Loving What Is Ep #30

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Have you noticed that when you want to change something about yourself, your health, or your business, that it’s usually something you hate or are frustrated about?

Have you noticed that when you want to change something about yourself, your health, or your business, that it’s usually something you hate or are frustrated about?

We want to change and ‘fix’ things about ourselves from a place of frustration by using negative self-talk. Spoiler alert: that doesn’t work. We have to love ourselves exactly how we are right now, and create goals and take action from that love.

Kristen’s going deeper into “loving what is” and how this shift is the key to hitting all of your life and business goals:

  • What does it mean to ‘love what is’
  • How you can love yourself now by loving ‘what is’ and still have a desire to change
  • The difference between acceptance and complacency
  • How setting a goal from a place of judgement and not loving your present reality will push you into hustle
  • The 3 questions to ask yourself to get into a state of loving
  • Why you must be willing to feel the spectrum of emotions to move towards your big goals
  • How to have deep love for yourself, your present clients, your future clients, and your business

As you’ll learn from this episode, there are a lot of parallels between health goals and business goals. And just like you can’t shame yourself into losing 30lbs, you can’t shame yourself into hitting  your next revenue goal.

You have to start accepting and loving where you are–by loving what is.

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Transcript for Episode #30: Loving What Is:

Kristen Boss (00:05):
Welcome to Purposeful Social Selling with Kristen boss. I’m your host, Kristen boss. I’m a mindset and business coach with more than 15 years experience in both the product and service based industry. I believe that social selling is the best business model for people wanting to make an impact while they make serious income. This is the podcast for the social seller, who is tired of feeling and authentic in their business and desires to find a more purposeful and profitable way of growing their business in today’s social media landscape. In this podcast, you will learn what it takes to grow a sustainable business through impactful and social marketing. It’s time to ditch the hustle and lead from the heart. Let me show you the new way. Hello friends, happy Monday. All right. So I have all the feels about this episode. Maybe I’ve just been in my feels a lot.

Kristen Boss (00:59):
If you, if you’re in the academy we just wrapped up kind of an emotional week in the academy. Not not that we set out to be emotional, but you know, the more and more women I serve, the more I realize when we are unlocking old stories and we are giving women permission to be fully themselves, tears happen. It happens. I warned people in the academy that, you know, that just joined, which by the way, hundreds, hundreds of new people joined the academy. And I am in awe of the caliber of women who have said yes to themselves and joining. And I warned them all when they started in their first call. I said, okay, I just want everybody to know crying when you’re getting coached is really normal. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. All my clients cry at least once. So I think every day in the academy we had, we had tears last week, but it was, I think tears are healing.

Kristen Boss (01:59):
There’s a lot, there’s a lot going on in our country with your families, with your business. And I realize it’s just the beginning of January, but you know, sometimes we need to have permission for a good cry. So if you’re needing that today, this is me giving you permission to go shed some tears, tears are healing. Okay. So I really want to talk about today, this, this concept of loving what is, and it was kind of birthed from this amazing and beautiful experience of the three-day sustainable success experience. If you’re in it, you know exactly what I’m talking about. So the last episode, I was still very much in the middle of the event. So I didn’t know what the outcome would be. I was just really sitting with gratitude and all the joy for, for the experience itself and how I was experiencing it, how I saw other people experiencing it.

Kristen Boss (02:53):
And it was just, it was so wonderful. I was sitting in so much gratitude and I had yet the results weren’t there yet. We just, we were still very much in the middle of it. So I just want to tell you how phenomenal the turnout was. And I’m just so thankful to you, my listeners for a joining the group and trusting me for those three days and be like telling your friends and gifting the experience to your team and your uplines and your sidelines. And I really believe we all are going to be changing the industry together and we’re going to do it really well. So I believe there’s a whole new generation of social sellers coming. That’s going to completely change the perception of the industry. And I think more people are going to be open to this business model than ever because of the work we’re doing together.

