Purposeful Social Selling

Round 1 Vs Round 2 with Deanna and Lesley Ep #90

Jan 19, 2022

In case you missed it, applications for the next round of the Purpose & Profit 6 Figure Earner Mastermind open up again on January 31st. With each round of the Mastermind being 6 months long, Kristen has had quite a few members attend consecutive rounds. If you’re thinking of applying for the next implementation of the Mastermind and wondering what brings these members back time and time again, listen up!

In today’s special episode of the podcast, Kristen is talking with Deanna and Lesley, who’ve both been in the Mastermind program since it began. Listen in as they discuss why they continually chose to invest in themselves and commit to a second round in the Mastermind.

  • The intense value found in attending the live event, even virtually
  • Why creating the evidence around a recommitment strategy motivated Lesley to show up in a different way
  • Importance of the high implementation cycle and how the 2nd round allowed them to be coached through blocks
  • How Deanna slowed down to speed up in the 1st round and saw a breakthrough in the 2nd round due to that work

Contrary to popular belief, reaching a high level of success in your business doesn’t negate mind mess or negative thoughts. If anything bigger business equals bigger problems. And inside the Purpose & Profit Mastermind, members are learning to lead sustainably in a confident way that trickles down to their team.

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Transcript for Episode #90 Round 1 Vs. Round 2 with Deanna and Lesley:

Kristen Boss (00:05):  Welcome to Purposeful Social Selling with Kristen Boss. I’m your host, Kristen Boss. I’m a mindset and business coach with more than 15 years experience in both the product and service based industries. I believe that social selling is the best business model for people wanting to make an impact while they make serious income. This is the podcast for the social seller, who is tired of feeling inauthentic in their business and desires to find a more purposeful and profitable way of growing their business in today’s social media landscape. In this podcast, you will learn what it takes to grow a sustainable business through impactful and social marketing. It’s time to ditch the hustle and lead from the heart. Let me show you the new way.

Kristen Boss (00:48):  Hey bosses! Welcome to another episode of the podcast. I have another fun episode for you with two of my returning mastermind members for this round, they were in the first original mastermind group that launched in the spring of 2021. I feel like everything is a blur. I have to think twice about years now, because I feel like with 2020 I’m like, what year is it? 20 we’re in 2022 when this airs, all right. So they have, now they’re coming up on as we’re recording this about halfway through their second round. And, and so I’ve brought them back on to share a little bit about contrasting their difference between round one and round two. They both were virtual for our live event that we have to kick off each round. Deanna was able to join us live this round. So I’ll kind of have her talk about the difference she felt. And then Lesley has been us virtually, virtually both times and how that hasn’t been an issue for her growth and her getting what she comes for. So I’m super excited to have them back. So we’ll start with Lesley. If my audience doesn’t know about you or my listeners don’t know about you, just share with them a little bit about your story, how long you’ve been in the industry and kind of talk about your mastermind experience.

Lesley (02:06):  Okay. So I have been with my company now for a little over eight years. I am a mom of two littles and I’m married and my first career I was a special education teacher to cognitively impaired students. I loved what I did. I really saw myself as being a teacher, my entire life, my husband and I are both special education teachers. So we were actually kind of like equal partners financially. And as like many of, you know, once you have kids, your whole trajectory changes and always been someone that’s been really busy, but I knew that I needed to be able to provide, continue to provide equally for my and I knew I needed to provide equally for my family, but I also wanted to be home with my baby. I struggled, well, my baby, he’s almost 10 now, but I struggled with postpartum anxiety really bad.

Lesley (03:07):  And so I started this when he was like about 16 months old and I immediately saw the opportunity. Like, I, I don’t know if I saw the whole opportunity, but I saw the opportunity and I got in and I started building and I built really fast. And I had a lot of success right out of the gate. I wouldn’t trade that looking back, but I definitely know that that, that quick success, it was like, it was the, my kryptonite you know, like I got a little taste of it and I wanted more and I definitely burnt myself out. And so it was about almost a year ago, I think. Yes. I actually saw you well, I learned about you from Jackie on a reel and I was following her and I, I, she had mentioned you and then I went and, you know, looked at your stuff and I was looking for someone that could help me with my mindset, help me automate things. And just kind of, I felt like I was in a little bit of a, of a swamp, a little bit of a lull and I needed somebody, I needed an outside perspective to kind pull me through. So I jumped into the social selling academy. You called me out in the Social Selling Academy on a call to apply for the mastermind. And, and here we are two rounds later. So yeah.

