The Highest Income Producing Activity Ep #23

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You may think you are moving towards your business goals because you are taking action every day. But there are two types of action: passive and income producing. Which category do your actions fall into?

You may think you are moving towards your business goals because you are taking action every day. But there are two types of action: passive and income producing. Which category do your actions fall into? 

If you’re working on your gratitudes, meditating, or even listening to this podcast, you are in passive action. Those things are still important, but in order to get traction and build a long-term successful business, you need to be doing income producing activities! 

Listen in for these nuggets:

  • Why passive action feels so important in your business
  • What actually yields results in your business
  • The 4 income producing activities to prioritize 
  • The $1,000 activity that you should be developing every day
  • The residual value of happy customers 
  • How to get better at talking about your offer so that it easily draws in your ideal customers
  • The 3 simple things that good copywriting always includes
  • How to solve problems and provide value ahead of time

Not knowing how to talk about your offer in a way that differentiates you from the crowd is a detriment to the success of your business. I’m sharing with you the exact things you can start doing TODAY that will improve this skill and skyrocket your success.

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Transcript of Episode #23: The Highest Income Producing Activity:

Kristen Boss (00:05):
Welcome to Purposeful Social Selling with Kristen Boss. I’m your host, Kristen Boss. I’m a mindset and business coach with more than 15 years experience in both the product and service based industry. I believe that social selling is the best business model for people wanting to make an impact while they make serious income. This is the podcast for the social seller, who is tired of feeling and authentic in their business and desires to find a more purposeful and profitable way of growing their business. In today’s social media landscape. In this podcast, you will learn what it takes to grow a sustainable business through impactful and social marketing. It’s time to ditch the hustle and lead from the heart. Let me show you the new way. Hey bosses, welcome to episode 23. And it is the week of Thanksgiving. Lots going on this week, I’ve been watching a lot of you out there, crushing it with huge sales going on. And as you know,

Kristen Boss (01:04):
Not only is it the week of Turkey and gravy and pumpkin pie, I can go on about the food. I love Thanksgiving. It’s probably my favorite holiday, but it’s also the precursor to one of the largest sales weekends you could have this year. So I was really thinking about what I wanted to talk about the week of Thanksgiving. And I thought of, yeah, I could do a gratitude episode and trust me, there’s a lot I could say about gratitude. In fact, I’ll just take a minute real, real quick here to talk about why gratitude is more than just getting in your journal and listing something you’re grateful for every day. I want to tell you that gratitude is hard, work, real gratitude, not the kind where you can easily find a couple of things, look around and be like, yeah, I’m thankful for the roof over my head.

Kristen Boss (01:58):
I’m thankful we have a job I’m thankful for our health. I mean the kind of gratitude where you have to dig really deep in the kind of gratitude that creates inner peace for yourself and quiet, the lack and scarcity, you feel in your life, lack and scarcity around a paycheck, lacquer scarcity around your business, your customers, where you thought you’d be, what’s going on in the world, how far you thought you’d be in your business, maybe how you thought saw things differently this year. And it’s not. Gratitude is the number one practice that will get you out of hustle and scarcity and panic and anxiety. We cannot serve our audience when we are not people who are grateful and there are going to be seasons in your life where you’re going to have to fight for gratitude, where it’s not to be easy, where you’re going to have to dig so deep.

Kristen Boss (03:03):
And it’s almost going to feel painful to find gratitude. And I know this because just a year ago, I was in that place where I was truly having to fight for gratitude. Most days, gratitude for simple things. I had to go to very simple gratitudes and actually feel thankful for them. It was the only way I could serve in the way I did. It was so bad where, you know, I was still a hairstylist, still doing hair at the time. And I had clients coming to the salon, bringing me bottles of wine because they saw what was going on in my life personally, and pupil felt bad. They’re like, are you okay? And I had to dig so deep those days for gratitude. And it was because of gratitude that I was able to show up and serve and offer so much value to people.

