The Coach for Today’s Social Seller

Mindset, sales, and marketing mastery for the everyday social seller who desires to grow their business without feeling inauthentic or getting burned out.

Why Kristen Boss?


Kristen Boss is a Master Certified Life and Business Coach with over 5,000 hours of experience in the coaching field. 

She has trained in over 50 different network marketing companies and is one of the most sought after thought leaders and experts in the field.

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How Kristen Started


I was seeing too many network marketers get burnt out or leave the business altogether because they weren’t taught a different way to grow their businesses…but I knew there was a better way.

I wanted to see more people win with this business model and experience a way that felt joyful, purposeful, and authentic. So, I provided that solution.


This 3 day transformational event will walk you through the necessary steps to set a goal that you can crush, the checklist you need to be using to guarantee results and growth in your business, and how to stay consistent no matter what.

My second month in a row selling over $9k! And we're not even in the qualifitication periods any more, so I didn't "have" to! It's paid off - one of my downlines ranked, I added a new direct, and two of my downlines added downlines!!
Bridget G
I had a 10k month in November, 2 new teammates and went live on IG abotu half the month.
Danielle S
I had a 10k month in November, 2 new teammates and went live on IG abotu half the month.
Danielle S
About Kristen

Hi, I'm Kristen-

Keynote speaker, author, and coach with a huge heart for the social selling industry. Without question, this business model is the most approachable way for people to add additional income to their home with minimal risk and low startup cost.

However, I noticed that people were giving up and leaving their businesses before reaching their real potential or seeing substantial results, due to burnout. They were overwhelmed and tired of chasing people down or feeling inauthentic and spammy.

This is why I created my programs. I wanted people to have success and still live their lives without their business feeling all-consuming.

My philosophy teaches proven methods using brain science, sales psychology, mindset tools, and marketing strategies for faster results. No more chasing your family and friends or bugging strangers with awkward messages – I teach a simple and timeless framework to increase sales with less time, less effort, and less confusion.

My mission is to change the “hustle harder” mentality and teach people how to build a sustainable business that they feel they never need to take a break from. I am determined to help more people have success with this life-changing business model.

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