Kristen Boss (04:33):  So let’s talk a little bit about the contrast between round one and round two. And you choosing to stay in for round two. You know, what was kind of your thought about choosing to stay for another round and trusting the full process?

Lesley (04:52):  Well, originally when you told me that in my first like, interview for the mastermind, I was like a year and then I got, I got going and I knew that I needed some work and I knew that my mindset needed work. You know, they, they always say like bigger kids, bigger, bigger worries. And I, I feel like this kind of rings, at least for me, like bigger business, bigger mindset issues. And so I had a lot of things that I needed to unpack and work out and that I had been holding onto. And so I knew that I needed that, but I guess I didn’t truly comprehend how much work I really needed to do internally. And so as the first mastermind ended, you know, I, I joked that I would be like, mommy, don’t leave me.

Lesley (05:41):  Like, don’t, don’t let me go. But then, you know, so I, I, I knew like I had come too far and invested too much to just stop. And I just think that I am a more elevated version of myself when I’m doing coaching. And so I, I definitely find value in it. And I, you know, I, I think it’s amazing going into the second round. I will say I, I knew that I had come a long way, but I guess I didn’t realize how far I really come in my, in my like, head space in my like where I was mentally. And I think I really needed that full six months to just do the, the internal work before I could start to process. And what I found was like, when I, when I was going through the mastermind, cause I listened virtually to the second event.

Lesley (06:40):  And I will say that I don’t want to say I have regrets, but I do have a small amount of regret that I, I wasn’t just, it was not working out for my schedule. And I had a, I have a lot of FOMO in life, but that being said if you can go, go. However, I could not go. And I made the decision that I was going to get the most out of it. It was up to me. It wasn’t, it wasn’t up to anyone else. It was up to me to invest in myself and get the most out of it. Cause I had done it once and I knew I could do it again. But that being said, I think going into it when I heard, you know, some of the things were things, a lot of what I heard was just hearing it for the second time. But it was like, because my mental state, the first time was so clouded, I heard it so much more clear and I heard it so much more differently and I was definitely not prepared for that. That was crazy to me.

Kristen Boss (07:38):  Yeah. What do you, if you were to describe your work in round one, I think you’ve been kind of mentioning it like a lot of internal work, a lot of belief work and you were such an example of like taking full advantage of your investment and you’re like, I’m going to raise my hand as much as I want to, and I’m going to have zero thoughts about it and I’m going to keep getting the coaching. And you were such an example of like taking full ownership of your investment. I’m like, I’m going to raise my hand, I’m going to raise my hand. I’m going to be willing to be seen. And you’ve always talked about it, like releasing a pressure valve every time you ask for coaching, you’re like, oh wow. I just really let off some pressure. And I see some things. And what was super fun is while we were at the live event, something big happened for you in your business, share a little bit about what happened. Yes.

Lesley (08:21):  Yes. So, I actually was able to rerank and I hit the highest title in my company for the seventh year in a row consecutively. And to be honest with you, I had actually kind of dismissed the fact that I was going to be able to rerank this year. Just it was, you know, it was a hard year and I didn’t know that I could hit that highest rank again. And I really feel like all of the work that I had been doing with you internally. And also just being in the right place at the right time. I, I, it was funny because I had started in September and I was, I was at the beginning of September, I was like processing whether or not I was going to be able to, if it was going to be able to happen. And I had basically kind of dismissed it.

Lesley (09:14):  And then after one of our coaching calls I had kind of like looked out, looked down at my, you know, looked, took a deep dive into my business and I was like, you know what, I, I really realized that this was not going to happen unless I had to kind of clear my head space and I had to go out and create the evidence of being able to do it again. I had to show my team that we had to look for evidence. I had to show, you know, myself. And that’s been probably the biggest thing that I’ve done this second round is like really looked for where places, where I could create evidence to build back belief and build back momentum in my, in my business where it had, you know, kind of stalled. And so I was able to do that. And then I continued to hold it for the next two months and just secured my title.