Kristen Boss (03:57):
So maybe you are in a space where you’re having to fight for gratitude, maybe where you’re in a space where the list doesn’t feel easy. It feels hard. And so my encouragement for you this week is to truly get to a place where you find the gratitude that cultivates an inner peace within you. That calms the anxiety that calms the panic that calms the need to rush and come at this weekend, especially my business owners. I mean, that’s all of you listening. I don’t want you to come to this weekend, this huge sales weekend from this place of panic and lack and thinking, I have to make this weekend work because truthfully that’s putting pressure on your business that you’re not going to enjoy and your readers, they can sense that people that buy from you can sense that energy. So that’s my, just my encouragement for you in this moment that gratitude’s not always easy.

Kristen Boss (04:56):
Sometimes gratitude is it’s a posture of grit. Like you gotta be gritty for it. You gotta fight for it some days. And I know it trust me when I was in a, in, in a hospital with a surgery complication for my son and a black eye and dealing with a crisis on a traumatic level for my daughter and a lot of things financially coming up for my, there was just a lot going on where I had to fight for gratitude. So maybe that’s you this year, but trust me when I say, when you find gratitude, it helps you serve better. So maybe you got to fight for it. I know it’s been a tough year. I want to offer gratitude to you and say, I’m thankful for you. My listener, thank you for sharing with your downlines or uplines giving a review, giving the listen being here week after week.

Kristen Boss (05:50):
I appreciate you. I love serving you. I love offering you value. And I love hearing from people who action and I love knowing that some people are getting results from the podcast and I freaking love it. That’s that’s a great feeling, knowing that I’m providing in a way that’s allowing you to have transformation. So let’s get to the real meat. Let’s get to the gravy of the podcast here. So as you know, it’s Thanksgiving week, we’ve got black Friday, we’ve got cyber Monday. And I really thought, okay, let’s talk about IPA and I’m not talking about beer, not talking about hoppy beer. I don’t like I pay. I’m talking about income producing activity. It’s what you all know. It’s what you all talk about. But as I observe and coach a lot of people in this industry, and I see what creates results and what keeps people from getting results.

Kristen Boss (06:54):
It’s the misunderstanding or not truly knowing what their highest revenue producing activity is because I see a lot of you out there thinking you’re doing IPA and you’re not. You’re doing things that are keeping you busy that make you feel, it feels cozy. You feel like you’re doing work. So let me first start off by telling you what is not income producing activity. You ready for this? You ain’t gonna like it. But it’s, it’s really important that you know what actually makes you money. Okay? Podcasts, you sitting here listening to me. Yes. It’s helping your mind. Yes. It’s giving you some ideas, but listening to me is not what makes you money going and hiding behind listening to a bunch of podcasts is not what makes you money scrolling social media without time limits doing affirmations, working on your vision board, making graphics, getting on your team calls, doing research, even doing your gratitudes.

Kristen Boss (08:08):
Now, I think it’s really important if you’re like, what, what? I’m not saying that they aren’t good activities, but they are not innately and directly revenue producing. What I actually just described for you was personal development. And that is a core pillar of a business owner of someone who wants to take action and create results for themselves. But that is not revenue producing. That grows you as a person, but it is not the actual cause I know a lot of people that do that. They’re like, I work on my, I do my morning meditation. I do my gratitude to have my vision board. I’m manifesting, but they’re not going out there and doing the, that actually create results. So you just need to look at that as yes. Now hear me working on your thoughts, healing, your stories, addressing your limiting beliefs. Yes.

Kristen Boss (09:07):
Doing those things. Trust me. I know I coach on those things a lot, but, and those things definitely create income, but they only create income if you act on those things. And I see a lot of people just staying there, but not taking action. And it’s because you’re getting a dopamine hit. When you’re doing those things, it makes you believe that you’re working. It makes you believe that you’re doing the things like, but Kristen, I’m doing the things and be like, Nope, you’re working on your personal development. But if you aren’t taking action, there is a problem. There’s a gap. And that’s, what’s keeping you from results. So just knowing like that is personal development and that is different from income producing activity. So what is income producing activity? Here’s the things you probably already know and already talk about connecting with people, talking about the business, talking about the product, following up with your customers, making a post content creation.

