The New CEO EP. #202

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As entrepreneurs, we wear multiple hats, navigating through various roles to ensure the success of our businesses. However, sometimes, we find ourselves stuck in positions that hinder our creativity and impede our overall growth. Kristen found herself immersed in various roles that were draining her creativity.

As entrepreneurs, we wear multiple hats, navigating through various roles to ensure the success of our businesses. However, sometimes, we find ourselves stuck in positions that hinder our creativity and impede our overall growth. Kristen found herself immersed in various roles that were draining her creativity.

In today’s episode, Kristen shares her journey of self-discovery and growth, highlighting the pivotal decision to hire a CEO and relinquish her role to reignite her creative spark. Little did she know that the perfect candidate was under her roof – her husband, Scott Boss. The conversation with Scott delves into the dynamics of their partnership and how offloading specific tasks has allowed Kristen to channel her energy into strategic aspects of the business.

Listen in as they discuss:

  • Recognizing when and where to fire yourself, bringing in someone who can elevate the role and contribute to the success of your business.
  • The concept of success in terms of bringing new visions and ideas, thinking of better ways to serve, and ultimately creating a positive impact on the lives of others.
  • Discuss the importance of going beyond just business success and how every decision contributes to a larger purpose.

Owning a business is undoubtedly challenging and filled with uncertainties and self-doubt. Kristen and Scott’s candid conversation reminds entrepreneurs that firing oneself from specific roles can unlock greater creativity and growth. As they redefine success through the lens of entrepreneurship, the journey becomes not just about business but about making a meaningful difference in the world.

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Transcript for Episode #202: The New CEO

Kristen Boss (00:19):  You are listening to the Kristen Boss podcast. I’m your host, Kristen Boss. As a bestselling author and performance coach, I’m on a mission to share about sustainable and purposeful approaches to both business and life. Each week I bring relevant topics that I believe are necessary to create a life of purpose, significance and meaning. Entrepreneurship is about so much more than growing your bottom line. It’s about who you are becoming in the process and building a life that is truly extraordinary. Entrepreneurship is really just the beginning.

Kristen Boss (00:56):  Hey bosses. Welcome to another episode of the podcast. This week is pretty fun. I’ve got a special guest here with me and it’s been a long time coming and if you happen to listen to the podcast episode where I interviewed Dr. Benjamin Hardy, it’s a great episode. 10 x is easier than two x, and you’ll hear that at some point in the conversation we started talking about maybe I needed to hire a CEO for my company. I had found kind of my lid and what I loved and what I didn’t love. And so I was on this journey of like, well, who would I find to have my CEO? So found a CEO ended up being a really perfect fit for myself, the company, our team. And so this episode, we’re just going to kind of have a very candid, fun conversation about how this evolved and the CEO of the company that you all know with the Social Science Academy, the social science leadership school. And so this is just going to be a very fun, very candid conversation with the new CEO. So without further ado, I’m going to introduce my husband.

Scott Boss (02:02):  Have you called hr? Even sleeping with the CEO?

Kristen Boss (02:05):  Okay. No, Scott, my husband, Scott Boss. And literally I told him five minutes ago, I was like, babe, come downstairs and let’s just record a podcast episode together. And he’s like, should we prep? I’m like, no, we’re just going to have a conversation. And with him dropping that joke, I’m like, maybe we should have prepped. We should have prepped. This is totally unhinged. So here we are having our conversation, but real quick before we actually get into our chat, I want to talk about the special BOGO we have going on this month for our Rise Up summit in Denver. It is the live event I put on once a year. We put on once a year. No, I’m using the we language now. So good we put on this is if in your mind it’s like, oh, it’s just like a convention. No, it is so much more than that.

Kristen Boss (02:57):  We had people last that, I’m not saying you have to do this and I don’t want you to choose, feel like you have to choose between convention and my event, but if you had to choose, I’m going to sell you on why mine is better. But I want you to, and maybe my husband can speak to this too, he has seen me leave multiple times in the journey of growing this business and growing what we have today. He has seen me pack my bags and leave for a weekend and he has seen the product and the return on investment when I leave and go somewhere and really pour into the vision, the future, the company.