Kristen Boss (10:08):  Yes. And it was so fun. Cause I think it was in October, I think where you’re, I think you were like you posted, I think on the 25th of October, you’re like it’s done. The month is already locked and loaded. I get to just enjoy my time with my family. I’ve already resecured my rank and you’re like, this is a completely different experience of every other rerank I’ve had. And just, and that is one of the things we teach about ranking in the mastermind is like, no, you are in charge of your rank advancement. You do not wait for it to happen to you. You don’t sit back and hope it happens. You have to like get in your numbers and you have to get, get your hands dirty. And what we call, like find the holes in the boat. You have to find them and it gives you so much power back as a leader, instead of feeling like you’re spinning your wheels, hoping you can get your team feeling like it’s a Hail Mary every time.

Kristen Boss (10:59):  And it goes from feeling like we’re going to try to, no, I’m going to have a strategy. I’m going to have a plan and this is what we’re going to do. So it was super fun. And just the contrast I’ve seen in you as, as your coach, just like it’s we saw Lesley 2.0 in round two of the mastermind. It was like, you cleaned up so much in round one, you worked down the belief and then round two, you were like, we’re getting to work. And just even the questions you were asking were different. So it was super fun to see that shift for you. And now I’m curious, what would you say your work is this round? Like first round was a lot of belief. How would you describe the second round?

Lesley (11:35):  I think it’s now in like in the implementation phase, you know, I, I constantly tell myself because I’ve shared this with you. Sometimes I’ll get up with masterminds and there’s a lot of information we unpack after those calls. And I get, you know, I am, I’m guilty of always wanting to be like a student of the, of the business and so I’m constantly listening. And that was one of my fears when I did this mastermind that I was just going to like learn and not actually implement. And I have to tell myself, you have what you need now. It’s time to put it into play. And I can say that it’s definitely easier said than done. As you know, we’ve had many chances about this. It is, it’s scary. It’s like a rebirthing process. It’s if you’ve done childbirth, you know, it’s not pleasant, but somehow you usually do it again. And so I think that’s kind of where I’m at, you know, it’s now it’s time to put all that I have into play and, and make it happen.

Kristen Boss (12:38):  So good. And we talked about that a lot, the live event specifically more this time than the first live event is I talked a lot about being in a place of high implementation so that you have faster results this time, instead of staying in the student mindset, absorbing, consuming every call. And now you guys, I think you guys are learning a lot about the implementation cycles and the mastermind this around me, like, oh, I see the shift I need to make, I know exactly what I need to do. And I have enough, like what you said, I have enough to take the next right step when it’s very easy to just think, maybe I need to re-watch that maybe I need to revisit that maybe I need to journal it more and it’s like, no, you need to get to work. And then we’re going to refine and evaluate.

Lesley (13:20):  Well, and I’m a teacher. And so I kind of relate it to like guided practice. You know, you, as a teacher, you teach the direct instruction and then you give them guided practice where like you’re doing it while the teacher’s still there. And then you’re doing your into dependent work. I feel like I’m in my guided practice phase like I’m working out the kinks while I’m still working with you to kind of work through anything. And that I think is, is huge. You know, I think that it’s definitely, it feels safer, you know, when you’re, when you’re rebirthing yourself for your business.

Kristen Boss (13:53):  Yes. And I think that’s normal at this season of leadership when you’ve been in the industry for a long time, you have a very large organization. And I think that is kind of a, the necessary phase. Exactly what you’ve gone through. I love that so much. Lesley, thank you. Let’s do Deanna share with my listeners, just a little, just a brief little story about your leadership, you know, how long you’ve been in social selling and then we’ll kind of deep dive into your experience.

Deanna (14:17):  Sounds good. All right. So my name is Deanna Galbraith. I am over here in Ontario, Canada, and I’ve been in the industry for about five years and almost three with my current company and I am a mama as well. I’ve got two kids. I am married. My story is similar but different. So I too, you know, jumped in and, and grew really fast and all those things that, you know, sometimes end up crossing past with Kristen boss. But I already had a business, so I know we had fun with this story last time. So I am an occupational therapist by trade. So I’d gone through and did my masters, was an OT for 10 years, decided to open my own practice doing that, which somewhat is still happening today, which is crazy. But I as well, all the business opportunity and thought, okay, this is something, something is going to happen here. So let’s make it, make it grow. So I love this industry. I absolutely love what it can do for women, no matter their background and so excited to just be here and be part of it.

