Purposeful Social Selling

SSA Sneak Peek Ep #108

May 25, 2022

Today is your lucky day because it’s Academy Sneak Peek day here on the podcast. Kristen is giving you a special behind the curtains look at the coaching Social Selling Academy members receive on a weekly basis. 

Listen in to the coaching Kristen offers these two members on different topics. Hopefully one of these topics will touch on something you might need coaching on.

  • Why it’s important to protect your emotions, time, and energy when investing in people
  • What happens when no one on your team wants to step up as a leader and how that affects the way you show up

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek into the coaching available inside the Social Selling Academy. If you’d like to learn more, you can go to: https://thesocialsellingacademy.com/

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Transcript for Episode #108 SSA Sneak Peek:

Kristen Boss (00:05):  Welcome to Purposeful Social Selling with Kristen Boss. I’m your host, Kristen Boss. I’m a mindset and business coach with more than 15 years experience in both the product and service based industry. I believe that social selling is the best business model for people wanting to make an impact while they make serious income. This is the podcast for the social seller, who is tired of feeling inauthentic in their business and desires to find a more purposeful and profitable way of growing their business. In today’s social media landscape. In this podcast, you will learn what it takes to grow a sustainable business through impactful and social marketing. It’s time to ditch the hustle and lead from the heart. Let me show you the new way.

Kristen Boss (00:48):  Hey bosses, welcome to a special episode this week. This week, I have something fun for you in-store. I’ve decided to give you a sneak peek inside the live coaching that happens every week inside the Social Selling Academy. Every week you hear me on this podcast and you hear me kind of giving you a pep talk, giving you, you know, kind of talking at you teaching, but what you’re going to hear is what it’s like to listen in on live coaching with students inside the academy. One of the benefits when you join the Social Selling Academy is you have access to weekly live coaching with me. And a lot of people are like, well, but what if I want coaching for myself? Is there, is it possible that I can have transformation through somebody else’s coaching? And in fact, a lot of my students say that they have more transformation watching somebody else have their breakthrough during the life coaching every week, I have brave, extraordinary students raising their hands and willing to get coaching on the things that they’re feeling stuck or confused on around their business. And I wanted to give you an opportunity to get a sneak peek into what that is like.

Kristen Boss (01:58):  And another thing when you join the academy is you also get all the live coaching calls. We have a private member podcast where you can hear the live coaching and a private podcast that you can listen to on your own time. So even if you can’t sit at your laptop and watch the coaching, a lot of our students love listening to the live coaching podcast episode. So today you’re going to get a little sneak peek of what that’s like. And also before we go into the coaching, I just want to remind you, if you have not already signed up for the Summer of Success Live two day training event, you’re not going to want to miss it. I am bringing you brand new material and it is material designed to help you have sustainable and simple success all summer long. We’re going to reduce the noise and the confusion. We’re going to take out the busywork, and I’m going to teach you the actual things you need to do to move the needle forward in your business every day without overwhelm and without taking time away from your family and making summer memories.

Kristen Boss (02:54):  So you’re going to want to head to the link in the show notes to sign up. It’s only $9. You’re going to want to bring your team. It’s going to be very actionable, very simple, and very approachable. You’re not going to want to miss it. Okay. We’re going to dive into the coaching. And also I’ll just have, you know, that at the event, I’m going to have a special announcement about the academy as well, but what you’re going to hear in this episode, and as you’re going to hear from two of my students that brought something, they needed coaching around inside the academy, you’re probably going to relate to one or both of them. The first student was sharing her frustration with the adjustment she had to make from primarily working an in-person business to during the pandemic, going to an online business, and how she feels like she’s struggling or navigating the new normal.

Kristen Boss (03:40):  Now that things have kind of were in the post-pandemic world and some frustrations she had around Instagram, you’re going to learn and hear from the coaching. I give her the second student I coach she has some stories around recruiting leaders. And if you’ve ever said to yourself, I’m just going to pour time and energy into somebody and they’re just going to leave. And it has you hesitant to recruit or bring on new people to your team. You’re going to want to listen to the coaching it’ll serve you. It’ll help you. If you’re not already inside the academy, I encourage you to join today. Otherwise join us at the Summer of Success Live Event and enjoy the coaching.

