The Audience Gap

The Audience Gap | The Kristen Boss Podcast
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If you've said to yourself lately, "sales feel tougher than ever," buckle up because this episode is for you. Kristen is dishing out some hard-hitting truths in a lesson that might just change your sales game forever.

In this podcast episode, host Kristen Boss discusses the concept of the “Audience Gap Strategy” in entrepreneurship, particularly in the context of social selling. She explains that the audience gap is the space that occurs when entrepreneurs have exhausted their warm market (people who already know about their business) and need to transition to a cold market (people who are unfamiliar with their business). Boss emphasizes the importance of creating value for both existing customers and potential new ones. She suggests that entrepreneurs should focus on serving their existing customer base better, creating solution-oriented content for their cold market, and developing lead generation events that do not require a purchase. She also offers a resource called the “Audience Accelerator” to help entrepreneurs navigate this process.

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