Kristen Boss (15:26):  Yeah. I love that so much. And I, I love your story so much because it’s, you know, I think people assume that very highly educated other business owners wouldn’t look at this business model. And I just love that you were evidence that people with master’s degrees and own their own practice. And by all measure look like they’re, they don’t need this. They’re super successful already. Why would they want that? But you are such a great example of like, this is just a smart business model. So why would a smart business model not appeal to business savvy, smart people? And I do think we are starting to see more and more people giving this business model, the side-eye and kind of like in the best way, like what’s going on over there. Maybe I need to go check that out. I love that so much.

Deanna (16:12):  Absolutely! This is the industry like for females, especially there’s so many, like it’s the highest producing number of millionaires in any industry in the world. Like I just, I get really fired up about it because I, you don’t have to have any special skills or, you know, look a certain way or, or know anything. You just have to, you know, jump in and give it a try and have your own back.

Kristen Boss (16:32):  Yes. And I say, it’s amazing what will happen with a little bit of wifi and willpower? That’s really all it takes. This is wifi and willpower it’s available for anybody. I love that. So Deanna, you did round one and you barely got in round two. Like last minute you were the last application that came in. And I think because you were on the edge, you were on the edge. Like, do I? Don’t I? And I think it’s, I think it is important for people to know the full story and it’s not always like, it doesn’t always feel good to reinvest it doesn’t always seem obvious. And it’s really easy to be like, maybe I’m fine. I can stay, but you, you did stay. And I even like reached out to you and I said, Hey, I’m not fully convinced, like, let’s talk what’s going on here. And we had a chat and then you were in, and I would just love to, for my listeners to hear a little bit about like, what kind of like, what got you to the point where you’re like, okay, I’m in because you did. And then how I saw you at the live event, I was like, she, she really is. She’s all in.

Deanna (17:31):  But I’m just laughing because I was not in, I’m not going to, I was like, you know, and it’s funny because I think when we look, you know, not just as leaders, but people that are in the industry, we want to succeed. We want to know all the things. And we look for the trainings and, and things that we can do. And I, in full disclosure, I don’t think I understood fully what I was signing up for the first time around. Like I knew working about, you know, working on some mindset and that type of thing. But as Kristen knows, and I can fill everyone in, I don’t love to talk about problems and the holes in the boat. The things Kristen’s giggling but I’m also enneagram seven. I just want to keep going. And, you know, I think I was in an unhealthy seven for sure. For like, maybe even most of the first round, I’m not going to lie to you. I was like, okay. So, but I don’t think I am.

Kristen Boss (18:28):  I’m so glad. I so glad you were saying this because I think people need to know, like, it’s possible to be like investing doesn’t change you. Like you still, you have to decide to do the work in there too, and not think, oh, I was a bad student. But I think it’s just so good that they’re hearing like, oh, there’s a lesson here too. So keep going. So good.

Deanna (18:48):  Exactly. So I think that for the first part of the, the, or the first round of the mastermind was me realizing some issues and problems that I had convinced myself, weren’t holding me back. But really until you face those things, work through them, you know, and really lean into it. It helped me to zip past. Not zip, cause it wasn’t fast, but get past some things that were really bothering me and stressing me out. And, and I think for me it wasn’t necessarily like the FOMO or worried about it. I think I just knew that I didn’t fully invest and do the work that I needed to do. And I also don’t like it when things go slow. So the whole idea of slowing down to speed up and I would be lying if I didn’t say it’s not still painful because I want to just like rush through everything.

Deanna (19:43):  That’s the work that I still need to do. And it’s still happening like to this present day. Right. But it’s also, I feel it’s totally in a new season and I don’t know if you would see the same, but I remember having this conversation with you about, you know, what a difference it was. Like I remember at the live event we had to redo for example, our three year plan. And I remember feeling like, oh, I haven’t really moved forward exactly where I want to be. And you know, we had to paint, you know, go through our numbers and goals and really, you know, take a hard look at where we are at. And it was the best feeling that I actually looked and went, wait a minute, I am completely on track to where I wanted to be. Right. So it’s, it’s like you say, most people will underestimate what they can do in the three years. Right. But overestimate what they can do in that short term, because I always want to go so dang fast. Right. But it, you know, doing that hard work in my business, I actually realized, holy moly, I’m actually, you know, further ahead than I thought. So that was a huge moment. And almost like a, a breakthrough moment to give me the confidence to just lean in and keep going this round.

