Purposeful Social Selling

Formulas, Scripts, and Strategies Ep #32

Jan 25, 2021

If you have a social selling business, you’ve likely used a script, strategy, or “secret” formula that your leader (or a marketing guru) handed to you. And I’d bet that you didn’t see much return or success when you implemented any of them. 

That’s because the script isn’t the answer to a successful business: You are. 

Here’s what Kristen wants you to know about formulas, scripts, and secret strategies in the social selling industry:

  • Why we are drawn to ‘magic strategies’ and formulas
  • How using a sales script cripples your growth
  • Why scripts are a turn off to your potentials
  • The #1 reason you don’t have growth in your business
  • Why finding your own voice feels so scary
  • How scripts and diet pills get you similar results

There is no silver bullet when it comes to increasing your sales success in your network marketing business. Stop relying on the secret strategy that the marketing gurus are telling you to use. Learn how to show up as a real human and fail your way to finding your voice–attracting your best clients along the way.

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Transcript of Episode #32: Formulas, Scripts, and Strategies:

Kristen Boss (00:05):
Welcome to purposeful social selling with Kristen Boss. I’m your host, Kristen Boss. I’m a mindset and business coach with more than 15 years experience in both the product and service based industry. I believe that social selling is the best business model for people wanting to make an impact while they make serious income. This is the podcast for the social seller, who is tired of feeling and authentic in their business and desires to find a more purposeful and profitable way of growing their business in today’s social media landscape. In this podcast, you will learn what it takes to grow a sustainable business through impactful and social marketing. It’s time to ditch the hustle and lead from the heart. Let me show you the new way. Hey bosses, welcome to another week of becoming boss podcast. So this week.

Kristen Boss (00:39):
I am actually getting ready to take off with one of my best friends and be in Vail for the week. And I’m going to be taking a lot of time to think about the long-term vision of my business and think about where I’m going to be taking the academy. And another really amazing offer. I just launched this week. That is a mastermind that I have been longing to launch for. I feel like as long as I’ve wanted to be a coach, I love masterminds. And I am just so pleased that I’m launching my first mastermind for my students, just because this and that was born out of my one-on-one coaching. I’m no longer offering private coaching and I don’t do one-on-ones anymore. And it’s because my wait list was like four to six months long. It was just getting insanely long. And even with my price continuing to go up and up and up, it just wasn’t slowing down how many people wanted to work with me, which is a great problem to have, but at the same time, I’m like, okay, I can’t reach everybody effectively if I’m working with a lot of people one-on-one, and I’m not able to reach people on a greater level in a grander scale.

Kristen Boss (02:01):
And that’s when it was time to launch the purpose and profit mastermind, which I am so excited. We have sold it out to 20 amazing women who are going to be with me for six months to have my eyes and my hands on their business. And they’re going to learn how to be calm, decisive, effective leaders in this industry. One of my missions of this mastermind is for it to be the container where the best leaders and the future leaders of the social selling industry are made. I want it to be the mastermind where it is the highest standard for today’s six-figure earner. And because I believe if we’re going to elevate this industry, the change starts from the leader down. It’s the massive ripple effect. So, so excited that mastermind is going to be starting in March. And if you’re bummed, if like, no, I didn’t know about it.

Kristen Boss (03:00):
It mostly was sold out in prelaunch, but don’t worry. There is going to be another mastermind it’s going to be recurring. There is going to be also, it gives you something to look forward to in your business as you’re you know, if you’re in my academy, you get to grow in there and have something to look forward to and grow into. But it really is a place for those really high level conversations for women who are leading massive organizations. And I’m just thrilled that I’m going to be bringing all of the life-changing things that me being and really high level masterminds taught me and brought to me. And so I’m just so excited that that has launched and we have some really exciting things going on. We’re kicking off with a three day in person retreat. Some people will make it, some people won’t, but I’m also excited because this week I’m not a coach that just talks the talk.

Kristen Boss (03:59):
I actually walk the walk. So I’m going to be a way in Vail, Colorado, this weekend at this gorgeous mountain retreat with one of my really good friends, Samantha, and we’re in a mastermind together with our coach, Stacy Damon, and we’re in her $2 million mastermind. And no it didn’t cost 2 million tops to be in it. That’s the name of it? It did cost a lot though. And we are going to be taking four days to make really high level executive decisions about our business. We always choose, we work on our every six months, we focus on three things. We’re going to be focusing on our business. We keep it extremely simple and constrained. And we really pour our focus into the areas in our business. That is our highest point of contribution. And it keeps us incredibly focused and effective business owners.

