Goal Getter Stories Ep #84

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For the last 90 days, members of the Social Selling Academy have been taking part in the first-ever 90 Day Goal Getter Challenge. And boy - has it been a wild ride! In today’s special BONUS episode, Kristen is sharing the stories of five Academy members who’ve taken part in the Goal Getter Challenge. Listen in as they talk about the transformations the 90 Day Challenge has created not only in their network marketing business but also in their personal lives.

For the last 90 days, members of the Social Selling Academy have been taking part in the first-ever 90 Day Goal Getter Challenge. And boy – has it been a wild ride! 

In today’s special BONUS episode, Kristen is sharing the stories of five Academy members who’ve taken part in the Goal Getter Challenge. Listen in as they talk about the transformations the 90 Day Challenge has created not only in their network marketing business but also in their personal lives.

Join us as we welcome Leslie, Renae, Tiffany, Clyde, and Mallory as they walk us through the challenges they faced and how the Goal Getter Challenge helped them to bust through their own barriers to make 2021 one of their best years ever.

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Transcript for Ep #84 Goal Getter Stories:

Kristen Boss (00:00:05):  Welcome to Purposeful Social Selling with Kristen Boss. I’m your host, Kristen Boss. I’m a mindset and business coach with more than 15 years experience in both the product and service based industries. I believe that social selling is the best business model for people wanting to make an impact while they make serious income. This is the podcast for the social seller, who is tired of feeling inauthentic in their business and desires to find a more purposeful and profitable way of growing their business in today’s social media landscape. In this podcast, you will learn what it takes to grow a sustainable business through impactful and social marketing. It’s time to ditch the hustle and lead from the heart. Let me show you the new way.

Kristen Boss (00:00:48):  Hey bosses, I’m coming at you with this special bonus episode midweek just for you. If you heard the announcement, you know that a new book bonus is now live. When you join the Social Selling Academy, we are kicking off a brand new Goal Getter Challenge on January 3rd. I know last episode, I said January 1st, but it’s January 3rd. It’s when we’re kicking off a new 90 day go-getter challenge. And this particular episode, I am sharing with you stories from five different students who are in five different seasons of businesses when they decided to join the Academy and what changed for them when they decided to use the tool, the Goal Getter Challenge, our 90 day self-coaching journal and what happened in their business and with their mindset when they started using the tool. The 90 day Goal Getter Challenge is by far the most powerful tool inside the Academy.

Kristen Boss (00:01:42):  It teaches you exactly what you need to be consistent to actually stay committed, to do the work and your results truly compound. These stories are inspiring. I hope you are encouraged when you hear them. I guarantee you’re going to relate to at least one of these stories and see yourself in them. So if you’ve been thinking about joining the Social Selling Academy, and it’s the first of the year, and you want to be a part of a 90 day challenge and be a part of a community and really have the tools you need to learn to be consistent and to create the results you’ve been wanting to see in your business. This is the missing key. This is the missing component that you need. So when you join between now and the 31st new year’s Eve at midnight, you get the, a book mailed and printed to you when you join for free. So you get the book it’s gifted to you. When you join the Academy. After the first of the year, you still have access to the book. You just don’t get the book gifted to you and mailed to you. So I just want to urge you to listen to this episode, soak it all in, and when you’re ready, we’ll see you inside the Academy.

Kristen Boss (00:02:45):  Okay. I am here with Social Selling Academy member, Leslie Burris, Leslie. I’m so glad you’re here. And just giving your time to share a little bit about your story. So for my people that don’t know, you share a little bit about your social selling journey, kind of where you were, how long you’ve been in the, in the industry and where you were before you joined the Academy.

Leslie (00:03:07):  Okay, great. So I started my social selling business back in 2016. Actually, I was one of those people that joined in January. You know, when all y’all are saying, people don’t want to back to work. They want a new year, new you. I, that was me. I launched my business in January, 2016. And it was probably at the apex of what we’ve always done in social selling, which was like Facebook stuff Facebook groups actually there weren’t a ton of Facebook groups when I started my business. And if you got in one, it was new, it was fresh. Everybody was experiencing this great momentum. It was so much fun. And then my husband took a $20,000 per year pay cut at his job. And I was like, I wonder if I could make up the difference because I was already casually sharing. I thought to myself, what if I got serious?

Leslie (00:03:58):  And I like actually did at this and really put some effort in. So I did. And we ended up getting, I covered that gap and I had so much fun what I initially came in for, in my social selling business. Once I got there, I thought to myself, wow. I wonder if I could triple that, you know, just like I’m here already. What if this could be a thing? And so I kept walking one foot in front of the other and I was having a ton of fun until about 2018 two years. Yeah, yeah. Two years. And you know, we didn’t actually, it was at that time, we didn’t see a lot of people leaving the industry at that time. It was still like, there was a lot of really good things happening on the internet. And Instagram wasn’t as highly favored as Facebook at that time.

Leslie (00:04:44):  And so but we noticed that there was some shifting happening. I was looking for some training where I could get better. I knew that I had reached like this incredible, where I wanted to be, but I knew there was more for me. And yet I was going to some trainings. I was doing all the things I was signing up for courses and investing in myself, which I had never done until I was in network marketing. You need this, you need to do more.

Leslie (00:05:35):  You need to show up more. It was just that everything that I was listening to was from this really like man up perspective, please, I’m really relational. And I’m really methodical. And I love moving from a position of peace, but a lot of the trainings that I was taking, just it wasn’t, it wasn’t everything I wanted, but I, I did it. I signed up, I started doing, I started doing what they said and I was still experiencing loss in my business. And then I started noticing people were quitting because they were tired and they were overworked. And we were working harder than we were in that season, which is hilarious. So we were working harder in the season after the momentum and we weren’t getting the same reward or even close to the same reward. So a lot of people were dropping off.

Leslie (00:06:19):  Attrition really started to come into play. And I spent a year, 2000, well, 2020 well, actually probably 18 months of if I could explain it, it was like trying to go 70 miles an hour in third gear, you knew it sounded wrong. You know what I’m saying? Like, you’re like, oh, I feel like I need to shift gears here. And I, and I had this beautiful organization. I had this beautiful thing and they were tired. They needed to shift, but I was just like, eh, like trying to, trying to, trying to go down a freeway when I didn’t have the gears to do it. And so,when I, I had a friend who signed up for your course, it was the Recruit Reboot. So another $9 event. Yeah. A $9 event. But then they all signed up for the Social Selling Academy.

Leslie (00:07:14):  And I didn’t know, that was really going on either. I noticed something about them. They were really chill and they were not doing what I was doing which is they were being methodical. Their social media was changing. Like they had, they had more peace, which I was highly attracted to in a season of burnout. And they said, Leslie, you really need to join the Social Selling Academy. It’s amazing. Like, you can bring all your mind mess and untangle it and learn how to untangle it yourself. So you can like move forward. But listen, I’ve done. I’ve signed up for some heavy courses. Like I’ve signed up for multiple $300 courses. I’ve signed up for, transformation weeks, like a transformation week where you actually like go to the place and you spend time with a little group of women for transformation.

Leslie (00:08:14):  I’ve, I’ve done those things. And they’re, they’re wonderful. But I was, I was J and I was just like unwilling, you know, I was like, burn out. Couldn’t take my team or I wanted to go, but I was burned out. And honestly, I’ve been through the courses. And so I was that girl, but then I think it was your famous quote of like, if you plan on earning this much money in your business next year, then you need to invest. And I got in and let me tell you it’s more than the coaching calls. Like those, I feel like are the cherry on top? They’re amazing. And I love them. And I, I gobbled up every single replay, but the content that’s in there where you’re talking about organic marketing and you’re talking about like niche, which a lot of people have ideas around niche.

Leslie (00:09:05):  I was at this place in my business where I had, I had swipe up. I, I went from 1000 followers to eight to 10 and I was about 25. I was at 25,000, even just two months ago. But I did all the organic marketing, watched some of it twice. And I thought, okay, I’m going to, I’m going to just put my blinders on. I’m not going to sign up for any other training. I’m whenever something comes up and people are like, we’re doing this for 90 days. I was like, no. So I am going to learn organic marketing if you want peace and you want strategy and you don’t, and you don’t want to burn out. That was what was different about your Academy. You weren’t telling me to man up and ditch putting doesn’t enjoy your pregnancy. Don’t, you know, don’t take seven weeks off or postpartum.

Leslie (00:10:00):  Like none of that was going on. It was like, actually, what if you scheduled and rest gave yourself margin? You even said like, Hey, what if you could do this in 45 minutes to 90 minutes, a day, six days a week. And that would be great. And I was like, yeah, I think that’s for me and organic marketing and all the, all the modules within the Social Selling Academy really fed into that same vision, but not only fed into it. It actually worked. I mean, I I’ve gone from 25,000 followers to 62,000 followers in the matter of a couple of months because I really honed in and decided who I was going to talk. And I was only going to talk to that person and I was going to grab her little face and just love on her. And last month I enrolled 133 personal customers, DMed.