Kristen Boss (20:54): Yep. And then you came to the live event. So share just kind of the difference of experience it was for you versus being virtually.

Deanna (21:03):  Yeah. I’m not going to lie. And I do feel bad last cause it was a bit of the FOMO, but it was a, an experience and I, I do, I’ve done both. So I will honestly say, I thought it was so amazing. Like you, you totally can get everything that you need to out of the online. So if it doesn’t work, I mean, I couldn’t the first time I was locked away in COVID land. But if you have the opportunity to go, I remember you is saying, you know, you will get your, it’s my goal for you to, or, or get your investment worth in that weekend. And I can actually confidently say that. I believe that like, I think being there for those, you know, two or three days was worth every penny. I, I don’t know if it’s because it’s the same material, right. But it’s just, it hits different the second time. And especially being there live it’s just an elevated experience. And I know that was intentional about where we were, why we were, you know, at the four seasons as opposed to somewhere else, it elevates your self-confidence. Like I was thinking the second round is almost like a, like, you can feel confident shift almost in everybody the second round. Like, it just, I don’t know.

Kristen Boss (22:14):  It was super fun to watch the returners, like watching their faces as things clicked differently, landed differently. And because they were revisiting the material, they were finally able to see just like you did, oh, I have come so far. I just had all these stories about how I wasn’t, where I wanted to be yet. And that’s always going to be there. You will be at the top rink of your company and you will always see the growth that is still available for you. There’s this phenomenal book I’m reading right now called the gap in the gain. And when we’re always focusing on where, where we have yet to go, where we’re looking forward and thinking, yeah, but I still want to get there. We’re focusing on the gap of where we are now versus where we want to be. And it always creates like a mental place of lack and feeling down, feeling disappointed.

Kristen Boss (23:01):  We never feel like we arrive. We’re never celebrating our wins. Versus when we look back and we focus on our gains, it is all ways improving our mental state versus with how we see our business, how we approach our business. And we’re actually able to celebrate, see our milestones, improve our strategy. Like that is going to be a mastermind book, by the way. I’m like, everybody’s going to go through this book. It is so good. But when we’re sitting in the gap and constantly looking at how much further we want to go. Yeah, it does think, oh no, I’m not there. But when, and I saw that, I literally saw that click for so many of you, when you were able to sit with your gains, I watched the confidence change. I watched how you showed up in the mastermind change and it was super fun. At the live event. It was again, I saw Lesley 2.0, I saw Deanna 2.0 and I was like, this is so fun to see that it’s clicking that they’re getting it. And you did. I think you even did a bigger self-concept level up and you did like a huge branding shoot and share a little bit about that. Cause I thought it was fantastic.

Deanna (24:00):  Sure. And it’s funny cause I, I don’t even think I prior to this morning, you know, thought about that. But I did, I, it was almost like, like you get there and I’m thinking like, no, can I say damn on a podcast?

Kristen Boss (24:13):  Yes you can.

Deanna (24:14):  Damn right, I deserve to be there! Right? Like, yes, I belong in this room and yes, I will be in your seven-figure mastermind. We keep bugging you by the way. But like you have like, there’s this thing, it happens with business too, that everybody thinks like you’ve got this massive team and you’re, you’re getting to the top of, of these ranks and you’ve got all these people around you. It’s actually more lonely than you would think. Right. Because your team gets so big. And so not that it’s so big, but you know what I mean? You can’t touch everybody and you don’t have like when your is smaller, you’re talking so much back and forth and all those things.

Deanna (24:48):  And I think you get to a point in leadership where you really do have to learn to have your own back and not be so worried. There’s nowhere that teaches this. Right. So I think when I was there, I had this experience and realized like, wait a second. Like all of us incredible women in our own different way have built something so amazing. And we are CEOs of these incredible organizations and you know, it was all these thoughts that I thought of things that you’ve gotta do to to meet where you’re at. And I remember you saying something about like, it’s not the, you know, the speed of it, but at speed of implementation when you get back and I literally was on the plane on the way home going, okay. I can think of all of these things like B, C, D E F that I’ve been putting off for so long, let’s just do it and just go for it.

