The Value of Peace #119

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Today Kristen interviews three mastermind members who are in Round 2 of the Purpose and Profit 6-Figure Mastermind. They dive into how the industry and marketplace has changed in our post-pandemic world and how they’ve had to lead and recruit differently. They also cover how they each experienced Round 1 vs. Round 2 and how they’ve found peace in running their businesses.

Today Kristen interviews three mastermind members who are in Round 2 of the Purpose and Profit 6-Figure Mastermind. They dive into how the industry and marketplace has changed in our post-pandemic world and how they’ve had to lead and recruit differently. They also cover how they each experienced Round 1 vs. Round 2 and how they’ve found peace in running their businesses.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Why slowing down to work on the foundations of your business is imperative to building a long-term successful business
  • The leadership shifts they had to make in a post-pandemic market
  • The different mindsets each of them were in when they joined and the different areas they had to heal in order to have peace
  • Learning that ‘hustle’ isn’t an action–it’s a mindset
  • How systems changed each of their teams and recruiting
  • How being in the room/container changes all areas of their lives: business, motherhood, partnerships, and more
  • How the safety of the container allows for big breakthroughs

The first round of the mastermind can feel jarring if you’re used to the hustle and grind of growing your business. But Nicole, Morgan, and Jenni leaned into that discomfort and decided to go all-in on both rounds. You can’t put a price tag on running a business from a place of peace. The mastermind container has helped each of these women create that experience from different experiences and tools from the mastermind. Listen in to hear their stories now!

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Morgan Peitzman helps you create routines that can help you ditch overwhelm in your motherhood and homemaking. Find her on Instagram here: @morganpeitzman

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Transcript for Episode #119 The Value of Peace

Kristen Boss (00:05):

Welcome to purposeful social selling with Kristen boss. I’m your host, Kristen boss. I’m a mindset and business coach with more than 15 years experience in both the product and service based industry. I believe that social selling is the best business model for people wanting to make an impact while they make serious income. This is the podcast for the social seller, who is tired of feeling and authentic in their business and desires to find a more purposeful and profitable way of growing their business. In today’s social media landscape. In this podcast, you will learn what it takes to grow a sustainable business through impactful and social marketing. It’s time to ditch the hustle and lead from the heart. Let me show you the new way.

Kristen Boss (00:48):

Hey, I’m here with mastermind members, Nicole, Jenni, and Morgan, and I’m super excited about what we’re gonna be talking about today. Applications are gonna be opening up really soon for the mastermind, and I thought their stories would really serve the audience and E whether you join the mastermind or not. I think it’s important that you hear the lessons that they have learned. They are halfway through their second round of the mastermind with me, and they have had quite a journey. In fact, I was watching all of their application videos, not too long ago. I’m like these women are not the same women who applied nearly a year ago. All of you a year ago, Morgan, a little bit longer for you. We’ll talk about that. I’m excited about your story. So what we’re gonna do is I want my audience to hear a little bit, especially just how much has changed in we’re now in the post pandemic social selling era.

Kristen Boss (01:40):

So running a business is very different today in 2022 than it was in the height of 2020, when everyone was online, everyone was doing the things. And so you all have had to make shifts in your leadership and elevate your leadership to a post pandemic, social selling business and leading your team differently. And one of the things we talk about in the mastermind is shifting out of this short term, reactive thinking kind of operating spur of the moment, which often leads to burnout, fatigue, exhaustion. And, um, so what we, what we learn and what I teach you guys, is how to play what we call the infinite game. And that’s from Simon Sinek and how to play with the long game in mind. And there really is an unlearning in that it is deeply uncomfortable. And when you guys came for your first round, I kind of prepared you for that.

Kristen Boss (02:32):

I said, Hey, it’s gonna feel maybe painful in the slowdown because you have to see what’s going on in your business. Cuz if you’re going around with your hair on fire, you might be missing crucial things as to where people are slipping through the cracks. And if you wanna position yourself for growth, you have to be able to stabilize your systems, stabilize your foundation, your leadership, your coaching. So you go through all these foundational, you know, teachings in round one and in round one, it kind of of feels like a cluster. And we’ll talk about that. You guys can each share like what it felt like in round one for you versus round two, because part of what I was telling you guys, when you joined was I said, listen, part of slowing down is a precursor to speeding up later. We have to clean these things up in order to give you permission or so that you feel more confident with massive growth or onboarding new members without worrying about more attrition things, falling through the cracks and exhausting yourself more. So I’m just gonna have these ladies share a little bit about their experiences contrasting between round one, round two. And, um, they’ll kind of introduce themselves share, and I’d love for you ladies to share, like what brought you to the mastermind? Why did you apply? And we’ll kind of go from there. So Nicole, we’ll start with, you share a little bit about what brought you to the mastermind.

Nicole Van Cleve (03:51):

So I had been in previous coaching with another coach, um, some years on, into my, my journey with direct selling. I’ve been with my company for seven years and I loved the direction that it took, but it wasn’t the right fit for what I wanted to work in and teach my team currently. And so I had been looking for a new coach and I am a little bit of an internet sleuth. And so <laugh>, I found you through somebody else and I saw some things that she was doing and I was like, Ooh, I like that. Mm, okay. Interesting on that. I was like, who is her coach? That’s what I wanna know. And so I started stalking information like tidbits of nuggets, of information that she was giving out was basically what ended up happening. And I found out who you were and started stalking you on the internet.

Nicole Van Cleve (04:40):

<laugh> a lack of a better term. <laugh> sorry. I love it. Um, and that’s how I found you. And I just really resonated with how you are presenting our industry. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, um, and the love and support that you have for our industry and the grace and the enthusiasm. Um, not only for that, but for how to lead our teams more effectively with, um, more peace and understanding and stability and sustainability. And that’s what I had been trending towards for my team anyways. And so it just really aligned with where I wanted to go in the direction that I was moving.