Leslie (00:10:48):  None of them, I had everything because of that organic marketing section within the Academy, I had everything set up. So I, I was, I’ve been getting enrollments in my sleep. Like I literally wake up and I have customers to plug into systems and I have like, everything is working for me so I can be with my family. And I’m like, it’s ridiculous. It’s fantastic. It is the shift. Like I went from third gear to fourth gear, but now I feel like I’m in fifth gear. Like, I feel like I can honestly look at a, at someone and say, I can help you build a business. Like I can actually show you a blueprint. That’ll allow you to be with your family. You’ll have confidence in what you’re doing. And I don’t have to tell you, you have to go message 30 people a day.

Kristen Boss (00:11:38):  What’s interesting is like, you see this scarce mindset, a lot that permeates network marketing, the fear of like, and, and you were stuck in the, you know, working harder and making less because you were in that space. And then once you actually learned to calm down, you experienced a ton of growth and working intentionally. So why do you think, like, you know, people don’t believe slowing down to speed up is a real thing. Like they really don’t. They, they think it means like I’m going to lose a lot of money. My business is going to hurt and I, I can’t slow down. What would you say to that?

Leslie (00:12:27):  I would say that if you don’t slow down, you’re going to hit a wall and you’re going to be forced to slow down. You don’t have to hurt your family. You don’t have to say no to Christmas and Thanksgiving. When the retail season is hot, you can actually be prepared in advance and move forward with grace. And that’s amazing. Like you’re either going to, you’re either going to burn out or you’re going to slow down. And again, what I’ve seen a lot in this industry is people go from first gear to second gear to third gear, really fast. And you can only go that fast unless you shift you’re in trouble. And for me, the Social Selling Academy was that shift. Like, again, I feel like I can confidently take people down a road that I’m comfortable and confident taking them down. Like we can actually handle the speed when, before we weren’t built for it.

Leslie (00:13:27):  I’ve been in network marketing for six years and, you know, we’ve, we earned a good paycheck. We’re a six figure earning family from network marketing. And I’m so thankful. And I will tell you, it dropped about 20 to $30,000 a year because of attrition. So that is a big pay cut. And I learned that it was during that season that I doubled down on the investment. I invested in myself through the Academy. All right. When it didn’t make sense when people were thrown in the towel, I was like, okay, I’m, I’m going to invest. And I was earning less than I had been before. I’m either going to watch the whole thing dissolve, or I’m going to invest and I’m going to move forward and go. And now like, I’m back where I was. I’m 100 pretty quickly too very quickly. I joined in June. If, if you do the Academy and I’m, I’m not saying like I did 40% of the Academy, I did like 90% of the Academy. I watched some of those videos two and three times. And that was my slowdown. I was still working hard, but I wasn’t hurrying. I was like, sit down, compassion toward myself, grieve. Like I like, it’s okay to have those things and feel those things, but nobody told me like, Hey, you’re going to experience some disappointments and that’s okay. It’s not a problem. And I’ve literally had no context for that before the Academy.

Kristen Boss (00:14:55):  Mm. So good. What have you noticed? I mean, your business has just been absolutely crushing it. What have you noticed in your personal life? That’s changed since joining?

Leslie (00:15:04):  I have a lot more peace. Hmm. I always knew that I had access to it, but the managed mind is very costly. Like, I didn’t realize how profitable it would be for me to say things to myself. Like I’m a human and I’m allowed to feel disappointed and it’s okay. And I don’t have to be in a hurry. So when I started to entertain thoughts of possibility, that’s when I started, like, I’ve been able to actually help my children. Like when they’re having feelings, I don’t try to get them to not have feelings. I say, what are you thinking about?

Kristen Boss (00:15:40):  Yeah. So good.

Leslie (00:15:41):  What’s on your mind. Even my husband, like, I’m so much more patient with him because I know what it’s like to have my mess. I didn’t pay the money in the Social Selling Academy because I don’t have mind mess. And it’s just given me this place of compassion. Like it’s okay. He’s just having some thoughts and it’s going to pass. Like we all like it’s okay. I don’t have to try to change somebody. Which also means that happens in my team, right? Yes right. So, and they have objections. Objections are not a problem. They’ve always been a problem. You can go by any training. You want how to handle objections and how to avoid them or how to get people to not believe that it’s a problem. But if you can strip it back and sit with them and say like, no, it’s okay. It’s okay to think that right now? Yeah.

Kristen Boss (00:16:30):  You know, and then it actually saves your energy as a leader. And you’ve probably shifted out of, I would guess you probably have experienced a shift out of management and actually into leadership.

Leslie (00:16:40):  I, 100% know that at the end of the day, my people have everything they need to be successful. And it does not write on me. And there’s so much freedom in that because now people take ownership of their own business. Like I took ownership of mine and I was like my attrition, my responsibility. And that wasn’t a place of shame. Like you, you call it out, but you have kindness and compassion and say like, if you did this, if you experience attrition, that means you can also experience growth. Yep. And so that for me has been like, okay, I, I can do this.

Kristen Boss (00:17:21):  I would actually be curious, your insight from someone who like did 90 day runs, what do you think is different between the traditional 90 day run that people think about? And the Goal Getter Challenge that is taught inside the Academy, which is completely different.

Leslie (00:17:36):  Completely different. So the 90 day run usually includes a list of things that you need to do every day that grow your business. So they’re known as income producing activities. So you need to reach out, you need to connect, you need to do all these things in a traditional 90 day run. At least from my experience is that I would sign up for it. I’d feel really good that I’m going to do this thing. And then I’d do it for three days and then I’d stop. And then I wouldn’t do the whole thing. And it’s because I had a thought or I had a thought that produced a feeling and that feeling was paralyzing me, keeping me stuck. And then I would fail. And then I would feel awful about myself and that would be it. That would be my 90 day run.

Leslie (00:18:16):  Now the Goal Getter Challenge is the same thing. When it comes to income producing activities, you’re still going to work hard. You have to work hard in order to build a business. So the difference between the 90 day run and Goal Getter challenge is, the Goal Getter challenge actually provokes me to say like, what’s going on in here? Right. Whereas the one over here, it would just tell me what to do, but it didn’t address the compassionate part of like, Hey, there’s a reason you don’t like the Instagram reels is because you have, you have thoughts about it, or you have thoughts about what other people are going to think about it. And so when you can peel back the onion and say like, wow, I didn’t realize I had this deep agreement that was actually preventing me from doing the activities. So once I look at that agreement that I’ve made, and then I handle it and I start thinking, thoughts of possibility.

Leslie (00:19:03):  Well, I’m doing the, I’m doing the income producing activities. Like nothing, everybody, everybody comes into social selling with zero experience or they have experience. And so I love the fact that it’s lifetime because you never know where people are starting in from, but that Goal Getter Challenge is like such a great place to start. Especially if you have never, or if you’re just watching the coaching calls for the first time, you can hear how other people have those thoughts. So when you sit your journal every day and you’re like, oh, I remember that one call. Yeah. I feel the same way. And this is why I’m not doing half the things that actually grow my business. Whereas over here in the 90 day hustle thing, it’s just like, you didn’t do it. Well, you need to do more. Well, you need to makeup, you need to go back. You need to do this. And it was like, well, we didn’t address the heart. Well, women are all heart.

Kristen Boss (00:19:50):  Yeah.

Leslie (00:19:51):  We’re heart. So the difference is one addresses the heart. It comes from compassion. It gets you to ask good questions so you can unblock it and go to work and get the results that you wanted. And the other one just says, go, go, go, go, go. And it says, well, ignore the heart.

Kristen Boss (00:20:05):  We don’t take action. Just for the sake of taking action. It’s about cleaning everything up first so that your action is actually intentional purpose. And it yields a result, which I think people are very surprised with. Like they think they were working and then they did the daily. They did the, the Goal Getter Challenge. They’re like, I wasn’t working. I was just busy spinning my wheels, entertaining stories. I just had no.

Leslie (00:20:25):  We’re avoiding.

Kristen Boss (00:20:25): We’re avoiding the work.

Leslie (00:20:27):  Most people have no problem doing affiliate marketing, promoting product. But what makes network marketing amazing is you can actually launch business builders and brand partners. And so many people, including myself. If I get a season where I’m experiencing attrition and I don’t have compassion and I don’t understand what’s going on, do you think I’m going to invite people to do this business with me? No, probably not. If I haven’t addressed the heart, well, that compounded over time. I spent 18 months not recruiting people into my business. And then I’m like, I don’t understand why my business is going down. I was like, well, I wasn’t doing what builds the business at an exponential level. And so that goal gets challenge plus the coaching plus, I mean, honestly, the, the marketing and the, the niche and all, all of it, the purposeful.

Kristen Boss (00:21:14):  The Copywriting.

