Purposeful Social Selling

Hitting Big Goals With Attraction Marketing Ep #39

Mar 15, 2021

Get ready for some real-time inspiration! Today Kristen interviews two students in The Social Selling Academy as they share about the simple changes they made after they joined The Academy and how they quickly created BIG results in their businesses.

Melissa McGill has been in the social selling space for three years and was one of the founding members of The Social Selling Academy. She shares how the overwhelm she had while working a full-time job, managing her family, and building her social selling business was holding her back until she invested and ‘made the commitment to herself’ to make the time and apply what she was learning from Kristen. 

Kelsey Arrowood is a photographer who after starting her social selling business ten months ago, invested in all of the ‘secret strategies’ for social sellers and found early success–but realized quickly that she was missing something, until she found Kristen’s podcast and joined The Social Selling Academy.

Listen to their inspiring stories today:

  • The key thought that shifted Melissa out of overwhelm
  • The specific shifts Melissa and Kelsey had after joining The Social Selling Academy
  • How Melissa was able to utilize The Social Selling Academy coaching call replays on her own time and apply what she learned to create rapid success
  • The exact results Meslissa achieved after she utilized the ‘Ask the Coach’ feature in the private Facebook group
  • What Kelsey learned after spending $10,000 on the ‘right strategies’ and why she was able to still trust herself to invest in The Social Selling Academy
  • How one live coaching call with Kristen changed everything for Kelsey
  • How both Melissa and Kelsey utilized the copywriting strategy that Kristen teaches to leverage social media effectively
  • The advice that each of these students would give to someone ‘saving up’ for The Academy or who is waiting for the ‘right time’

Melissa and Kelsey had different pain points and made different shifts in their businesses after joining The Social Selling Academy that helped them hit their goals in a short amount of time. 

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