Kristen Boss (04:54):
And I teach this to my students. A lie, teach that simplicity in the centralism is actually one of the core principles you need to have in your business if you want to take it far. I see a lot of people get very distracted by the next shiny new thing, and it actually ends up delaying their growth more. So it takes a lot of self-control and self-awareness especially as an entrepreneur to say no to say no to something, especially in a lot of times I tell people like, when you say no, it often feels like you’re leaving money on the table. And sometimes that’s what we have to do for our greater growth. And I’m so proud of all my mastermind women that are going to be with me, who I’m going to coach. That’s something I told them all. I was like, you’re going to need to have the mental fortitude to, to pause and slow down and really put systems in place in your business for you to be sustainable and not just sustainable and retain your growth, but also for you to have time freedom and for you to love your life.

Kristen Boss (05:57):
You’re growing this really profitable business. So anyways, I’m just so excited. I’ll be there this weekend, making these huge decisions, being in the energy of my coach. And I love being in my coaches energy, like you guys experience over-delivery from me because I learned it from my coach. My standard of coaching was taught to me by my coach. I love being in her energy and how she makes decisions, how calm she is and how she approaches business and how she built, you know I think last year it was it was a $6 million business. And that for me, I’m like, I want to be in the energy of a woman who is a calm, decisive, powerful business owner. So I think sometimes, and I want to talk about that a little today because I really think what I see people have the desire for in this industry is everyone seems to be looking for the silver, silver bullet, the magic formula, the quick fix the sales scripts the, the, tell me what to do, right?

Kristen Boss (07:02):
How often do you, do you think to it, to yourself? Like, I just want someone to tell me what to do. So we’re going to talk about that today because success is actually not in a formula. It’s not in a step-by-step handout that somebody gives to you and says, do these exact things. It’s a lot more fluid. And actually one of the parts of successes the power of proximity is who you surround yourself with, what voices you allow to speak into your business, right? Do you have a lot of naysayers or do you have a lot of like, Hey, go for it. I’m here for you. Like, are you surrounded by people that are as deeply committed to their personal growth as you are? If not, you might want to, you know, evaluate some things, find a new circle, right? So I want to go back to this idea of the magic strategy, the secret formula, the the silver bullet, a lot of people.

Kristen Boss (08:00):
And I see a lot of coaches promising that and selling that like, I’m going to give you these scripts and this content calendar and this checklist to do every day. And the reason why you desire that and why you think that creates success is because your brain operates from something called the motivational triad. It’s wired to seek pleasure, avoid pain and conserve energy. So when somebody is handing you a checklist and a magic strategy, it literally is speaking to the motivational triad of your brain, the part of your brain that wants to conserve energy. Think about that. The reason why you want to script the reason why you want the formula, the reason why you want the play-by-play is because your brain is desiring to conserve energy. And that’s actually laziness. And I don’t mean to say that unkindly, it’s just your, your brain is designed to conserve energy because it’s processing a billion things a day.

Kristen Boss (09:05):
So it’s always looking for one less thing that has to process, and that is the draw in your business. So I see a lot of people that gravitate to sales scripts, and it kills me. It absolutely kills me because I believe that’s actually a major disservice to you. And it cripples you because it’s not teaching you to communicate. It’s not teaching you to find your own voice. It’s not teaching you to navigate conversation. It doesn’t grow you and actually stunts you. It actually makes you a less confident business owner because you believe you need a script to do something well, instead of being yourself, you make the script, the, the savior, right? You make the script, the, the answer, instead of you being the authority of the authority and having the answers, right. And your audience can tell when you have a script, just so you know, people in your audience, they’re smart, your Facebook audience, smart, your Instagram followers, smart.

Kristen Boss (10:08):
They can tell when you have a copy and paste a message that you just switched out their name and maybe tweaked one thing and sent it to them, they can tell. And they know likey. Because again, that violates rule number one. And what does that be? A real human, right? You guys, I’m going to get the t-shirt. I promise we’re going to have, I’m going to have a merch shop one day, but that’s also not in my three things to focus on six months for the six months. So that might be a ways out, but still it’s like, people can tell, like, do you walk into a coffee shop or a grocery store with a sales script? When you run into somebody like, oh, oh, okay. What do I say? When I run into somebody at the grocery store? No you don’t because you know how to be a real human, right?