Leslie (00:21:15):  All of it. I mean.

Kristen Boss (00:21:16):  It is. Yep.

Leslie (00:21:19):  It’s amazing. I, I, I mean, dare I say, I’d pay five grand for it.

Kristen Boss (00:21:24):  Well, you’re probably going to apply for the mastermind and you’re going to get a, but fixed on a whole new level. 100%. I love, you know, there’s next levels. Then there’s next level, which is, which is a lot more advanced concepts. But I love that you, and I think what people really needed to hear just there’s so many things you said, but one of the things was, you just said, you know, you were in a season of working harder, making less in you invested when you were suffering. And that’s a really hard time. It can be a hard time to invest, cause that’s when you can have a lot of stories of like, it’s not responsible. I should get my numbers up first, before I invest, I need to go and focus on things. And I always tell people like now is the best time to invest no matter if, especially if you’re hurting in your business, how else are you going to turn it around? What else disrupts the pattern? Nothing else does.

Leslie (00:22:13):  Absolutely. And there is this, there’s this idea that slim times or cutback means that you need to hide and hunker down and just make do, but we, 100% is human beings are called to invest. Always, we’re always investing. We’re always giving back. We’re always contributing. And so I would just encourage anybody if you’re like, oh, I’m at the lowest of my low. Yeah. I have my lowest paycheck and I just signed up for the Academy. I just, I did it. I was like, this is already painful. So if I’m out, if I’m out some more money, I can always get more money. I can not get back time with my team. And what if it’s my leadership that’s actually going to help them not be burned out.

Kristen Boss (00:22:57):  Yeah. And I I’m wondering, have you seen that on your team?

Leslie (00:23:01):  Yeah. We have so many people. It’s like, it’s like an ember, my team was like embers. They were like dying down, but I like, it’s been a breath of fresh air and now, now they’re, they’re lit up again. I love it.

Kristen Boss (00:23:12):  I love it. And now you just get to keep making results because listen, you already made the investment. You get to keep, you just get to keep reaping the results and you get to keep compounding on your interest over time. Like your initial investment. You just get to keep compounding on that over and over. So I love your story so much. I think a lot of people bull can relate to exactly where you are just seeing the season of attrition, doing all the things. Oh yeah. And wondering why it’s not working. And in the Academy you are taught you you’re, there’s no guesswork. You’re given everything you need. You’re given all the mind, but you’re also given the why and the how, instead of just the what, and most people, when they join things, they’re given the, what, here’s the list.

Kristen Boss (00:23:52):  Here’s the checklist, do these things. But unless they understand the why and the how they won’t do the things, and that is what the Academy does, is it really gives power back to you. It also can feel painful because like you said, I have to take responsibility. Yes. And so in the Academy we teach, no, you are fully responsible for your results. Nothing else is not your team. Not your customers, not your upline, not your, not my company. Yep. Not your company, not the promotions that they’re saying. Absolutely. None of that. And you learn to take full responsibility, which can feel a painful at time, which is why you said I have to have self compassion and own that. But once you took responsibility, you were able to take responsibility to create a completely different result. And that’s what you’ve done. So it’s been super fun to see. And I just appreciate you coming on and just sharing your story, cause I’m sure someone really needed to hear it in order to join.

Leslie (00:24:44):  Thank you so, so much for having me, I’m really excited for the next year and I hope lots and lots and lots of people get into the Academy.

Kristen Boss (00:24:51):  Me too. Thanks, Leslie. Okay. I am here with the Social Selling Academy, student, Renae. Renae, I’m so glad you’re here. And I know it’s really early where you’re at.

Renae (00:25:05):  It is. Thank you for having me, Kristen. It’s definitely worth getting up this early.

Kristen Boss (00:25:09):  Yes. And shout out to all of our Aussie students in the Academy who get up early. I love it. So Renae, I want to hear just so my viewers and listeners have a little bit of context of your story. Will you just share with them a little bit about how long you’ve been in social selling and kind of like where you were before you decided to join the Academy?

Renae (00:25:28):  Sure. So I joined the Social Selling Academy at the start of this year, before that I’d been in my business for about a year and a half. And I thought I was doing all the things and I was putting a lot of time and effort, but it was actually into things that weren’t income generating, you know, all the pretty things, all the fluff, it felt good. It took up a lot of time. So I assumed I was working really hard on my business. And then you popped up someone I’m not even sure who had shared on Instagram, your three day event that you had. And I thought it was such a bar and of course, I was going to try it out. And then I found your podcast and I just binged watched all of those. And your event was incredible. And I just had so many wow moments.

Renae (00:26:12):  So I knew that I had to be in your Social Selling Academy, but obviously, I’m in Australia and the, the difference with our Aussie dollars is quite a bit, and I hadn’t made that much money in my business yet. So I had to find a way to raise that money and also to really sell it to my husband as well. Ah yes, so we, I have a craft room. I had a craft room, I should say. And it had sort of turned into a bit of a jump room. I had a little business many years ago, but, and I knew if I could go through all that and sell it, I would have enough money to join the Academy. And so that’s what I did.

Kristen Boss (00:26:51):  I love that so much. And you know, one of the things I tell students to do is to be resourceful and finding ways to get into the Academy, cause you could have looked and been like, I just don’t have the money. I don’t have the funds and it could have been really easy for you to sit with a story that it’s irresponsible to invest in the Academy when you hadn’t made that much in your business yet. And I think that’s just a, a lo sided way of thinking instead of thinking, wait, I should join. So that I learned the exact tools. I need to make more money in this business. So I’m curious, like, so was your husband pretty fascinated watching you sell your craft room?

Renae (00:27:26):  He did not think I’d do it.

Kristen Boss (00:27:29):  I love it. I love it.

Renae (00:27:31):  It was just so time consuming and that in itself was a lesson for me as well. Like it took me days and days and days to go through it all. And I kept listening to your podcast while I was doing that. I, I learned a lot while I did it and I was so, so excited to find out that I had enough money and I joined straight away.

Kristen Boss (00:27:50):  Yeah and you got super resourceful. You’re like, I’m going to find the money. It’s surely it’s somewhere. And I just want to know, like, what was the experience before you even joined the Academy? What did you learn about yourself in deciding that you deserved and you were worthy of that investment in yourself and your business? Like I always say sometimes there’s a transformation just in the transaction. And do you feel like that happened for you?

Renae (00:28:15):  Yeah, I do feel like there was a transformation just in the few days that it took because it was a lot of work to pack up and sell everything in my craft room. So that gave me some big wow moments in itself that actually I can do hard things. I can do things that take time and effort and don’t come easily. Because I know there will be a reward in the end and it was, yeah, it was just, it was really good. I felt so, so good about myself when those few days were over and I could press buy and get in the account.

Kristen Boss (00:28:45):  Yes. I love it. And I also think it’s really good that, you know, I think it’s so fun that it’s almost a year later you joined the first sustainable success event and it was $9. You had no idea who I was and you probably just came like I’m going to come for this $9 training. Yeah. And not think like, oh, I’m going to invest in like this serious program to grow my business. And so it probably like caught you by surprise, like, oh, I wasn’t planning on dropping this kind of money, but here we are. So I’m curious like there’s a lot of areas and avenues to grow your business. There’s a lot of programs. There’s a lot of coaches. Why has the Academy been the best fit for you?

Renae (00:29:22):  I think because you always sound like you’re speaking just to us and for me, I find it a little bit of a life coach and business coach too. I love that even with the time difference. I often don’t make your live calls, but watching the recording, I definitely learn something from every woman who’s on there speaking to you. So yeah. I get so much more out of it than I ever thought that I would.

Kristen Boss (00:29:45):  Yeah. So it’s also one of the great things is it’s a lifetime investment you pay once it’s done. You don’t have to think about it again. How has that kind of served you knowing like I only had to pay for this once and now my work is to just get the results? How has that served you?

Renae (00:30:01):  Well, I have joined other programs in the past that you pay monthly and I’ve tried to cram it all into a month or two and it just doesn’t work. And I love that with your program, you know, it’s open forever. There are months that I’m less active in the Academy, you know, when I’m really busy with my family or when I’m really busy with my business and I’m not, not in there as much, but I love that. I can just jump on in when I am available and you have the private podcast too. I find it really easy to be able to listen when I’m going for a walk or when I’m cleaning the house or that sort of thing. So I do, I do like it. I feel like it’s not, I don’t feel like I have to jump in and get everything done all at once. I can do it at my pace and it’s just, I love it. I love it.

Kristen Boss (00:30:44):  I love that. So you had some pretty fun results. Cause the Goal Getter Challenge has been a pretty big game changer inside the Academy and you had some pretty fun results happen recently. So talk a little bit about the Goal Getter Challenge and how that’s helped you.