Kristen Boss (03:42):
So we had, I’m going to just give you the numbers. 2,738 people joined the three-day experience. Amazing, amazing scene. We had over 700 people live every day with the videos. And then we had over as of today, 234 people joined the academy. Amazing. So I, and I will just say, I touched on it a little bit earlier, but I, I want to reiterate because a lot of people wonder why, why it’s not monthly. And I get it. I get the desire for monthly payments, but I explained this in the last day of the of the experience, I actually went day four. And I’ll talk about that later. I’m actually going to talk about what I did on day four and a completely different podcast episode. But what I did that last day was I explained to people why not doing monthly payments was for their growth more than it had anything to do with me or my business.

Kristen Boss (04:46):
Because when I sat down to create the program, I really thought about what is going to create the most growth and guarantee the most success for my students. And I realized I’d much rather charge more in a one-time payment to help someone overcome all of the thoughts that are getting in their way of having transformation in their business. When they join. Most people have transformation when they make the payment for the academy, before they even consume a single material in there before they get on a single coaching call, almost everybody experience a shift in their belief and how they view themselves when they decide to overcome all of their fears and their thoughts about spending that money to be in there. So because everyone that’s in there has overcome the same fears to be in there. The quality of the community is extremely high.

Kristen Boss (05:48):
The level of integrity in the community is high because everyone had to overcome huge mental barriers to be there. Huge. And so it’s so fun to see the mindset of my students in there. They’re, they’re very they’re coachable, they’re open, they’re very long term focused. They’re not coming in there with this needy scarce hustley graspy energy that actually could take away from their experience. They’re coming from a place of calm and trust, and they’re trusting their journey out of the gate. And because they’re not in that hurried energy, they’re actually able to consume the materials and receive coaching and have transformation faster because their brain’s not panicking about them being there. You make the decision once and they’re in there forever. Like you never have to revisit that conversation in your mind again. And it’s so fun. Actually, the member’s just freaked out this week because we surprised them with a members only podcast.

Kristen Boss (06:53):
And they were like losing their mind. They’re like, wait, what? We’re getting a members only podcast too. Like what? It’s so funny. Like every there’s normal hesitations to join. I get that. But when people are in there, like I cannot believe I was having this much hesitation with joining. So it’s, I just really want to, again, just reiterate just the quality and caliber of women in there. I just feel so deeply honored. I love that. I’m seeing diversity in there all ages, all different ethnicities. I just love it. Different companies. I love it so much. So I really want to dive into this topic of loving what is, because a lot of you, especially in the beginning of the year, you have these goals and things you want to change about yourself. Things you want to change about your business, maybe habits you want to do, maybe like you are full-blown decluttering right now.

Kristen Boss (07:46):
And I talked about it last week about like detoxing, some things in your business and how you choose to set goals. But the idea of loving what is, is oftentimes when we want to change something about ourselves or our business, it’s not very often from a place of deeply loving where we are and being in a place of compassion and grace with ourselves. I find that oftentimes we, when we want to change things about ourselves, it’s because we’re angry and frustrated with those parts of ourselves, right? And so it’s because we are ashamed of what is or frustrated with what is, and we want to fix it. And we’re kind of beating ourselves up with negative self-talk, but what would it look like for you to love what is now loving your body as it is right now today, and not hustling to hit the weight loss goal, to start loving yourself in looking at your body with joy and appreciation and less judgment, like, what would it look like to love? What is while on your way to the results you want, what would it look like to have appreciation for? What is while you are improving? It, it changes your experience. I’m not saying like don’t have health goals, don’t have business goals. I’m not saying to be complacent because complacent comes from like an energy of, I give up it’s it’s this self pity and self-loathing and judgment.

Kristen Boss (09:28):
And so it’s, I’m not talking about complacency and just throwing in the towel and saying, I guess, I guess this is it now, I guess like, almost like an obligatory, like I’m just going to try and force myself to love myself because I don’t believe in change. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the idea or the concept of finding gratitude, love, and fulfillment with exactly what you have today, while you were on the way to doing more, achieving more and getting where you want to go. I’m going to give you an example. So for me this year, I was telling my health coach that this is the first time in probably, Hmm, probably seven years that my new year’s goal was not weight loss. It was not like I want to lose X amount of pounds by this time that was phenomenal for me.

