Month: July 2023 Articles

RE-AIR Time Scarcity Ep #174

“I have so much time to get things done today” – said no one ever. If you’re one of the countless network marketers who always feels like you’re running around with your hair on fire trying to get everything done but never having enough time, listen up.

RE-AIR Sneaky Types of Self Sabotage Ep #173

If you have been an entrepreneur for any length of time or even thought about becoming an entrepreneur, you are most likely familiar with the idea of self sabotage. Self sabotage refers to the patterns of behavior and thinking that hold us back from achieving our full potential as entrepreneurs.

RE-AIR The Discipline of Habits Ep #172

How many times have you been pumped up to make changes in your life only to be disappointed when you quit a few days or weeks into your new habits? No amount of cute workout clothes or pretty planners is going to get you through the resistance and old programming that your brain offers you. Kristen’s giving you exactly how you need to approach your personal development and habit goals instead.

RE-AIR Future Self Exercise Ep #171

Kristen talks a lot about goals here on the podcast. How to set goals, what to do to reach those goals, how to stay on track, and all the stuff in between. But have you ever wondered what uber-successful people do in order to achieve their goals? Well – Kristen is going to crack that code for you today.