Renae (00:31:00):  So I love that challenge. I love that. It’s a bit of accountability for me. I love the thought models and that’s something that I just do all the time. Now in my head, I had an amazing October. I ranked up three ranks in my business, which I’d never done before I earned back what I spent to join the Academy. And actually, it’s continued onto month and I’ve earned a spot in our company’s incentive trip, which I never thought was possible. Never.

Kristen Boss (00:31:29):

I love that so much. And I think what’s really interesting is you and you’ve touched on it. You said, you know, I thought I was doing all the things I thought I was like working really hard in my business, but then I realized what actually creates results. And I, I think a lot of people when they hear like mindsets really important, I think they think like, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. But just give me, tell me the things, tell me what to do. And in the Academy, like you are given a very clear framework of like, this is the work you need to do, but also like a huge portion is mindset. So what has like shifted with your thoughts about like how mindset is to your business in addition to, you know, strategy?

Renae (00:32:08):  Yeah, it is everything for me. Mindset has been a huge part. I really had big blocks about, I mean, I’m in like a health and wellness business and I had huge blocks around that because I don’t look like someone who cares about my health and wellness. And so mindset has, has been just, oh, I just can’t even measure how big it’s been. It’s been so incredible that like that’s who I’m looking for. I’m looking for women who don’t feel like they fit into this little box and who do want to make changes in their lives. And I’ve been able to find so many of them and I get so many beautiful messages on social media. And I just know that because of the mindset work I’m doing, I’m helping other people with their mindset work too, even though that’s not my intention, but it’s just a beautiful, beautiful thing that happens because of it. So.

Kristen Boss (00:32:57):  Yeah. Becomes a ripple effect. Right? Yeah. So what has kind of changed a little bit with like how, how has your social media and how you’ve gone about social media? How has that changed since you’ve learned all, everything you haven’t inside the Academy?

Renae (00:33:13):  Well, I did, my social media was sort of more like a catalog of what I sold and I didn’t want to put my face on there and I definitely didn’t want to do videos or reels or show my whole body. And now I’m all out there. I’m on there all the time. I’m always on stories, I’m making reels and it just feels really, really good. It’s such a beautiful way to connect with other people. And that’s what I’m about. That’s another thing that I love about the Social Selling Academy. I love serving people. That is my heart. I just love, love, love to do that. And so to know that you can do that in your business and be successful as well is just so special. I I’m just so thankful that I’ve found you and learned that you can do both. It doesn’t have to be a hustle mindset. It, it yeah, you really can come from a place of service.

Kristen Boss (00:34:01):  I just love that you have felt so authentic on social media. And I actually think that was one of the first things I coached you on was just your thoughts about your image and yourself. And I just gave you a couple new thoughts to sit with and work on and being like, you don’t have to look or be a certain way. What if you can love yourself exactly as you are now and how much more freeing is that for you? And you said something really interesting and you said, you know, it kind of feels like a life and business, like life and business coaching. What has changed personally in your life? Like we could talk business and you had phenomenal results in October, but what are some surprising, like personal changes you’ve experienced since joining?

Renae (00:34:37):  Stepping outside of my comfort zone, both in business and in my personal life, you know, we had a dress up party for our staff Christmas party last week. There is no way I would’ve got dressed up and done karaoke and danced all night. Last year, there’s just no way, like the personal growth is amazing. I feel like I want to be seen now, like I’m not hiding away. And I’ve made so many beautiful new friends in person and online because of it. And I wouldn’t have done that. I wouldn’t have done that.

Kristen Boss (00:35:08):  That’s getting me emotional. Like, that’s really amazing. And you’re here on this video. Like I just love that. It’s been like, what a year for you? What an amazing year. What would you say? What would you say to the person who’s like thinking I I’m just going to wait? I’m all like, I’ll wait to get results in my business. Like I’m going to try and make that in my business first.

Renae (00:35:29):  I would say that there is a way for you to join now and you don’t want to miss out because I’ve had such an incredible year. And my first thought was I did bulk at the money because I haven’t made that money in my business, but now I have I’m on the other side. I’ve definitely paid back what I spent to join the Academy and just the peace that I feel myself in my personal life and my business and the joy that I get every day. It’s worth 10 times that 100%. I’m so, so glad that I didn’t wait.

Kristen Boss (00:36:01):  I’m so thankful. And like, do you feel the difference in like with the sustainable approach? And like, I feel like I can truly do this every day. Like, I don’t feel like I need to take a vacation or a break from my business. Like, can you speak to that at all?

Renae (00:36:16):  Yes. Well, last month was my biggest month and I did host five, like in person classes as well. It was a huge month and, and it was tiring, but it was also invigorating. And it was this funny feeling where I felt physically tired, but my heart just felt so full. And then the next month tipped over and I’ve kept going. I’ve had another incredible month. I haven’t stopped running, but I think it’s because you really encourage us to have rest, have time to take rest, have time with our family time with our friends and our hobbies. Look after ourselves. It’s not just business all the time. And like even last night I had a message on Instagram, someone asking about the product, but it was nine 30 and I was going to bed and I just left it. I left it. I know that I’ll pick it up this morning. Yeah. I just love that. It’s not an all-or-nothing mentality and it feels like I can do it forever.

Kristen Boss (00:37:08):  Yeah. What is your, what has your husband said about what he’s seen in you since you’ve joined?

Renae (00:37:12):  He’s so proud of me all the time. Every time when I’m packing up for a class, he’s like, babe, I’m so proud of you.

Kristen Boss (00:37:19):  So I love that. See, and he sees like, this is the investment that just keeps paying off. And, and also that’s, again, the beauty of like you pay once and now like the Academy you’ve seen it actually evolve over the year. We’re always improving it. We’re always adding new tools. We have the Ask a Coach support feature, which, have you used Ask a Coach?

Renae (00:37:37):  No, I have not.

Kristen Boss (00:37:39):

Okay. Well, it’s like, it’s an amazing tool where it’s like, we have a certified coach ready at the ready for people to submit their questions. And so we just keep developing tools to only make it better for students to get results faster. And the Goal Getter Challenge was this is our first round and it’s been really fun seeing like all the momentum people are having the things because I think interesting is the Goal Getter Challenge. And I’m curious if you feel this way at all, is it’s extremely eyeopening to your business and yourself. Like you realize, oh, this is what it takes to actually build a business, right?

Renae (00:38:14):  Yes. And even when, like I had such a big month in October and it was a busy big month and then I go up to the end of my month and I looked at the things that I still hadn’t done. And I was like, oh my gosh,, so’s so much more I can learn and so much more I can do.

Kristen Boss (00:38:28):  Right. And it’s, and it is the idea of like small, cause we preach in the Academy, small, daily, imperfect, consistent actions. And it really does compound. And I think you’re experiencing that right now, right? Absolutely. Yes. Yes. I love this so much. I, I love your story so much. I love that it’s come full circle that you’ve seen such change both in your business life and in your personal life and that your husband who is a little like, oh, I don’t know about this investment now is seeing like all of that come back to you. Okay. I’m here with Tiffany, Tiffany. So thankful that you could be on with me and share a little bit of your story. Glad to have you here.

Tiffany (00:39:10):  Absolutely. I’m excited to be here.

Kristen Boss (00:39:13):  Yeah. So Tiffany, tell the listeners and a little bit about your social selling journey and kind of where you were before you joined the Academy.

Tiffany (00:39:23):  Okay. So I have been in the industry for over 10 years. I was with one company for seven years and really never saw any true success. I was basically a personal use. I tried, I was trying to see success. It just wasn’t working out for me. So I finally gave up and I decided, you know what, I’m not a salesperson. It’s fine. A few probably a year later I discovered my current company. I, I mean, I was happy. It was great. I enjoyed it. So I’ve been with my current company it for four years and I reached the top rank in the company. And I reached that rank with a lot of hard work effort and hustle. Okay. For four years. So while I was building my business, I was working full time as a civil engineer and I have two young kiddos.

Tiffany (00:40:18):  They’re both under six now at the time they were under four, under three, and four. So after a, while, you start to get tired when you’re just in constant hustle mode, and it can also feel stressful. And one day I stumbled upon your, Instagram account. Just a lot of what you were saying really resonated with me. It was very different than a lot of the coaching I had heard before. And it was very compelling. It sounded sustainable. Cause I was at a point where I wanted this to be my career. Right. so I joined the Social Selling Academy lot last summer, June. Late June, or July of 2021. And I’ve gotten super plugged in now with the 90 day challenge, which has been incredible.

Kristen Boss (00:41:09):  Yeah. A lot of people noticed a shift with the 90 day challenge and I think I think it’s really important to note that like part of the reason why this was framed as a lifetime program was so that it was always going to be there for you when you were ready to jump in, because life does happen. And so some people do join and they get to work right away. Some kind of take a little bit and then they jump in. But the, the great thing about it is you’ve you only pay once and you never have to think about that investment ever again. And it’s just about getting results beyond that point. And how has that kind of served you when you thought about investing, cause it is a higher price than like a monthly membership that you might see out there, right?