Kristen Boss (05:15):

<laugh> speaking of your internet sleuthing. I still think it’s hilarious. Like I think we found out at the live event, round two, you showed me that you had found you and Morgan in your internet. SL had found a really old YouTube video of me. Like I think it so good. I think it was from like the first ever group coaching I had ever done. And I was wearing like a sparkly star Spangled headband meant for the 4th of July with heart pink, heart sunglasses, I’m chugging a smoothie. It was like, how, how you were like, I could work with her. <laugh> just beyond me, but I’m glad you did. And we died. I, I I’ll admit like I, my stomach was hurting at the live event when you’re like, oh, we saw that. I’m like, wait, you saw that. I thought thought I had hid it. I thought, like I had done my job and like hid all of the, you know, old coaching in the dark web and you guys went and found it. So, you know, kudos to your S sleuthing skills. So let’s talk about Nicole. Let’s talk about just what round one was like for you from the live event. And like, what were your big lessons from round one, would you say? Mm

Nicole Van Cleve (06:20):

That’s good. Okay. So the live event, the first round felt like drinking from a fire hose, just straight up. It felt like holy cow buckle up buttercup, what did I get myself into? And it was a lot of information to, it was such needed. I was so hungry and thirsty for it. Um, it was fantastic, but it was so much information. And within our industry, there is this gap, especially for higher income earners because we come into it and we bring these kind of bad habits that we don’t even know are bad habits that become even bigger, bad habits as your teams grow. And as your business grows and, and all of this stuff, because you’re kind of just winging it. And so you were like, Hmm, we’re gonna be done with all that winging business. And I was my game plan

Kristen Boss (07:11):

My winging has been working up until now.

Nicole Van Cleve (07:16):

And I was just like, oh no, we’re gonna have to burn it all down to the ground. I’m like, no, let’s take a, let’s take a little breather real quick. Um, so it did feel like drinking from a fire hose, but it really helped to fine tune and hone into the areas that I was like, okay, this is a gap within the, my business. And this is how I could better support my team even better. This is how I can better support my family and my goals with this business to coincide with what I want to give my family and how I wanna serve them. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um, and so that was some of the biggest lessons that I took away in the first round. Um, as well as all the let’s just be on the emotional therapy that comes along with being coached by you and in the mastermind.

Kristen Boss (07:52):

Were you prepared for that? Were you like, I didn’t realize that so much of that would come,

Nicole Van Cleve (07:58):

Uh, being an Ingram eight <laugh> no, uh, you wanna talk about feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable? Hmm. Mama don’t like some vulnerability. Um, so it was really, really hard to dig down deep and really ask questions and to get into the habit of doing that over and over again, kind like feeling like you’re fileting your soul open sometimes <laugh>, um, it’s not the most great feeling in the world, but that uncomfort uncomfortableness pushes you and grows you and really makes you to take, um, a stock of, of what’s going on in your business and how it’s either serving or hindering you.

Kristen Boss (08:36):

Mm. You know, it’s interesting. I think some people might hear that might hear like, oh, emotional work. I just wanna come and do the business. Like, I, I don’t know about that. Like, am I gonna be crying? I’m not real. I just, just gimme the strategy and the action plan. And it’s so funny. I don’t even say like, okay, today’s group therapy. Like, we’re gonna talk about your deepest, darkest stories. Like it’s not even that it’s like, as you are implementing the material, it comes up like there’s, there’s no way around it. I wish there was growth would be so much easier if we didn’t have to do those things, but it’s something I have to do as a coach. So, you know, what would you say? Like the importance of that work is cuz someone might hear that and be like, I don’t wanna do that. I just wanna talk about my business. Cause I feel like that might be 90% of the audience.

Nicole Van Cleve (09:24):

<laugh> if you are in the dark sale industry, there is no business without you. You are the central focus point of moving your business forward and you can’t move your business forward. If you don’t work on yourself, like that’s just what it comes down to. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. And as you’re going through, and you’re figuring out these stories that you’ve been telling yourself, or these thoughts that you’ve been having about your business or about yourself, and you see how this underlying ripple effect influences every decision that you make in your business or that you choose not to make in your business. Um, that’s, that’s where the magic happens. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. And while you initially don’t get in for it, it comes out naturally. And you, you come to the coaching sessions and you’re like, all right, girlfriend, let’s let’s do this today. Let’s let’s do it, bring it on. Um, and it feels better and it feels good.

Kristen Boss (10:15):

Mm-hmm <affirmative>

Nicole Van Cleve (10:15):

Yeah. And on the other side of

Kristen Boss (10:17):

It, that’s so good. I think you brought up a point, like it’s impossible to lead a team if you cannot lead yourself. So if you are not self-aware and understanding what makes you tick understanding why you have aversions to certain activities or why you have fear around certain things or why you have certain habits, cuz you know, you even mentioned, you’re like you come and you realize you have all of these habits that served you up until this point, but they, you can’t take them with you to the next point. And there it is painful undoing that part of yourself and letting it feels like you’re letting go of what has been working in order to try something new or like the next level of it. And it’s, I think a lot of people that’s where they’re afraid to let go of like, but it has worked for me up until this point.

Kristen Boss (10:59):

But then when we view it through the lens of sustainability, almost every person that I ask, like, but can you still see yourself doing this and carrying on five years from now three years from now, even two years from now and most people, they just start, they melt down, they just start crying. They’re like, Nope, can’t definitely not. I’m already hanging by a thread, which is where most people, a lot of people are when they come to the mastermind. I’m hoping in future rounds. We’ll see people before they’re burnt out, coming in before they feel like they have to do CPR on their business. But it is true. Like if you, you can’t lead others unless you know how to lead yourself and you can’t help others overcome their doubts, their insecurities, their fears, unless you’re willing to sit with your own doubts and insecurities and fears. And that’s what we do in the container. So good Morgan, let’s talk about your round. One of the mastermind also, let’s just talk you had, you had applied for the mastermind. I think the first one I ever the very first one in this, uh, yeah, at the beginning of 2021, I think January of 20, 21, you weren’t ready yet. And you came back for the next round, which was our kickoff was October of 2021 and you joined us. So let’s talk a little bit about your first round of the mastermind.

