The Subtle Settle Ep. #199

Starting a business often stems from a combination of determination and desperation. People, dissatisfied with their current situation, establish the courage to initiate transformative change. However, as they overcome obstacles and achieve a semblance of stability, a subtle shift occurs. The initial desperation fades, and a sense of complacency can set in.

2024 Time to Hustle Ep. #198

If you’ve ever felt caught in the rear-view mirror of your business, constantly looking back at “what was,” it’s time for a change. Dwelling on the past doesn’t contribute to your growth. Instead, fix your eyes ahead, embracing a future-focused approach that propels you toward success.

RE-AIR Time Inventory Ep. # 197

Have you ever panicked over not having enough time to get everything done, only to feel even more stressed out because you wasted what little time you DID have panicking over not having any time? Or have you ever sat down, determined to engage with your audience on social media – only to find that an hour has passed and you haven’t accomplished anything?