Kristen Boss (10:16):
That’s what I hear people tell me, or hear them say, Hey, do your income producing activity message. These people send a video to watch share the opportunity, follow up, make a posts, content creation. That’s what I see a lot of people talking about, but that’s only part of the equation. Only a couple of those things are truly revenue producing. Okay? So what actually moves the needle further and faster? What activity? Because a lot of you are doing mom motherhood on the side, you’re doing the mom thing on the side. You’ve got babies to raise. You got dinner to cook. You got a house to keep, or you’re balancing this with your nine to five. So your time is really precious. So it’s really important. You know where to put your time, you know what actually yields results. And I’m not saying those things, I just listed don’t yield results, but you need to know what is your highest dollar producing activity.

Kristen Boss (11:16):
You need to figure out what to prioritize. So I’m going to tell you, number one, growing your audience, growing your audience is vital. Not just any audience, but an aligned audience, an audience who has similar interests to you who has the same core values or worldview. And what happens is when you’re within an aligned audience, it’s easier to have authority and expertise with them because you value the same things, adding value. And I’m not just talking about value. Like you can do hard things. Here’s your motivation for day. Here’s your inspiration. I’m talking about real value that provides a transformation before a transaction with you.

Kristen Boss (12:08):
I want you to think about that. Are you adding value that they can take immediate action with that value and it betters their day and provides a transformation on some level, it could be a mental transformation. It could be a physical one, emotional one financial one really think about, are you providing value, true value? Or is it vanilla value? Like, Hey, here’s my outfit of the day. And Hey, if you’re, if you’re a wardrobe, capsule consultant, and that’s your thing, I love it keeps showing up. That’s value. That’s valuable to me. I want to know about a capsule wardrobe, right? But really just know your audience. What is valuable to them and providing that value regularly for free. Before you make an ask: customer fulfillment, you checking in with your people, people that have said yes to you, people that are taking your product, that is huge because happy customers are people that can’t help, but tell their friends about your product, your business.

Kristen Boss (13:12):
They share for you and a happy customer. The value of a happy customer, the lifetime value of a happy customer is worth more than an immediate recruit that you recruit that month get a cash bonus and you never see them again. I want you to think about that. If you were only valuing recruiting and not the backend of customer fulfilling and giving them a great customer experience, here’s what that tells me. It tells me that you value the quick cash, which is whatever the bonus is. When they join. Maybe it’s 50, maybe it’s a hundred and it’s quick cash, as opposed to, and then you never see them again, as opposed to you sign them, you get the $50, but then you really work on over-delivering and giving them a fantastic customer experience on the backend so that they continue to reorder with you month after month after month.

Kristen Boss (14:09):
I want you to think about that if they order with you month after month after month for five years, the same product combo or the same amount of product per month, figure out what they are worth in a lifetime. What they’re worth over five years, just as a customer buying for themselves, is it $5,000? Is it $10,000? And then if they’re referring their friends, that lifetime value of that person just exponentially increased because they’re telling their friends about your product. Do you see the problem? If you are not focusing on customer fulfillment, caring for your people, making sure you’re onboarding them well.

Kristen Boss (14:54):
Yeah. Think about that. Customer fulfillment is residual income creation, happy customers for life is what builds residual wealth. That is why you signed up for this business model. You are not an affiliate marketer. Think about that affiliates. You buy something once from that person, they don’t follow up with you. They don’t check in to see if you like, you know, the pants or the perfume or whatever link they had that day. They’re not checking in and being like, Hey, did you enjoy that order? How are you doing affiliates? Don’t check in with people. But because of that, affiliates have to continually sell and fill their funnel. They don’t have lifetime customers. They have a following and that following could potentially buy multiple things from them. But you as a network marketer, think about this when they buy a product from you and you are following up with them and saying, how can I serve you?