Morgan Peitzman (12:18):

Yes. So Nicole and all of her internet sleeping is actually the one that sent me your podcast. That’s how I found you. Nicole’s like, oh my gosh, you have to listen to this girl, like go binge all of her podcasts right now. And that was before we found, uh, the aforementioned video <laugh> and we still decided to stick around. So, um, yeah, so I just started binging all of your podcasts. This was like at the very end of 2020 mm-hmm <affirmative>. So my business was coming out of all of the explosion that happened in 2020 with the height of the pandemic. And I found myself in a really exhausted, burnt out place. I was so happy with like these results, but kind of like Nicole said, I had been just winging it up until that point and just viewing my business in these little 30 day chunks and kind of winging it here.

Morgan Peitzman (13:06):

And we’re gonna throw this together here and it, like you just said, it had worked up until that point, but I was exhausted. And so I really resonated with your message in your podcast. And I think it may have been a podcast episode or one of the, um, three day events that you had done where you talked about the mastermind. And so I remember applying and getting on even a, a zoom call with you and I had the invoice in my inbox for that round one and I, I just was not ready and I’m really, really glad that I made that decision because I would’ve made that decision out of desperation.

Morgan Peitzman (13:43):

I was so exhausted instead of fully owning that decision and that investment because at the time I had no concept of investing, I had no concept of like, oh, I’m running a business as a CEO. And I know we’ll talk about that was really like my big thing in round one. Like I just, I had no concept of that. And so my decision to invest, would’ve just been one of I’m desperate for something else instead of I’m gonna take myself seriously as a business owner and invest in my career. And I think I would’ve showed up very differently

Kristen Boss (14:18):

Yeah. From that place. So I showed up from like a needy scarce save me place instead of a empowered, responsible I’m ready to own this place. And I think that’s a really important nuance and that’s so good.

Morgan Peitzman (14:31):

So I joined the academy. So I did, I did work in the academy for those six to eight months mm-hmm <affirmative> and then approached my application in that, in the fall of that year. Um, very differently. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and really glad that I made that decision.

Kristen Boss (14:47):

Mm-hmm <affirmative> so let’s talk about your, your, your work in the first round. <laugh> let’s talk about your big lessons.

Morgan Peitzman (14:53):

Yeah. I mean, honestly, I could, I could name so many lessons, but when I was thinking about what does this boil down to? I think just overall I was not operating like a CEO mm-hmm <affirmative> I just I’m one of those that came into the business as kind of a hobby as something extra, you know? Um, my background’s in healthcare. I had a full-time job when I joined my company six years ago, loved my job, had no interest in leaving. It was not pursuing like a full-time career. And I caught the vision and I think that’s the story of so many mm-hmm <affirmative> that joined this industry. It starts as an extra, you know, $300 a month, which is wonderful in life changing. And then you catch the vision and see like, oh, this could actually be a career mm-hmm <affirmative>. And that was me.

Morgan Peitzman (15:39):

But I brought, like Nicole said these bad habits and even this bad mindset, like a very hobby mindset, a very, like, I just, I didn’t take myself seriously, I guess, is a good way to put it as a business owner. And so suddenly it’s the live event in Denver and it’s like, day one, like first time I raised my hand and then I’m just like sobbing about money and I’m like, wait a minute. We’re not supposed to be talking about money. Like we’re supposed to, like you said, I’m supposed to be getting all these tips for like my business. And that was kind of the catalyst where I think I just realized I’m not running this like a CEO. I don’t take my myself seriously. I don’t have set work hours. I was home with little kids working in the nooks and crannies and just like a frazzled mess. Instead of like, I’m a business owner, this is a serious investment. I’m going to take myself seriously. I’m gonna hire help with my kids so I can work. Like all these things I had just, it had never even dawned on me because subconsciously I still had this very hobby side hustle mindset.

Kristen Boss (16:38):

Yeah. And then we even talked about just with money, we talked about your business, money being business money, instead of it running all just over to the personal account to go wherever and maybe target maybe grocery store, but like, okay, no, this is a business. This is a company and I’m gonna run. I’m gonna run the dollars as if it’s a business and not just, you know, this a fun account. <laugh> a fun spending account, which is, and that happens for a lot of people. And here’s the thing. Like you were a healthcare worker, you were not taught, Hey, here are here’s business administrative skills in the healthcare world, unless you were in business administration for the healthcare sector, but you’re not taught those skills. And I think a lot of people, you know, when they come to social selling, like they’re retired teachers and they’re nurses, they’re in healthcare.

Kristen Boss (17:25):

They’re, they’re in education, they’re in sales or retail. They’re not taught. Here’s how to run a business. Here’s your profit, here’s your losses. Here’s your expenses. Here’s how to view investment. Here’s how to do those things unless they come, unless they’re a business owner elsewhere. So you kind of have to come. And I’ve, I mentioned this a few times for you guys, it’s just, it’s like coming and getting your MBA in direct sales. It’s like, okay, this is how, how we’re gonna run a six-figure business profitably and be smart about it. And also understand like I’m not gonna get caught in these 30 day cycles. I’m going to start, I’m gonna zoom out and start viewing this from quarters years. And we kind of, one of the things I challenge you guys with is just sitting with your three year vision to help, to help you have a broader perspective.

Kristen Boss (18:12):

So things feel less dramatic in the now in your business because when you don’t have the bigger picture, when something isn’t going well, or you’re implementing a new system or you’re, you know, selling a new concept to your team. Um, and we’ll talk about that too. But when you are doing those things, if you’re expecting an immediate return and you’re not thinking of your three year vision, it can feel incredibly exhausting and cumbersome. And that is something we’ve coached on as well is just like, Hey, and you guys do it with each other being like, Hey, let’s get back to your three year vision here. What does that mean? Like playing the infinite the long game instead of the short game. So part of that was definitely being like, okay, a business owner plays by a much broader scope than getting caught, like caught up in the day to day and the nitty gritty. So that was huge. And even this round, I think you’re even working on money at a different level as well. And I think you had a breakthrough just recently, and I know we’re talking about round two right now, but you kind of realized, oh, financial wellness actually has a direct and deep impact on how I show up in my business. Do you wanna add to that a little bit? Cause I think it was a huge breakthrough for you.