Kristen Boss (04:18):  What do you need coaching on?

Academy Member 1 (04:18):  Well, I was nervous and I am nervous like everybody. Okay. Okay. Here’s mine and I, so I’m a leader, have a great team. I really struggled in recruiting and building leaders the last few years because I have a few leaders and one of them was a good friend who kind of left their leadership position. And they’re still consultants technically, but they aren’t working their business. And that was really hard for me. So losing those relationships that I invest, I mean, yeah, I invested a lot of time in, was really challenging. And when I think about recruiting, which I still have been recruiting strongly, it’s just not with feel like my heart’s not in it. Like it used to be. And I don’t think…

Kristen Boss (05:05):  You think that’s maybe protecting yourself from?

Academy Member 1 (05:08):  A hundred percent.

Kristen Boss (05:09):  All the energy?

Academy Member 1 (05:11):  Yeah. A hundred percent. Yeah. And I don’t want to go through that. I mean, I don’t like,

Kristen Boss (05:15):  What, what did you go through? Let’s talk about it. What’d you go through?

Academy Member 1 (05:19):  Well so a big part of it was just hearing things, especially from my friend who we’ve been friends way before I joined my business and she had a lot of negative things to say about me personally, and me and my business and looking back, I know pretty much all of those things were not true. The only thing that was true was at that time, I was putting a lot of time into my business and I thought she understood that, but she felt devalued. And so I’ve made some changes in my life to make sure that I’m prioritizing my friends and not working in my business or taking a quick call or any of that when I’m with them. So I’ve learned a lot from that, but emotions are really hard.

Kristen Boss (06:05):  Okay so what are you afraid is going to happen moving forward? Yeah. So there was like some sadness, some grief, a friendship maybe was lost in that. Okay. But, and, and we, and it sounds like you took ownership and you’re like, okay, well here’s where I went wrong. It takes two people. Okay. But what are you telling yourself may happen when you bring on a new leader and develop them? First of all, they might be a stranger.

Academy Member 1 (06:30):  Right. And usually they are.

Kristen Boss (06:34):  Yeah. So what are you afraid is going to happen?

Academy Member 1 (06:37):  That I’ll put the time in and invest time growing them and then they’ll leave or quit working their business.

Kristen Boss (06:47):  Okay.

Academy Member 1 (06:47):  And then what, and I feel like, I, I feel like I wasted that time and lost. Yeah. I mean, it’s a, I don’t like getting my feelings hurt, but then also there’s the time scarcity for sure.

Kristen Boss (06:59):  Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So when someone leaves, it’s very easy to think a wasted my time I groomed you developed you and you leave instead. Like what, what also might be true there?

Academy Member 1 (07:14):  That my time is never wasted and that I learn.

Kristen Boss (07:18):  Not sure if you, like, I think that’s a fluffy thought that doesn’t feel totally accessible to you in this moment. Yeah. Yes. What else?

Academy Member 1 (07:25):  I like the thought a lot. I do believe that I got that. I do get better every time I’m working with someone and coaching them, that I’m learning how to work with different types of people that, okay, I am benefiting their life regardless of whether or not they stick with this long term. I think people are, and I, don’t not to sound weird, but like, I think people are better off after working with me, regardless of what they do going forward, because I am encouraging and build them up and teach them things that they can use in other, in other areas.

Kristen Boss (08:02):  Yeah. Can we look at like, what happened with the friend and like, do you believe you are a better person because of what happened and a better leader? Are you a better leader? Yeah, because of, Hmm. Okay. Yeah. What else? What else could be a reason? Like when someone leaves, what else might be true? Instead of like, I wasted my time. I love that. Like, I’m a better leader over time. They leave a better version. What else could be true about your business?

Academy Member 1 (08:33):  I don’t know. What do you mean?