Tiffany (00:41:48):  Yes, absolutely. So that was 100%. One of the things that really excited me about the program is that it wasn’t a constant pay me every month. I knew I had the, the funds at the moment and I paid them and then I would have access to what sounded at the time, like a great program. And as it turns out, it really is for me to have lifetime access to that. And you’re constantly adding more value, which is just fantastic.

Kristen Boss (00:42:15):  Yes. I, I think a lot of people don’t know that is that like we’re always improving the Academy and it we’re always evolving it. And just because you pay doesn’t mean we’re done making it better, we’re always improving it. So talk a little bit about this Goal Getter Challenges. I know that’s been a game changer for a lot of people and it’s been very eye opening. So what has changed for you being a part of the Goal Getter Challenge?

Tiffany (00:42:37):  Okay. So I actually write down my models. OK. That’s huge. I never wrote down a model until this challenge started and now I have consistently done them for 60 days and it makes a huge difference. It’s a, it really does make a huge difference because I could kind of trick myself into thinking that my mindset was good. But when you actually take the time to write down all of the things that are floating around in your mind and then target in on a few of those, it makes a significant difference. In my opinion.

Kristen Boss (00:43:13):  Yeah. I think it’s, I think it’s kind of like people think yeah, yeah. Mindset. Okay. But like, let me let, like, let me get to my income producing activity and we do teach that framework in the Academy. Like it’s very clear what your income producing activity is. You’re given the framework, you’re given those things. And I think people like underestimate just how important mindset is until they actually get into it. And it sounds like, like once you’ve seen the models, which is the tool we teach inside the Academy, you’re like, oh, and I, I like to think it helps you own your results even better where you’re like, oh, I’m always in control of my results. So I’m a little curious. How has your being in the Academy shifted your leadership? How have you become a better leader being a student in the Academy?

Tiffany (00:43:56):  You just touched on it actually it’s the ownership piece? I feel like I’ve always been a person that takes ownership of my own actions and my own business. So I’ve always felt like I have control of my personal business, but I lead a very large team. And when you do it can be very easy to fall into, well, my team’s not doing what I need them to do and if they would show up better and if they would do this and it can make you feel like you have no control and that’s simply not true, you’ve, you’ve coached on it several times and it has totally changed my mindset. So when I have a month where it looks like my team is not performing how I would want them to or how I think they should be. Then instead of getting defensive or frustrated, I get curious now and it’s very empowering.

Kristen Boss (00:44:45):  Yes. I love that so much. Cause then it also, yeah, it empowers you as a leader. Cause I think when you’re believing these stories of like my team’s not showing up, my team doesn’t want it, nobody’s doing this. Like I think a lot of leaders out are out there feeling very helpless and feeling very tired because they feel helpless. But now when you feel empowered, you actually feel inspired and thinking I can help people. I know how to help my team now. So I would love to hear what are some of the results that you’ve seen since you decided like I’m diving it, this is I’m committed to this work.

Tiffany (00:45:16):  Yes. So I’ve been more intentional about looking for ways to serve my customers. I’ve always tried to serve, but honestly, it was more from a self-serving perspective. Right? Cause I’m like if I give them enough and I’m, I’m good enough at customer service, then they’ll want to buy more. So it was very self-serving but now I truly am thinking about my niche market and how I can serve them in their everyday life. I recently started a texting campaign. I’ve never done that before, but this 90 day challenge kind of pushed me outside of the box. Like how can I serve them better outside of Facebook with is where I built my business. So I’ve been doing this texting campaign just for a few weeks leading up to Black Friday. It had nothing to do with sales of the product at all. But I just had I’ve had now today is the last day of the month, my highest sales month personally in 10 months. So that’s been wonderful, very exciting. And I also had my first new recruit in six months. So I’ve been through kind of a dry spell and it’s really exciting that when I start showing up, so do the recruits

Kristen Boss (00:46:26):  What? You start showing up consistently and people show up to you? And like getting that recruit. Did it feel like a really aligned recruit for you? You didn’t have to chase him, beg him?

Tiffany (00:46:35):  That is exactly right. That’s exactly right. And she actually asked me a question that made me excited. She said, you know, what, what do you see in me? Is there something that you see in me that makes you think I’d be good at this? Which made me excited. Cause then I was able to tell her what I saw cause I really do see so much potential in her.

Kristen Boss (00:46:57):  Oh my goodness. I love that so much. All right. So you did mention that, like you found me on Instagram, like who’s this Kristen girl and I’m kind of, I, I do think I’m kind of newer in the industry. I have been around for a long time. Like, you know, I’m kind of fresh. And so like what helped you take the leap and like trust because there are, there are a lot of voices out there. There are a lot of coaches out there. Why has this, like, how is this Academy and the philosophy I teach you, how is it different from what’s out there, especially for a leader that’s been in this for a long time that thinks they’ve heard it all before. Right?

Tiffany (00:47:32):  Well, what you were saying is so different in my opinion than a lot of other coaches and there’s clearly a lot of great coaches out there. I’ve worked with some of them. But I feel like you were you’re the messaging I was hearing was very much about sustainable success. So I had a way to get to success. I, I got there, but I didn’t feel like it was sustainable. And I also was in this mindset where I got where I was because I, I would outwork everyone else. I would work really, really hard. But then you kind of get to this place where you’re like, if I’m the only one willing to work this hard and to hustle this hard, to get here, how will I ever help other people get to this point? So there must be a better way, a sustainable way. And so that’s what really resonated with me, cause if I’m going to do this for the next decade or the next 20, 30 years, I want it to be something my husband likes and supports and that my kids can look up to and say, my mom’s not a workaholic I wanted to truly have balance.

Kristen Boss (00:48:38):  Yeah. I think that’s a great point. And I think what happens with a lot of really high achievers, because we do talk about like, you still have to work hard in the Academy. We do not shy away from that. And I think some people think that anti-US means like we’re just going to wait for results to happen to us and come and we’re just going to stop working. But actually what you learn in the Academy is how to do extremely intentional focused work. So you’re not wasting your time. So you are present with your families. And I do notice sometimes with, with really high earners, that kind of like, like what you said, outworked everybody to get there. And then they’re on the precipice of burnout. I don’t know if you, you yourself reach burnout. But I do notice that they, they hit a dry season in the recruitment because they think, well, who else is going to want to work the way I do or I’m feeling really burnt out. Do I really want to invite somebody into something where they’re going to get burnt out? And then they stop recruiting because they stop leaving that people want it because they’re suffering themselves. So that’s why sustainability, isn’t just for the leader. But it’s also for someone brand new coming to the industry and thinking like instead of a churn and burn culture of like recruiting people, they work really hard for 90 days and then they’re gone and burnt out. Now you have a sustainable team, right?

Tiffany (00:49:50):  Absolutely.

Kristen Boss (00:49:52):  Yeah. So what would you say to the person that’s like, I’ll just wait, I’ll wait or someone who maybe just doesn’t trust themselves with the investment in the Academy. And they’re just thinking, I, I, it’s going to be another program that I’m going to join and fail at.

Tiffany (00:50:08):  I, I would say this is a program that you cannot a lot. Because you grow in so many different areas, like I’ve, I’ve referenced the model already. And I came in and if you had asked me back in June, when I joined, like, what’s your mindset? Like I would’ve very confidently told you my mindset’s great I have really good. Like I, I know I, I, I take control of my thoughts and my mindset’s good, but it wasn’t great. It wasn’t as great as I thought it was when I’m truly evaluating the thoughts that are going on in my head and the ownership that I’m taking. And what I love is that I can apply this to every, as of my life, not just my business so you can’t, I don’t think this is a program that you could fail at.

Kristen Boss (00:50:53):  I agree. And a lot of people do say, they say like, you join for business, but I’m getting life coaching. Like, it’s kind of funny. People are like, I joined for business, but my life is changing. Like they notice personal changes and, and their marriage and how they parent and, and I, I think what I think what is super meaningful for me to see is when I see like successful women, like you, success is no longer costing them, emotional presence in the areas of their life. That matters, because you did join for not just financial freedom, but for time freedom. And if you are locked up in your business at all times constantly stress us constantly anxious. That’s not time freedom, and it’s certainly not emotional freedom. And your family’s not bene you know, benefitting from a really stressed out constantly working mom, right?

Tiffany (00:51:40):  Yeah. And it’s not healthy. It’s not good for your health.

Kristen Boss (00:51:43):  No. Now you understand like that sustainability it still involves hard work, but it’s purposeful work. It’s not, you’re not slacking. You’re just learning to work very differently and a lot more efficiently. And it’s fun seeing people like they’re like, oh, I have time off now. Like, I, I actually have time off without sacrificing my results. I’m learning to work smarter, not harder. And it does take, it does kind of take a, an unlearning, like you have to almost unlearn all the messaging and ways that you’ve taught yourself and learn, okay, I’m going to learn this new way. And these are the results I’m going to create. So it’s, I so appreciate your story. I so appreciate you sharing. I know somebody’s going to really resonate with what you had to share. So I’m excited to hear about your 90 day results after the Goal Getter Challenge, really like 60 days in. So I can to hear, I can’t wait to hear your 90 day results. All right, Tiffany. Thank you so much.