Morgan Peitzman (19:23):

Yeah, it was. So a lot of that work and round one was just in my mindset around not really money in general, but like handling my business money mm-hmm <affirmative> and I had to work through a lot of shame of like, how did I get to this point in my business that I don’t know how to do this, but I had to process that. And it’s exactly what you said like, well, because no one ever taught us that. Yeah, no, one’s teaching this to network marketers. Like, and now I’m like, I could, that’s a whole nother topic I could get like <inaudible> but so round one was a lot of like, okay, I’m a business owner. I’m gonna take myself seriously. I’m gonna keep up with my books. I’m gonna open this separate account, like all of that stuff. And so then almost having that mindset freed up to run the business side of things and round two, I’m working on a lot of like personal things with money. Like I’m getting coaching on like our personal family budget and my personal spending and how that does directly correlate to how I’m showing up in my business. And so it’s been really interesting because I never thought I’m gonna come invest $30,000 into coaching to figure out how to do my grocery budget, you know, but it’s, it’s like, just like Nicole said, like it all, it all runs together. Like mm-hmm,

Kristen Boss (20:42):


Morgan Peitzman (20:43):

How I’m doing at home and how I’m running my personal finances or how present I am with my kids or how I’m communicating with my husband or how I’m sleeping at night. Or it’s just all of these things really do impact how you show up in your business and how I’m able to show up as a CEO because all these other areas of my life are improving. If that makes sense.

Kristen Boss (21:06):

Yes. So good. I love that. Let’s hear from Jenni, Jenni. I’d love to hear just round one for you and what brought you over to the mastermind and we’ll kind of talk about the work you’ve done.

Jenni Barrett (21:18):

Yeah. So it’s interesting. I came to the mastermind, I think with a totally different mindset. So even when I stepped into the live event for the first time, I was like, I’ve got this, like, I’m fine. Like I’m gonna crush this. Like, and I, I headed into it with a mentality of still in that like network marketing. Like this is another thing that I’m going to crush and then I will move on to the next piece of my business. I found you because of your, um, I think it was your first three day event that we were doing. And this is one of the funniest stories I love now that I’ve invested so heavily into you. <laugh> and the coaching, because I accidentally clicked yes. To buy your extra, um, sales copy prompts. And I didn’t mean to, and I only wanted to spend the $7 and I was like, dang it.

Jenni Barrett (22:04):

I just spent $15 on that extra thing that I didn’t even want. And I’m so glad that I found that event because even though I stepped into that round one at feeling very confident and I had to I’ll talk about how round one was a bit of an ego check for me, but it was like, I didn’t know that there was another way to do the business. I, I truly thought that like the way that I was running my business, I thought that, you know, I thought that I was living the dream, getting to sit down and nurse my baby at three days old and like get to work on my phone. Like I was like, wow, I’m so lucky. Like most people, they, they can’t, they have to go back to the office at, at X weeks. And I three days old get to just sit here on my phone and now looking back, like that makes me feel so emotional because I’m like, that’s not the dream at all.

Jenni Barrett (22:48):

Like, <laugh>, that’s terrible. But I thought that that was the only way. And it wasn’t really until, um, I had just had my second daughter and I had signed up for the SSA and I started to kind of watch the videos and I, I, I dove really deep into self coaching and I had been doing the SSA for a while, but self coaching more so even than the modules, what, what was, is what was really changing me. And, and then the chance came up for the mastermind. And I remember messaging my friends in my business and saying, I think I’m gonna do it. I think I’m gonna spend the, that $10,000 and I’m, I’m gonna do it. And they’re like, really? Why, what do you think you’re gonna learn? And I just remember thinking like, and telling them I don’t exactly know, but I know that like, I’m so excited to figure out how to do this in a way that, like, it was something that you said about like, just having more like time and peace with your family. That’s what just absolutely hit me. I was like, oh my gosh, you can do that. Like, I can go on vacation with my family and just have a vacation and not like glamorize working on vacation. It was, it was so big to me. So,

Kristen Boss (23:54):

Oh my gosh,

Jenni Barrett (23:55):

Preach. That’s how I came.

Kristen Boss (23:57):

You just saying that like glamorizing working on vacation, I’m kind of like, yeah. Oh my gosh, wait, I see that. I see that everywhere. I see that being like, just sip on my P colada, working with my customers. I’m like, what if you just your peanut colada and without talking to anybody, like, that’s the dream, that’s the goal. So keep going. I just was like, dang, dang. Right.

Jenni Barrett (24:20):

It’s true. And I, and it, so really what happened in round one was it was, it was all unlearning for me. And it was also, like I said, it was, it was quite the ego check because I didn’t realize how much of, uh, the responsibility of where my business was, where my personal life was. Lots of things. Um, I didn’t realize how much of that. I was like outsourcing in a way I was thinking, this is not my fault. And I, I realized in round one, how much I’d done that up until that point in my business. And like I said, in my personal life, it was, it rocked me in a way that I was like, it, it was good and bad. Right. I had to process the feelings of, oh no, this is my fault. But then I also had that like realization where, and that was my breakthrough.

Jenni Barrett (25:06):

I feel like where I got to decide like, Hey, wait, I have my own back. That was like our phrase, right in round one, like we’re learning to have our own backs, but I got to know that like I was in charge and like Morgan said, I was like, wait a second. I’m not treating my business like a CEO at all. I I’m showing up as if everything is owed to me, I’m showing up as if my team needs to show up for me. Why aren’t they doing this? Why aren’t they doing this? And instead, I learned how to sit down and critically think of like, what is my part in this? What can I control? And it’s given me so much peace, because like you said, it’s, it’s not a fire drill when something goes wrong instead, I’m like, okay, well this has a logical explanation to it. Let’s dig in deeper and figure out where it is. And, and so, you know, in all of round one, I, I think that I, it was just peeling back layers of the onion of like me thinking, oh, this is all going wrong. And who’s false. Is this, and then stopping and saying, no, how is this my responsibility? So that was my big round one lesson is that it’s all in my control to a point. Right?