Kristen Boss (08:35):  Well, I would say here’s okay. Here’s the facts and the truth about network marketing. You’re going to bring people in and they want to come into this business model to be their own boss. They don’t want a boss. They don’t mind a mentor, a friend, a leader being a coach. Right. But when they’re deciding, when they’re choosing their own lifestyle, their own work, because that’s, that’s the lure of network marketing, come in, be your own boss, make, make the income you want. And some people will decide. They, they make the decision. I’m my own boss of my business. I don’t want this anymore. And I think what helps, what helps everyone to know is for you to understand, like, this is the nature of the business and I’m okay and I’m going to keep going. Like I am going to recruit more people and some people are going, I’m going to develop them up to this place.

Kristen Boss (09:28):  And they might decide to leave. That is the nature of this business. That is also why I’m always recruiting and developing people to fill in the holes. That is when, when someone leaves, that’s, when it’s particularly painful, is when there’s not a next generation of leader that you’ve been developing behind them. Right. That’s why I’m like recruitment is like your, your long term, future insurance policy for network marketing. Like always recruiting, always developing, but also like when you raise somebody up and they quit or whatever, I think also remember you are in network marketing so that person could leave, but you still, they still brought in a network that you can servee and care. And you could always look for the next leader beneath them and be like, well, who can I like that person can be like, I don’t want this, but there might be someone that they brought in.

Kristen Boss (10:20):  They’re like, well, I want it. Now. I’m in a season of my life where, when this person first brought me in, I didn’t need it. But now I’m feeling the need, which is why always like, when you look at your organization, if you’re looking at, like, if you’re looking at the organization as a whole and thinking everybody in this organization, if they wanted to join the business, they would’ve done it by now is actually a thought that doesn’t serve. Instead of like, people are always joining at the right times. There’s always an opportune moment for the right person, the right time. And they could be in my organization right now.

Kristen Boss (10:54):  Like, would you be willing to like develop five more leaders? If you knew, like they were going to bring in a network, even if they left that they brought in another leader, you just don’t know that like every leader you develop is never a lost cause you’re a better leader. Your business is better and you have access to a network. And if you’re serving well, and if you have good systems in place, what happens is when per someone leaves, you can usher in their network, through your systems and care for them.

Academy Member 1 (11:27):  Yeah, you’re right.

Academy Member 1 (11:28):  What might serve you is for you. I was just, I was telling my, my six figure mastermind this. I was like, have a plan ahead of time for what you’re going to do when someone does leave you not. If when someone people leave, people leave the business, people quit, coaches, people quit. It’s what people do. But instead of like fearing people quitting, it’s like, well, what do I want to put in place for when people do quit? And what is my response and what am I going to do as a leader? And what solutions can I provide? It makes you less fearful of this whole. I’m going to put so much energy in and then it’s going to be gone. And I don’t want to experience that again.

Kristen Boss (12:11):  Right. Instead of like, every person is a gold mine of a network and my job is to lead them for as long as they choose to have me lead them.

Academy Member 1 (12:20):  Right. Yeah.

Kristen Boss (12:22):  Yeah. How long do you want to be in this business for? I’m sure it does. But how long do you want to be in this business for?

Academy Member 1 (12:31):  I don’t ever see leaving it. It’s been. Yeah, it’s been great.

Kristen Boss (12:37):  So we’re in the long game. Like if you’re going to be, listen, the people that make the best money in this business are people that are in this business model for like 10 to 20 years. Right. And you don’t think they’ve gone through seasons of like leaders coming and going new companies spreading up over here or over here, people going to the next shiny thing, hopping over there totally happens. But they’re season. They’re like, I know how I know how to do this.

Academy Member 1 (13:00):  Right, right, right. I think like that just really pulls back. I feel like I had my face up against it and I knew I’ve I know I’ve been stuck in this for a long time. Yeah. That feels like such a better perspective. And I feel like I have that in other areas of my business, but I didn’t with this. And that is super helpful.

Kristen Boss (13:19):  Yeah. It helps to zoom out and be like, wait, how long am I going to play this game for? And why am I doing this? And where are all the benefits? And when you realize like I’m in this for like the next 15, 20 years, like I’m a, I’m a network marketing professional, and this is my career. Of course I’m going to be okay.

Academy Member 1 (13:37):  Right.