Kristen Boss (10:23):
And it came from the place of what if I already believed that would happen for me? What if I already believed my health goals were going to happen for me this year? What? I still choose a pound loss, weight loss goal. And it’s like, oh, actually I wouldn’t. So I remember thinking, well, if I knew I could change that about myself and I was on my way to that, what would it look like instead of starting the new year in shame and discussed and angry that my pants are tight, but starting with loving myself exactly. As I am right now, tight pants and all, what would that look like? Knowing, knowing that I can change that, knowing that I have all the tools to, for my pants to not feel tight in a few months. So loving what is, and I, and I, and I, I’m going to bring this back to your business and I’m going to talk about also how this translated in my business, particularly in the three-day experience and how you can apply it for your business.

Kristen Boss (11:28):
But the concept of loving what is really just sat with. Okay? Because every new year it was like shame judgment and discuss like, God, why did I eat so many of those cookies? Why did I have my dad’s, you know, famous, homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning? Why did I have him after Christmas morning? Like all these like anger and shame. And, and here’s what I decided to do during Christmas. When I was making those choices, I decided how I was going to feel about those choices in the new year. So if I was going to eat the cinnamon roll, I decided little did you know, you’d be on a health coaching call today, but it all ties back to business. Okay. Little so it’s when I decided to eat the cinnamon roll, I decided A, it is okay for me to eat this and B, I’m not going to judge myself about this decision January 1st.

Kristen Boss (12:22):
I’m not going to beat myself up about this. I can still choose to feel happy and joyful in my life and not beat myself up about my decisions. So I decided when I was making those choices, how I was going to feel about them, three weeks later, I decided in advance how I was going to view myself and feel about myself on the other side of my decisions. And on the other side of that. So if the pants were tight, it’s, it was so interesting that when that was happening, I, my brain didn’t default, like it normally did to this self-loathing and beating myself up. It didn’t go there. It was like, okay, we made choices and I can choose. And I, and I sat and I looked back and I asked myself, did you Kristen, did you enjoy all the things that were going on around you at Christmas?

Kristen Boss (13:13):
I was like, oh yeah, I made great memories with, with my, with my family and my siblings and my, my niece. And I had so much fun. And I’m so thankful for this. I was really busy with my huge launch and I’m really proud of what I created there. And I’m here now. And that’s okay. And I have all the tools at my disposal to start getting to get back on the Peloton this week. Right. Rather than years prior. So now there’s like, no job, no drama. I love what is, I love who I am now. I looked at all the things. I felt the tight pants. I was willing to feel the discomfort of tight pants and say, I can still love me. And I can choose how I want to experience the start of my new year. And I’m going to choose to not experience it with shame and disgust.

Kristen Boss (13:57):
That was epiphany number one, like whoa. Okay. And it, and it created a sustainable approach to my health instead of what happens in years prior, when I start with shaman discussed, what I do is I usually juice cleanse, take out, remove so many food groups. And I live in such restriction and misery that I end up creating a lot of drama around food. And I binge, like, I just create unhealthy habits because it started from a place of self-loathing and self disgust, because I couldn’t love what it is. And I actually, when we do like these crazy methods for our health goals, I call that that’s hustling for your health goal. We do this exact thing in our business. And let me, let me tie it all in for you. So can you love what is in your business right now? Because if you, if you’re looking at the current results you created in 2020, and if you’re in a place of shame and self-loathing and disgust, then you make these big, huge unreasonable promises to yourself and you immediately fall into hustle.

Kristen Boss (15:05):
This is one of the things we talked about in the three-day experience that the root of hustle is lack and shame. So it’s like, I’m not enough. This isn’t enough, you know, beating ourselves up. I’m going to do better this year. And I, I I’m hearing from everybody, I just need to be consistent this year. I feel like that’s the Sunday school answer for business. Like in Sunday school, every answer was Jesus and business. Every answer is consistency while that’s true, you need to get to the root of why you weren’t consistent. Why do you think that is? And why would that be different this year? You can’t just blanket statement again. If we tied it to weight loss, you can’t just blanket statement to, I need to eat better. It’s no, it’s more than that. What are you thinking about yourself when you reach for that food?