Kristen Boss (26:16):

Mm-hmm <affirmative> yeah. I think a lot of times I coach all of you, the, the whole room. I think something we constantly go over is like your business. Isn’t happening to you. It’s not something that like, you are out of control of where you feel like I, I can do whatever and I I’m helpless. I’m helpless to my business. It, it just does its own thing. And here I am just, I hope, I hope my team shows up. I hope this changes, you know, it’s just a slow season or those things you learn to change the narrative in the, the mastermind being like, well, what if I am fully responsible here? Not in a way that, like, we have to be careful with that, because if we make ourselves responsible for everything, then we can create a lot of shame. Like, I’m the problem, it’s me.

Kristen Boss (26:54):

But we really teach that from a, from an empowering place in the mastermind. Not like it’s your fault because you create your results. It’s more like, okay, well, let’s understand where, where are we contributing here? But from an empowered place, not a shameful place where we’re like beating ourselves up for weeks and not doing any work, but kind of being like, okay, well, what can I do here? What might actually be within my control? And what might I actually do? And what’s fun is I think I’ve seen each of you and I’m not sure if you did it round one or round two, I’ve watched each of you take completely unplugged vacations. Like you’ve been on trips. You have even prepared your teams prepared your systems and your businesses were working without you. You were no longer, you know, pina colada working with customer girls.

Kristen Boss (27:39):

You were like out of office. Here’s my out of office reply. I’ll see y’all in 10 days. And that was super fun for me to see as your coach, I’m like, this is it. This is the sustainable way for them. This is, this is the healthier way of doing business. That is the dream. So a lot of you did your work. Something we talk about in round one is like cleaning up a lot of things you learned to coach, you learned to lead, you learn to self lead through self coaching. And then we work. We get really nitty gritty on systems. We get really nitty gritty, especially on like, so that you can powerfully onboard new members without exhausting yourself and holding the hand of 75 new people from your team and being like, okay, well, how can I duplicate myself into a system without exhausting myself?

Kristen Boss (28:25):

So I think each of you got your milestone, one done in round one, which is the most important one. Because once you have that in place, you can onboard people and your team feels confidence to onboard people. It’s suddenly your team member, your down line. They don’t need to be the experts. They’re like, oh, I just, you mean, I just plug them in here and we just go and it changes things. So you all did that work round one. So now round two, actually, I gave you guys this recent coaching. I said, okay, everybody, it’s safe for you to speed up. Now just for the girls, for you, girls that have been doing your systems, doing the work and like time to speed up. And I actually want to go back to you, Morgan, because there’s something pretty fun happening right now. I gave you a little bit of coaching. I said, all right, it’s time. It’s time to speed this bus, this bus up. You’re ready to go share a little bit about what’s happened. <laugh>

Morgan Peitzman (29:16):

Yes. Um, round one was a lot of slow down to speed up, focusing on your systems, all this, like you said, which was really important for me because we had a lot of momentum and growth in 2020, but I had nothing on the back end to support all the growth that was happening. And so a lot of that kind of imploded and there was a lot of attrition. So that was really valuable work in round one. And I think I was afraid a little bit, bit to step back into the speeding up, because a lot of us have this story that have worked with you and are learning a different way to not work from this hustle, scarce energy than it. We suddenly then assign any growth or like my momentum, like, oh gosh, I don’t wanna hustle when it’s like, okay, no, like you always say hustle is never like an action that you’re doing. It’s the motivation, the

Kristen Boss (30:07):

Way of being mm-hmm

Morgan Peitzman (30:08):

<affirmative>, it’s like the way you’re being in that action. And so that coaching was like a big kick in the pants for me. And so I was like, okay, my team hadn’t done. Like I’m in a party plan business. And so my team hadn’t done like a booking incentive, or like a party incentive in a long time because I had assigned, oh, any momentum, challenge, incentive, wrong hustle. Can’t do that. But I’m like, no, how am I a totally different person and a totally different leader? Yes. In the way we can now do a booking challenge that is like light ears, better than one that I had ever done. And so we did it, um, Nicole’s team actually like kind of partnered with us, which was fun. And so we collaborated and it was amazing. The results were crazy. Um, like hundreds of bookings in 24 hours.

Morgan Peitzman (30:58):

And I went back in our group, which is one of the side note. One of the most valuable parts of the mastermind is the Facebook group where we all get to coach each other. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, it’s amazing. So I went back in the group for like an update and I’m like, you guys, like, that’s evidence that like we’re ready to grow. The team is ready. And now, because I slowed down in round one and have these systems in place, I have no worries about my team going out and executing all these events, onboarding a ton of new consultants. And I think I said in the group, like we can onboard a hundred people next month. Literally no problem with nobody falling through the cracks. And that is like light years away from where I was even eight months ago. So it’s really, really cool.

Kristen Boss (31:50):

Mm-hmm <affirmative> and what’s fun is you, all of you, you sampled running people through milestone one before you even did like a massive, you know, kicker, you know, incentive or anything like that. You’re like, I’m gonna run people through this system and see how they do it. And I think every single one of you have had brand new recruits that have gone through your milestone. One that got the promised results, what making their money back on their product or making their first hundred dollars going through this system without you holding their hand their whole way. They’re like they hit the milestone without me. And that is the goal. And most people think because you are kind of taught in, in a lot of circles in network marketing, like, no, you have to be very involved. You have to hold their hand the whole time. You can’t like let them be on their own.

