Buyers and Builders Ep #103

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The Know, Like, Trust factor is all the rage these days. If you’re selling anything online you know how important it is to gain the confidence of your audience. But what do you do when you’re dealing with two different customer types in one group?

The Know, Like, Trust factor is all the rage these days. If you’re selling anything online you know how important it is to gain the confidence of your audience. But what do you do when you’re dealing with two different customer types in one group? 

As a network marketer, you have a unique position where you’re addressing both buyers and builders. And this unique position can cause some anxiety and confusion about how to craft your messaging on social media in order to not sacrifice one for the other.

This week, Kristen is shedding some light on how to cross the so-called divide between buyers and builders, and how best to solve for the problem of creating confidence in both groups in one fell swoop.

Check out this week’s key points:

  • The difference between buyer’s confidence and builder’s confidence
  • Why you shouldn’t use ‘industry jargon’ when addressing your buyers in the audience
  • How your belief in yourself as a leader can create or destroy confidence in potential builders
  • Why addressing objections can build confidence in converting buyers to builders

In order to gain the trust of your buyers (and builders), you must first trust yourself and your ability to serve your audience. If you have low belief in yourself, your products, or your ability to grow leaders, that will shine through in your messaging. Remember that selling is a form of service. You’re serving your audience by providing the solution to their problem. And that alone can help you on your way to gaining their confidence

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Transcript for Episode #103 Buyers and Builders:

Kristen Boss (00:05):  Welcome to Purposeful Social Selling with Kristen Boss. I’m your host, Kristen Boss. I’m a mindset and business coach with more than 15 years experience in both the product and service based industries. I believe that social selling is the best business model for people wanting to make an impact while they make serious income. This is the podcast for the social seller, who is tired of feeling inauthentic in their business and desires to find a more purposeful and profitable way of growing their business in today’s social media landscape. In this podcast, you will learn what it takes to grow a sustainable business through impactful and social marketing. It’s time to ditch the hustle and lead from the heart. Let me show you the new way.

Kristen Boss (00:49):  Hey bosses. Welcome to another episode of the podcast. This week, I have a short, fun, power-packed episode for you. Before I get there, hey, we are getting really close to the launch and release of my new book, Pivot to Purpose: Leaving the Toxic Hustle Culture Behind. Listen, we’re going to have a virtual Facebook group. It’s going to be like a giant virtual book club. We’re going to have a great time. Bring your teammate, bring your friends. Don’t worry, we’re going to be announcing the Facebook group everywhere. So just keep your eyes open on social media platforms. You can go to, to be sure that you are on the email list to be, you know, have all the updates be in the know. But in that Facebook group, I’m going to be doing live Q &A’s. I’m going to be reading some chapters with you.

Kristen Boss (01:40):  We’re going to have great discussions. There are really helpful, tangible questions in the book for you to go through with your team. So it’s available. It’s going to be, if you already have pre-ordered, Amazon is going to be shipping it to you on the 19th, or you can walk into, I think it’s going to be, I know you can buy it online at Target. I’m not sure if it’s going to actually be in target stores on the shelf or in Barnes and Noble on the 19th, but you can certainly go and check. If you haven’t already listened to the book teasers, you can listen to them on the podcast, but we’re going to have just a blast together. I cannot wait to serve you this book. I’m really proud of this book and I’m so excited to see the healing that’s going to bring for so many as we read this.

Kristen Boss (02:23):  So hope you’ll join us. You can head to the show notes to check that out. Let’s talk about the topic for today. You’ve seen the, the title is called builders and buyers. You’re like, Ooh, tell me a little bit more. So I was thinking about your businesses and what you would need to know to grow your business. And there are two areas. When you are selling specifically in your business, there are two areas where you have to instill confidence in your audience. You have to create buyer confidence and builder confidence. And buyer confidence, that is your customers, your VIPs. They are people that aren’t interested in monetizing, you know, with an affiliate link or sharing online or social retail or any of those things. They just want to purchase the product and be a happy customer of your products. First of all, do not devalue the value of a customer.

Kristen Boss (03:23):  A happy customer is invaluable to you. They will be a lifetime customer. Even if they don’t want to work the business, a really happy customer feels compelled to tell their friends. They might offer you referrals. You might have access to their network. So don’t undervalue them and don’t decide like, oh no, they only want to be a customer, blah. You know, I am, I only want to talk to builders. You never know if a happy customer will convert to a builder. In fact, that’s the case for most builders or people that join your team is they, they start as really happy customers because they love the product. They love the experience. And they’re like, you know what? Might as well share this, this thing, right? So when you are talking to buyers, in order for someone to purchase from you, they have to feel confident. They have to feel like, okay, is this going to get me results?