Kristen Boss (13:38):  I’m going to bring in, I’m going to have one generation of leaders. And then I’m my responsibilities to create is to grow the next generation of leaders. What if you believed your best leaders haven’t found you yet?

Academy Member 1 (13:50):  I like that belief a lot. That’s really good.

Kristen Boss (13:53):  But what if it’s true? Like, I’m just like, listen, do you know how many people I’m just like everyone that comes to this business model? I would say probably 80% is it’s it’s when we have our babies. Like for me, that was when I was like, I want to be home. Like, or I don’t, I don’t want to pump in a break room. I don’t want this. Right. So I’m like, how many babies are born every day? How many new moms are there every day? And I’m like, oh my gosh, there’s so many people waiting to find this business model. Your best people haven’t found you yet. How exciting.

Academy Member 1 (14:23):  That’s very exciting.

Kristen Boss (14:25):  Yeah. Okay. So, and I also feel like leadership is a sifting process. Yeah. You’re going to kiss a lot of frogs

Kristen Boss (14:36):  To find, to find the prints and that’s okay. But you have to develop people and, and, and have your own back and be like, I’m okay. People leave and I’m not going to make it about me. I’m not going to make it about the business model and I’m not going to make it about, you know about, I’m not going to even make it about them because people come to this business to be their own boss and they made the decision to leave. Is it what I would want? No. Is it a bummer? Yes. Am I disappointed? Yeah. I can hold space for those negative emotions. I can feel disappointment and I can also go out and find the next person.

Academy Member 1 (15:08):  Right. Yeah. That’s really helpful. Thank you. Yeah.

Kristen Boss (15:13):  You got this. You’re literally – your best leaders haven’t found you yet.

Academy Member 2 (15:19):  I have this thought that no one else on my team wants to do what I do and what we came down to in the, in the call on the Monday call was that when, when I have these beliefs, like no one else on my team really wants to do what I do. They don’t have the time. It’s too hard. These sorts of thoughts. Then I just, I like, I like to self sabotage, like I just don’t do.

Kristen Boss (15:48):  Okay. So what does that look like?

Academy Member 2 (15:50):  It looks like I just don’t even try. I don’t do the activities that I know would be helpful. And I

Kristen Boss (15:57):  It’s super, super clear with me. What activities do you specifically avoid?

Academy Member 2 (16:00):  So for example I want to do this consultant appreciation month next month.

Kristen Boss (16:06):  Yeah. Okay.

Academy Member 2 (16:07):  And we did it before, so I thought it would be super easy to do it again in June. And as I started talking with other leaders on my team to get them to do a live video as part of the event, as I start talk, I, I was getting a lot of pushback. Like I don’t have time. I can’t commit to that things of that nature. And so instead of me, like problem solving for how to figure it out, then I’m just like, I don’t even want to talk to people on my team. Like I just went to like, okay, it’s either that or okay. Then I’m just going to do everything, myself, do everything. And I’m, I am really, really stuck in this cycle with my team where I’m like, either I’m doing nothing. I just don’t do. Or I, then I do everything like the.

Kristen Boss (16:57):  Yeah. Okay. It seems like you’re like, I don’t know if I want to say surprised when they tell you, I don’t have time instead of like, oh, this is just like, hold up. This is always the objection. Like time is always going to be the number one obstacle I solve for as a leader on my team. And when you say, I think it’s interesting when you said no one wants to do what I do. Well, what do you do that you think they don’t want to do?

Academy Member 2 (17:24):  Like what ended up in the Monday coaching was, I feel like what I do is like, it’s hard. Like it’s a lot of time. It’s a lot of effort. It’s it’s a lot. And then I start feeling like other people aren’t going to want to put that time in.

Kristen Boss (17:38):  Of course, no wonder, because you’re like, I’m miserable. Of course you don’t want to be miserable with me. Who else would want to be miserable?

Academy Member 2 (17:45):  I hate to say that.

Kristen Boss (17:47):  Not miserable, but it’s like, this is hard. It’s heavy. It takes a lot. You want to do it with me. Great. It’s hard instead of like, they might be seeing like, when you. I’m just curious, what’s a lot of time?