Deanna (25:38):  And you know, we did do a rebrand entirely and it was more like if I’m not, you know, an expert in terms of this niching or whatever, as a CEO, I’m going to to go and I’m going to look for somebody that can help me with that and to up-level my brand and go and make a decision that, yes, it’s an investment similar to a mastermind, but it’s a thought shift of just making big decisions that sometimes are risky and scary for your business, but you have to, it’s a new level, new double price.

Kristen Boss (26:05):  I love that you mentioned the speed of implementation because that’s what I watched happen because there was a good week gap, cause I was like, no, I’m going to call it the implementation gap where you left the live event and you had a week before the next call, I’m like, y’all need to get your crap together. Need, need to be implementing and taking action. And the posts I was seeing in the group was the like people took that seriously. They’re like, I’ve hired a VA. I’ve already worked on this. We have. And it’s super fun. Even seeing people stay in that implementation cycle, like who was it this morning that was sharing, oh Shauna, she was supposed to be on her call, but she wasn’t feeling well. She was like, I’ve got all quarter one planned out all my first 90 days of 2022 it’s planned.

Kristen Boss (26:46):  I know exactly where the team is going. I know what I’m doing. I have so much mental real estate. And I think that’s what a lot of what you guys are doing is you’re making strategic decisions very quickly. You are implementing them and then you are, and then you’re evaluating and implementation and it’s freeing a lot of mental real estate. I’d be curious if you guys have noticed just an improvement in just, yeah. I would call it mental real estate. Would you say that’s been true for you Deanna like freeing up space in your brain?

Deanna (27:16):  Totally. Absolutely. Like we’ve talked a lot about finding your highest points of contribution, you know, for me, I know what that is. I know what lights me up is being with people and talking and coaching and, and doing calls. And it’s unfortunately not always copywriting for me. It’s not my strength. So go and get some help. Right and I would say even, you know, I forgot to mention this too, that the first round in the mastermind was working on a lot of healing with my family and with marriage and, and things that I had been neglecting for a long time because I was in a crazy mode with my business. And it’s funny seeing, you know, other people that might be in that first round as well and looking and going holy moly, like there are some similar issues. And so now I just feel so free. I don’t even feel like that’s an issue. Like I’m just, I feel almost too distant. Cause I’m like you crazy. I don’t go on my phone. You know, at family time at a certain time at night, like y’all are crazy. Like I’m not doing that, whereas before it felt hard.

Kristen Boss (28:11):  But you forgot. Right. You forgot. But it’s still funny cause this round you could tell what the newbies are learning. They’re like, oh, they’re you see them putting all these boundaries in place. You’re seeing them prioritize date nights and working on their marriage. And you’re like, oh, we’re oh, we’re not there this round. That’s, that’s better now. We’re busy in all these other areas. So it is kind of interesting now that you guys, and you’re going to continue to see this at, with new people that come in you’re and I think as you see more new people come in and as you further progress in your own journey, you’re going to see the massive contrast and you’re going to see, oh my gosh, I cannot believe how far I’ve come. And I, that is true for me with my coach and she archives her Facebook groups for her mastermind members.

Kristen Boss (28:54):  So I went back and I decided to just look at the archive Facebook group from a year and a half ago. And I wanted to see what type of questions I was asking her at that time. And I could not recognize that person. I was like, I can’t believe I was asking those things. I can’t believe I was thinking that, that thing, but it just in the trenches in the moment, it feels very real. It feels very heavy. But then when you move past it and you have all this growth and you’re able to focus on the gain, then you see holy crap, I’ve grown so much. If this is what happens in three months in six months, I can’t imagine what will happen in the three year plan. And so I’m curious has this round, because you’re not cleaning up so much, would you say this round, would you, do you feel like it’s moved faster for you because we’re only, we’re only halfway through?

Deanna (29:39):  Yeah, I would say so. I was looking at that today. I think there’s a little bit of optimization, especially when we’re like we’re about to open a new country and just being able to look at that strategically a little bit differently. I think I’m still optimizing, but I think come the new year, I’m trying not to rush it. That’s what I should have said because I, my brain and wants to say, yes, let’s run. I’m ready to go. I think we’re almost there. But it has been really refreshing because it was a lot of work. It was a lot of work to clean up systems the first time around and it doesn’t feel as fun, but it definitely now I it’s that I feel more confident in them. Like the systems may have already been there. I kind of gotten to the point now where I just I’m so excited to bring on new team members because I know our systems work. Right. And we need to just keep leaning in and not changing them all the time. Right. So it’s that higher-value thinking.