Tiffany (00:52:35):  Thank you, Kristen.

Kristen Boss (00:52:38):  Okay. I am here with Social Selling Academy member, Clyde and Clyde has kind of a fun story, but before we hear Clyde’s story, I would love my, just my listeners and my viewers to learn a little bit about your experience with network marketing. Don’t say the company you’re with, but just how long you’ve been with it. Tell me a little bit about your journey leading up to joining the Social Selling Academy.

Clyde (00:53:03):  Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve, I’ve played around with network marketing for a number of years off and on tried it I’ve had had, you know, okay. Success and then switch companies, things like that. And when I was introduced about two, a little over two years ago to my current company, I I was like curious about the products. Here’s the, you know, but I was not going to do a business, you know, not going to do a business. And it just happened kind of. So naturally, people were, were interested in what I was doing, it’s helping wellness company. And, and so it just kind of naturally happened. We’re like, oh, you can get your products for free. Oh, you can. You know, and so I just kind of naturally kinda like, okay, here I go again. Right. I definitely have an entrepreneurial spirit for sure.

Clyde (00:53:42):  So the, so that’s always been a thing for me. And I just really, really loved the culture. I loved the products. And so I was like, well, why not? If I can do this. And then I kind of just did it really casually for a while, but then COVID happened. Right. You know, and I worked in the hospitality industry and we, all of a sudden were furloughed and didn’t have jobs and stuff like that. So I was like, well, maybe this is the perfect opportunity to kind of shift my phone, focus into really putting some energy into this. And right about that time is kind of when I found right after this is when I found the Social Selling Academy too. You know, I, I always, I always have believed in the network marketing business model. I really truly believe it just makes sense.

Clyde (00:54:20):  Especially at my age where I am with finances and planning for retirement stuff. I really believe it’s the only business model that can provide me the results that I want to have for the future. But I also just didn’t want to be one of those guys, you know what I mean? And that’s always kind of been, my struggle is like just, I didn’t want to be the person who their Facebook became a, a commercial for their products. I didn’t want to be all those things. And so, so many of those things that I kind of still resisted a lot. And I’ll tell you what, when my upline Wendy messaged us about this three day event that this network marketing trainer was going to put on, I was like, I literally read the message in my car, rolling my eyes saying, oh God, not another network marketing, trainer selling a course.

Clyde (00:55:08):  I mean, that was definitely my thing, cause you know, you’ve been there done it, you know, been there, done there, done it, all kind of thing, you know? And, and you know, of course, I’ve gotten value from everything, but I was the only reason I even signed up for the three day was because I trusted my upline and I trusted that we’re the path she was going with her business about doing some things differently. Cause we’d had a bunch of kind conversations about that. Cause she had been in the Academy for a while prior to that. Right. So, so I jumped. So I was like, okay, I’ll sign up for this three day. And I was like the whole three days, I was like, oh my God, oh my God, this is different. This is different. Like, like first of all, I just loved you, Kristen.

Clyde (00:55:44):  I mean, I just loved your energy and, and all that, but like just the, you were giving, I was like, yes, yes, that’s what we need. That makes sense. That’s how, you know. And so I just kind of like was just bought in from, from the beginning. And I’ll tell you when you did day four, the question and answers, I was not joining the Academy was not going to do it. I was like, I’ll just use this, this information I got from the three day and I’ll take it, you know, take that back and learned from that. But there was no way I really could not afford it. I really could not. But after talking to Wendy and and just really listening to the Q and a, and really just kind of having a heart-to-heart with my partner and things like that, I was like, you know what, I, I need to do this. If I’m really going to make some changes in my business and in my life, I really, I, this is what I need. I just felt, you know, I’m a big energy guy. So I really felt energetically connected to you and the message. And I knew that’s where I needed to, to put my focus. So.

Kristen Boss (00:56:39):  I love that so much. And I, I remember you saying in your introductory post, in, in the three day event, you’re like not another MLM coach. I’m ready to be, I’m ready to be surprised. And you even said, you’re like I did, I came here to spend $9. I didn’t come here to invest at this level, but here I am. I’m very curious. So had you done other programs before or other trainings before? Okay. So me a little bit about why it’s different for you. Why, what sets the Academy apart for you?

Clyde (00:57:10):  Well, I think, and I’ll tell you, it took me a long time to wrap my head around this and I I’m still wrapping my head around it. But the fact that I think you combine the life coaching part with the how to build a business part. I think that that’s key, the thought model itself, man. I mean the Academy is worth learning how to use the thought model, right? I mean like 100% like if you got nothing else other than how to use the thought model, it’s been worth that alone. So I think that was the biggest thing for me was just thinking about it from a different, I love that. You’re like, you know, I love the anti hustle, right? I love the whole idea of what you teach to with anti house. And I think a lot of times I don’t think I even understood it in the, for three day, but now I’ve learned to understand what that means even more.

Clyde (00:57:51):  I, I just, I hated that like the end of the month, oh, let’s buy our volume to hit our goals. Let’s push all, you know, let’s get people to do things they aren’t really comfortable with doing let’s message a million people and follow up, follow up, follow up, follow up is, you know what I mean? All this stuff, like what is the work we need to be doing? But before we do the work, getting our thoughts into the right place first, like what, what is the difference between somebody who’s person, a who’s doing all the things and person B, who’s doing all the same things, but person B gets the results, but person a doesn’t like that. It never made sense to me. You know what I mean? Why I’m doing all the same things this person’s doing, but I’m not getting the results or whatever the scenario is. Right. And that always kind of like bod my mind a little bit. And then when you learn more about it’s how you’re approaching it with your thoughts from the beginning, I was like, you know, like makes so much more sense. So yeah.

Kristen Boss (00:58:45):  A lot of our viewers, they don’t, they don’t know, you know, they’re thinking about the Academy, they don’t know what the thought model is. They, they know like they’re hearing that it’s one of the, it is the foundational tool that we teach inside the Academy so that you understand like you’re given strategy, but then you are also given the framework and the mindset so that you can actually tackle the strategy from the right place and, and get better results. And so, like you said, I think a lot of people just see results just from learning that one tool, that one tool changes everything. And I want to know like a lot of people think, you know, it’d be so much better if it was like a payment plan or if I paid like $55 a month and I have this really big philosophy of like, I only want you to pay once so that you get to enjoy the lifetime and all the lifetime of what this program is, what the Academy is and we keep making it better. And how once that payment is done, you just get to think about your results and making your investment back. You don’t have to think about, oh my gosh, another $55 ping is hitting my account again this month. Did I, am I taking advantage of this program? I don’t know. Like you it’s always there for you. So how has that served you?

Clyde (00:59:53):  Well, first of all, it goes right back to the anti-hustle, right? Like it’s, it’s the whole idea of like, just trying to juggle your finances. And so it’s like you made the decision once, right. And you’re going to use those, use those tools. And also it, it takes away that maybe I go a month or two and I don’t, I’m not active in the Academy. , But I don’t feel the guilt about that, of like, oh, I’m wasting all this money or I’m not getting things done. Like, and I’ll be honest. I’ve probably been one of the slower ones to get through the materials. Right. so, but I, I don’t feel able to stress that I have to do this and I have to cram all this information in,uin a short period of time in order to, you know, before it expires or before I had to pay a payment again or something like that. So yeah. I mean, I, I really think that, that at first I was like, Ooh, that’s a lot of money up front. Like I wish there was a payment plan, you know, that was the.

Kristen Boss (01:00:38):  Everyone wishes that at first.

Clyde (01:00:39):  Of course. Yeah. But when I understood it and now that I’ve actually made the investment, now, I’m really glad that I don’t ever have to make the investment again. Right. That I’m just like, I’m, I’m yeah. I can just continue to give value for, and you continue just to add value to it. It’s not like it’s like you paid for the base program and now we’re going to keep adding things on and charging me. You know what I mean?

Kristen Boss (01:00:57):  Yes. Yes. So tell, tell the listeners and viewers a little bit about the transformation you’ve noticed in yourself. It could be personal, it can be business that you, what shifts have you seen since joining the Academy. And I think I’ve only coached you once live. Right. So, and I know you’ve watched the replays listen to the podcast, but what shifts have you noticed in yourself and in your business?