Academy Member 2 (18:02):  Well, okay. So before I did this, I was a CPS social worker for 20 years. So in my mind, like, this is super easy. Like I don’t this isn’t, but I do work. I do work like full time in my job, like probably 40 hours, maybe probably 30 to 40 hours a week.

Kristen Boss (18:22):  And how many, okay. Break that down for me. How much of that is like, are you in wellness? Are you in apparel? Are you in beauty?

Academy Member 2 (18:30):  I guess wellness. Yeah.

Kristen Boss (18:32):  Wellness. Okay. And how many of that is like launching events? Doing events?

Academy Member 2 (18:39):  A lot of my time is so it’s a party plan business. Okay. So a lot of my time is host coaching, connecting with people, messaging people, putting content on Facebook.

Kristen Boss (18:52):  Okay.

Academy Member 2 (18:53):  That, that sort of thing.

Kristen Boss (18:55):  Okay. Have you solved for like your repetitive activities that you can batch and do together to save you time?

Academy Member 2 (19:03):  No.

Kristen Boss (19:04):  Or systems more systems? Yeah. when I’m seeing like this host coaching, I’d be like, that could be a lot of one on one busy chats instead of like, do you have an automated host training that you can send them in a video? A YouTube video?

Academy Member 2 (19:18):  Yeah. I definitely know there’s yes.

Kristen Boss (19:20):  Yeah. I’m like, oh, you’re, you you’re working 40 hours a week. And I could tell you, you don’t have to be, we can cut this down to 20 hours a week.

Academy Member 2 (19:27):  I know people keep saying that.

Kristen Boss (19:29):  I know it’s just cause like you’re kinda doing busy work. Let’s circle back to the thought, like no one on my team wants to do what I do. Yeah. Maybe they don’t want to do 40 hours of busy work. And if you are thinking it takes 40 hours then of course in their minds they’re they might be saying like, I don’t have time. Well, it’ll be like, well, how much time were they thinking in their head? When they’re saying I don’t have time. Like people need to learn like, Hey, here’s a simple, approachable way to stay on top of your business in X amount of hours a day. If honestly, most people can be doing extraordinary things in an hour a day. If they weren’t picking around doing things that didn’t make money.

Academy Member 2 (20:12):  I completely agree.

Kristen Boss (20:13):  Are you selling this to your team? Are you selling like, Hey, this is so approachable for you. You don’t have to work as many hours as I do. In fact, I’m working on cutting them down, but have you thought about, have you sat with them problem solve for like, okay, do you want to make money? Do you want like, and how much do you want to make and how much time do you want to can are you committed to devoting to make it happen? And let’s just get creative around it and then you can coach them and lead them from those parameters. If someone’s like, I want to be making $2,000 a month. Okay, great. How much time a day are you willing to devote to working faithfully in your business? Just to get the tasks done. Could you do one hour? Yeah, I could do an hour a day. Awesome. Here’s the tasks.

Academy Member 2 (20:57):  And the funny thing is, is I, I know, like in the business that I’m in people, if people put an hour in a day, they actually can make a really,

Kristen Boss (21:06):  How much do you think they can make an hour? A day, five days a week? How much do you think they could be making?

Academy Member 2 (21:12):  Oh, over a thousand dollars a month.

Kristen Boss (21:14):  Are you saying this to your people?

Academy Member 1 (21:16):  Yeah.

Kristen Boss (21:16):  Do they know this?

Academy Member 1 (21:18):  Probably not. I mean..

Kristen Boss (21:19):  You have not sold this to them. That’s why they’re when you’re like, no, you probably don’t want to do this. Cause it’s a lot of work instead of like, listen one hour, a day, five days a week. It’s so simple, a thousand dollars a month and I’m going to help you get there.

Kristen Boss (21:32):  You’re not finding joy doing your business online. You said.

Academy Member 2 (21:35):  Yeah.

Kristen Boss (21:36):  Okay. Is that because, is, are you, were, did you build in person and then and online? Okay.

Academy Member 2 (21:43):  Yep. That’s exactly my story.