Kristen Boss (04:13):  What is my experience going to be like? And in order to create buyers’ confidence, you have to be thinking of their objections before they do. Instead of waiting for them to come to you with objections, you need to be thinking about, okay, what do I think their objections are? Number one is always going to be, you know, it’s almost always time and money, right? So what are they going to tell you about the time? Why is it worth them making the time for this to happen? Most people, they, the time and you have to be careful to not use like, you know, one-liners that are very, you know, industry jargon. I’m going to say that don’t use industry jargon with them saying you know, well, you make time for the things that matter. Instead of like, okay, but why would time be a problem? What would they need to solve or know in order for time to not be a problem for them? Maybe you do, you know a workout, maybe you’re in a workout company or something like that.

Kristen Boss (05:06):  You have to think about, okay, how can I help them overcome or solve for the time problem before they bring it up? Another thing is always money objections. But the problem is, is I find that most people when they’re selling their products, selling their service is they have their own objections to the price in their mind. They’re thinking, well, it’s really expensive for me. I can’t afford it. I couldn’t afford it when I started these products. And because they’re remembering, like I couldn’t afford to start these products when I started, they assume everybody else feels that way. They assume every person in there can’t afford their products or doesn’t value their products at the price that they’re sold for. And this is typically why I see you know, people only selling their products with confidence when there’s a sale because they think the discount makes it valuable.

Kristen Boss (05:59):  Instead of, instead of that being just a cherry on top, you have to be thinking like, why is this product valuable? Why are, why are the products or the results that my products create? Why is that valuable to the person I’m selling to? Why would they gladly part with their money to pay for these results? But you have to get your brain out of thinking like, oh, it’s so much money. They don’t want to pay for this. Like you really have to think about why would they be delighted to part with their money and pay for this product? So consumer or buyer confidence is you creating a trusting relationship with them where they know, A: I’m going to get results. I’m going to get the results you promised me. I’m going to have a great experience trying this out. Like I’m going to be taken care of. I’m going to be seen.

Kristen Boss (06:47):  And C: I don’t know, whatever else it needs to be but I’m just saying, like, in order to create buyer confidence, they have to know like, you are going to serve them. They have to have confidence in your offer. Like, does the product work? They have to have confidence in you. Like, are you, can you help me? And then they have to have confidence in themselves. Like, am I going to use this product in the way that you tell me to? Am I going to like it? That’s really how you instill buyers’ confidence. And that is what creates a customer, someone that buys from you. Okay. So that’s buyer, that’s buyers confidence. Now I want to talk about builders confidence. They are not the same builders, confidence when they are coming to you. And you are thinking about recruiting them to your organization. They always want to know, am I going to make money?

Kristen Boss (07:31):  And how quickly can I expect to make money? And what’s important is you have to be super honest with them about what it takes to make money in this industry. You can’t be telling them like, oh, easy peasy, just, you know, throw up a link on social media and all the money comes to you. Like it’s not that simple. Only someone with a really solid, solid following an established audience, or a large following can they throw up a link and affect and expect people to come running. Most people need to be taught how to market, how to sell, how to show up online. They have to learn new skills. It’s a new job. So you have to be sure to like, give them the answers they’re looking for when they’re thinking about, okay, can I join your team? And anytime they don’t join you, it’s likely because they lack confidence in a certain area.

Kristen Boss (08:18):  They think I can’t do it. There. There’s a part of them again, kind of time is the biggest one for building a business. So you have to show them like, Hey, can you do this in 30 or 30 minutes or an hour each day? Secondly, a lot of times its confidence in themselves. Like, what if I suck? What if I’m not good at it? You have to be able to sell them on why you can help them as a beginner, get results. Another one is the confidence of like, okay, am I going to have success in this business model? Really? They’re thinking, I don’t know. It seems, it seems, it seems uncomfortable for me. Or, you know, I’ve heard people say that they don’t, they don’t see results. You have to get so clear with them. You need to be really clear in what you’re selling. So it creates builder confidence.

Kristen Boss (09:03):  So they’re like, okay, I know what’s expected of me. I know what the work is going to be. I know that there are systems for me. And I know that you can help me. And I know that I can make time to show up for myself when they can when they believe all those things. That’s when you have someone coming to you, who is a recruit, they’re like, yeah, love it, got it. I’m going to go for it. But you have to create confidence. You have to sell it through the words you use on your social media and how you show up online. Here’s what’s fascinating. This is where I see most people fall in their own confidence. I see a lot of people that have confidence in their products. They’re like, well, love the product. Love talking about it. But it, when it comes to their business, they’re like, Ugh, I don’t know.

Kristen Boss (09:48):  Eh, I don’t know if I’ve had enough success. I don’t think I can help somebody else have success. And that’s where all the stories come up. I was saying this to my mastermind the other day, I said, oh, recruitment is where all of the stories come up. That’s where we see an epic, you know, crap storm of all the negative beliefs we have. You want to know what stories you’re carrying start recruiting. That is what a hundred percent. What’s going to likely bring all of your stories to the surface stories. Like I don’t think I can help someone get results. What if I can’t? I can’t make them want it. What if they don’t want the business? What if nobody wants to work? I need to find a unicorn. I’m a unicorn. Oh, lots of that. Lots of, well, nobody was there to help me so they should just figure it out too.