Kristen Boss (15:54):
How can I make this a better experience? Do we need to check your dosage? Or is there a different product you need? How can I say interview? All those things. Now you have a lifetime customer who buys from you over and over and over again. And putting a lot of emphasis on this, because I think this is where a lot of people fall short. I know this because I coach on this a lot and I get the backend of the business. Doesn’t feel sexy. I say that a lot. And recruiting gives you a rush. It gives you that dopamine hit like, yes, I got people. Look at me. I just got a huge cash bonus. But what good is is that bonus. If they all are leaving you within 60 days of signing with you and you’re having to sign people all over again, I want you to just notice the pattern in your paychecks, have an honest moment with yourself here. And I’m inviting you to see all the possibility that is before you.

Kristen Boss (16:56):
So a huge income producing activity is customer fulfillment because it’s about creating lifetime customers. And then lastly, here it is, here’s the last one. So like I said, growing your network, adding value that serves them ahead of time, customer fulfillment on the backend, and then the posture of selling. There’s a few ways of selling, but I’m going to talk to you about selling through copywriting. And this actually this episode is mostly going to be about copywriting because it is the most underused and under stated income producing activity in the network marketing industry, copywriting is not being taught to network marketers. And I believe it is a huge disservice to the huge, that is one of the reasons why I chose to focus with network marketers, because I saw all the industry gaps with marketing and sales. I’m obsessed with marketing and sales. And one of the things I saw was no one’s teaching network, marketers, how to write copy.

Kristen Boss (18:05):
And I know this because I see and trust me, I’m following many companies. I coach in eight, nine different companies. And I see the same thing in all the companies is someone creates this great post and that same post is tweaked and copied to death. And it circulates in the company over and over and over and over again. Trust me, people see it, even if you’re like, oh, my audience is mine and her audience is hers. It doesn’t matter. People see it. And here’s the problem with that is it literally dilutes your voice in the marketplace when you copy and paste from someone else in your company, because you think that sounds good. That is lazy marketing. And I know you don’t like hearing that, but if you do the work, if you’re willing to learn to write compelling copy, and I’m going to talk about what copywriting is in a second here, it becomes a thousand dollar an hour activity.

Kristen Boss (19:08):
I promise you, there is a reason why it is one of the most valuable skillsets taught in the entrepreneurial world. It is why copywriters charge between $2,000 and $8,000, two and $8,000 for a single sales page of copy done on a website. And while it’s easier to look at what that girl said and see, wow, that post, that she just did got a lot of engagement. I’m going to take that post and I’m gonna just tweak it. So it sounds a little bit more like me and re post it. That is not copywriting. It’s actually it’s plagiarizing, but, but I get it. It’s kind of the culture of the network marketing industry of like, yeah, take, take the post, have fun with it. What’s mine is yours. Yours is mine. I appreciate that. The camaraderie and the team unity, but what’s happening is it’s crippling people from learning how to have a strong, compelling voice in the marketplace.

Kristen Boss (20:10):
Your writing copy is what sets you apart from everybody else. So if you’re like, Kristen, what is copywriting? I’m confused. I know content, but what is copywriting? Copywriting is selling through your words. It is telling a story through your content in a way that compels your reader to take action. It is not something that comes naturally. It’s actually a learned skill. No one’s born writing copy. It’s very strategic because it speaks to how the brain psychologically makes decisions. There is actually a formula to copywriting. And when you commit to learning the formula, when you commit to practicing, when you commit to being willing to learn the art, you will never be without leads a day in your life. My students that learn how to write, copy, get so many messages in their inbox. They never have to message people say, Hey, do you want to take a minute to look at what I have to offer? You won’t have to do that when you learn to write compelling copy.

Kristen Boss (21:22):
Like I said, I feel like it is the most underused skill set that no one’s teaching the network marketing industry. It is the single most powerful tool you can have in your arsenal. And it’s the number one way to grow your income and impact. And by doing that is learning how to communicate powerfully with your audience. Here’s the gap I see is I see a lot of people not knowing how to confidently communicate their offer in a compelling way to their audience that has them stand out and stand apart from everybody else who might be offering the same product you with me, copywriting is truly what separates the best from the rest. It’s what will help you stand apart from others. If you want people to show interest in your product, the answer is copywriting. If you want people to get on a call with you, the answer is copywriting. Copy is words you use to attract a specific type of person with a specific type of problem. And they come to you for your specific solution.