Kristen Boss (03:39):  And I will say he saw me do this before we really had ample resources to do so. And so I know it’s very easy for, especially if you are a primary caretaker, you’re a mom and you’re thinking about this event and you want to get in that room and we are offering a BOGO this month, so buy one general admission ticket to get to the event, bring a friend for free. And we really wanted this so that you could grow together to make it easier for you to get in the room. But what I know BOGO can’t solve for you is maybe you have this lingering mom guilt of why you feel this might be taking from your family, taking from your children. Maybe you were afraid to communicate with your husband, Hey, I want to leave. Do you mind? Can you handle a house for a few days while I’m gone?

Kristen Boss (04:25):  Or those things. So before we get into our chat about Scott stepping in a CEO, maybe I didn’t even plan for this, but maybe you can kind of speak into the person that is maybe feeling that mom guilt or feeling like, oh, I think it’s this idea of they’re taking from taking away from their family and it feels selfish to go away and buy the airline ticket, buy the hotel room to get in this room. But maybe it would help to hear from someone who watched me leave even when I had littles at home to go focus on this vision that I had that we were going to of what we wanted to build. Do you want to speak to that at all as just what you saw as a spouse and

Scott Boss (05:09):  Yeah, I think there’s so much to say, I don’t know what you can capture on a podcast quickly without me talking forever and you shutting me down, but I’m not going to shut you down. I don’t dunno if I’m speaking to this I right away, but I think something that comes to my mind is, so we downstairs, we have a treadmill and it was a norde track and it’s got the iFit deal. And so you can watch these videos and walk through a redwood forest or you can walk through the streets of Ireland. So I did this, I walked through the streets of Ireland and this guy narrated it and he was like my tour guide. And while it was great and all that doesn’t provide the same experience of literally stepping foot through the streets of Ireland, you don’t get the smells, you haven’t escaped your current crazy, your current chaos in order to pluck yourself out and experience something beyond what you can see on a screen.

Scott Boss (06:07):  There’s just something about being in the room and being in the room, whether that’s at a retreat or whether it’s at a conference or this conference that we are running in April. Being in the room means that when you come back you come experienced and changed for the better. And so when I think about is it taking away from your family, yes, you’ll be gone. That’s true. But what does that allow for your family to experience when you are gone? What is your spouse able to see in that you carry day to day? What is it that your spouse is able to experience with your kids or with the logistics of the home, whatever it might be? Will it be hard? Yeah, when Kristen has to leave for a speaking event or whatever, honestly before I’m like, ah. But then after I hear and I see the vibrancy that she returns with, I see the ways that it just invigorates new excitement, clarity, aspirations, goals.

Scott Boss (07:12):  I mean, I’m not just making these things up. This is all on the fly. These are things that happen. And while it is challenging to be what I don’t call myself a single dad, I think that takes away from single moms and single dads, but I would call it leader of the tribe for the weekend of just trying to see what that’s like. But there’s something about experiencing a home without that spouse that just for one, that spouse comes back different, but two, a new appreciation for each other I think is also delivered through that. So both to speak to being gone from the family, but also what you as a business owner are going to experience when you do remove yourself into something new where you are just saturated in a room full of people that are longing to go the same direction, man, there’s nothing more powerful than being in that space together. So I’m sure I could say things more eloquently,

Kristen Boss (08:16):  But yeah, no, but you did. But I would even say you just in since last July, so Scott has been watching me leave for business retreats for the last four, five years. And recently I joined a mastermind and it’s a bunch of couples and I finally was like, Scott, you have to get there. And I totally strong-armed you. I was like, you’re going, you’re going.