Kristen Boss (15:50):
Right? What are you thinking about yourself when you’re doing that activity in your business? I happened to see a lot of parallels between health and business. So I draw the parallels a lot. So again, if you were starting, if you were setting a goal in your business from a place of judgment about where you currently are in your business, you were setting yourself up for hustle and not just hustle, but emotional let down a lot of highs and lows and inevitably a lot of frustration and burning yourself out. It’s just what happens. So I want to talk about how that all flushed out in the three-day experience and what you can learn from it. So when I decided to do the three-day experience, I had already hit all my goals for the year. And I was sitting with such gratitude over all the progress of the year.

Kristen Boss (16:47):
I was just, I wrote down all the things I created in 2020, all the wins, starting the podcast, how many emails I sent out, how many Instagram I grew, I just, I, I didn’t just track the revenue grown. I tracked all the tiny little things. We’re going to go back to weight loss. I tracked non-scale victories. Like non-revenue victories. I grew my email list by this amount. I grew a Facebook group to two and a half, 2,500 or something. And then I closed it and then I launched this and then I did this and that allowed me to sit with a lot of appreciation and gratitude. And that allowed me to love my business as it is. So when I created the three-day event, I created it from a place of loving. What is, I did not create the event because I looked at my goals and thought, oh no, I have to throw together this big event in this hustling, needy energy to meet my own needs.

Kristen Boss (17:48):
It really came from place of thinking about my audience and asking, well, what do they need? What would be a really fun way to end this year? And how might I be able to serve them even better? And so I had a love for what I already created. I love, I also loved who I was already serving. I think sometimes in business, you’re so focused on the next person that’s coming to you, that you’re not paying attention to the person who is choosing you to the person who is buying from you to the person who is there. We’re just so hungry for the next goal. And if you are really hungry for the next goal, it might because you be because a, you think you’re going to feel better when you hit the next goal that suddenly you’re going to feel happy, feel joy, feel peace when by the way, you can choose to feel that now.

Kristen Boss (18:39):
And if you’re hungry and hustling for the next goal, it might be because you don’t love what is. So I was, I loved who I was already serving. I loved who was already in my academy. I was so focused on my present students in the academy, helping them have the best experience. And so when I thought so now, do you see the energy? When I created, that was from a place of service, only service and thinking what would be fun for me? What would be fun for them? And I wasn’t even fixated on like a result line or an outcome I just wanted, like, what is the outcome I desire? And I asked myself, before I set the goal, I was like, what outcome do I desire? I desire for everybody to have a great experience, to feel deeply served. And I want to just, I want to grow the number of people I’m serving.

Kristen Boss (19:27):
Doesn’t have to be in the academy. It could just be in my email list. It could be in my podcast, it could be in my Instagram. I just want to reach more people. That’s all it was. It wasn’t even like, I want to see this number in the academy grow. That was not even on my radar, which is so fascinating. So then I was, so I, again, I love for a love for what I already created a love for who I was currently serving. And I fell in love with the idea and having fun. I decided I want to have fun in the experience. I want to enjoy what I’m creating. So I made that the standard and I had love of my purpose of what I was doing in the world, who I was serving. And I’m very future-focused with my business, which makes me very resilient in my present.

Kristen Boss (20:14):
It makes me very resilient. If there’s disappointments or let down, I kind of am like, it’s not a problem because I know where my business is going. I don’t know when it will get there, but I know it’s getting there. And I am just so in love with that future version. And I’m so happy with the present version. It makes me a very creative and less emotionally attached business owner. So I’m sharing this all with you, because I really want you to ask yourself, how can I make this true for me? How can I apply this for my business? And I have the love of, and so those are all the things I loved. And then also a deep love of the industry. A deep love of it. I do not entertain for a second. People who have negative thoughts about, or think anything bad about network marketing, multi-level marketing, direct sales.