Kristen Boss (32:34):

And so it kind of creates a lot of scarcity, even in your relationship with people you recruit. And so, so when you think about that as a six-figure earner, a lot of six-figure earners feel extremely burnt out and depleted. When they think about wait, I’m gonna have to recruit all these people and then hold everyone’s hand. Instead of now you guys have the energy and the capacity to run people through a system without it depleting and costing you. Right. Um, Jenny, I think you’ve had that same thing as well with your milestone one, I think you were saying like, yep, I’m recruiting and people are going through it and they are getting the results, right?

Jenni Barrett (33:09):

Yeah, yeah, exactly. And it took a while for me to get the confidence in like letting people go through it without holding their hands. But it wasn’t until somebody came to me and I had randomly realized that somebody had hit the second rank in the company and I was like, wait a second. Oh my gosh, what, what have you been doing? Right. And she’s she had been following the system. And that was a big piece of evidence to me that even while I was still obsessing over holding people’s hands through it and plugging them into it, somebody else was doing it without me. And they got, and they got results. So that was really cool.

Kristen Boss (33:43):

Mm. Love it. Nicole, what about your round two? Your work for round two? I mean, you did your booking incentive. Sounds like you did that with Morgan and that’s been amazing. What else has been kind of like your work in round two?

Nicole Van Cleve (33:53):

Um, I actually had more, even more personal work in round two than I did in round one. Cause again, like Jenny said, it’s peeling an onion, so you’ve got this onion and sometimes you don’t really know what’s under the next layer or what’s waiting for you just lurking. Um, and there was things in round one that I did not uncover that I didn’t, I happen to realize in round two that was holding me back and influencing my choices and influencing my decisions. And so for me, alongside of fine tuning, some of the things from round one and working on milestone two, um, I am also, uh, had worked through some more emotional, um, business sided things than I did in the first round, which was, uh, I cried. It was ugly for y’all. It was the ugly, ugly, cry. <laugh>

Kristen Boss (34:44):

Yep. We found the story. I remember that I coached you on it at the live event. I was like, we found the story and you got coaching on it and you were willing to be vulnerable about it. And I literally think, hold on, it was the next month. It was the next month you were like stories done. And here’s what I did about it. You seriously went out recruited like 10 people. I was like, okay, so we’re done with that story. Aren’t we? And you’re like, yeah, we’re done <laugh>

Nicole Van Cleve (35:06):

Yes, absolutely.

Kristen Boss (35:08):

So by the time this podcast airs, people will have learned that I’ve restructured the mastermind. It’s no longer, you know, invest every six months and just keep investing and keep going. And as long as there’s always growth and you could do that. And I had like, my epiphany and April is like, no, don’t like, this don’t want it. We’re shifting it. It’s designed to be, you know, two, six months round so that, you know, first round is a lot of unlearning. It’s a lot of cleaning up. It is the slowing down. And it makes so much sense when I’ve been telling you guys we’re gonna slow down and then when we’re gonna speed up, and that is especially after I’ve been watching your group, that is absolutely what we’ve been seeing is round one is, was the slowdown round two is like, okay, I’ve got my milestones.

Kristen Boss (35:46):

Now it’s about refining implementing and it’s time to go. And it’s also creating safety in going like, I think sometimes when people have burnt themselves out, they need to feel safe going for it again, realizing it’s safe for me to accelerate, put my foot on the gas pedal and it’s not gonna cost me because now I have all these things in place to protect me from burnout this time around, and now it’s sustainable. So now it’s, you know, structured, you know, 15 K each round, and then there’s gonna be an alumni community afterwards for you to continue the work. So you guys, because I know you guys are gonna be rocket fuel, come the fall, which is super fun. But you know, it’s an opportunity for you to stay in the work without you continuing to invest 15 K every six months. Now the structure is different and you know, I wanted to structure it in a way where it ma it felt like an MBA program, like 30 K total over a full year, which would feel for the lifetime of your network marketing career.

Kristen Boss (36:43):

It’s like all these skills you learn and you take with you forever. And I think that might help somebody if they’re coming in, they’re like, okay. Their expectations for the, for the mastermind. Cuz I do think people come to the mastermind with expectations of like, I’m gonna come here and it’s gonna rocket my paycheck up in the next 90 days. And they, and they get there. And when they bring those expectations, they become resistant to the necessary growth they have to do because there’s so much drama and expectation of like, well, I thought I was gonna move along faster. I thought my paycheck was gonna grow overnight instead of like, okay, but we have to clean all of these things up. So it kind of the, the restructuring of it allows for there to be a release of like, okay, so if it’s one year where things look different, but it creates sustainability for the lifetime of my network marketing career.

Kristen Boss (37:31):

And honestly I think I’ve told you guys this, like, even if you were to leave network marketing and going to corporate, you’d be able to land a corporate job because of what you’re learning, because it’s like an MBA. So can you guys speak to a little bit about maybe how that restructure is like favorable for somebody with their expectations? Like if they’re coming and being like, it’s gonna be great. Like I think you all had that at one point in your journey being like, okay, I thought it was gonna look this way and it looks different and you had to get coaching on that and feeling safe, being like, listen, as much as you wanna see your paycheck blow up overnight, we have to clean this up it’s necessary. And we can’t just rush to that. Um, Morgan, do you wanna speak to that a little bit?

Morgan Peitzman (38:11):

Yeah. This was a lot of my work. Um, my paycheck actually went down in round one. Mm-hmm <affirmative> I’m just gonna go ahead. And like people are probably like what <laugh> and you did another round. Cause I, so many people have that expectation. Like especially people that have like either are in the academy and are already getting coaching from you or even just the value that you bring to the podcast. It’s safe to assume like, okay, I’m gonna get, get into this $15,000 program with Kristen. We know she’s gonna over deliver. And so we have these expectations, like, all right, I’m gonna be in this room, this elevated room, my results are gonna explode. And none of us like we’ve been saying, realized so much of the work that was gonna have to happen before that. And so my paycheck actually went down round one mm-hmm <affirmative> um, because I had to slow down and clean a lot of that stuff up. But now, like I just mentioned, the groundwork is laid where now I’m like, okay, let’s go. Like I’m positioned now for my paycheck to explode in the next six months while I’m not like exhausted. And

Kristen Boss (39:10):

What’s the value of that to

Morgan Peitzman (39:13):

A lot of coaching. I’ve had a lot of money stuff over the last year and I even got coaching because of these expectations that I brought in and a little bit of this like success, entitlement that I found myself almost resenting the investment. And you were like, okay, Morgan, I remember you asked me how much would your business have suffered or what would your business look like if you were in this room and you didn’t make this investment, is it fair to say that your paycheck would’ve decreased by this much more? And I was like, yeah, totally. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and you’re like, okay, so what is this investment for one year worth to the lifetime of your business?

