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The Four Types of Coaching Ep #166

Whether you’re a coach or working with a coach, it is crucial to understand the various coaching modalities available to us. Understanding these modalities allows you to provide or gain a holistic and tailored approach during coaching. This knowledge empowers both coaches and clients to optimize their coaching experiences, unlock their potential, and achieve transformative results in their personal and professional lives.

The 50k Lesson Ep #165

When it comes to financial decisions, sometimes even the most well-intentioned choices can turn out to be bad investments. Instead of fixating on what we lost, we can instead shift our perspective and recognize that the value of an investment is not solely determined by how extensively it is used but rather by the impact it had and what we learned.

Frustration Tolerance Ep #164

Building a successful business requires a certain level of grit and resilience. But when the going gets tough, do you find yourself getting bogged down by frustration and setbacks? Developing the ability to push through is crucial for entrepreneurs looking to grow their capacity and see results, even in the face of adversity.

YouTube Secrets with Sean Cannell Ep #163

Are you reluctant to invest in YouTube because you’re already crushing it on other social media platforms? Don’t let short-term success blind you to the long-term potential of YouTube. While building a following and seeing tangible results may take time, the key is to stay patient and consistent with your content. With the right strategies, you can accelerate your growth and start seeing results sooner than you think.