Kristen Boss (10:53):
But when someone hands you a sales script, that’s them saying, I don’t trust you to be a real human. So here, just say this don’t be an idiot. Just say this. And I actually want to tell you, like, it’s so much better for you to be an idiot than a robot. Can’t believe I’m saying that, but it’s got a true, it’s so much better for you to come off, like bumbling stumbling over your words. Unsure of yourself because that’s endearing, right? It means you’re authentic. And you’re not trying to be this polished Rico. Suave. Let’s give a great example of that. Remember the movie hitch, right? Where he teaches all these men to do what, to be anything but themselves. He has this guy that signs with him, Al Alfred, I think. And Alfred’s like this goofy, silly kind of dorky guy that really wants to date this gorgeous socialite.

Kristen Boss (11:50):
Right. And hitch hitch pretty much tells him you can be anything, but yourself don’t be yourself. Right. And there’s that dancing? Where will Smith like smacks him? And he’s like, no, do not do that. Right. And I actually want to tell you, like, please whip out your freaky dance moves because it’s endearing to your audience because it lets them know it lets them see who you really are. Right. And so what happened? So Alfred was like acting really polished, but what actually endeared the gal to him. I think her name was like a lexical. I think it was like Mr. Lexical or no, Alegra, Alegra what endeared Allegra to him. It was every mistake he made endeared her to him because she’s like, he’s a real guy. Wow. He’s so sweet. Like when he got mustard all over his shirt, when he did the crazy dance moves at the party, he’s like, thank you.

Kristen Boss (12:50):
Right? And remember hitch is like bombing all of his dates, royally, royally. And like, it was really endearing to the gal. He was dating. So I want to use that example. I love movies. So I’m always, I can draw a parallel to the city movie, but I want to draw that example to how the script was a turnoff to the women being like the super polished Rico. Suave. Let me just tell you exactly how it is. Like, remember he just had like the, the remote and the lights and he’s like, oh, let me just put on this perfect tunes. Right. That wasn’t what endeared the people to him, right? That’s not what will endear your audience to you. A script will never endear your audience to you ever. They will say move along you. That sounds slimy, right? It’s no different. So this is why I coach I don’t in the academy.

Kristen Boss (13:55):
I don’t have like this entire portal on like, here’s every single message you could possibly send to somebody just copy and paste from here. That would be the greatest disservice to every single student in there. I actually it’s harder work because your brain is designed to not want that. But the students inside my academy, they learn how to speak to their audience’s emotional triad or their motivational triad of seeking pleasure, avoiding pain, conserving energy. They under, they learn about the physiological needs of humans and how to speak to that through selling and content writing and serving. And they learn to find their voice, which is terrifying at first, right? It’s terrifying to find your voice at first and it feels scary. But when you find it, you become an unshakeable, confident business owner. But here’s the thing. A lot of people out there selling you, scripts selling you this like magic strategy.

Kristen Boss (14:58):
They sell it because they know it sells well because they know people will buy it right. In my three-day event, like I sold the secret prompts to sales copy, and it’s not verbiage. It’s not sample verbiage. It is strategic questions to help your brain think through how to talk to your audience. I’m actually teaching you how to think. I think it’s actually really important that you hear this. I actually used to be a 100% like mostly strategy action coach. Like I would come with a to-do list and the strategy and do, do, do, do, do. I would give my people all the answers. And what do you think happened? I would literally hand them a play by play. I would literally tell them exactly what to do step by step by step, by step, by step by step. And what do you think happened?

Kristen Boss (15:56):
They still got stuck. They still, why? Why did they still get stuck? Because they have a human brain that fights them. You guys hear this in almost every episode about the primitive brain and how it’s designed to fight you. It’s designed to resist planning, resist change. Your brain is like a toddler that doesn’t want to do anything. You tell it. It just wants to sit in the corner and suck and do what it knows it should do or what it thinks it should do. Your brain, no likey, any change it doesn’t like to be challenged. It doesn’t like to learn new skills, right? But your brain has something called neuroplasticity, which means you can change it to, you can train it to think differently. That requires work. Most business owners. I’m going to say this with all the love in the world. Most people are lazy and I call lazy out really quick.

Kristen Boss (16:57):
Even in my academy, if I see people like aren’t doing the thought work, I’ll be like, Nope, you got to do more homework on that. And then I’ll coach you because a good coach will tell you what to do. A great coach will teach you how to think, because if I can teach you how to think you won’t need me forever. Right? You’ll the action will present itself to you. You’ll be able to follow through on the strategy. So like I said, it used to be the really strong, just strategy, hard action coaching, and people would still get stuck. And that’s because they have a brain designed to fight them. So when I started teaching people, the neuroscience of how their brain works, why their brain works, the way it does and how to navigate the thoughts in their brain. I actually was able to help them get results way faster.

