Purposeful Social Selling

RE-AIR Time Inventory Ep. # 197

Jan 15, 2024

Have you ever panicked over not having enough time to get everything done, only to feel even more stressed out because you wasted what little time you DID have panicking over not having any time? Or have you ever sat down, determined to engage with your audience on social media – only to find that an hour has passed and you haven’t accomplished anything?

Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us. But the good news is that there’s a strategy that might help you out, and Kristen’s here to tell you all about it. It’s called creating a time inventory. And it helps you get ultra-specific about how much time you truly spend on important tasks. And how much time you’re really just wasting.

Here’s what you can learn in this episode:

  • Kristen’s strategy for beating procrastination and the anxiety that accompanies it
  • Why it’s important to assign and designate your time
  • The difference between being busy and being productive
  • The importance of allowing yourself grace when working toward breaking bad habits

Being purposeful with your time can seem difficult at first. But once you are aware of exactly how much time it takes you to complete tasks that earn you money, then it becomes easier to carve that time into your busy schedule. Having hard facts in front of you should help to limit the stories you tell yourself when you feel stressed out over a lack of time.

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