Scott Boss (08:41):  We’re getting, I didn’t have a choice. You

Kristen Boss  (08:43):  Didn’t have a choice. I was like, you’re going and your introvert is going to go an extrovert and we’re going to figure this out. And he went with me on, and that was, I think your first real business mastermind event in the context of our

Scott Boss (08:57):  Business, in the context of this business, of this

Kristen Boss (08:59):  Business. Because when you were doing ministry, you went to youth conferences and pastor conferences and those things, but this was your first business retreat event. And I have seen how that impacted Scott in a really positive way. I would come home and tell him all about it and I would try and capture my experience while I was gone and relay it to him. But then he had his own experiences and now he has, I guess he’s experiencing his own return on investment with going to those events with me now. And I think you can see why I haven’t been able to shut up about it for so long being like, these are so great, these are

Kristen Boss (09:38):  So great. And I would see after your first one, I watched the videos and I was like, oh, this is awesome. Did you ask this? Did you ask this? Did you ask them this? Did you think about this? Did you ask that? And she’s like, no, that’s why I need you there. I need you to ask those things. I was like, oh, I was kind of frustrated. But at the same time, she’s right, being in that space is going to produce a certain amount of curiosity that doesn’t happen when you’re watching through a screen. So anyways, virtual is,

Kristen Boss (10:05):  We have that option and it’s one year access to replays

Scott Boss (10:08):  And I’m saying it’s powerful and it’s still viable and it’s still a thing. We know that sometimes traveling is not option and there is those hurdles, but we would say fight tooth and nail to get over the hurdles of being there in person. Yeah. I dunno, what else do you want to say about this? This,

Kristen Boss (10:25):  That’s got to be amazing. That’s it you, so you’re going to want to go to the show notes for the RiseUP summit. It’s kristen Right. Okay, thank you. I’m like, Scott, tell me the right link. And BOGO lasts just for the month of February. You buy a general admission, you bring a friend for free. So take advantage of that so that we can see you and greet you and high five you and celebrate you in Denver. You’ll see me. I’m not going to be hiding in some room and only on stage I’m going to be walking around, I’ll be hiding. We’ll be walking around just making you feel special and seeing, because you are doing something for you and your vision and for your

Scott Boss (11:03):

Family and

Kristen Boss  (11:04):  For your family, your family. They are the benefactors of you pouring into your business.

Scott Boss (11:11):  You don’t grow in a silo, right?

Kristen Boss (11:13):  Oh yeah. So good. Yeah. And not only that, but not just you growing this business, but you grow as an individual and that you come home a better spouse, a better partner, a better parent, a better friend. So that’s our little plug for the live event in April and knowing that we have the BOGO this month. Alright, so super fun. We’re going to talk a little bit more about Scott coming on as CEO and the company and he, you’d been doing the numbers, he was like the finance guy paying the contractors and I would say he was, he’s always been my rock during the building of this business, but in the last couple years he’s mostly just been running the financials, paying the contractors, keeping me calm in between launches or helping me understand all the things I just really don’t like. But we grew really fast and we’ve been growing and growing and we have a team.

Kristen Boss (12:08):  And I just noticed, and if you listen to the interview with Benjamin Hardy, I just was realizing that my creativity was starting to suffer. I was starting to feel exhausted, tired, drained, and it was because what was needed to really drive the company was somebody that was a lot more detail oriented, led in different ways than I did. I’m a creative at heart. I’m very right-brained. I love to go by intuition and I’m always going to be a sales and marketing girl. That’s who I am. And also in coaching, I just love seeing my students, but I was getting bogged down with meetings and systems and you guys, I talked so much about the value of systems and then I can’t remember what it was, and this could be another episode because about the homeschool thing and all the things we learned in that 10 part series, that’s another episode.

Kristen Boss (13:03):  But in that, I think it was around Christmas time, you’ve been kind of trying to find maybe your thing since you left ministry years ago and you’ve been on that journey and just in a moment we were talking about you going off and maybe starting your coaching business or you starting another side income or those things. And I’ll never forget, I think you were in your office and we had just looked at the projections for the year and you said, listen, I can go and do this thing on the side, but what if I was to lend all of my energy and focus to helping the company? I don’t know why I had never thought of that before, but I was like, can that would be amazing. And it turns out all this time, the CEO was literally my spouse. And so it’s just been so fun. But what I have seen in you is since you stepped in, I have seen you spark and excitement and joy and fulfillment that I haven’t seen in a long time. You’re finding the thing you were looking for and who knew that it was this role and I remember, yeah, go