Kristen Boss (21:45):  Yes. It’s only because of the stories you have about online. That’s the only reason I

Academy Member 2 (21:48):  Talk. Yeah. Well, so like, and I had this freak out moment when the pandemic hit and I was just like, no, I’m not going to freak out. Like this is my opportunity to pivot and finally learn online. And I did it and I grew my business exponentially. And I think I just had almost like, like, this is like what I need to do to survive for now kind of mindset. And now that’s just been such a long journey.

Kristen Boss (22:16):  If I was to tell you, this is just social selling now.

Academy Member 2 (22:19):  It just feels exhausting. I wish that I could say it’s not.

Kristen Boss (22:21):  Why? Tell me why it’s exhausting to you.

Academy Member 2 (22:26):  Well, I’ve really enjoyed Facebook and honestly I feel like because I’ve reflected a lot on this I feel like it’s the sudden shift a lot of people have made to Instagram. Like Instagram has never been my joy. Okay. And I just, and there has been a huge shift in our company. Like the people who are winning and seeing tons, like massive growth, it’s all coming from Instagram and all these trainings are Instagram. So I made the pivot. I’ve done Instagram. I love the reels and stuff of it. It’s just I’m.

Kristen Boss (22:56):  Why is Instagram heavy and hard for you?

Academy Member 2 (23:00):  I like, like I did not like Instagram at all before reels. Like I like reels. But I don’t like the curation. I’m very like genuine, authentic, and Instagram does not feel that way to me. I show up.

Kristen Boss (23:13):  Oh, that just depends on who you’re following. Because Instagram, I would say is way less curated than it ever has been.

Academy Member 2 (23:20):  I know. I’ve heard you talk about that. And I think I’m kind of just in this like mixed confusion state in my head because the people in our company who are seeing huge, massive growth right now from Instagram, it is like the curated they’re an expert or they were already an influencer and then joined and they had already built that following with the new like trust factor. So I don’t know. And so I just, I’m echoing the girl just on like I’m in this self sabotage state, like now I just, yeah. I’m like, it’s not a big deal if I don’t post a story today, like whatever, I let my stories die yesterday and haven’t posted them I’m like,.

Kristen Boss (23:53):  Well what’s the point? I think you have to figure out. It’s so funny. I think a lot, a lot of people have these thoughts about Instagram and it’s mostly just because this is an unknown landscape. That’s less familiar to me. And anytime it’s less familiar, there’s a learning curve. It automatically feels harder. But I would just say like this concept of curated, what does that even mean to you?

Academy Member 2 (24:16):  Okay. So like specifically what I pick up on is people putting things out there that it’s like the always their best-case scenario, you know, like all the ups in their life or whatever. Like I don’t enjoy following that. It’s a turnoff for me. So I stop following all those people, even though they’re in my company. Yeah. and I think-

Kristen Boss (24:39):  Are youelling yourself, like I can’t like in order to have massive wins on Instagram, it has to look like that?

Academy Member 2 (24:44):  No, like I know it doesn’t. But I do still have this belief. So I’ve gone through I don’t know how many times I’ve watched the organic marketing thing. I think it’s like three times and I finally just now got brave enough to change my niche and like be who I am and go back to really my roots. Like I really got to the depth of, you know, what, one thing that I’ve always been good at since I was a kid like, well, before I was ever an adult or an entrepreneur is being creative and using my hands to create things that has nothing to do with what I sell. Like nothing at all. Yeah. Great. But being confident and brave enough, because it seems like everyone in our company is going down a direct path that converts easily to here’s why it makes sense or here’s why I’m an expert and then it’s easy for them. Why you’re buying the product versus mine. It’s like the people who sell sourdough starters or whatever, like I’m not a sourdough starter, but I’m just like, this is, I think in my head I’m like, I don’t enjoy this platform. I’m doing it because I know I need to.

Kristen Boss (25:41):  Because I have to and I need to. You’re there out of obligation and not choice.

Academy Member 2 (25:45):  Yes. And then the other piece of it is like, and I’m choosing the long path that’s going to take forever. Like, you know?

Kristen Boss (25:51):  Okay. Tell me how long you plan to be in social selling.