Clyde (01:01:18):  Yeah, so, I mean, it really is going back to mindset, so we could call thought model mindset, right? Like working on my mindset, working on my, and it’s not just been with my business. It’s been with my personal life 100%. And so it’s helped me process life in general so much. So the thought model for sure is the thing I’ve gotten the most value from in helping me just kind of think through things, not get stressed out. You know, I’d actually hit, hit some goals prior to the Academy, but I totally did it in hustle mode. Mm. And I couldn’t, I couldn’t sustain it. Like I couldn’t sustain it, especially once I made the decision. I’m not doing that anymore. I’m not going to do that end of the month, maneuver and manipulate everything you can to get that goal again, or to maintain that rank, you know, that I’m going to kind of make, take a step back. And I know you even said from the beginning, sometimes you have to slow down to speed up. And I definitely felt that. So that’s really what I’ve been working on now is just trying to work how I can within the, within the restrictions that we have within, you know, compliance and all those things. How I can lay a really solid foundation to build a really strong team based on these principles that we learn in the Academy.

Kristen Boss (01:02:27):  So good. It sounds a little bit like, you know, you were kind of in that hustle and maybe like, you know, shuffling a lot of things together to secure your rank at the end of each month. And a lot of people get exhausted with that. Some people deplete finances doing that. Like they end up paying to keep rank, which is so fascinating because like, you can either pay to keep rank, or you can invest to be in the, the, in the Academy to learn how to sustain your rank organically for the future without exhausting yourself. So you are kind of having to shift gears, you came into the Academy, you’re like, oh, I’m seeing things now. Now I have to clean up, do the foundational work, work on my mindset, work on my beliefs. What are your thoughts about your future results and what you believe is available for you just in your future, in the Academy?

Clyde (01:03:09):  Yeah. I mean, based on what I’ve seen others do, and based on what I know, I have the ability, like the sky’s the limit really. I mean, it really is. But one of the things, when we, when you actually, when you coached me, it was right when we were setting our goal for the 90 day challenge and I lo you basically said to re accomplish that rank. My goal should be basically to re accomplish that rank, but to do it organically and sustainably. And I was like, again, you know what I mean? I was like, okay, so it’s not just about Arga hitting the right, but it’s about how you get the rank and then that you can continue to maintain the rank in not a way that you’re constantly like scrambling, but then a way that it is organically. You know, I love like even when we talk about like a lot of people talk about the messaging, I think that’s one of the things that people talk about, oh, I, I don’t want to like message 50 people at day anymore, you know?

Clyde (01:03:57):  So that’s, but I love how you said, it’s not really the act of messaging people, 50 people a day, 50 people a day necessarily, but it’s like, what’s your, what’s your feeling about why you’re messaging them? Are you just sending out messages, just a message or are you truly going on and connecting with 50 people a day? I mean, if you’re really truly having 50 real connections with people a day, there’s nothing wrong with that. Right. But it’s all about where you’re going into it with them. Right. Set. And so that was another huge aha for me, as far as, as far as like the difference of how I did things before and yeah.

Kristen Boss (01:04:27):  Yeah. And I love, I love the, that you’re understanding. And finally seeing the value of like, oh, there’s hitting a rank sustainably and organically because you can join a program. And I can, I can absolutely tell you how to hit a rank this month. And it’s not a going to problem. Be like, okay, we’re going to do this. We’re going to do this. You’re going to blitz all these people, but are you going to be able to sustain that long term? Can your mental health sustain it? Can your physical health sustain? It can your, can your partnership sustain? It can all these things sustain that, but there is value in learning how to sustainably, hence why we call this event sustainable success. Two point know, it’s like, how do we sustainably have success while also enriching your life? And that sounds like that’s, what’s been happening for you.

Clyde (01:05:09):  Yeah, absolutely. I mean, like if I wanted to have a stressful way to make money, I would just go get a job. , You know what I mean? Like, I don’t want not, and, and, and I love that you said there’s not times that you’re not going to push a little harder and there’s not times you’re going to put a little extra energy and time than you maybe normally would. But I feel like traditionally, this business model it’s being taught that you’re, you’re in that mode all, all the time, every month it’s content and you’re right. So after the end of the month, then I would just like to unplug for like a week, cause I was so like just drained. I’m like I, the last thing I wanted to do is talk to anybody about anything, you know? And, and yeah, so, and that cycle just like continued and continued to continue. So.

Kristen Boss (01:05:51):  How, how does your work look different now compared to, before you came to the Academy, how does the work look different now that you’ve been working on these principles?

Clyde (01:06:00):  Yeah. Yeah. I think like the biggest thing is I keep it simple. Right? I’m not trying to do everything. I think that’s part of it. I really kind of focus the activities that are most important. The gray box as we call it.

Kristen Boss (01:06:15):  Everyone’s talking about the gray box. I love it.

Clyde (01:06:17):  Yeah. Right, right. And, and taking the time to get my mind right before I just jump into it and also learning to honor my schedule. Right. Like, I think it’s so easy that it’s like, anytime a message pops up a messenger, you’re just, you’re, you know, you’re ignoring whoever you’re with and you’re not present with the people you’re with or whatever you’re doing or even the project you’re working on. And you’re just like constantly reactive. Right. So being more structured and proactive, and I’ll tell you, I mean, I’m like I’m saying this, but I also know that I have like light years to go to get better at this. But it definitely has shifted my thoughts and focus on how I approach that.

Kristen Boss (01:06:54):  I love that so much. I’m curious. Has your partner noticed the change in you?

Clyde (01:06:57):  Yeah. Cause I’ve definitely talked about the thought model a lot. Right. So yes. So he, like now he kind of knows enough about it to be dangerous. So like, you know, like he’ll, he’ll be like, well actually I think that’s kinda the thought you’re having and I’m like, wait a minute!

Kristen Boss (01:07:15):  How dare you.

Clyde (01:07:19):  But yeah. So no, it’s actually been really good for us cause we’ve actually talked about it. He like is the type where he wants, have absolutely nothing to do with the business whatsoever other than using the products. But he is very supportive and is curious about like he’s very, he’s very much a C we’re very different. He’s very much a corporate person. I’m very much an entrepreneurial person. And so he likes seeing the correlations of those things and how we can use some of that stuff in his day-to-day work as well.

Kristen Boss (01:07:45):  I love that so much. Okay. Last question. What would you say to the person who is thinking I’ll just listen to the free content and I’ll just go off of my notes and try to hit my goals that way. What would you say to the person who’s really afraid to make the investment? Because it’s a big investment.

Clyde (01:07:59):  It’s a big investment. Yeah, for sure. I would say this is the thing is it’s like, it’s like if you decided to go take a shower, right. Okay. It’s great that you took the shower, but you need another one tomorrow. Right? so if you just take a shower for three days on days four, five and six, you’re going to start getting stinky. Right. You’re going to stink. So yeah. So it’s, you know, I think that you, you need the Academy because of the accountability and because of all of that, I mean the podcasts are great. The I, your Instagram post are great. And you know, I mean, if somebody just that’s where they need to start, then that’s where they need to start. And so when I finally made, you know, the decision that I, I really needed to make that decision to, to join, I, I mean, it’s, it’s been the best, best forever.

Kristen Boss (01:08:40):  So I love that so much. Well, Clyde, thank you so much for just sharing your thoughts, sharing your story. We love having you in the Academy. We need more men coming. You were the first, you were the first to join Clyde was our first. We hope more are coming behind you, but we were so it thankful to have you as a student, it’s just been a blast and I love coaching you. I appreciate it. Thanks, Kristen. All right. Thanks Clyde.

Kristen Boss (01:09:03):  Mallory. So glad to have you on this little interview with me, so excited that you could be here.

Mallory (01:09:08):  Thank you. Thanks for asking.

Kristen Boss (01:09:11):  Yes, okay. So the reason I wanted to ask you is you had a pretty fun testimony shout-out in the Academy recently. So tell me a little bit about what made you join the Academy, like tell, tell the viewers and the listeners a little bit about your journey leading up to this point.

Mallory (01:09:28):  Okay, perfect. So I joined my company almost four and a half years ago. 2017 and I actually pretty fast my first two years, but something happened in August of 2019. That shifted a lot for me. I got really sick. UI didn’t know what was going on. I had to step back from like the daily work of my business. And do tests, doctors, ER, blood work, CT scans, all the things. Uso finally August of this year, 2021, actually, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and had a path forward and hope a glimmer of hope was seen. So I signed up in the Academy,  March or April of 2021, knowing that there had to be a better way for me to like do this business when I did not feel good. That was kind of my turning point is being like, okay, there has to be a way for me to show up and serve, even if I don’t quote, feel like it, or I’m not feeling my best, or whatever that day may look like. I needed a play-in, so I tried, you know, some things here and there. But really the game changer for me was the Goal Getter Challenge. So.

Kristen Boss (01:10:59):  That’s so good. And I think it’s really interesting for people to hear like, so you joined in April and you kind of just absorbed and consumed for a little bit. And I think sometimes people can have a lot of guilt when they invest in a program and they might sit on it for a while. But the whole reason why I made this a lifetime program was so that you could buy it once and never revisit the purchasing decision ever again and jump in when you’re ready. And it sounds like that’s exactly what you did and it served you well.