Kristen Boss (39:51):

Mm-hmm <affirmative>

Morgan Peitzman (39:52):

And I’m like, oh, and now I’m learning to reframe it where I’m like, I love this investment. I love this decision because of what it’s affording. It just goes back to that infinite game. Like you said, like having that long term vision for your business five, 10 years from now, this investment will be like a drop in the bucket. Mm-hmm

Kristen Boss (40:10):

<affirmative> yeah. And, and again, it’s like integrating, it’s integrating all parts. Like it’s not just your business, it’s literally all parts of you. And I’ve seen that for all of you being like, okay, like partnerships, relationships, home, life, your peace. Like, I can’t like your peace I think is probably it’s like, what is that? What is the value of your piece to you? And I think that’s been like the biggest work for a lot of people in the mastermind. So Jenni, can you speak a little bit about like peace for you? The value of peace for you and this, you know, you deciding to be here for a year.

Jenni Barrett (40:45):

So I remember when we first started and it was basically when you first started talking right at the live event and I was like, okay, I’m a lifer. And I had been so like sold on the fact that like, okay, Kristen’s gonna be my coach forever. Like I can’t imagine not being in this room. And so kind of on like what Morgan was saying, where it gives you like the opportunity to have that long term vision. That’s kinda what always picturing in my head where you said like, I wanna be in, you know, you need to plan for two rounds. You always said you need to plan for two rounds. Um, that I feel like gave me so much peace that I wasn’t like in a hurry in my first round. And then moving on to my second round, I was kind of thinking to myself like, okay, I’ve learned these lessons two parts, right?

Jenni Barrett (41:30):

Like one, if I weren’t to, to continue. And I had this one year under my belt, I have everything that I need. And I’ve learned to trust myself enough that I could do this. But also if I stay, um, like I know that I’m responsible for my results and I can continue to pull from this. So I just felt really confident in my decision either way. So I felt like us getting coached on, listen, this is the, you know, first six month round is not where you’re gonna stop the work. This, this continues on. You need to plan for two rounds that it gave me that piece. And gosh, peace in general has been like a really, um, a really, gosh, dang it a really big piece of my journey because it has, it has just like changed a lot. It’s, it’s changed the way that I’ve like showed up as a mom.

Jenni Barrett (42:19):

Um, you know, I’ve gone through some partnership struggles and changes and having this room and like having like not only the people to, to rely on because you really do the relationships that you build with your mastermind. Sisters is so much more than you can even imagine if you’re considering it because you know, you, you lay your heart out on a table and it’s the safest place I’ve ever been. Um, and so I was able to go through these changes with this room, but like I said, the piece that I’ve found in trusting myself as a mom and as a partner and just as a person in general has been so huge. Like I can go through a fit with my six year old and you know, no longer feel like completely helpless. And like, what am I doing wrong? Like, I’m the worst mom ever.

Jenni Barrett (43:08):

I now really truly have that feeling of like, I have control over this. I know what to do. Like I can use my thought models and you know, I can, I can coach myself and help coach her. It’s seriously. Peace has been, has been the biggest thing. I, I think I just told Morgan this actually we were talking on the last day of the month and it just came up. But I said that exact same thing. I said, I had the calmest month end I’ve ever had. I just, I just felt complete calm and peace in my body. And it wasn’t even like a, wow. I feel so calm. It was like, I didn’t even realize it until the first of the month that I had just ended the month where I said, wow, like that was, that was amazing. So peace, peace has been a big piece of my journey. I, I feel like I could talk about it for a really long time, but I’m so grateful to have just that all over calmness and confidence in myself and in my business, I feel like it it’s, it’s changed so much for me. I am a very, very different person than I was just about a year ago. You

Kristen Boss (44:05):

Are, you’re a different person just even from six months ago. And it’s just really fun as a coach to watch. But I think just this idea of piece, it’s something I feel very strongly about as a coach, just cuz I’ve heard the saying like if the cost of your piece, it costs too much and there are income levels where it’s like, if it, if this income level cost you your piece, it’s not worth it. So what we’re trying to do is marry the income you want with the piece you desire, not saying like, okay, cuz some co some people get to the place where they, and I’ve seen it in this industry over and over again. They think the only way I can have peace is if I leave or quit, that’s the only way instead of, okay, how can I have this business, this beautiful business and have peace.

Kristen Boss (44:48):

And also how can I pursue more in this business without fearing that it will cost me my peace, cuz some people they’ll, they’re pretty happy or content with where they are, but when they view the next level in their company or the next tier of income, they think that’s gonna cost me. It’s gonna cost me my peace. It’s gonna cost me my family. It’s gonna cost me my health, my emotions. And so they’re like, don’t want it. Whereas what you guys have learned in this mastermind is like, you now have every tool at your disposal to pursue with peace, to grow your profits with peace. And it’s fun, funny. I’m like maybe I should have called it the peace and profit mastermind, but the purpose and profit makes sense, you know, because, and it does require a shift in your thinking. It does require you to get out of the instant gratification cycle that I think tends to be the theme in network marketing. There’s a lot of instant gratification talk. There’s a lot of companies tend to glorify the speed, you know, who are they bringing on to talk to give pep talks? It’s the team that’s growing the fastest in doing the most. And so we tend to value speed more than sustainability, more than purpose. And so you all have these tools now. So Nicole, what about you? What about the value of peace for you?

