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Social Selling Business Coach.

Kristen teaches powerful and current marketing strategies to the modern social seller who desires to leave the hustle mentality behind and work with purpose, authenticity, and service while making the income they want.

About Kristen

Your Social Sales Coach

Kristen is a sales and marketing expert for the modern social seller. As an authority in mindset mastery, she brings a fresh and compelling approach to the network marketing industry. She coaches in more than 20 different companies and is known for bringing purpose, joy, and authenticity back into the industry.

With her proven methods using mindset, copywriting, and organic marketing- she gives the exact framework to increase sales with less time, less effort, and less confusion to the everyday social seller. Her mission is to change the “hustle-harder” mentality and teach people how to build a sustainable business through hard work, purpose, and service.

We Need to talk…

are You TIRED of feeling inauthentic in your business?

Listen, if you are like 90% of my students and clients- you are TIRED of feeling inauthentic in your business. You have been looking for a better way to find new leads and grow your team.

Messaging everyone you know with a copy and paste message from your up-line isn’t going to create the income and financial freedom like you want. Spending hours of your precious time trying to “warm up relationships” in the DM’s all day is NOT what is going to get you to your goals faster. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  

You may have been researching and looking for a different way of doing things- but that’s only further added to your confusion leaving you overwhelmed, stuck, and paralyzed. Trying to find the “silver bullet” or the magic scripts that will finally help all the pieces finally click- instead you find yourself with information overload and frozen in place.

I’m going to tell you a secret…

It’s not your fault!

It’s just that you haven’t been taught how to do effective organic marketing that attracts people to YOU. You’ve been taught to market to the masses- and I’m going to tell you a secret- that doesn’t work! You cannot apply ancient corporate America marketing strategies to an organic, relational platform. What worked in this industry 2 years ago is no longer relevant. You can’t throw up a post everyday and hope for business to come along.

This is exactly why I created The Social Selling Academy- the lifetime premium coaching program for today’s social seller and network marketer. 

After building a seven figure business online and getting trained by some of the top experts in the industry- I decided to teach today’s network marketer the exact organic marketing, sales strategies, and the MINDSET framework that is required to achieve the results you want- IN LESS TIME.

My clients get results while feeling deeply aligned and more purposeful than ever, without burning themselves out and hustling 24/7 

They don’t feel gross, spammy, or inauthentic- and they hit their highest sales and recruitment months- without spending hours chatting strangers up in the DM’s all day. Without begging people to join their organization or try their products. They wake up with people messaging THEM asking about their product and business. They constantly have a funnel filled with qualified leads. They know how to warm up a cold audience and convert them into paying, loyal, life-time customers. 

No more confusion. No more overwhelm. No more spinning your wheels wondering what your next steps are. It’s simple. And I’ll show you how inside THE SOCIAL SELLING ACADEMY.

Let’s Work

Work With Kristen

The Social Selling Academy

The lifetime premium coaching program for network marketing who desire to learn how to increase their influence and income through purposeful and organic marketing without the hustle.


Kristen Boss is the host of one of the world’s top marketing podcasts and she is known for her fresh approach to marketing and sales in the social selling/network marketing industry.

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Sustainable Success Training

We are going to be covering a LOT of high value training….and you can’t afford to miss any of it. Not with the goals you have for this year. That’s why this lifetime course was created.

So you don’t have to worry about missing anything! 

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This transformational, must-attend in-person event is the fuel you need to accelerate your growth, skyrocket sales, and build a profitable, sustainable, and fulfilling social selling business

Recruit Reboot

In this training, I will be unlocking and teaching you the exact 3 skills you can cultivate in order to completely transform your personal recruitment game. After this training, recruitment drama will be something you can kiss goodbye!

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