Kristen Boss (21:10):
I just don’t entertain it. Now. I, or at least I don’t let it affect my energy. Sometimes I will dig with curiosity to do market research, to help my audience understand how they can perform better. If you have upset people out there, well, what can we do to change it? Instead of saying like, well, screw the haters, pay them no attention. I will not allow them to affect my energy about who I serve. And I will do X. I’ll be curious and I’ll explore their thoughts and think, okay, is that a reasonable thought? Or are they just being hateful? If they’re just being hateful, I dismiss it and move on. But if I’m sitting with like you, sometimes as a business owner, you have to be willing to sit and read negative reviews about your business so that you can learn to do things better.

Kristen Boss (21:58):
So I sit and I will sometimes explore negative reviews about this business model so that I can learn how to teach the industry, how to do it better. But a lot of people don’t, aren’t willing to feel the discomfort of reading negative reviews about their business, because they make it personal instead of moving to a place of curiosity and asking, well, how might I play a part in that? And what can I do to change that again, I’m not talking about the people that just want to hate, and they have a lot of, they’re just, they’re just trolls. There’s, it’s very different from the troll on the internet, to your good friend that has said she wants nothing to do with this industry. You might want to ask why. So it CA so deep love of the industry. Okay. So that’s everything I was loving and here’s what I was willing to do.

Kristen Boss (22:57):
So ask yourself, what can I love now? How can I love, what is, how can I love what will be so loving? And then the second thing is willing. I was willing to try new things. I had never, every training I’d ever done was free. And I was like, you know what? I will try this new approach. I will try this new thing. Sure. I’ll try this ad. I’ll sure I’ll be willing to experience the discomfort of throwing a lot of money into Facebook ads a lot. And it was a really good test for my mindset, for me to be willing to sink. I think we some close to $16,000 in Facebook ads, and it was a really good test of my resilience for me to sit there and be okay with it and be like, it’s okay. It’s not a problem. My business, I know where my business is going.

Kristen Boss (23:48):
And we’re learning right now. We are, we’re gathering data and data’s really important for me. So I was willing to spend money on data without having an outcome. So sometimes that is not having a white knuckled approach with your business. Are you willing to lose money, too? Learn. I am willing to try new things, willing to lose money, to learn. Most of you like that thought is triggering. It’s deeply uncomfortable. I want you to explore that. I was just interviewing somebody and I love what she said to me. She said, I would rather lose money in the short term to fix what needs to be fixed. Then ignore what needs to be fixed and lose more money in the long-term because I didn’t set the right things in place. And I was like, oh girl, yes. I was like, amen. Preach it. It was, I was, and I told her, I was like, with that mindset, you will go far in your business.

Kristen Boss (24:49):
So are you willing to lose in order to learn? I was, are you willing to feel all emotions when it comes to your goal? Fear, anxiety, overwhelm. I was willing to experience all the feelings with running this. I could feel anxiety and I’ll be okay. I could fulfill fear and I’ll be okay. There might be moments where I’m going to feel some overwhelm and I will be okay. Instead of having resistance to experiencing negative emotion than trying to talk myself out of it, it was more so I can handle negative emotion and still work. This. I can sit with thoughts that are garbage and I can turn them around. I can still work while feeling these things. And then here’s, here’s the huge, huge one. Ready? I was willing to love any outcome.

Kristen Boss (25:50):
Before I launched this three-day event, sat with the thought, what if nobody joins your academy? And a lot of times I hear coaches like wanting to, to shift you out of that thought and being like, let’s not even think that what if everybody does join, let’s not go there, but I’m actually want to challenge you to actually go there with that thought. Okay. So what if nobody joins, could you still love of what is, and I did. I was like, oh, you know what? So nobody joins. And again, because I know my future vision and I’m so deeply convicted in the inevitability of it. I decided, yeah, nobody can join. And I would a hundred percent. Okay. I would be 100%. Okay. And I could still love the entire experience. Even if the outcome was nobody joins the academy.

Kristen Boss (26:48):
And w and I sat with like, can I still be proud? Yup. Can I still be happy and fulfilled? Yup. Can I love what is yup. Can I still feel so proud of the year that we did? Yup. I can have all those things. So, because I had that mindset, I was able to just show up and serve. I was never distracted by performing, in order to force the outcome. I thought I needed because I was already, okay. No matter the outcome, again, be asking yourself, how can you apply this in your business? So you’re going to go for a big goal at some point this year. And I want you to come back to this episode and ask yourself, how am I going to, how am I going to feel, regardless of the outcome? What am I going to choose to think about myself and my business?