Nicole Van Cleve (46:01):

Oh gosh. Um, it’s just been a huge transformation, not only for my business, but between my husband and I and my family to be really honest because, um, we have kind of been taught in network marketing this smash and grab mentality, like get everything in every ounce of it and every single second of it as quickly and as fast as possible. And um, so that’s not a great ideology or thought process to bring in into with it. Right? If you’re thinking about a longevity of, of a business, it’s not one day or one month or three months or one year it’s years, it’s multiple years of success and for meeting the needs and the goals of your family and the goals of your business and the goals of the people that tie themselves to you through your business, through your team and the people that you get to work with and your customers.

Nicole Van Cleve (46:51):

And I know for in nursing, you know, Morgan and I were both in nursing and nursing gave us so many great skills, like so many great skill sets that really helped us to propel our businesses and you know, in direct sales, but it also taught us how to manage fires. And that’s what we also brought into our business is manage the fires. And we were really good at that. Like I was a pediatric ICU nurse. I was really good at managing fires, but it was not really good at looking at the longevity of it and looking at the result of what you’ve gotten and reevaluating that result. It was just move on to the next thing. Let’s go to the next thing thing. Let’s go to the next thing. Instead of being like, no, why don’t we just fine tune what you already have in, in, in process. And what’s, what’s currently happening and see how we can make it better and fine tune it for you to drive your business forward instead of you having to reinvent the wheel every so often, like that’s exhausting,

Kristen Boss (47:45):

It’s exhausting, but it’s what a lot of leaders do. It’s they look at their results and they’re like, okay, something must be wrong. I just need to burn it all down, start all over. And actually what’s super fun. Is you all of you guys? I think we’re now, I don’t know. You’re, you’re all probably like nine months in with me. And like, you all have stuck with the things you built and now you’re reevaluating and you’re refining and I noticed you have energy for other things in your business. You have energy to give to your team, to coach, to grow to book parties. It’s like we’ve protected so much of your energy as well, which when you’re not depleting your energy. Yeah. You feel more at peace. And that’s partly why the whole process, why I was, you know, telling you guys be here for two rounds.

Kristen Boss (48:27):

And also, you know, this past round was 20 K and I sat with that. I’m like, do I wanna keep the rounds at 20 K? Like I could, but I was just thinking, you know what 30 K for a year just seems like to me as a coach, it feels like an over deliver for you guys. When I think about the, the lifetime of your network marketing career and that you get a sense of completion at the end, you get a sense of like I did it, I went through it, I got my, I got my training as a coach. I got all the systems training. And in the alumni community, you get access to all the new materials I’m gonna be creating so that you can stay up to date, stay up to speed. But part of the reason why I structured it that way is because I wanted to protect your piece as well.

Kristen Boss (49:05):

Because if we have someone that’s coming into the mastermind and they have a six month mindset and there’s so much we have to clean up and they’re also scarce and like, but wait, wait, wait, everything’s a mess, but I really need to grow my paycheck. I need to double it. Or I need to get it back to where it was in the height of the pandemic. These six months, what happens is their focus is, becomes all about that. And they feel unsafe to slow down, evaluate, take the time to create the systems, take the time to work on themselves. And so it becomes an incredibly stressful, miserable experience instead of when it’s like, okay, wait hold on. It’s supposed to look like this and feel like this my first six months. And then my second six months, I know all of you, like you saw it in the look of everyone that was round one at their live event.

Kristen Boss (49:50):

You’re I think you all said to them like, oh, we know what that’s like, you’re okay. That’s a normal feeling. You saw them all with their eyes wide open drinking from the fire hose, hearing, hearing it for the first time. And you guys are like, oh, this, it sits very differently. Round two. It’s way less overwhelming. And actually I know my work and now you it’s been fun watching you guys like really start kicking up your momentum and being like, okay, now it is time to do incentives. Now it is time to do booking challenges. Now it is time to be doing bonuses because I’m healthier. I’m better. And my systems are different. And it’s so funny. I think someone in the mastermind, I’m not sure who I coached on this, but they, they were feeling a little fear giving themselves permission to go for the next level.

Kristen Boss (50:34):

And they were just like, well, what if I burn out? I’m like, but are you the same person? Are you the same person? She’s like, oh, I’m not the same person. I was like, so is it possible? You would have a completely different experience. She’s like, yep. And it’s fun because I think there were two girls. I remember Amanda and she shared this in her, in the podcast as well. But you know, she had a lot of fear of growing and now she’s like ready doing it. I have zero fear. We’re going. And it’s fun to see that, but you can only get to that place when you’ve done the work, when you’ve slowed down and you’ve plugged all the ho holes in your boat figured out where the attrition is, why it’s going on, you’ve learned to own your data. You’ve learned to reflect.

Kristen Boss (51:10):

And you do your monthly evaluations as much as I’m sure you curse me at the end of every month, we’re doing them. Like why it’s where all the magic is. It always tells you, okay, this is why. And this is where we’re going. And it’s a really powerful CEO tool. So it’s been so fun watching you guys grow. You’re gonna be finishing up your second round and then hopefully we’ll see you in the alumni because that’s an option. It’s not like you have to. It’s something where I’m like, Hey, if you wanna continue the work, you can be in the alumni, super fun. But ladies, it’s just been such a blast to serve you. Watch you grow so much in your business. And also it’s really fun watching

Kristen Boss (51:45):

You guys at the start of the speed up process. So thanks for coming on today. I’m sure the audience loved it. We’ll see you guys with the next call.

Kristen Boss (51:57):

That wraps up today’s episode. Hey, if you love today’s show, I would love for you to take a minute and give a rating with the review. If you desire to elevate the social selling industry, that means we need more people listening to this message so that they can know it can be done a different way. And if you are ready to join me, it’s time for you to step into the social selling academy, where I give you all the tools, training, and support to help you realize your goals in the academy. You get weekly live coaching so that you are never lost or stuck in confusion. Whether you are new in the business or have been in the industry for a while. This is the premier coaching program for the modern network marketer go to to learn more.

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