Kristen Boss (22:35):
The thing with copywriting is that you have to commit to learn it. It is a learned skill. Everybody sucks at it at first, and it’s something that I became obsessed with. And here’s what I did. Like I’ve committed thousands of hours and thousands of emails and posts to learn how to effectively communicate with people. A way that speaks to human behavior and human psychology want to learn, to communicate more clearly more effective. And when you can do that, you are set apart from every other person that might be offering the same thing. So here’s how I committed to it. Here’s the truth I would watch, watch and observe big names in the industry. I would subscribe to Amy Porterfield, James Wedmore Donald Miller Frank Kern, Jim Edwards. I would, I would subscribe to their emails, not just because I wanted their product, but I would read, I read all of their emails and I would pull them apart.

Kristen Boss (23:44):
This is how obsessed was I became with copy. It’s fascinating to me because I love writing. I love communication. I love human behavior and I love creativity and that is copywriting. And so I pulled all these emails apart and I started asking, what are they trying to make me feel? What action are they trying to make me take? What, what words are they using? In what order are they sentencing? Are they structuring their sentences? What, in that subject line made me want to click open that email? What are they promising me? How am I feeling good? Copywriting is what we’ll have people saying to you. It’s like, you’re in my head. It’s like, you know exactly how I feel. Did you write that email to me, girl? I feel like you wrote that post to me. And it took a while, but I knew I hit gold or paydirt.

Kristen Boss (24:38):
I don’t know if you guys ever watch a, that gold rush show. So show, but these guys, they commit to going through, you know, yards and yards and yards of dirt. And they commit to this dirty, hard work until they hit what they called paydirt or payload. And that is the dirt that is filled with gold. It’s where all the money is, but you got to sort through a lot of dirt to get there. And that’s exactly what I did. And I knew I hit pay dirt when people were literally coming to me and drove saying. I love that you wrote that. I feel like you wrote to me, is that about me? How did you know that? I feel like you’re in my head and when people feel seen, heard and understood. Cause here’s what happens when they read a post that you wrote like copy when they read copy and they think to themselves, wow.

Kristen Boss (25:33):
It’s like, she’s in my head. It’s like, she knows exactly what I’m thinking. It’s like, she knows my exact struggles. And when they think that like, wow, they really get me, their automatic assumption is they can help me. If she understands my problem on such a deep level, then she can help me. On the other side of that. It automatically positions you as the expert and anybody can learn to write copy. It’s not for the extroverted. It’s not for the outgoing, it’s not for the popular or the large following. It is for anybody who’s willing to commit to the skillset. That’s why I have an entire module in the social selling academy, strictly devoted to teaching network marketers, how to write copy. It’s literally why I wrote a book for network marketers on how to write compelling. Copy that has people coming to you in your inbox saying, where do I go?

Kristen Boss (26:37):
Tell me what link to do. I’m ready to buy. I have a great example of this. One of my, we, I tweaked a post with her. I really helped her position. And we wrote we wrote copy specifically to attract a business builder specific specifically to attract somebody that was ready to do the work that was committed to it, ready to spend the money. And we use the verbiage that appealed to a person that thought that way and felt that way. And we used the framework that I teach and here’s what happened. She, she posted it and she talked about it in her stories. And literally, while she slept that night, somebody went to her link and purchased the most expensive business builder kiddos. I think it was like $700 and messaged her and said, I want the business. When can I launch and spent like, she didn’t even have to get on a call with her.

Kristen Boss (27:36):
She was like, great. I want the business. I’m paying $700. Let’s just go from copywriting. And this happened to her over and over and over. This is why I say copywriting is the number one wealth creating activity next to customer fulfillment. A lot of people think attraction marketing is just posting pretty pictures and saying something inspirational and hoping people come to, you know, the attraction marketing I teach is how to find your voice, how to show up authentically and how to write strategic copy from your voice that compels your audience to take action and has them see you as an authority in your marketplace. That is true. Attraction marketing. It’s truly positioning yourself. And good copy says three things. The essence of great copy always communicates these three points.