Scott Boss (14:12):  Ahead. Well, I think some of it is, yeah, I’m searching for this thing I’m chasing, wanting to create and felt like I just kept pushing it off because we had a lot of stuff going on in the business, things that needed to be taken care of in terms of just business nitty gritty, the stuff that just you have to do that Kristen would never do. Hey, hey,

Kristen Boss (14:36):  It’s true though,

Scott Boss (14:38):  But because of that, this side thing that I’m trying to create just continually gets pushed off. And I just had this almost an aha where I just looked at her and I said, Hey, I could go create this other thing, but I guess is a better word to use. Do you want me to jump in with you? I guess it’s a conversation we never really had, and I don’t know if this is where you and maybe your spouse might be, maybe there’s never been a conversation of, Hey, let’s do this together and what does that look like? I mean, we were kind of doing it together, but really not really in the sense that I just was more of just making sure the business was following the rules and things were getting set up properly and blah, blah, blah. But never really invested in vision or carrying out the vision or systems or looking at growth or all these little things.

Kristen Boss (15:32):  I never really, I kind of just left that be you. Me. Yeah. And I think that probably because I didn’t want to step on your toes, this was something that you created and I didn’t want to invade on that. And so I think when I finally asked that question, it was kind of this aha for both of us of I’ve never really fully stepped in and yet you’ve never really asked me to step in. So it was kind of an interesting light bulb for both of us of just like, wait a minute, what if we did both jump into this and see where this goes? Here’s the irony. So use our genius. The irony is Kristen will often say, what’s the best use of your time when it comes to building your business? And so as I stepped in, one of the first things I found out as a person that’s been creating all the images, images has been, Kristen don’t

Kristen Boss (16:26):  Out me. Okay? But it’s true though. It’s true. Okay. Yep. So he was finding

Scott Boss (16:33):  All of the things, those are the things that you just find out and you’re just like, wait a minute. Yeah, why am I creating this? How is that the best use of my time? And so that’s part of owning a business is you do what you need to do to start getting things running, but as you grow, you outgrow certain tasks. This is one that I think she was holding onto that we are,

Kristen Boss (16:54):  Because a visionary, I’m an artistic girl, so I didn’t want to go through the process of finding a design person that could take my vision and deliver. And we’re in that process

Scott Boss (17:04):  Right now. So we’re in that process right now. But I guess all that to say, I think that’s just part of figuring out geniuses and offloading certain things to allow you to have the vision or even the capability, the mental capability to see what needs to be offloaded so that we can be chasing bigger, better.

Kristen Boss  (17:25):  Yeah. Well, you even said the concept of what is the best contribution to the company. And what is really growing is all about as you keep growing, you keep firing yourself from different positions in your company. And I had fired myself from so many things, but there was a couple things that I had not fired myself from yet that I was holding onto. And Scott was like, let’s solve this. Let’s free you up to do those things. Or the fact, or Scott even noticed as you came in and just running so many meetings and getting in a blessed, getting into the weeds, getting into the weeds and the spreadsheets and the entire team has heard make a template. What’s the SOP? Probably 50 times a day, but we’re all doing this now. We had systems, but the systems, we outgrew the systems. And that is what growing a business and a company often looks like is like you have your minimum viable product, you run with it, you grow, you grow, you grow, you grow.

Kristen Boss (18:28):  And then suddenly things start breaking. And then you’re like, all right, we have to build a system that can now support the new volume of what the company is doing. And there wasn’t time. And Scott, you asked me this just yesterday, you’re like, has it been because it’s only been six weeks of you stepping in, but it feels like, I’m like, wow, wow. Why didn’t we do this sooner? But I think we both didn’t see it as an option. I don’t know why. And even our team was like, why didn’t we do this sooner? I’m like, I dunno. But one of the things that you’ve kind of gone in and noticed is just like when you said, Hey, have I been a help to you? I just said, yeah, because here’s the thing, for me to sit down and do all the meetings, go through all the templates, all the SOPs, all the spreadsheets, all the weeds, because my genius is sales and marketing and getting out there and lead generation and coaching my students, I would’ve had to withdraw from all of those things and be in that and it would’ve helped, but it would’ve slowed the company down in a way that would’ve been extremely hard for everyone involved.