Kristen Boss (27:34):
If I don’t hit that goal, and you need to coach yourself in all of that, find all of your thoughts that come up there. I was willing to do that. Okay. I was already fulfilled. I was. So I was loving seeing the faces of listeners. It was so fun. Like you guys, from the podcast, I was loving, seeing people have breakthrough. And I was interested in creating an experience and loving the process far more than I was interested in forcing an outcome that will change absolutely everything for you and your business. If you think about how can you love the process, despite the outcome, you will show up so differently. If you do that. And here’s what I did. I practiced the things I preached during the launch. I found deep self-sufficiency of I’m. Okay. I know exactly what my people want. I know exactly how to serve them.

Kristen Boss (28:33):
And I did not indulge in any thoughts that told me otherwise, like, you don’t know how to serve them. You don’t know what to say. What if they don’t have value? I just did my brain bring those up. Yes. Because I’m human. And I have a primitive brain that is designed to do that when we do uncomfortable things. Right? So, Hey, I didn’t have judgment when my brain offered negative thoughts, I observed it. And I thought, yep. This is what the primitive brain does. And then I decided I can choose to not indulge in that thought. And that’s exactly what it did. Like not indulging. Okay. But a lot of you will sit and enjoy bulge in thoughts and wallow, and you will freeze yourself up so bad that no action is taken because you judge yourself for having the negative thought to begin with.

Kristen Boss (29:17):
You’re human. You’re always going to have negative thoughts. You’re going to have a, you would have a million dollars in your bank account, and you will have negative thoughts. I know because I’m an, I’m in a mastermind with people that make hundreds of thousand and millions of dollars, and they still have negative thoughts. And they sound just like yours. They sound, they have the same thoughts. I’ll be at a different level than someone who is making their first hundred dollars in their business. Isn’t that? Because your brain is primitive and it doesn’t care about the circumstances. It’s always going to offer the same garbage thoughts. Okay. So I found deep self-sufficiency of I’m going to be okay. I was completely detached from the outcome. I didn’t need the numbers to validate what I knew was valuable for my audience. Right. And I was willing to experience any negative feelings before, during, or after the launch and, and trust that I would be okay.

Kristen Boss (30:10):
I didn’t see hiccups as problems. And trust me, we had, whew. We had a massive influx. And like the first day, all of the emails were being sent to my personal account instead of to my assistant. And so we saw like hundreds of emails that I didn’t even see. And there was a lot of people like, Hey, where’s my access? Like, yes, it was a little stressful, but I didn’t indulge in any thoughts. It was like, oh no, everything’s going wrong. It’s all burning. Everyone’s unhappy. I just thought, you know what? They’re going to have their minds blown in these three days and it’s going to be okay. Okay. I made it was service first service first. I always tell you guys, I say add, before you ask, add, before you ask. And that whole three days was just about me adding at the highest level.

Kristen Boss (30:58):
I possibly could. The philosophy of over-delivering. I was like, I’m going to over-deliver like these people pay me $7. They’re going to feel like they paid me hundreds. They’re going to be shocked with what they get. And that was so fun for me. I just felt like, I felt like Santa, I was like, this is the best feeling to go above and beyond people’s expectations. Right. I didn’t have any scarcity around my value. I didn’t think, oh my gosh. If I tell them everything, they’re not going to join. I never have that thought. And I have people that sometimes think, well, if I tell people too much, or I give them too many answers, why would they buy my product? And why would they join my business? Or why would they still decide to work with me? I’m like, because the more value you give, the more people trust you.

Kristen Boss (31:41):
Right? And then I was bold to make the offer. I believed that people wanted what I had to offer. I teach you guys this a lot. I’m like, you have to believe that people want your offer. So I was in deep belief. I’m like, of course, people want to be in the academy. Why would they not? They’re here 2,800 people registered for this three-day event about the three things, keeping you from having the results you want in your business, which by the way, is an unmanaged mind, unintentional marketing and an unbalanced business. And so I was like, of course they want this. Why on earth would I do them the disservice and not telling them how they can further their work and have better results with me. So I leaned all the way in, made a bold offer. And I handled all the objections from a place of deep love for myself, deep love for my future client.

