Month: June 2022 Articles

How Are You, Really with Jenna Kutcher Ep #113

You guys, do we have a treat for you?! On the podcast today, Kristen welcomes the host of the Goal Digger podcast, author, and the one helping us ask better questions, Jenna Kutcher. Jenna is here to talk with Kristen about her new book “How Are You, Really?” and how living life by her own rules is the real passion behind her purpose.

Extra Vs. More Ep #112

A lot of people join network marketing because they want extra. Extra income to help ends meet. Extra money to help pay for expenses around the house. Or even an extra paycheck to cover that vacation you’ve been wanting to take. But somewhere along the way, you saw the potential this industry has to offer. And now that you want to grow your business, you’re so stuck in the mindset that your business is just ‘extra’ that you’re not able to give it the attention it needs in order to be successful.

Future Self Exercise Ep #111

Kristen talks a lot about goals here on the podcast. How to set goals, what to do to reach those goals, how to stay on track, and all the stuff in between. But have you ever wondered what uber-successful people do in order to achieve their goals? Well – Kristen is going to crack that code for you today.

Bonus: 90 Day Goal Getter Story Ep #110.5

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have undoubtedly heard Kristen talk about the Academy exclusive 90 Day Goal Getter Challenge. But for those who might be unfamiliar – the Goal Getter Challenge is a 90 Day long practice in consistency. It combines mindset work along with practical activities that together produce transformations to your outlook as well as your paycheck.