Mallory (01:11:27):  It did really, it really took my time going through that and being sick changed a lot of things for me and made me realize that maybe I don’t want to show up exactly the way I was showing before. And I, it wasn’t always hustle, but there were moments of that. And I know some of my team definitely burned out throughout that and it’s just good to show up as you and own it, no matter what season it is and be okay with that, like you always say have your own back. And I think the biggest thing I’ve learned throughout all of this is having my own back and showing up as I can and being proud of how I can, how I am showing up for my team.

Kristen Boss (01:12:11):  Yeah. It, I, I just love that you did let a diagnosis stop you and said, you figured out, okay, how can I work with this? Instead of like putting my life and my business on hold, waiting to feel better, waiting to feel good all the time. How can I work within when I do feel good? And I do think that is one of the things you learn in the Academy is up doing busy work and do really intentional work. Yeah. So my other question for you is like, so you’ve been in the industry for a while for some time and there’s a lot of methods taught out there. There’s a lot of noise. There’s a lot of voices. So what would you say to somebody who’s like, but how is the Academy actually different from everything else that’s out there from all, all the noise. Why, why did this work for you?

Mallory (01:12:58):  Showing up consistently imperfectly and that is the biggest thing I’ve learned from the Academy is it’s small, consistent daily work imperfectly every day forever and always in which makes it sustainable.

Kristen Boss (01:13:16):  Right. And what’s interesting is I think, I think people don’t believe that at first, it’s really hard to believe that small imperfect daily actions is the answer. We want to think it’s like the next fancy strategy or doing 30 reels in 30 days. Like we think it’s these big things. And also like, I think a lot of people may have may your thought of like, okay, yeah, I know mindset. I know. But also like I just need a big book of, I just need a big bulky checklist and I need the next hot strategy. And I wonder, was that kind of your thought coming to the Academy while I was like, yeah, yeah, I know mindset, but now like you actually get it.

Mallory (01:13:53):  Yeah. So I have been a big proponent of personal development from the beginning. I am the book reader, the podcast listener, all the things, but you add the application of the thoughts. And I think that you can take in all the books and take in all the podcasts, but if you’re not implementing what you’re learning, especially in the mindset portion, you’re going to stay, you’re going to stay exactly where you are.

Kristen Boss (01:14:20):  Yeah. So let’s talk about when things started changing for you, when you decided to really dig in to the Goal Getter Challenge, which has been, I think that’s been a pretty big game changer inside the Academy and we’re going to be restarting it on the first. I think a bunch of people are going to want to join, jump in on it. So what was it about the 90 day Goal Getter Challenge and talk a little bit about the results you’ve seen.

Mallory (01:14:39):  Okay. So the Goal Getter Challenge for me. So I loved, I mean, I did the same thing printed out. I printed it out and I bought two extras. But what changed for me  really were the thoughts. Like I just said, working on those daily, now I’m noticing a pattern. So it’s more like affirming and like making these thoughts real for me. So it’s the same general thought process the same things I’m working on every day, but it was also the gray box that was very revealing for me. And it was really revealing to me where the gaps were and how to show up with obstacles. I loved that part of the challenge was like, write down the obstacles and what are you going to do? Because it’s inevitable. We know that that is going to happen. We know the obstacles, we know the resistance, we know all of those things and having a plan in place because October was full of obstacles.

Mallory (01:15:40):  I would, I got super sick with like a horrible flu and my daughter was sick. My dad came into town. It was my husband’s birthday. There were just like millions of things that happened, but I still had the best month I had in probably eight or nine months doubled my paycheck. I think that was the comment that you saw which meant I re-hit my rank, which was also exciting same happening this month, even more so, which is also exciting. I went from one or two enrollments here and there this year to five to seven enrollments. These past two months re reactivations out the WSU of my team being like, oh, there she is. And really excited to, to be a part of it again. And making the offers was a big gap for me which I started to do. Yes. following up was inconsistent. I was better at that than offers. But I got better at that the last two months showing my face almost every single day, I think, single day. And I finally shared my story with the world. I finally told people what had been going on with me and I think opening up vulnerably and we also created another realm of trust and reconnection too.

Kristen Boss (01:17:14):  So good. So when you think about the future of your business, which is so fun, like you never have to think about reinvesting in this Academy ever again, like it just gets to be here for you forever. And it keeps getting better. We keep evolving it. Like there’s going to be more coming to next year. And when you think about the future of your business and you think about, are you a mom as well? I am, yes. So when you think about being a mom and a wife and all those things, like how approachable and accessible does that feel to you now, now, knowing that you can work within, within what’s going on with your body and when you feel good and when you Don feel good, like how does that feel looking at your future now?

Mallory (01:17:51):  Incredible in this scheme in the whole scheme of things, I know I don’t have to sit on my phone all night with my husband there or ignoring my daughter if she needs something I’m like, hold on one minute, one minute, one minute. I think we’ve all been there, but it’s just, it feels so good to be able to know the right things to do. You know, my, our team is incredible and we have all the resources and all the things, and it’s just about me showing up and doing the next right step now and keeping my, my, and my thoughts in the right place. And I have the tools with your thought model and all of that to step back into it. If I get off track, I mean, your weekly coaching, the Goal Getter Challenges, the little challenges you do. The Recruit Reboot. I mean, all of those things are just more or tools for me to like implement and know that I’m not the, the balance is there finding that balance and, you know, I, I’m not perfect still working through some of those things, but finding that balance has been a huge part of why I actually wanted to join the Academy, cause I listen to probably, I think every single one of your podcasts and I was like, okay, it’s time.

Kristen Boss (01:19:16):  It’s time. So you mentioned the live weekly coaching and I Mallory, I don’t think I’ve ever personally coached you on a weekly call. And so I think it’s so good for people to know that because people might think, but I need to get on a call and I need to co be coached directly by Kristen or what if I can’t make a live call? What have, what has the live weekly coaching, even if you can’t make it live and I’ve never coached you, how has that been an asset to you?

Mallory (01:19:41):  You have not coached me. But I have come to almost every single live. You can learn something from nearly every old person being coached. It is actually unbelievable how that works. There is a thought in there or an action in there that someone is doing that you are also doing or have had thoughts about. And you’re like, oh my gosh, this is me. Like, we have a threat, a side thread of all of us in the Academy. And we’re like, oh my gosh, this is me. I literally was like this last week or last month, or this has been me for two years, you know? And the coaching has been such a surprising blessing. UI am very, I get very nervous, so you’ll see me eventually, but I know, but it’s been such a surprising blessing because I didn’t think I was definitely someone that was like, oh, I probably won’t like go to those. And then I went to one and I was like, oh, and then I went to the, the next week and the next week, and here I am, you know.

Kristen Boss (01:20:50):  I love this because you are going against, I think so many stories that people have of why they think they won’t be successful in there. Like what if I can’t get coach live by Kristen? What if I can’t make the live calls? What if I join? And I do nothing for six months or I just consume content for six months before I take action. Does that make me wrong? Does that make me bad? And you’re kind of like undoing every single little belief that like that someone’s thinking why they might not have success in the Academy and you’re having a ton of success. And I love that you’ve even said in one of the craziest months I’ve had in a long time and I’ve, I’m more present with my family and I don’t feel limited by my diagnosis. Like I’m working around that working smarter or like it’s changed a lot for you.

Mallory (01:21:29):  Yes, it really has. I mean, I really feel like all I can say is like very hopeful for stepping into this whole new season and you know, with a path forward with my diagnosis, it helps me be like, okay, like we have hope here. I’m not going to like, I’m, I need to stop stopping my life in other areas and step back into things and do it in a way that I can manage and be show up for my daughter, show up for my husband, clean my house as I need to and take care of myself and also my team. And I think Academy has done that for me.

Kristen Boss (01:22:12):  So good. I love that so much. Thank you for sharing your story. I cannot wait to hear what your 90 day results are going to be since this is like what’s happened with just 60 days. So like small, daily imperfect actions really do compound. And I say this in the Academy all the time. I’m like consistency. If you just stay consistent, it compounds and it, and you’re seeing that.

Mallory (01:22:35):  Yes, it really does.

Kristen Boss (01:22:36):  I love it. I’m so excited for you Mallory. Thanks again for coming on and sharing your story. Thank you.

Kristen Boss (01:22:46):  That wraps up today’s episode. Hey, if you love today’s show, I would love for you to take a minute and give a rating with a review. If you desire to elevate the social selling industry, that means we need more people listening to this message so that they can know it can be done a different way. And if you are ready to join me, it’s time for you to step into the Social Selling Academy, where I give you all the tools, training, and support to help you realize your goals. In the Academy, you get weekly live coaching so that you are never lost or stuck in confusion. Whether you are new in the business or been in the industry for a while, this is the premier coaching program for the modern network marketer. Go to www.thesocialsellingacademy.com to learn more.

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