Kristen Boss (19:34):  But now bringing you on, I’m like, I have somebody, I’m like, all this mental bandwidth you are putting into the operations, the systems management, the fulfillment, the tech stacks, all of that. I’m like, you’re spending 30 hours a week, that’s 30 hours. I didn’t even have mental bandwidth for to do it. So this is just where you’re realizing, all right, who do I need? Another Dr. Benjamin Hardy analogy is like who? Not how? It’s like we often think of, well, how do I grow my business? How do I grow my business? But we’re in a season and I feel like we’ve just been doing this for the last, oh gosh, what? Six months of finding the right, who the key, who’s to partner with to help the company grow because we have the hows, but it’s now, it’s like, okay, well who, who’s an and finding somebody that’s better than you?

Kristen Boss (20:24):  And being like, well, who’s better than me that can handle this better? And the CEO position was a hundred percent Scott. It was just like, you thrive. Scott sees an Excel spreadsheet and he gets excited. I see it and my soul dies. I’m like, and I’m done. And you’ve even seen me in meetings. We’ve been in so many meetings lately just to make sure core values, the vision are cared for on our team. They understand where we’re going, goals are clear, all those things. It’s just like we’ve had days where it’s been meetings all day long and I get off and you’re like, you’re tired, aren’t you, babe? I’m like, I’m so tired. I want

Scott Boss (21:01):  To nap. Yeah. What’s the word that I’ve used? I use Meeting. No. Well, yeah, there’s death, my meeting, but there’s a word I used in one of our meetings that you just kind of sunk. Do you remember what that word was? No. What was, we got into a meeting, we were preparing for a meeting, and I said, Hey, is there a working agenda? Agenda? Is there an agenda for this meeting? And she was like, oh God, I’m dying inside.

Kristen Boss (21:19):  I was like, agenda, babe. We just wing it. So that’s where my A DHD would just come up and be like, well, what feels important in the moment? And yeah, we are proactive, but we were just having to level up in so many ways and it’s just been so fun. But here’s the thing that’s been exciting is once I saw you embrace and go all in, and I was excited from the moment you offered, I was like, oh my gosh, yes, let’s go. Is seeing you buy into the vision of who we’re serving. And what’s really fun for me is I’ve seen Scott wake up in the middle of the night or be on a laptop, he’d be like, he’s, I’m just thinking of our people and thinking of how we can serve them better. And I’m just thinking of what we’re doing, and you said something so deeply profound and it chokes me up just to think about what we do, and I’ll have you share it because it came from you.

Scott Boss (22:16):  Well, owning a business and putting your vision out there and putting what you have on your heart and offering it is hard. It’s very hard. It feels like, gosh, you just hope it’s received. And I see this in you, and I’ve seen it from you for the last three, four years as we’ve owned the business. And as we go into three day events or launching our offers, and every month, maybe not every month, but periodically, there’s a moment of struggle where, and I think this is true of any entrepreneur, any person that’s trying to be a business owner, any creative has this moment of, does this even matter? Is this really changing anything?

Scott Boss (23:07):  And I used to have that a lot in my previous jobs, and I’d always get this note just the right time that would speak life into that. And I’d be like, okay, it’s making a difference. And so for the last three, four years, I’ve had to remind you of the impact that has been happening, the messages that we get from SSA or the messages we get from leadership school or even the messages that come just sporadically through your nine day event or your three day events. And just remind you of the impact, the change, not just in their businesses, but also in how they do life through their spouse communication or with their family and their kids. And so because of that, I just had this aha of our team is not just teaching marketing skills and business skills. My hope is that our business is really doing this as a vision, and that is alleviating suffering.

Scott Boss (24:05):  That is allowing people to have a different outlook, a different experience of life, whether that’s business purely or whether that’s my hope more would be business and family, but just how they exist through the world. And if we can teach how to make money, we can teach how to budget, we can teach how to market so that there’s more money coming into the home. Does that provide the pathway and the avenue to deal with maybe some other things that are happening that haven’t been able to be focused on because there’s been so much stress over bills.