Kristen Boss (32:30):
Deep love for my present client. Deep love for the business. Again, loving what is, and because I loved what is I was able to, on the fourth day, I did 45 minutes of telling my audience about the academy and all the reasons why they should join. And I handled all of the objections, all of them, all of them. I was not afraid to leave one stone unturned because it was from a place of love and not meeting to meet my own personal need at all. And my audience could feel that they could feel, I was not there for me. I was there for them. And so when you are in a place of exceptional service, you can sell exceptionally. And I was just so proud. I was so freaking proud of the whole thing. I was like, man, I did that. That was amazing. You all showed up in droves. I love you guys. You guys are the best. Even my assistant. She was like, you seriously have the best audience and the best community. I’m like, I know. Right?

Kristen Boss (33:31):
And so I handled all the objections I showed love for every person there, whether they joined the academy. Now whether they joined it five days, or maybe you were sitting there and you just wrapped up the lifetime access and you’re watching it and you’ve been sitting and toying with it, showing love for people that are still waiting and thinking about it on the fence and the, and the people that are going to join a year from now. Right? And I just loved what is, I loved the experience and I loved what is, and because of that, because of that, people joined in droves. We had a massive influx in the academy and it was so fun to see all the women and the ways they overcame their own thoughts and beliefs to join. And the transformation that’s already happening, it is already happening. And the two weeks that they have been in there, not even two weeks, not even two weeks, and people are having breakthroughs and transformation, they’re saying it is changing their life. It is the most different approach they have ever heard for business. And they finally feel at peace with not just at peace with where their business is currently, but trusting words going.

Kristen Boss (34:51):
So here’s what I want to offer you. When you were sitting down this year to focus on your business and to create results for yourself, are you willing to love what is love, where you currently are? See, find sufficiency exactly where you’re at realize that you don’t need a paycheck to see yourself as someone of value. You really don’t. You can choose that right now. Are you willing to love who is currently with you while you are working on attracting new people to you trusting that that is coming to you? Are you willing to love yourself? No matter the outcome. On the other side of you pursuing a goal, are you willing to experience negative? Are you willing to lose in order to learn? Are you willing to risk in order to have reward? Are you willing to experience any outcome?

Kristen Boss (35:52):
If you are then the pursuit of your goal, not only hitting the goal will become inevitable for you. What might happen for you is what happened for me? I told my assistant to order 50 confident copy workbooks, because when people join during that 48 hour window, we offered my copywriting book printed. You get it digitally in the academy, but it was just a fun, nice bonus that they have the spiral bound, digital spiral bound, printed book that was mailed to them priority mail to them. It was just a fun little ad. And we planned for 50 and we had to rush order 160 more books. You know? My, my consultant was like, how many, how many do you think you’ll sell? I’m like maybe 50. We’ll see, that’s fine. It’s fine. If it’s not like it’s it’s it’s okay. I was like maybe 50 and 238 of you as of this morning, 238 of you joined. And I really believe that was

Kristen Boss (37:00):
Because I was in love with what is, so I want to challenge you today. Will you love what is, and if you’ve been teetering on

Kristen Boss (37:12):
The fence about joining the academy, me a to just join us and you can have access to transformation immediately, we’ll talk to you next week. That wraps up today’s episode. Hey, if you love today’s show, I would love for you to take a minute and give a rating with the review. If you desire to elevate the social selling industry, that means we need more people listening to this message so that they can know it can be done at different way. And if you’re ready to join me, it’s time for you to step into the Social Selling Academy, where I give you all the tools, training, and support to help you realize your goals

Kristen Boss (37:52):
In the academy. You get weekly live coaching so that you are never lost or stuck in confusion. Whether you are new in the business or been in the industry for a while. This is the premier coaching program for the modern network marketer go to www.thesocialsellingacademy.com to learn more.

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