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Inner Growth as an Enneagram 7 with Special Guest Rachael Rogers Ep# 46

May 3, 2021

Kristen is interviewing her client and friend, Rachael Rogers, an enneagram 7 who hit a ‘business depression’ after hustling and making it to the top of her company in record time. Soon after, her business came to a halt, she felt no joy in her work, and she realized that her current approach was not sustainable. 

Listen for her lessons from a year of working with Kristen when she really dug deep to do the hard work to grow and change her entire approach to her business (and her life!). 

  • How hustling and reaching the top of her company after only 21 months in the business affected her home life and her mental health
  • What happened when she realized she was in a ‘business depression’
  • Why Kristen knows many leaders have a secret shame around how they’re really feeling in their business
  • The top 3 lessons that Rachael learned from doing the deep, gritty work to re-enter her business the right way
  • What radical shift Rachael noticed during a season of personal struggles this year
  • What happened when she stopped trying to change her actions for a different result and focused on shifting her thoughts
  • The most important thing Rachael would tell listeners if they’re in a low in their business

For Enneagram 7’s, having fun is a top priority. Rachael learned how to show up consistently for sustainability even when things didn’t feel ‘fun’ so that she wouldn’t fall back into unhealthy business habits. 

To follow Rachael on Instagram click here: https://www.instagram.com/rachlynnrogers/ 

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