Month End Magic or Mania Ep #65

In the world of network marketing, seeing the end of the month creep up on the calendar can cause panic to kick in. You need one big push to hit rank or to make your income goal, and there’s only so much time left. It can be tempting to jump into hustle mode: messaging all the people, desperately posting all over Instagram, staying up all hours…

Motherhood and Business Ep #63

“How do you have time to do it all?” is one of the most frequently asked questions Kristen receives. Today she’s sharing more about her journey as a mother and a business owner and how that relationship has evolved over the years.

When it’s Not Working Ep #62

We’ve all had a bad day, or a bad week. Heck, maybe even a bad month. Maybe you’ve contemplated jumping to another company, or quitting all together because it’s just not working. You may not know it, but there is real danger in how we talk to ourselves during those times of low belief and frustration.

Conditional Leadership Ep #61

When you first decided to jump into network marketing, no one told you how demanding it would be to lead your own team. The weekly calls, the check-ins, and not to mention onboarding new members and keeping up morale. You only have so much energy to go around, and it can be disheartening to put in so.much.effort, only to feel like you’re wasting your time.

Bounce Back from Burnout Ep #41

Kristen is sharing more about her experience with extreme burnout–along with the subtle burnout signs you may not notice and what you can do once you realize you’re burned out.

Hitting Big Goals With Attraction Marketing Ep #39

Get ready for some real-time inspiration! Today Kristen interviews two students in The Social Selling Academy as they share about the simple changes they made after they joined The Academy and how they quickly created BIG results in their businesses.

Ambitious Anxiety Ep #38

Many people are stuck in the hustle of growing their business and trying to reach their next goal to the point that they can’t take a break or rest without being plagued with an impulse to respond to messages, write another post, or message another person. They think that drive is what is motivating them to hit the next goal, but it’s likely high-functioning anxiety.

Default Thoughts Ep #37

Default thoughts are like a security blanket that we carry around to stay safe…and ultimately stuck. They are hard to find and change, but if you learn how to change them, they will create the biggest impact in your business–more than any strategy.

Leaving the 9-5 Ep #36

When you started your social selling business, you likely had a dream of leaving your “day job.” You probably dreamed about it so much that you ended up romanticising what your life would look like without your 9 to 5.

ou may think this dream/goal is motivating you into growing a successful network marketing business, but today’s episode will challenge you on this idea.

Building Self Trust Ep #35

As an online entrepreneur, you’re starting from the ground up to build your business. For those of you coming from other career backgrounds, it can be a challenge to realize that there’s no handbook to tell you how to operate. Not knowing whether your decisions are right or wrong can leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused, and stuck. That’s where building self trust comes in.