Success Entitlement – Episode #49

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How many times have you worked hard on a social media post and have been disappointed when you didn’t get new followers, comments, or DMs because you expected something in return? This is called ‘success entitlement.’

It’s not realistic to think every action should have an equal return–especially when you’re first starting out. 

Listen for more on how to shift out of this mindset:

  • The difference between abundant marketing and transactional marketing 
  • Why success entitlement removes joy from the process because you’re in transactional marketing
  • How to shift into an abundant marketing mindset
  • Why so many people try to validate themselves by looking to other people and their social media engagement 
  • What happens when you consistently provide value for your audience with no strings attached
  • The #1 most detrimental thought to your business right now
  • How to find joy in simply showing up and maintain an unwavering knowing of who you are and how you can help
  • Why success isn’t owed to you–even when you work hard
  • How long are you willing to ‘go it alone’ to start to see a return on your marketing?

Kristen shares more about her journey to ‘overnight success’ and how for many years she felt like she was talking into a void. It’s a long game. The people who are in it the longest will have more success than the people who work harder at the start of their business.

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