Kristen Boss (24:38):  Oh,

Scott Boss (24:39):  So good. So it’s no different than I think constantly about kids that sit in a classroom and that are hungry and they can’t learn. Teachers have meetings with their parents and they go, your kids is not learning. They’re not learning. And parents are going, man, why are they not learning? And they’re deemed by society as uneducated and unable. And meanwhile all it is is they just can’t focus on learning because their stomach is growling. And so in the course of a home that we’re thinking about in our business, is the home maybe not as peaceful as it could be, or it doesn’t have the vision that it could have simply because bills, they’re just sucking the life out of that vision. So could our business be the opportunity to alleviate that suffering, to provide a different avenue, a different vision, a different course, and potentially a generational change in a family system? That sounds really big and cliche, but I think that’s really what we’re after, is providing a different reality, a different course because of what we’ve learned and because of that, how we’re helping others learn. So that’s really at the heartbeat of my hope, my vision and what I think I’ve seen over the course of the last three years even.

Kristen Boss (26:00):  Yeah. Oh, that’s so good, babe. I think the classroom analogy and hunger, when they’re feeling hunger, they can’t learn. And it’s just like, how can a family thrive when they’re so busy surviving? And we’ve, we’ve experienced those seasons where it’s hard and it’s just like, it’s this idea of how do I be a present intentional parent when I’m stressed out the wazoo wondering how we’re going to pay that next bill or how we’re going to meet that thing? And Scott and I will tell you, there was a season of sacrifice. It wasn’t like overnight. Yay. All the money’s coming in. There was a couple years where it was just, it was rough. It was rough. And so sacrifices were made. I don’t know if you remember when we went to Breckenridge as a family that one time and I got up at 5:00 AM to still do my work while we were there, I was like, I went to the hotel meeting room boardroom before the kids were awake.

Kristen Boss (27:05):  I was like, I’m going to go do work in that boardroom before the kids are awake. Or there were seasons where I will say this too, is just creating family. Buy-in for the vision or communicating with your partner about here’s getting your spouse on board. It’s not just trying to convince ’em like, this is a great business model and this is how I can make money. But going one step beyond that and being like, this is what I want for us, and how can we do this together and how can we partner together? Would you be willing to two nights of the week, can you do bedtime and bathtime so that I can go do these two calls? And what those two calls are going to do is it allows me to do A, B and C. But too often I think I see women do this is we’re not great at advocating for what we want, advocating for the vision, because usually what we want comes last.

Kristen Boss (27:57):  And oftentimes with business, we think it’s a luxury. We think it’s extra. We think it’s taking from our family when really we just have to turn that on its head and think like, well, how is this adding to my family? How is this contributing to my home? How does this make me a better partner, a better spouse, a better friend? And it will, when you kind of approach it from that lens, instead of, I’m doing this thing on the side for me maybe. And I will say, it can also be that too. You’re allowed to have fulfillment from your business too, outside of motherhood and parenthood. And it’s like that doesn’t make you a bad parent because you want more than motherhood, more than parenthood. Motherhood is absolutely amazing. But I’m convinced entrepreneurship teaches me lessons that I bring to motherhood that entrepreneurship I wouldn’t have without entrepreneurship.

Kristen Boss (28:48):  And I love that we were teaching our kids to ski and they’re building confidence. And they went down their first black diamond last week. Yeah, they did. And I was like, oh my gosh, we’re building confidence. We’re building skills. And I was like, but this is what we do in entrepreneurship. I’m able to sit with my kids with fear and overcoming things because mommy does it in her business. Dad does it in the business. And the lessons are just absolutely invaluable. And I will tell you, entrepreneurship as your children watch, it is a gift to the family. And you are helping shape a reality for them. You’re helping shape a vision where they’re like, I can go and create our kids see that. It’s just like, I think they have such a skewed view to reality in a wonderful way where they’re like, I don’t think they realize that because they have vague memories of me being gone in the salon.