Academy Member 2 (25:54):  I don’t know. Like if you were up to me, like the world would go back to like in person thriving, like I’m a homeschool mom of four and I loved in person because there were just so many of my strengths in person. I felt like I could like leave home, go rock my business, come back and be fully present. And I had to find that balance of online and my business, you know, like it all coexisting here in the home. And I, I figured out a really good balance. Actually. I don’t neglect my kids. I don’t have like the anger struggles I used to wrestle with or whatever, but it’s just not joyful for me.

Kristen Boss (26:28):  Okay, but how can Instagram be joyful for you? Because I tell you the first reason it’s not joyful is because you think you’re, you have to be there and you’re not choosing to be there. Like why do I choose this? Why do I want this?

Academy Member 2 (26:42):  So when I, when I’ve written it out I, I really always come back to service. Like it’s joyful when I’m there, knowing that I’m speaking to like kind of what you’ve said about your book. Like you wrote your book because you wish that would’ve existed for you years ago. And so that’s kind of how I’m showing up in motherhood. Like my, my niche is really I think a lot of people talk about being a stay home mom like you’re doing it because you should, or like you can’t afford something. Like, and I’m like, no, like I love being a stay home mom. Like here’s the joy in it. Here’s the creativity, the fulfillment in it. Like it’s not a drudgery. Like these are the best years ever. And so, but then I’m like, well then if I’m coming, I think because I have this mindset, I’m coming to Instagram to grow my business. But I’m doing all these things to serve, to love on people that have nothing to do with my business.

Kristen Boss (27:35):  Oh. So what do oh, so you’re telling yourself like, I’m not sure how this is going to turn into a business.

Academy Member 2 (27:39):  Exactly. Yeah.

Kristen Boss (27:40):  Why, why do you think that?

Academy Member 2 (27:43):  I think because what I keep seeing and now like our corporate staff is like pushing all of the people, like doing all these trainings around Instagram and look how they’re doing this. It needs to be done like this.

Kristen Boss (27:53):  Yeah. But what if you’re the first person that’s like, yeah, she has a stay at home mom niche and she’s crushing it.

Academy Member 2 (27:59):  Yeah.

Kristen Boss (28:01):  You’re willing to go first and be like-

Academy Member 2 (28:02):  Yeah. Right.

Kristen Boss (28:04):  And I think, I know, I think do you sell household products?

Academy Member 2 (28:07):  No, I don’t. I’m actually in clean beauty,

Kristen Boss (28:09):  Clean beauty. Okay. Amazing. Clean beauty. What? That totally translates to sales. It’s almost like you’re telling yourself, like I need to have a beauty niche to sell beauty.

Academy Member 2 (28:21):  Because that’s, that is what is working for everyone else.

Kristen Boss (28:25):  No, no, this is not how selling works. Selling works is like building like no trust. And you have to find people that identify with you, like you. And they’re like, they’re here for the mom niche. And because they like you and you serve them in that area, they’re going to be like, we were talking about like, this is my favorite makeup. And here’s why, and here’s my favorite approach to these things. And here’s why, and here’s why I love it. And here’s why it fills me. And I have self care and all these things I talk about it in my stories, of course it translates to sales. It doesn’t have to be if people are following you for beauty.

Academy Member 2 (28:55):  Yeah. You know, honestly, I think it’s also like I’ve been with my company five years in the way that I built and exploded my business on Facebook was doing what they’re doing on Instagram. Like I have a group where I teach wellness and I read labels for people and I serve people in that same capacity, but I don’t want to show up that way on Instagram. Like it just has kind of sucked the life out of me. Like I’m still doing it on Facebook.

Kristen Boss (29:18):  It’s only sucked, Instagram has not sucked the life out of you. It’s the stories you have around Instagram that keep exhausting you.

Academy Member 2 (29:25):

My stories have sucked the life out of me.

Kristen Boss (29:27):  Your own stories have sucked the life out of you. That’s why it feels heavy instead of like, you might need to unfollow a bunch of people and it’s been comparison and corporate and all these things where you’re just like, yeah, sucks. Instead of like, hold on. How can I use Instagram as a funnel to invite people over to this amazing group on Facebook? Or how can I take the same techniques I’ve done on Facebook and apply them on Instagram?