Kristen Boss (17:53):
I mean, way faster, because they were able to understand their own way of thinking, see their thoughts and take action faster. But do you know what? It’s hard to sell people on mindset. I’m not going to lie to you. And also that’s a thought, I realized that, but a lot of people will say, I don’t want mindset. I don’t want mindset, Kristen. And I just want strategy. I just want the formula. I’m like, wow. How, how has your hunt for the strategy? And the formula served you till now, because I can literally print out a strategy, print out a formula and hand it to you and you will still be stuck. No one thinks that they need mindset until they actually see. You don’t know what you don’t know, which is why a lot of students in the academy, when they’re in there, they’re like I had no idea. It would be like this. I had no idea that my mind was such a problem in my business. Remember the number one reason you don’t have growth in your businesses because of an unmanaged mind.

Kristen Boss (18:57):
And so when I taught people how to manage their mind, they were able to implement strategy and take action and not fancy action. I’m talking simple, consistent action that led to compounded results every single time. And I tell people that looking for scripts, looking for strategy is like buying a diet pill. It’s wanting to avoid the work of exercising, healing, your relationship with food, understanding your body, learning to fuel it. That all requires work. And the reason why diet pills sell is because it’s the easy way out. So when you find yourself saying, if I just had a script, if I just had sales prompts, if I just had these things, I want you to say out loud, I just want a diet pill for my business. I don’t want to work out. I don’t want to eat better. I want the diet pill and I want to eat donuts.

Kristen Boss (19:58):
When people tell me, that’s what people tell me when they want strategy without mindset. I’m like, oh, you want the diet pill while you eat donuts. That makes sense. Right? So listen, those people that are selling you, those shiny little strategies like this is the silver bullet. This is absolutely everything. I want you to start thinking that of like, oh, they’re selling me a diet pill. They’re selling me a quick fix for a quick buck. And if you want long-term wealth, you got to start with long-term habits. You got to learn to think the right way. You gotta learn to manage your mind. You have to do the things that feel hard and learning a new skillset feels hard at first because it’s new. You’re new, right? Learning to talk to people online when you haven’t done that before. Yeah. It’s going to be uncomfortable.

Kristen Boss (21:01):
But instead of complaining that it’s uncomfortable except that, oh, it’s supposed to feel uncomfortable because I’m learning a new skill and that’s okay. And the longer I do this, the better I’m going to get at it. I’m going to tell you that pretty little formulas, little IPA, checklists, little to-do lists. If those are the things you think you need for success, that tells me you haven’t fully bought into that. You need to manage your mind first. And as long as you see value, because here’s what I tell people, all the solutions are already inside of you.

Kristen Boss (21:41):
For me as a coach, I just help you find them and unlock them and stay consistent enough for you to finally see results. That’s why most people get stuck or don’t see results. They just give up too early and they don’t give up too early because they aren’t using the right strategy. Or they need to switch strategies. They give up too early because they’re not trusting themselves because they’ve lost belief in the process because they didn’t manage their mind. The only reason you give up too early is because you didn’t manage your mind around it. But the story I see people, people tell themselves when they give up too soon or they change strategies is they think I must be doing the wrong thing. And they move on to the next shiny object. And it’s almost always the case like 99% of the time, what they were doing was working. They just didn’t stick with it long enough to see the results play out. It’s hard trusting the process. I get it, but you have to trust the process. So if you’re over there being like, man, if I had just had the, you know, the, the, the play by play the magical playbook, just understand that that’s just your brain looking for an easy way out. And if you want to build a massively sustainable business, that’s going to involve you digging in, getting your hands dirty, learning to have some grit

Kristen Boss (23:16):
And persistence and resilience and sticking with it, staying consistent before you see the results. But most people quit before that happens. Don’t let that be you today until next week, friends, that wraps up today’s episode. Be sure to leave a review and share with your friends so we can continue to elevate the social selling industry together. Listen, if you want to learn how to show up on social media, without having to hustle for the results and outcomes and learn how to attract people to you and grow a sustainable business without the burnout, confusion or overwhelm, I’m inviting you to join the social selling academy, where I teach you how to organically grow, nurture, and sell to your audience in a way that has them coming back for more. So whether you are making your first $100 in this business where you were going through your first $10,000 a month, this is the program that will meet you exactly where you are at through live coaching, community feedback, teaching modules, and more, and you can start seeing results in as little as 30 days, go to www.thesocialsellingacademy.com to learn more. We’ll see you there.

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