Kristen Boss (29:40):  And sometimes they’ll drive by it and be like, oh, mom, that’s where you used to work. Or they’ll have vague memories of us being gone. But now their reality is mostly mom and dad are home. They’re home all the time. And mom sometimes leaves for work, but they’re used to having present parents at home and they’re like, oh no, mom. And we have to remind them. We’re like, listen, we’re very, very, very blessed that mom and dad are home. You do realize that a lot of your friends, like their parents leave, they work. A couple of our kids, their friends, both their parents are surgeons and they both are on call and with a nanny 80% of the time. And that’s fine. That’s their family. But our kids were just like, Hey, do you realize how cool this is? Your kids watching you as an entrepreneur, your kids watching you do scary, extraordinary things, I think gives them permission to try scary and extraordinary things because you are walking the walk. You’re not just mom and dad. And we have this mantra in our house, what do we say? Our mantra as bosses? What did you tune out?

Scott Boss (30:42):  I was thinking about,

Kristen Boss (30:44):  Wait, hold on.

Scott Boss (30:44):  Sorry. You can you finish that. I was thinking about, I was somewhere

Kristen Boss (30:47):  Else. We have a mantra in our house that our kids that we’ve taught our kids and they say, we say, what do bosses do? And they say, bosses do hard things. Hard things. Yeah. Bosses do hard things. And so it’s just like, yeah, building a business, being an entrepreneur, hard things, skiing down your first black diamond, hard things, but bosses do hard things. Where did you go?

Scott Boss (31:05):  Yeah, where did I go? I was just thinking about just the casting, a vision for your family in the sense of our business succeeding. What does that mean? What is success? Dollars aren’t going to bring you happiness, but they bring you opportunity and they bring you the ability to write a new story. So I’m just thinking about folks that get into any business that become any kind of entrepreneur, part of that is a vision that’s been put in you and you’re trying to carry out. Another part of that is what is that providing the opportunity for? What’s the value that you’re trying to instill both in yourself and in your kids and in your marriage? For us, we want time freedom and the ability to write a new story for our kids and the ability to say, Hey, we do hard things and here’s one of the hard things that we are doing. So anyways, that’s where I went. I was not on your wavelength. I was

Kristen Boss (32:03):  Like, come back, come back. This is good. But I think what’s exciting is as Scott has been more in the vision and who we help and how we help them, it’s been fun with you coming to the table with your ideas and be like, Hey, okay, but how can we help them before this? How can we help them before they get in the social selling academy, what tools and resources can we help? What pain can we alleviate before they join our programs? How can we serve them there? Yes, we have our three day events, and those are amazing. And those are twice a year, but you can’t on that friends, you cannot survive and grow a business on two, three day events a year where you get hyped, you take some action, and then that’s not sustainable. It’s not sustenance. You need nourishment for your business.

Scott Boss (32:53):  Can imagine going to the gym

Kristen Boss (32:55):  Twice a year, twice a year, six days total, and expecting a six pack.

Scott Boss (32:58): Yeah, I tried that. That doesn’t work. Just fyi.

Kristen Boss (33:02):  We both have. And so it’s just like we are so excited because we are creatively thinking of better ways to serve, and we, we’ve got real exciting things coming this year. And so should we tell ’em no? Oh, no. No, don’t.

Scott Boss (33:21):  Not yet. They’re not fully baked. Yeah.

Kristen Boss (33:23):  That’s why I’m like, Scott, not with our audience. Nope. We will get so many messages being like, what is it? What is it? What is it? What is it? But we have what? Have things coming? Things that we know that we know will solve some problems and hurdles. You have to get you to the next step. To the next step. That’s right. And we’re just like, okay, well what’s the step? Is there a step between our $9 live events and our investment into the academy? And the academy? It’s a lifetime investment. And we did do, we toyed with the idea of like, oh, we’re going to do this one time thing plus a monthly membership. And we tried it and it didn’t feel right. We’re just like, I looked at Scott, I was like, this isn’t, no, this isn’t who we are. This isn’t how we serve our people.