Kristen Boss (28:43):
You have a problem. I have a solution I can help. That’s it. And you’re like Chris, and that sounds so simple. I know. I know, but there is a framework for how that happens. It’s why it’s an art. It’s why I decided to study it for years before I even decided to teach it. I was just so fascinated by it. I’m like, gosh, why does every email by this person make me want to buy all the things that was so good? I’ll never forget that. One of the first courses I purchased was from Amy Porterfield. And I was just hooked in from the beginning. I couldn’t help myself. I had downloaded all her freebies. I listened to all of her podcasts. Notice. I want you to notice her sequence to get a $500 purchase from me at the time, which a long time ago, that was really painful for me.

Kristen Boss (29:33):
I didn’t have $500 laying around, right? So she was adding value that I can take little transfer. Like I can get little on for free. I was listening to her podcast. Great value. I would watch it. Your posts. I would read her emails whenever she had a webinar. I’d watch it. I print out the webinar. I’d be taking the notes and I’d go take action. And eventually with all that value and trust built up, I was like, I know I have to invest in her webinar. I have to learn her secrets. I have to learn her how. I have to buy her product. That’s spend $500 and you better believe it was fantastic. It was a great experience. I’m like, wow, because I viewed all of her free stuff as so good. That what must her paid stuff look like? So if you’re like, yeah, but Kristen that’s for an online course, that’s for a coach. How does that work for network marketers? It’s the same thing. You need to provide free value through your posts, your stories, your lives. Heck you can have a webinar and you’ll know you’ve done well. When people are thinking you for how your free content is speaking to them and providing change in their life some level that’s when you know you’re offering value before the transaction.

Kristen Boss (30:56):
And then from there you make an offer through copywriting. You speak to them, the right person and the right way with the right offer, communicating the three core things. You have a problem. I have a solution I can help you. That’s it. And from there, they decided to go all in with you. And guess what happens when somebody decides to join you? When you have been the person that provides value ahead of time and you write copy and you show up authentically and you didn’t chase them for this, what do you think happens? You attract life time customers. You attract people who trust you a lot because we’re building trust with them. Not by chasing them in the DMS, not through doing seven to 10 touches, not through them being on your follow-up list. There is a time and place for a follow-up, but you’re going to save so much time and energy when you’re selling value on the front end free value. And some people will take action today. Some people will take action 30 to 60 days from now. That’s what I call future paced marketing. It’s always thinking about how you’re adding to your funnel.

Kristen Boss (32:19):
When you do that, when people come to you on their own terms, because of all that trust you built before the transaction, you now have positioned and attracted a lifetime customer who now on the backend, when you ask, Hey, do you want to add to your order? Can you adjust your order? Do you want to host a party there exponentially more likely to say yes to you to continue ordering you from you and trusting you and referring you because of all the trust you built on the front end of the relationship. If this is the only episode you’ve ever listened to, you are going to make money really well. Like I said, copywriting is a thousand dollar an hour activity. So listen, this weekend, I have my own black Friday special happening. If you are not on my email list, you will want to be on my email list. I have an exclusive offer that will be dropping in my email as this weekend. If you have not watched the attraction formula webinar, it’s a free training. I tell you exactly how to grow, nurture, and sell to an audience. I tell you all about the real attraction formula. The webinar link is in the show notes that puts you on my email list and you will have

Kristen Boss (33:39):
Access to the bonus. I will be dropping this weekend. You want to keep your eyes open and tell them, go out and give a ton of value. Make compelling offers, connect with your audience and serve well. We’ll catch you next week. That wraps up today’s episode. Hey, if you love today’s show, I would love for you to take a minute and give a rating with the review. If you desire to elevate the social selling industry, that means we need more people listening to this message so that they can know it can be done a different way. And if you’re ready to join me, it’s time for you to step into the Social Selling Academy, where I give you all the tools, training, and support to help you realize your goals in the academy. You get weekly live coaching so that you are never lost or stuck in confusion. Whether you are new in the business or been in the industry for awhile. This is the premier coaching program for the moderator network marketer go to to learn more.

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