Kristen Boss (10:33):  Nope. I just want you, if that has been your thought like, well, one was there for me. I didn’t have upline, so they should just figure it out. Like that’s not service, that’s not serving somebody. And it gives zero builder confidence. If, if you literally say, Hey, welcome aboard, you get what you put into it. Best of luck. I didn’t have anybody help me. You’ve lost all builder confidence. They’re not going to take any steps forward. And they’re likely going to be caught in research. And you know, not doing any, honestly, not doing any work at all. They’re not going to be showing up. So in order to instill and build your confidence, you have to first have leader confidence in yourself. And some of you might have a lot of stories about yourself. Like when you hear the word leader, you go, oh no, I’m not a leader.

Kristen Boss (11:15):  I don’t know what it takes to be a leader. I don’t know what to, how to operate as a leader. I don’t have a big team. And, and, and you kind of have a lot of stories about it. Instead, a leader is just somebody, who’s a couple of steps ahead of somebody else who can show them what to do. Like it can start that simply. But if you’re thinking like, you know, oh, I have to ha be super professional and polished on zoom calls. And I have, if you’re thinking I have to be somebody I’m not in a way that doesn’t serve you in a way where you’re like beating yourself up, then you likely are thinking of the definition of a leader in a way that isn’t serving you, instead of asking yourself, how am I already a leader today? How can I step into being that right now?

Kristen Boss (11:58):  How can I help someone have the smallest results? Listen, any result that you, that you’ve created in your business, someone would gladly love to learn from you, but it’s when we’re, you know, devaluing our results and saying, this is nothing to write home about. This isn’t any good. And I, I don’t know how I created this business or success. And of course, you’re going to have thoughts about your ability to lead someone in this business. And you’re not going to be instilling builder confidence. So a lot of times I see people create all kinds of buyer confidence, but when it comes to builder confidence, they don’t have it at all because they don’t have leader confidence. So in order for someone to say yes to you, whether it is the product or the business, you have to instill confidence in them that they can confidently say yes and say, I see what’s required.

Kristen Boss (12:46):  I’ll happily part with my money or part with my time. And I will do these things because I believe in what you’re telling me, you have to create that confidence and you can’t create it if you don’t have it yourself. So if you’re currently questioning your products, you’re like, I don’t know, are they great? Do they work? I don’t know. The detox part of this product kind of has me questioning things. Then what’s going to happen is that’s going to translate into your buyer confidence. You’re not going to have the confidence to make a very bold offer and say, this is totally what you need. This is exact, the exact step you need. And I can be the person to help you. Like, that’s the level of confidence you need in your selling, but if you’re waffling and you have a lot of stories, then you’re going to notice, like stories are going to affect your selling, always and selling.

Kristen Boss (13:31):  And if you’re like, if you’re like squirming in your seat and you’re like, I don’t like selling Kristen, I share, I’m like, listen, selling is not a bad thing. And we have to stop demonizing selling, selling is serving and serving the selling in order to serve someone, you have to sell them a solution to their problems that is serving them at the highest level. Right. And so, and I would just really encourage you to sit and ask yourself, like, how is it true that when I’m selling, I’m serving, how is it true that it’s possible that someone could feel deeply served while I am selling them on a solution to something they want to, for a result that they want? Like, imagine that imagine if I didn’t sell the solution, like, I just couldn’t even imagine if I was like, Hey, I’m going to like tell you everything that is a problem in your business, but I’m never going to tell you about the solution that’s going to help you get the result you want.

Kristen Boss (14:21):  Like not talking about the academy almost feels like a disservice to you. Like, why would I not tell you that you belong in there and that you can have extra results? And that, of course, it’s the next right step for you. And I believe that in every fiber of my being because we see extraordinary results happen in the academy every single day. So like showing up in the world and adding value without selling someone, a solution really feels like a disservice to people. So I want you to really be working on your narratives and asking yourself, like, in what ways can I create buyer confidence with a product? And then in what ways can I create builder confidence with a business? When you have confidence yourself, you will notice confidence in your selling. And when you have confidence selling, you will attract confident buyers and confident builders. So take that today and put it into action. We’ll see you in the next episode,

Kristen Boss (15:29):  That wraps up today’s episode. Hey, if you loved today’s show, I would love for you to take a minute and give a rating with a review. If you desire to elevate the social selling industry, that means we need more people listening to this message so that they can know it can be done a different way. And if you are ready to join me, it’s time for you to step into the Social Selling Academy, where I give you all the tools, training, and support to help you realize your goals. In the Academy, you get weekly live coaching so that you are never lost or stuck in confusion. Whether you are new in the business or been in the industry for a while, this is the premier coaching program for the modern network marketer. Go to to learn more.

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