Kristen Boss (30:32):  Yep. So good. Lesley, would you say the same for you? Do you feel like this round’s moving quicker for you?

Lesley (30:39):  Yes, I would. I feel like I’ve had more time to implement because I’m not doing, I’m not doing, like I said, the internal work, you know, it’s just, it’s been so much more clear. I’ll never forget when you were actually talking about systems when I was watching virtually and I mean like I said, I heard this the first time, but it was like I, I remember I knew systems was one of the things that I needed to, to work on, but I hadn’t gotten there yet. And so I heard you coach on it at the mastermind the second time. And it was like, this light bulb went up. I actually like paused it. And I had text, you know, some of the girls cause we were getting ready to start our systems. And I was like, this is exactly what I need.

Lesley (31:23):  I know needs to be done. This is how it needs to be done. Cause I was teetering with like whether or not like I should let them do lead the way. And I was like, Nope, I like had my own back. And I was like, you know what, this is exactly how it’s going to go. And if you want to do your own thing, then that’s okay. But I feel very confident with this is what, how it needs to look going forward. And it just, it went off without a hitch, like right after that. So there’s just a lot of, a lot of more time to implement. But also I, I know in the first round, like I definitely did not have my own back and I was always seeking validation from everyone else. Every decision I was making and it’s exhausting if I’m being honest with you.

Kristen Boss (32:08):  It’s totally exhausting.

Lesley (32:10):  It takes a lot of time. And I, I realized that even with like things in my personal life too, I’m like nope. Nope. You’re just going to make the decision and you’re going to be okay with it. And you’ll figure it out after that if it’s not the right decision. So

Kristen Boss (32:23):  Yeah. I also think part, the ability to implement faster the second round is cause your brain is a lot more cleaned up your mind is a lot more cleaned up your mindset is there. You’ve learned to have your own back. You’ve learned, oh, that’s actually a story I’ve been telling myself that’s actually not true. So when we clean up the mind mess, we can implement faster. Cause the only reason we don’t implement quickly is because we have a story that prevents us from taking action quickly. So when you have less stories, you’re able to implement a lot faster. And then this round, you know, as you guys come back differently, the more people that come through the mastermind I watch as a coach where people are getting, you know, a little tripped up or where I’m seeing like a story that a lot of like 80% of the group believes I’m like, oh, so even if the material’s the same in context, I deliver it different each time.

Kristen Boss (33:12):  Because as I’m watching you guys implement, I’m like, I need to laser that part even more. So I’m going to unpack the at even more so cause as you guys are improving, so does the experience and the container and the mastermind itself, like it’s, it keeps getting better as you guys keep getting better. And it’s, that’s what I love for me. I was just thinking of, I’m already looking at next live event and when I’m, how I’m going to be delivering the material and because of this round and the implementation I saw and now seeing round two people, I’m like, I know exactly where we’re going. I know how to get these girls there. This is what we need for the seven-figure earners. This is how it’s going to go. And it’s super fun to see. So I love that you both just were so honest about like just the hard parts about round one and how it would’ve been so easy to tell yourself like, oh, I didn’t see as much as I wanted to.

Kristen Boss (34:01):  But then when you actually looked at the data, you actually looked at the metrics. You’re like, oh we’re actually on track. We’re actually doing fantastic. And I just, I love for you Lesley so much that literally at the live event you captured that rank. It was, I thought it was so perfect. It was so serendipitous. I’m like if this isn’t evidence for Lesley, the it, she did all that work. She did at the beginning of the year in her belief, finding the evidence and then going on to rerank again, proving that it wasn’t a fluke that this is who you are, that this is the growth that’s available for you now. And it’s, it’s so fun. And so I actually think in the next six months, especially with, you know, people that have been doing this work a while, we’re going to be seeing more rank up and it’s super fun to watch. And it’s, you’re just seeing the speed pick up a little bit more. The train is moving pretty quickly. So I love that you guys both came on and just shared your stories. So valuable. I’m so excited. We’re going to have a lot more results ahead of us for the next few months. So ladies, thank you for coming on. And then for my listeners, we will catch you guys in the next episode next week.

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