Academy Member 2 (29:53):  Yeah. And I, you know, honestly I think the truth is Kristen, that I’m looking for validation externally when it has to come internally because the other piece of it is I do have this team under me and they’re watching all these corporate trainings too. And I just, I feel like every week on our team meetings, I’m like, what’d you guys think about that training? Okay. Well that’s great. But like you don’t have to do that niche, like find what’s true to you. Like I’m trying to like also at the same time, hold my own belief, but also give my team permission to like, Hey, it doesn’t have to look that way because they look at that also. And they’re like, I can’t do that. Therefore I don’t know if this is for me.

Kristen Boss (30:27):  So now you, you are paving the way for your team being like, look I’m, I don’t have that niche and look at what I’m doing and it’s fine. But also just like it is, there’s no way around this cold. Instagram is a cold market strategy. You have to play the long game with Instagram, unfor Facebook. It’s a lot faster returns because there’s a lot of that familiarity. There’s a lot of the like no trust already built. I mean, there is cold strategies in Facebook that I taught in organic marketing. But with Instagram you have to understand, I am coming to a cold market and I have to validate myself all the way there.

Academy Member 2 (31:02):  Okay.

Kristen Boss (31:03):  Like it was gruesome growing my account. And I think I’ve talked about this many times where I literally lost like, I think like 8,000 followers almost overnight when I decided to like do mindset and coaching people are like, peace. I was here for the mom niche. Ain’t here for this I was like, okay. And then when I was like, now I’m coaching only network marketers, peace. I was here for this, not for the network marketers. I’m like, okay, fine.

Academy Member 2 (31:27):  I do love when you talk about it.

Kristen Boss (31:29):  This game for so long. But it’s like also be looking at like, this is, this is where your next audience, your next teammate, this is where it’s coming from. These, this is a network you would not be able to meet in person. I just want you to think of like you’re in network marketing. Part of like the first word in network marketing is networking. You have to network, you’re growing your network on Instagram.

Academy Member 2 (31:52):  Right.

Kristen Boss (31:53):  And it’s not with Instagram. It’s not about immediate profits. You can’t do the immediate profits.

Academy Member 2 (31:59):  Yeah, I know. Yeah. Go ahead. And I, and I think it’s been really valuable listening to some of your podcasts when you talk about like the numbers. And I know the girl on earlier also, like, because that’s just been so affirming for me because I started from scratch on Instagram literally a couple of months ago. So I have like 400 followers or something.

Kristen Boss (32:20):  Not from scratch and that’s great.

Academy Member 2 (32:21):  I know I don’t downplay that anymore. After I’ve heard you speak about it more. I’m like, you know what? I have 400 like qualified, like legit, know what I’m about following me on purpose people. Like, that’s=

Kristen Boss (32:32):  Remember there’s like a part in my book where I did like that big launch and only six people bought. And I was like, it’s fine. I’m going to show up for six people. I’m show up. And then on the calls, maybe one person showed up. Sometimes no people showed up. I’m like, I’m still here. I was just thinking about this today. And this is for everybody. I was thinking about, I was getting on, I was getting on my Peloton and I had been collecting dust and I knew, I knew it was going to be painful getting on that. And I just remember thinking, getting on that Peloton today is I’m not going to lose a single pound getting on that Peloton today. In fact, knowing my body, I’m going to gain a pound from water retention and my pants are going to be snug. Am I getting on the Peloton today to lose a pound today?

Academy Member 2 (33:13):  No.

Kristen Boss (33:13):  Or am I getting on to be like, I’m learning to keep my word to myself. I say, I’m going to do this and I’m going to do this. And my word is that important. I like who I’m becoming when I get on this Peloton, I know that where I want to go, it’s going to be a thousand. It’s going to be compounded by a thousand times. I decided to sit my on this bike. Even knowing it, wasn’t going to budget the scale that day. Right. And that is Instagram. You can’t, you’re being like, I’m going to show up and today might not create a customer, but my showing up could create a customer down the road. It’s not my business to know when. Right? Right. And we get on being like, am I getting on for the results? Or am I getting on? Because I’m learning something about myself in the process and I can be damn proud I showed up today

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