to do. I have a lot of c e o decisions to make. So when I looked at the first six months of this year, I was like, dude, this is going to be very, very busy.

Kristen Boss  (25:55):  So something I worked on with my coach was I said, okay, I need habits and routines to support the level of intensity I’m entering into in this season to protect myself, protect my health, protect my time, and all these things. So we have been working, I’ve been working on hydration and sleep hygiene and going to bed on time and waking up early and how to better leverage my time and who else do I need to hire to get certain things off my plate? And it’s also a season where I feel like all I’m doing is spending money. I’m going to be totally honest with you. It’s just like I was telling her friend, I was like, this part of c e Oing is hard where I’m hiring so many people to get the company to where we’re going to go, because I know if I try and deliver all of it myself, I am going to burn out and the customer experience will suffer because that can’t be everything to everyone.

Kristen Boss  (26:45):  So we’re hiring, I’m getting new tech, I’m bringing on new team members. So all of this, it’s acquiring cost, but this is the investment. It’s like, okay, I’m going to build this and I’m going to invest in order for my future growth. So if you are in this place where you’re struggling with investment for your future, I just want you to know I’m in yet another season of that myself. I see where we’re about to take the company. And for me, I’m like, all right, more systems hiring, which means my company expenses goes up monthly. It’s like my cost of business goes up. So when you’re maybe buying a program, hiring a coach, that’s an increase in your cost of business. And you do that. You increase your cost of business so that you can have the tools and the systems and the skills in place to make more money to generate more revenue.

Kristen Boss  (27:41):  And there comes a point for me, there was a while where I was like, I didn’t have to invest much into the company and the business to get us far, but then eventually got to the point where I’m like, all right, now I got to start investing again and invest a lot more than I’m comfortable with. And it’s scary and it’s hard, but I know that this is what’s necessary for growth. And I have surrounded myself with other CEOs of very large companies to support me in my decision making so that I don’t feel alone. And some of you need this. I’m not surrounding myself with people that have much smaller businesses than I do because they don’t know. They can’t relate to the decisions I’m having to make right now. I am surrounded by people who have made these decisions. They’re 10 steps ahead of me, and they’re able to speak into me and say, okay, yep, totally been there.

Kristen Boss  (28:30):  This is what’s normal. This is what you need to look out for. This is how to protect your profit margins. So I am actively, and I’m investing to be around those people. I’m investing to be like, I don’t want to guesswork this because guesswork costs me money. If I am trying to figure things out on my own, when I could hire somebody that’s probably going to, I can hire somebody to bring in their expertise to tell me exactly what I need to do and how to get there with way less mistakes than if I were to figure it on my own, it would take longer. And when things take you longer, it actually, you have to think about, you might be thinking, oh, I’m saving money in the long, long run, but what it’s actually doing is costing you it’s opportunity cost. What revenue are you potentially losing because you’re not acquiring those skills faster?

Kristen Boss  (29:21):  So for me, I’m like, if it takes me six months to figure this out, then that’s six months of potential revenue I’m not making because I’m still trying to figure it out and I might be losing more money because I’m making very expensive mistakes. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to hire somebody to take this six month learning gap, and I’m going to leverage all their knowledge so that this becomes a one month learning gap for me so that I can immediately get into profit, leverage their knowledge, and make money faster in month two, cost me more on the front end, but I make more on the backend and it saves me money for making mistakes. So I just want you to know, if you’re in this place where you’re evaluating investments in your business, understand that this is the world of business.

Kristen Boss  (30:06):  You’re actually thinking a business owner and not a hobbyist. When you’re thinking, if I invest there, what’s my roi? What’s my opportunity cost? If I don’t invest, what revenue am I potentially missing out on? And this is how I see people make decisions. They look at the cost of the thing. So these consultants I hired, they’re very expensive, but for me, I’m like, it’s actually more expensive for me if I don’t hire them. That is the thought I have. I’m like, if I don’t hire them, it’s probably going to cost me that much in mistakes. And I know that because I recently have made some very expensive mistakes in my business. One day I’ll talk about the media team that I spent like 70,000 on, and I hated it. I was like, well, that’s put that in the lesson bucket, in the mistakes I’ve made bucket.

Kristen Boss  (30:51):  But for me, I’m like, I don’t want to keep making $70,000 mistakes, so I’m going to pay this person 70,000 or whatever it is to protect me from all the other probably $200,000 of mistakes. So this is what I’m saying. It’s just like we tend to look at the cost of the thing. Okay, this thing is going to cost me $200. We’re looking at the immediate cost. What we’re not looking at is the opportunity cost. If you don’t do the thing, what potential revenue am I missing out on? If I don’t do this thing, am I missing out? Let’s say the cost of the thing is $200. You have to ask yourself, am I potentially missing out on creating more than $200 of revenue without this skill? If the answer is yes, then you must do the temporary pain of pain for the thing. I hope that’s making sense.

Kristen Boss  (31:36):  This is, man, I’m just kind of going everywhere with this episode, but I just feel like I’m hitting some really key topics that you need to hear. So understanding where do I need to have intensity? Where do I need to build in recovery? Where do I need to make a short-term investment for a long-term gain? Where do I need to be building in my recovery or being more aware of how I care for myself? Where did I stop doing the activities that generated me results that I need to get back to, and how do I need to do that activity better? Because so many people are afraid of engaging back in the activities because they’re like, no, no, no. Kristen, if I do that again, I’m really afraid I’m going to burn out and be like, well, you’re only going to burn out if you do it the same way.

Kristen Boss  (32:15):  If you do it without boundaries, if you do it without self-care, like, okay, in this season you might have to give up Netflix, Ben Bingeing on the weekdays. I’ll watch Netflix on the weekend. But for me, I just noticed I rest better, I sleep better, and I’m more energized if I’m not watching TV during the week. And I used, that used to be my favorite way to decompress being like, yes, true crime, murder, mystery. Fall asleep on the couch, wake up and stumble into bed. I’m like, don’t like that. We’re cleaning this up. All right. So I think that’s enough for this episode because I’m like, your brain is probably melting. My brain is melting as I’m saying this, I’m like, dang, this is really good. I should probably get the transcript for this and write content with it. But all that to say, friends, you have to learn to do business smarter. And there are times to work with intensity. And intensity comes with intentionality. Intensity without intentionality is just hustle. And that’s not what we do because hustle is not sustainable. So friends, if you haven’t already bought your virtual ticket for the summit, do it. Go to the link in the show notes. We’re going to make an amazing experience even for our virtual attendees. I cannot wait to see all the amazing faces at Denver and for the huge reveal that’s coming later this week. We’ll catch you in the next episode.

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