Kristen Boss (34:12):  I think there’s something instead of on the back end of the academy, I think there’s actually a step here that we might be missing. And so you’re going to want to keep your eyes out this year because we have things that we’re baking, so to speak, putting together. And again, from the lens of how do we alleviate suffering? How do we help families? How do we equip people to get them to a place where they are ready to invest in a lifetime program? What are the problems we need to solve to help them get there? And I will say one of the things we have talked about that we’re sitting with a lot is time management. We are just like, what is the hurdle that everyone seems to have? And it’s two things really. It’s like time management and financial management. It’s just how people manage their time, how people manage their money. And if you empower people in those two areas, imagine what’s possible. Someone who can manage their time, and then a family who can manage their finances and feel confident around that from a non scarce place. That’s really important because there is financial management that I think often is from a very scarce place, from a very place of lack and fear and worry. And then there’s the empowered place, but that’s another episode, that’s a whole another episode. We’re teaching so many future episodes. We’re like, let’s talk about homeschool, financial management, time management.

Scott Boss (35:37):  And I think with all of that, while some of those skills are the same, they’re constantly evolving with every new step in your business, every new layer of growth. I was telling my son the other day, we are now doing a workout club after school because he wants to get strong and he’s eight. So we’re not lifting weights yet, but we’re focusing on that. And I said to him the other day, I said, first of all, this takes a long time. And second, it never gets easier. It’s always hard. You just get better, stronger. You just get stronger, you get better. And every new step is a new form of the same thing in the sense of the resistances. The weights get heavier. There is still resistance that’s causing the strain. And so whether that’s resistance to growth in your business or resistance to hard conversations in your family, or resistance to whatever it might be, the resistance is always the same. It’s just

Kristen Boss (36:36):  A different level.

Scott Boss  (36:37):  It’s a different level. So anyways, it’s fascinating just as we’ve grown and been on the journey.

Kristen Boss (36:44):  Yeah, it’s just like there’s time management lessons when you start, and then the time management lessons look different as you grow. And you’re like, all right, now it looks like this. And so I am glad you said that because you’re right. It doesn’t, friends, you don’t arrive at a place where it gets easy, not if you are somebody that is committed to growing to become a better person in your lifetime. That means we’re always challenging ourselves. That means we’re always learning to be in uncomfortable situations and facing resistance. But it’s like there’s no such thing as arriving and being like, great, it’s all easy now. I think I really believed that at one point in my business, when we hit a certain revenue milestone or a goal, it gets to be easy now. And I’ve realized, no, it actually gets harder. And I just have learned to become stronger as things get harder. And I think you can. Yeah, we both have seen that. So we’re excited about

Scott Boss (37:42):  Some of that. Growth is learning to fire yourself.

Kristen Boss (37:45):  So I fired myself as CEO. I’m now the CMO, chief Marketing Officer and founder and Scott’s CEO. But we’re both founders of this company. Yeah, I may have started it, but I would absolutely not be here. Had Scott not sacrificed too, and been like, all right, go do the thing. I’ll never forget when I was freaking out on a couch one night crying with all these flyers that I was going to go, this was before it was the Social Salon Academy. All these flyers I was going to take to salons around town to consult for hair. And I was just freaking out. And you’re like, babe, go fail. Please just go do it and fail. At least you’re doing. And there was something about permission to fail. It was okay for me. You were just like, yeah, just go fail. I don’t expect you to succeed

Scott Boss (38:34):  Immediately. Right? And one of the things I would tell you all the time is a ship that’s not moving is hard to steer.

Kristen Boss (38:39):  Yeah, there you go. Well, on that note, friends, come to the Rise Up summit in Denver. Join us there for a live event. Head to the link in the show notes to grab your ticket, get your free ticket for your friend, or maybe your partner. Maybe this is something you guys do together. Maybe this is where you say, Hey, let’s bring in the grandparents and you come with me so you can actually see what this is all about and be empowered there. And you know what? He’ll be fine. If you’re bringing the dude, he’ll be fine around all the women and dudes, if you’re listening, your wife can make a bunch of friends. All right, so join us in Denver and we will see you guys in the next episode. That’s a wrap for today’s episode. Listen, if you love what you heard here today, I would love for you to leave a real quick rating and a review. This helps the show get discovered by new people. Be sure to take a screenshot of today’s episode and shout us out on Instagram. We’ll shout you right back out. If you’d like to find additional resources or discover how to work with me, head to

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